Vivian is a Pacifist, but not by choice. After waking up in a strange abandoned temple, the young woman receives the Blessing of a long forgotten goddess. In exchange for these newfound healing powers, she has been stripped of the ability to willfully inflict violence upon anyone or anything. 

Now she must survive in a world of magic and monsters, while unable to lift a finger to defend herself. To find her way back home Vivian needs to make new friends, forge alliances, and accept her new role as a designated healer. 

Release Schedule: (2) 1500+ word chapters everyday.

[participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge]

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Table of Contents
72 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 - The Bittersweet Blessing ago
Chapter 2 - Helping Hands ago
Chapter 3 - Encounter With the Clan ago
Chapter 4 - Making Alliances ago
Chapter 5 - Observations of a Priestess ago
Chapter 6 - Talking With the Enemy ago
Chapter 7 - Hallway Interrogations ago
Chapter 8 - Explaining the Situation ago
Chapter 9 - Ruins and Revelations ago
Chapter 10 -  Onward and Downward  ago
Chapter 11 - Facing Your Demons ago
Chapter 12 - Memories in the Basement ago
Chapter 13 - Escaping the Past ago
Chapter 14 - Rumble in the Ruins ago
Chapter 15 - Conclusions on the Battlefield ago
Chapter 16 - You Earned It ago
Chapter 17 - Leaving the Temple ago
Chapter 18 - Over the Mountain ago
Chapter 19 - Vivian's Tale Trade ago
Chapter 20 - Engaging with the Locals ago
Chapter 21 - Scoping Out the Village ago
Chapter 22 - Hunting a Rock Wyvern ago
Chapter 23 - Evacuate to the Sanctuary ago
Chapter 24 - Revenge of the Rock Wyvern ago
Chapter 25 - Fear of Failure ago
Chapter 26 - Observations of a Bartender ago
Chapter 27 - Looking For a Ride North ago
Chapter 28 - Learning a Bit About Levels ago
Chapter 29 - On the Road Again ago
Chapter 30 - Wisdom of an Educated Gnome  ago
Chapter 31 - Extenuating Circumstances  ago
Chapter 32 - Rooting Around for Answers  ago
Chapter 33 - Something to Do With Politics ago
Chapter 34 - A Bloody Game ago
Chapter 35 - Northward We Ride ago
Chapter 36 - Do You Want to Hear a Story? ago
Chapter 37 - Legends Live On ago
Chapter 38 - In Light of Recent Events ago
Chapter 39 - Vivian Arrives at Rockmen ago
Chapter 40 - Exploring the City ago
Chapter 41 - Sorting Things Out ago
Chapter 42 - Ogden is Trouble ago
Chapter 43 - New Acquaintances ago
Chapter 44 - Fitting in a Few Drinks ago
Chapter 45 - Outcasts ago
Chapter 46 - Running the Gauntlet ago
Chapter 47 - Enduring the Slings and Arrows ago
Chapter 48 - Vigilance is Key ago
Chapter 49 - Elusive Enemies ago
Chapter 50 - Ready to Talk ago
Chapter 51 - Insight of a Gladiator ago
Chapter 52 - Nearly Seekers ago
Chapter 53 - The Thing About Fishing ago
Chapter 54 - Holding On ago
Chapter 55 - En Route to Fizzle ago
Chapter 56 - It's a Long Story ago
Chapter 57 - Race to the Exit ago
Chapter 58 - Hail To the New Seekers ago
Chapter 59 - Earnest Shopping ago
Chapter 60 - Assigned Reading ago
Chapter 61 - Resurrecting the Past ago
Chapter 62 - Terrance's Troubles ago
Chapter 63 - Switching Colors ago
Chapter 64 - Ben’jamen ago
Chapter 65 - You Don't Get an Opportunity Like This Everyday ago
Chapter 66 - Here To Help ago
Chapter 67 - Eavesdropping in the Dark ago
Chapter 68 - Really Big Bug ago
Chapter 69 - No Good Deed Goes Unpunished ago
Chapter 70 - A Credible Report ago
Chapter 71 - Mantles ago
Chapter 72 - Encouragement From Afar ago

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All in Vane

It is quite a pleasant story, with a likable main character, a vivid fantasy world and flawless grammar and language. The pacifist nature of the mc's class is an interesting twist, though I worry that it might limit creative choices down the line. What keeps the story from getting 5 stars is the aimlessness of the mc. Both the litrpg aspects and the story themself just sort of happens to the protagonist. Story wise this makes complete sense, but I would like her to have more agency regarding her class and abilities. To be able to "build her character". At the moment she just stumbles from one horror to the next and I like my MC's to be more decisive in one way or another.


Its a good story,  but it isnt great. Vivian is a good character.  She wakes up in a ruin temple. Gains a Healer class and uses it to gain some friends.  While the story will entertain you. Its a little hard to get into. Not a lot of drama. But it is kinda early so maybe it picks up a bit. 


This was a delightful story to find and binge.

Some might complain that the chapters are shorter or fly by. 

The plot is good but doesn't waste time getting rolling. Good strong events don't linger past a chapter or two before resolution.

Characters and world building is great fun so far.

Any system elements are minor to non existant. DnD style limits on ability usage so far.

Looking forward to where this ends up :)


This is one of my favorite stories on Royal Road. The MC is likeable and so far is focusing on being a dedicated healer which is something I've been wanting to see for a while. The side characters we've seen feel real and fleshed out instead of a bunch of generic templates. 

The writing is great and easy to read, I've not come across any errors that I can remember. The author is posting chapters at a rapid rate and I hope he doesn't burn out because I want to read a lot more of this. 

TL:DR - Book is great and you should read it.