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Scanning her surroundings constantly, Bee's heart raced to match her mood. She was sure that she saw something in the corner of her vision, but whenever she looked, there was nothing to confirm her suspicions. It was likely just her nerves reminding her how long she had been roaming around in what might now be a demon-infested castle. Still, there were only a couple of hallways left. She was most of the way to the library, but she didn't for one second believe she was safe.

Her pulse was so loud in her ears that she could barely hear herself breathe, let alone think. Sweat covered her body, it dripped down her nose, and she had trouble gripping the hat stand well enough to support her weight. She started to put more weight on her leg, pushing through the pain as the adrenaline numbed her feelings. She could go almost twice as fast as she had when she initially made her way toward the kitchen. Plus, she could take a few risks with her leg now. She would be able to fix it as soon as she got back.

When the library was just around the corner, Bee poured her remaining energy into increasing her pace. Struggling to carry her bag of loot. She could practically smell the old parchment and musty leather covers she had come to associate with protection. Hope rose in her chest, the belief she had made it through this whole expedition without something going wrong.

There was an unearthly screech behind her. It wasn't the loudest thing, but it was sharp, unlike anything she had heard. A sound that alien could only really be coming from one source. She hadn't been fast enough; it had found her.

Whirling around, her eyes locked on the floor behind her. It sat in the junction she had just come from. It seemed darker and more intimidating than before. There was an even larger area surrounding it from which debris rose and spun towards its spinning maw. Yet, for all its might, Void just sat there staring at her.

It screeched again. The sound snapped her out of the trance of fear it put her in, and she finally could break her gaze away. She looked around desperately for something that might help her, and that was when she saw the real threat. At her feet, almost on top of her, sat a minor demon. It looked like an ape but with fangs larger than her thumb. It only came up to maybe 2 ½ to 3 ft, but its muscle-bound arms looked stronger than most men's. The beast's gaze was fixed on her, and she could see an all too human intelligence marred only by malevolence as it stared. The Void had called in one of his minions to hunt her. The screech wasn't a battle cry. It was a summons.

With desperation, Bee released the hat stand and reached for the cleaver she had slid into her belt. She managed to draw it, but too slowly. The lesser demon pounced right at her, teeth bared. It recognized the danger of the cleaver and grabbed for the arm. She had been walking around prepared. Her other hand was already in the pouch of the mixed demons repellent she had made only hours before. Bee let out a cry of defiance as she flung a handful of demon repellent in the ape’s face. It coated its eyes, mouth, and chest. Instantly she could hear a faint sizzling, and the beast let out a pained scream. This scream wasn't like Void’s. This sounded more like the scream of a horse that broke its leg. As she watched, frantically readying another handful, she could see the flesh receding from where the powder had struck the demon.

Wow, that certainly looked painful. Maybe if Bee had more time or managed to throw a few more than a handful, the powder could drive the demon away. But this was only a lesser demon, and the demon repellent wasn't enough to change her immediate situation. She reached for another handful of powder; the demon glared at her with fresh rage. It had finished ripping away the knife, and as it clattered to the floor, the demon lunged for her other hand that had stung it. Bee struggled as its claws grasped her wrist. The demon's rush overbalanced her. There was nothing she could do; she fell backward, landing heavily on her tailbone and then was pulled the rest of the way over, head bouncing off the stone floors. Stars swam in her vision as she looked up at the ceiling and felt the pouch fly away. The demon sat on her hand, stretched her arm out, and prepared to bite into her bicep. Bee thrashed around to no avail. Her strength could not match the demons even a little bit. It didn’t even notice her blows against its head. Her other hand scrambled for the dropped cleaver. She stretched, but she couldn't quite reach it. Bee looked over at the demon. She saw that his teeth were hovering just above her flesh, and it was watching her. It seemed to be mocking her attempts to struggle. They locked eyes for a second, and she knew there was nothing she could do.

As she was bracing herself for the pain, Bee heard something. Another otherworldly screech, this time long and drawn out. It seemed to increase in pitch and volume. She tried to look down, back at where Void was but couldn't crane her neck enough to see. It was too low to the ground. The sound also caught the attention of the minor demon, and it looked up back at its master. She saw the fear flash through the ape’s eyes. Bee thought she saw surprise and betrayal in its look, and then it was gone. She felt the ape’s weight lift from her arm as it was launched behind her. Replacing it was a much smaller pressure. After a brief moment, even that was gone. She saw the black disk pass over her arm, pursuing the ape. Before slamming into the floor, never stopping, Void went forwards, right to where the demon had fallen. As the ape demon was run over, the sound of whooshing air filled the hall. The ape was dragged back into the void.

Bee struggled to roll over so she could see above her. When she made it to her side, she saw that Void had halted just 5 ft away, and there was no sign of the minor demon. It didn't make a sound this time. It just sat there. As it had no eyes, she couldn't see where it was staring, but she felt its gaze on her. Watching her consideringly as if waiting for something.


I watched the small human. For some reason, she just lay there, motionless, on the floor. The floor didn't look very comfortable. See. My wheels are firm, so they're comfortable on a hard floor. Human bodies, on the other hand, are soft. She should be lying on something else soft - a carpet, a bed, a couch, or something comfortable. The floor will not mold her or become any more comfortable. Seeing this made me unhappy; she must have been distraught over the aggressive mess maker. I wonder if there's something I could do to cheer her up.

I've never tried to comfort humans before. But I have some memories of the large humans comforting the small ones by patting their heads…I repositioned myself, facing the human as she lay on her side. As I did, I was careful not to roll over her hair. I've felt human hairs get stuck in my wheels and brushes, and it's never fun to untangle. I can’t imagine that it would be any better on her end. Once I was in position, I extended my arm slowly and patted her on the head twice. Then I beeped comfortingly. If that couldn't cheer her up, I don't know what would. The small human stayed still. For some reason, her chest stopped moving. I couldn't figure out why she would want to hold her breath.

After a few moments, I wasn't sure if the head pats had cheered her up. I had one more trick to try, one that often made my humans smile before. Slowly rolling closer, I bumped gently into her chest a few times before backing up a few feet. Humans always seemed to like it when I bumped into them. Then I waited.

To my relief, the human started to move. Slowly, but at least it was a start. She rolled over from her side onto her knees, wincing as she did so. Slowly she began to bend at the waist. Her hands by the sides of her head, she pressed her forehead to the floor. What was she doing? Humans don't clean the floor like this. That's my job.


Bee froze, trembling uncontrollably. It appeared to have changed its mind about letting its minion eat her, as it saved her at the last minute. Merciless as it was, it consumed its own minion right before her eyes. Recovering from the shock as she stared at it, she tried to figure out what it wanted. It shrieked again. That awful noise was still terrifying but didn't hold the same aggression as it did previously. A hatch opened on the right side of its front. A metal stick with a claw extended. Dramatically, it reached out to her. She held absolutely still, braced for the pain she felt it tapped her on the head twice. What would that mean? What did it want?

As if frustrated that she didn't understand, it began to move. Void glided around Bee’s head and came to rest in front of her face. It allowed Bee to stop craning her neck to keep him in her field of view, and they just stared at each other for a second. She held her breath, waiting for it to lash out or change its mind. While it was still pondering, Bee remembered the new perk. Trying to scan it without giving any indication of what she was doing, Bee glanced at the information in front of her.




Mechanical Pet


Bee’s skill was very low, and she didn't have much to see besides type classification and name. If she leveled more, she assumed that she could be able to see levels. Eventually, Bee might see stats, skills, perks, mutations, and other things. If she got to a high enough level, it was rumored in many myths that she could see things that even the target couldn't see on their own status sheet.

The one thing Bee had never heard of, even in myth and legend, was a being that could alter its own status sheet. Sure, it was possible to hide the info contained within. But changing it to mislead others into thinking they knew more than they did? She supposed this wouldn't be impossible, but the being would have to be beyond godlike. To interfere with the system itself; was a level of power that this world had never seen. Even myths about the origins of the world, with all of their gods and terrifying horrors, never hinted at something like that. The system was always an overarching power that encompassed all. But, it was the only explanation.

There was no way that this status sheet was real. Because Bee refused to believe, no matter the alternative, that Void's real and recognized name was Spot. This all-consuming Arch demon god was not called something as silly as "Spot". And if it was a mechanical pet, then they were all dog food.

No, this monster must be playing with her, Bee thought. What kind of sick and twisted humor did it take to masquerade as a friendly artificial dog when its image could be in no way construed as friendly. Maybe it was just laughing at her terror. It had saved Bee, after all. Maybe it was trying to say she didn't need to be nearly as afraid as she was. That seemed unlikely, though. Though what possibilities were more likely escaped her at this point. She still couldn't figure out what it wanted.

As if Void could read the question in her eyes, it rolled forward and bumped into Bee’s chest. This was a clear indication in her mind. It wanted her. She didn't know why it was asking. Bee knew it could have consumed her with as little effort as it had consumed that minor demon. Probably with much less difficulty. Questions rolled around in Bee’s mind. Maybe it needed her permission? Maybe it wanted more than her flesh?

With resignation Bee made a decision. If it would prevent her from being consumed by Void, she would do almost anything. Fear and resolve made allies and pointed her to her goal. Struggling, Bee got to her knees, bowing before it; she pressed her forehead to the floor. Leg screaming at her, but she pushed through it.

Bee meant to give a speech, swearing to follow it and do anything it asked. But as she started, she could feel her control break. No longer could she hold it back. Tears welled in her eyes and burned down her cheeks. She began to blubber, barely able to get her words out. They came out in a jumble of sobs, tears, and odd phrases that made no sense to her at the time but stumbled out of her mouth anyways. She could only hope Void would get the gist. Maybe it would read her mind or know her intentions. If this was some pact, She was sure it would have a way to understand when it was fulfilled rather than just with words.


“Please,” sob. “I’ll do anything, ” sob. “My Soul!” sob


Bee took a deep breath trying to gather herself, it wasn’t enough.


”Take it it's all yours” “Anything. Anything, take it. What do you want?. Please. Tell me the oath. Please.” Sob


Not even able to keep herself on her knees, she collapsed to the side. The words never stopped coming out of her mouth.


“anything. You want my soul. Just don’t eat me. I can’t? Tool long. Left me. My soul” sob


She started saying many words and many things that made no sense. It came out in a blubbering rush, full of tears, sobs, and things I couldn't really understand. There is something about souls and undying loyalty, fealty saving life, but it was all jumbled, and I'm sure she might have just been in shock.

Well, my first attempt at comforting went so well that she managed to move again. I figured I could try again, this time in front of her. I extended my arm and tapped her on one shoulder, and after, I retracted the arm. I sat still for a second; her head rose, and she looked at me. Tear tracks stained her face. Running trails down her cheeks. But it looked like they were slowing as she looked at me. Tears stopped welling from her eyes; they clung to the tip of her nose and the bottom of her chin. I congratulated myself on another skill learned, a comforting presence.

Still moving slowly, she reached for her long stick. Once she got a hold of that, she used it to push herself to her feet, or should I say foot. The other looked a little larger than it should, and she didn't let it touch the ground. She stood there very still, just looking at me. I couldn't figure out why. Maybe she was waiting for me? I started to slowly roll away. Sure enough, she began to follow.

This is a situation I really wasn't prepared for. I would usually follow the human, or the human would carry me to the spot that needed my attention. But it almost looked like the human was waiting for me to do something first. This place is so backward. Well, she looked like she could use some repairs. I wasn't really sure where to go with that. I didn't know how to fix her. So she was on her own there. Of course, I would try to help, but I'm not sure what I could do. Beeping softly at her, I began to go to the door she first ran through when we first met. Lacking a better option since I hadn't seen her in several days. I figured that would be where her bed was. Maybe she just needed to recharge.

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