All the Dust that Falls: A Roomba Isekai Adventure

All the Dust that Falls: A Roomba Isekai Adventure

by zaifyr
Artist: Aster Loka

Some seek power. Some seek justice. Others seek to root out the filth lurking in the darkest of corners.

Spot was summoned from his comfortable charging pad and familiar floors to a world of magic and intrigue. After the flight of his new patrons, he is left to care for a filthy castle. During his quest to keep this new home clean, he will face demons, foreign armies, and the dreaded stairs.

All those who stand before him will be swept away. Those who follow his spotless trail will find enlightenment, purity, and a world on its knees.

Follow this wholesome vacuum on his quest to power.

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Table of Contents
86 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Consequences of a Power Vacuum ago
Chapter 2: Today Sucked ago
Chapter 3: Deep Cleaning of the Soul ago
Chapter 4: Dust Bunnies ago
Chapter 5: The Light that never was ago
Chapter 6: In a Vacuum, No One Can Hear You Scream ago
Chapter 7: The World's Janitor ago
Chapter 8: The Vacuum Wanders as the Vacuum Wills ago
Chapter 9: Taking out the Trash ago
Chapter 10: Those Who Stare into the Void ago
Chapter 11: What Looks Back ago
Chapter 12: On the mortality of dirt ago
Chapter 13: Wiping the Floor with You ago
Chapter 14: I Suck at Reading the Room ago
Chapter 15: The Purity of the Void ago
Chapter 16: The Hockey Puck of Doom ago
Chapter 17: Chasing Perfection ago
Chapter 18: A Bath of Blood ago
Chapter 19: A Blank Slate ago
Chapter 20: An Unblemished Floor ago
Chapter 21: A Clean Start ago
Chapter 22: Strait Through the Mud ago
Chapter 23: Power Washing ago
Chapter 24: The Magic Eraser ago
Chapter 25: Meditative Cleaning ago
Chapter 26: Rolling Down the Red Carpet ago
Chapter 27: Spring Cleaning ago
Chapter 28: Bristling with Fury ago
Chapter 29: A Cluttered Mind ago
Chapter 30: The Pure Spirit ago
Chapter 31: Letting it Soak ago
Chapter 32: Germophobe ago
Chapter 33: The Best Disinfectant ago
Chapter 34: Down and Dirty ago
Chapter 35: Dusty Old Bones ago
Chapter 36: Dancing Around the Broom ago
Chapter 37: Every Body Clean Up ago
Chapter 38: Dust-Up ago
Chapter 39: Swept Away ago
Chapter 40: A Dust Trap ago
Chapter 41: What Lies Between the Starts Sucks ago
Chapter 42: A Pristine Oasis ago
Chapter 43: Clean UP ago
Chapter 44: The Clean Path ago
Chapter 45: A Brush with Death ago
Chapter 46: Time to Clean ago
Chapter 47: Getting Detailed ago
Chapter 48: Dressing Down ago
Chapter 49: Dust Devils ago
Chapter 50: Soil Sucking ago
Chapter 51: Of Voids and Vacuums ago
Chapter 52: Securing Supplies ago
Chapter 53: A Splash of Truth ago
Chapter 54: Farm Upkeep ago
Chapter 55: A Crummy Situation ago
Chapter 56: The Road to Salvation ago
Chapter 57: Sleep Mode ago
Chapter 58: Charging Station ago
Chapter 59: A Bounty of Crumbs ago
Chapter 60: Running Amuck ago
Chapter 61: Dust in the Wind ago
Chapter 62: Acceptable Deviations ago
Chapter 63: Home Sweet Home ago
Chapter 64: Cooped Up ago
Chapter 65: Coming Clean ago
Chapter 66: Cleared Up ago
Chapter 67: V is for Vacuum ago
Chapter 68: A Step Up ago
Chapter 69: Nice Floors ago
Chapter 70: Clean Words ago
Chapter 71: Workload Optimization ago
Chapter 72: Hazardous Waste ago
Chapter 73: Immaculate ago
Chapter 74: Ramping Up ago
Chapter 75: Purest of Intentions ago
Chapter 76: Clearing the Air ago
Chapter 77: Operation S.P.O.T. ago
Chapter 78: A Messy Situation ago
Chapter 79: A Dance of Disinfectant ago
Chapter 80: Spray and Pray ago
Chapter 81: Breaking a Few Eggs ago
Chapter 82: On the Spot + Epilogue (End of Book 1) ago
Chapter 83: Prologue part 1 (originally Chapter 30.1: Rodent of Unusual Size (bonus chapter)) ago
Chapter 83: Tabula Rasa - A Cleansing Tide (Book 2 Prologue) part 2 ago
Chapter 84: Heavenly Ascent ago
Chapter 85: Falling In Place ago

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I like the story so far, it's absolutely hilarious reading this from both perspectives. It shows promise so far, and the grammar, and characters are great. I've love to see one more development in the magic or the history of the world but I'm sure that will come as the story progresses

All in Vane

This one is just a joy to read. It is funny, engaging and and well-written. It will probably not become an epic fantasy series, considering the main character, but I simply love the way the author plays with the misconceptions and different perspectives. It isn't a five-course meal of fantasy excellence, but it is definitely a nice satisfying snack. Read it when you don't want to invest a lot of brainpower, but still want to be thoroughly entertained.


Well  written, good character development with fun twist and turns.  The humor is well done but also a serious side.  Will be intersting to see how Spot aka Void develops, will he be true to path of fighting the evil dirt in this world or create his own kingdom?  Maybe both?

PT Brainum

My wife is concerned because I'm laughing so loudl

Reviewed at: Chapter 58: Charging Station

Seriously funny, omg funny!  Yes the you tube with the roomba that cussed every time it hit a wall or obstacle made me laugh too.  This is even better than that!  This author is hilarious, I'm just up to chapter 30 and have had several (ok dozens) rotflmao moments.  Story progression has been great, world building superb, characters good, but spot, i love spot so much!


Style/poise and grammar are impeccable. Not a spec of dirt in sight in these words - spot made sure to clean them up real good.

Jokes aside this is a roomba isekai. It heavily uses misconceptions for humor and spends a delightful amount of time detailing the struggles of a little bot just trying to clean things. You can tell the author owns a roomba - I don't think you need one to enjoy the humor but it definitely added to the experience for me.

The Story is a slice of life with a minor progression aspect. Theres a few alternative POV's that are mostly used for comedy but are well done. Personally I'm looking forward to any future mutations/growth but I'm also worried too many might break it from its currently well laid roomba roots. I'm stuck between hoping it never changes and knowing if it stays cleaning indefinitely the premise might grow stale.

The Character score is based soly on the roomba's internal monologue and viewpoint. I love it - I can imagine its what my own Roomba is thinking - and hope to see how it grows in intelligence and personality in the future.

Overall this is better than I was expecting - and I was expecting alot based on the name. I definitely recommend it for anyone who wants to read about an isekaied roomba

Grim Thoughts

What more do you need to know? This story is perfection incarnate. All hail the power of Spot the Roomba's name All hail the power of Spot the Roomba's name All hail the power of Spot the Roomba's name All hail the power of Spot the Roomba's name All hail the power of Spot the Roomba's name


This is actually an amazing first chapter, I chuckled the whole way through and thoroughly enjoyed it! I'm not sure how the author came up with the concept, but bravo.  It was creative, funny, and actually developed the character quite well.  I look forward to seeing where we go. Now on to the next chapter!


 Excellent story so far; creative and fun. I find the concept exciting, and the story holds up pretty well. the fact the main character isn't some power-hungry munchkin was unexpected and is rather refreshing, which adds a good novelty that keeps the story fun. There isn't a constant stream of overpowered gifts left everywhere that could make anyone an overpowered MC, which is very much appreciated. i look forward to seeing new chapters


The story gets a bit slow at times but otherwise is hilarious and enjoyable. I was cracking up from chapter one and laughing almost as hard when caught up. If he has Void level up soon it should help keep things paced appropriately in my opinion. The powers he obtains are fitting and hilarious and I can't look at my own roomba the same again.

Void (or Spot) is hilarious and adorable to the reader, the the natives reaction of horror to him never gets old. He keeps finding new ways to accidentally traumatize the people he meets.

Having the two perspectives of Void and Beatrice helps remind us how horrifying his abilities are even though void himself doesn't really seem to see himself as dangerous and just wants to clean! 

Look forward to seeing an innocent roomba trying to win human friends while making mortals and demons alike fear for their very souls.
What is a demon but a large rat that needs to be cleaned. Mess makers beware as no filth remains after Void has passed by. The world shall be plunged into chaos not by the gods or men, but by a single sentient vacuum whose only desire is to clean and find a human willing to help him descend those damn stairs.

Looking forward to see where this goes! 


Roomba gets readddy to rummmmmble

Reviewed at: Chapter 30: The Pure Spirit

With dust bunnies, dirt, caked in grime and other such powerful enemies. Whilst trying to face such mighty foes, nuisances and boons appear constantly. Where is Spot the roomba, why does this carpet seems so relaxing? Why do these mess makers have so many forms and keep making things hard and hurting the little human? A rat gains sentience amid the void whilst surrounded on all sides by demons, a coming age story of a girl who so happens to be a devotee (religious or cultural equivalent to a priest or cleric some such), and the roomba who wishes to do aid his humans and one day return home after his training. Jokes aside this is all technically in this story. Give it a shot, slow burn but it's starting to come to a boil and I look forward to what's cookin. 

P.s. multiple pov, mostly between two characters with occasional side character views. It's a slow story by design with decent world building,  not gonna be fir everyone but it keeps things interesting if your willing to hang in there. I hope this story continues to go up and introduce other great characters. I put this on a parallel placing to Beware of Chicken in terms of early potential