Cyber Dreams & Electric Angels [LitRPG & Progression Cyberpunk]

Cyber Dreams & Electric Angels [LitRPG & Progression Cyberpunk]

by PlumParrot

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

In the near future, the corporations that rule society treat their citizens like products and tools. People live to work and work to live, but not everyone—some people prosper on the fringe, some thrive as thorns in the paws of the corporate lions . . .

Juliet just wants to get a ride home from her double shift at the scrapyard when something bizarre and horrifying happens, something that throws her into the crosshairs of Western Bio Dynamics, a mega-corporation out of Phoenix that would just as soon dissect a person as interview them.

She didn’t ask for the stolen, illegal tech that falls into her hands, but she accepted it. Now she needs to find a way to skip town, find a way to hide from WBD until she figures out a plan. She has to learn to live in the shadows, to work outside the corporate system, and to deal with the sundry characters, honorable and nefarious, inhabiting that world.

Join Juliet as she works to improve herself physically, mentally, and in reputation. She has a lot of learning to do and will face many challenges along the way, from synthetic bounty hunters to double-crossing operators, to struggles with her own long-held beliefs about right and wrong.

Can one scrapyard welder stand up to the big corporations? Can she find a way to not only survive but also make a name for herself? Keep reading to find out . . .

New chapters every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (3,000 to 5,000 words each.)

A note about Patreon: My works in progress have 15+  advance chapters available on Patreon. I'll open another tier in a couple of months with more advance chapters.

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Not what I expected from the title

Reviewed at: 9. The Hard Way

This was very entertaining so far. The style is consistent and the pace changes to match with the activity in each scenario. I felt like I was fully immersed while reading this which is the most promising indicator that I'm going to thoroughly enjoy the experience. The MC is adapting rather quickly to her changing circumstances but nothing is beyond the normal realm of possibility which is appreciated as in so many stories the MC is instantly cool with a world of changes and that kind of breaks my immersion. The fight scenes flow smoothly and realistically and the interactions with other characters do as well. The first chapters that I read had grabbed my interest and the most recent one actually got my adrenaline flowing. The spelling and grammar are excellent and I can't remember any standout errors in the editing. The MC is both relatable and likable. She has the toughness that someone in her profession would likely have. She is somewhat beaten down by the society she lives in but still has an optimism tempered by the harsh reality that she has experienced so far in her life. I'm looking forward to seeing where this story goes.


Writathon Review Series : Cyberpunk Chronicles

Reviewed at: 7. The Team

I'm very optimistic for this story, as the expansive worldbuilding and intriguing premise have set a solid structure for the narrative, allowing the vibrant settings and characters to have maximum effect. The plot is cohesive and directional, more than capable of commanding my attention. It's extremely enjoyable so far, and I have nothing but praise for this polished story. 


If you came for some classic cyberpunk meets character progression action, you're in the right place. 

Style: Pretty fantastic overall. You won't get the full Gibson treatment here in terms of prose, but frankly that's not really a detriment. The author's style serves the story quite well and the flow works pretty good. The prose and the protrayal of the world and characters really draws you in. 

Grammar: Didn't encounter any glaring errors, and nothing impeded my enjoyment of the work.

Story: So, there are some parallels between this work and lot of cyberpunk pieces, but they're really, really good parallels. The development of the character, the litrpg elements, the progression all come together very neatly with the story in a way that is immensely satisfying to see unfold. The narrative and the way she's pulled into the conflict is very smooth as well, lacking any jarring "it had to happen" moments I often find in other stories.

Character: I really like the characters. Probably my favorite thing about the series. Juliet is a full person. She's not introduced like some figure from mythology, and is very much not larger than life. She greets the reader suffering human issues and worries--people in her life getting sick or running into mundane hardships, friends failing her in her time of need, considering the dangers of walking down darkened streets. That kind of stuff. However, when she gets pulled into the events of the story and starts to grow, she also faces issues as a full realized person would. You can really lose yourself in her conversations with other characters with how real they feel.

Overall, read this. Cyberpunk fan or not, there's a some character work here that's definitely worth your time.


An awesome story. The MC isn't immediately OP and there is some actual depth to the tech rather than just completely glazing over it like I've seen a lot of stories do. Every character feels fleshed out and three-dimensional. Definitely recommend giving this a try. With how big the setting has been made out to be this story could go on forever and I'd be happy.


Interesting and Immersive Read

Reviewed at: 10. The Right Thing


I try to keep my reviews spoiler free, so I won't get into anything too specific here. 

I'm always a sucker for a good cyberpunk story, so I had high hopes for this one.  Originally, I intended to let it sit and gather chapters for a while, but I just couldn't stop myself from diving in.  And as expected from the author, it's a top-notch science fiction story that really represents the genre well.  The pacing is top-notch, and the characters are easy to like.  I'm very much looking forward to reading more as the author brings this world to life.


Easy to read and immersive.  The writer's prose really paints a picture of the world, which is a necessity for a story like this where you need a proper picture to get a feel for the world.  The action is exciting and flows well, too, and the last chapter really got my blood pumping.  


I didn't notice any grammatical issues, so nothing to complain about on that note.


I feel like the story's just getting started, but there's the promise of so much entertainment just waiting for us.  I'm eagerly anticipating where this is going.  And the pacing is on point.


Probably what the story does best, because it shows a believable and likable MC.

Mister Bill

Really excellent start. Well written (as usual for the author), flowed well, and very interesting story and worldbuilding! I can't wait to see where it goes. Here's hoping the author keeps it up! The other two stories are really good and ongoing so I'm gonna go out on a limb and say this one will be great, as well.

Give it a shot!


Edit- I'm at chapter 9 and boy howdy has it maintained its quality. Great story so far and very much a good call to read.


if you're like me, you initially skipped over it because of the name and the cover art. They're good, but I feel like they don't really represent what the story is about. They are... I don't know... too clean? They make me feel like I'm going to be reading a literary classic where I've got to dissect random objects in the background for their symbolism. It's got kind of a light, jazzy feel to it almost. Don't get me wrong, it's a fantastic piece of artwork, but in my opinion it misses the mark on what the story is actually about.

Rest assured, this is a gritty cyberpunk story about an impoverished girl who accidentally gets her hands on a piece of experimental tech and uses it to run from the corporations who are hunting her down, plus make some money on the way. And if all that sounds familiar, well, it's probably not too hard to figure out where the inspiration came from. There's guns, there's blood, there's greedy blood-sucking parasitic corporations, there's... well, let's just say, If you liked Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, you'll like this too.

The characters feel distinct and the world feels alive. The story is well-written and the grammar is impeccable. We've got a familiar starting setup, and I am eager to see how this author will spin it.



Cyberpunk Conspiracy FTW

Reviewed at: 2. Home

Only two chapters in and everything thing is alive and vibrant and brimming with potential. Characters are introduced full of life and attitude. Plot is primed for some very interesting curves. You just know stuff will go wrong and creative solutions will be required.

You've got intrigue, cover ups, slick tech, and sassy AI :)

The beginnings of a dystopian adventure!

I get Blade Runner vibes heavy from this one.


Best prediction of future behavior

Reviewed at: 1. Juliet

While I enjoyed both of the authors previous works, I would say that one of the reasons Victor gets more attention is how good the author is at writing hard luck protagonists. Which signals great things for this work, because Juliet seems to be in deep shit. His characters are vibrant and complex, leading me to expect no less for this work. I think this setting will let their strength of telling the stories of hardships shine as well.

I would highly recommend anything by this author.


The Cyberpunk fix I needed.

Reviewed at: 3. Baseline

The overall storyline thus far is engaging and addictive.Juliet is an awesome character that I'm excited to learn more about. I've never been a huge fan of LITRPG's but this is one that I don't mind and I think it actually adds to the story.

The setting is awesome, the AI quips are great, and the characters are rich!

Can't wait for more.