The science of magic universe - The saint

by habeshabro

Saint Sophia was one of the most important characters in the history of the world, but who was the woman behind the myth?
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue - fact and fiction ago
chapter one - first time ago
chapter two - past and future ago
chapter three - friend and enemy ago
not a chapter ago
chapter four- impossible ago
chapter five - leaving the nest ago
chapter six - new start ago
chapter seven - guchi ago
chapter eight - eleven years ago
chapter nine - lucky shot ago
chapter ten - drive home ago
chapter eleven - Hello Kitty ago
chapter twelve - conscripted ago
chapter thirteen - getting ready ago
chapter fourteen - pre-meeting ago
chapter fifteen - the super hero ago
chapter sixteen - seeing double ago
chapter seventeen - big finish ago
chapter eighteen - wing the magical penguin ago
chapter nineteen - why indeed ago
chapter twenty - not quite human ago
chapter twenty one - phone call ago
chapter twenty two - faith ago
new covers ago
chapter twenty three - mommy ago
chapter twenty four - like totally ago
chapter twenty five - the misses ago
chapter twenty six - naturally gifted ago
chapter twenty seven - 3 billion ago
chapter twenty eight - beer gut ago
chapter twenty nine - thunderstruck ago
chapter thirty - adonis ago
chapter thirty one - that is the question ago
chapter thirty two - from Russia with love ago
chapter thirty three - science fu ago
chapter thirty four - ace up the sleeve ago
chapter thirty five - negotiation ago
chapter thirty six - wing strikes again ago
chapter thirty seven - crystal skull ago
chapter thirty eight - trouble ago
chapter thirty nine - boss battle ago
chapter forty - butterfly ago
chapter forty one - Delilah ago
chapter forty two - gloating ago
chapter forty three - snack run ago
chapter forty four - goodbye mother ago
chapter forty five - the raven ago
chapter forty six - high club ago
chapter forty seven - checking in ago
chapter forty eight - new whip ago
chapter forty nine - the lead ago
chapter fifty - damaged soul ago
chapter fifty one - the fairy ago
chapter fifty two - off to the races ago
chapter fifty three - money fight ago
chapter fifty four - hangover ago
chapter fifty five - what indeed ago
chapter fifty six - interlude ago
chapter fifty seven - mama say knock you out ago
chapter fifty eight - Sophia PI ago
preview to the king ago
preview to the king ago
chapter fifty nine - shady meeting ago
chapter sixty - plan A ago
chapter sixty one - love hurts ago
chapter sixty two - how to dump a body ago
chapter sixty three - agent smith ago
chapter sixty four - Albert ago
chapter sixty five - the hospital ago
chapter sixty six - Brenda ago
chapter sixty seven - the burdens of fame ago
chapter sixty eight - the old bastard ago
chapter sixty nine - mess up ago
chapter seventy - between a rock ... ago
chapter seventy one - dandelion ago
chapter seventy two - new tricks ago
chapter seventy three - consequence ago
chapter seventy four - Vegas Baby! ago
chapter seventy five - the in-law ago
chapter seventy six - shocking development ago
chapter seventy seven - fox in the hen house ago
chapter seventy eight - bad goat ago
chapter seventy nine - Sophia and the seven...succubi ago
chapter eighty - first orgy ago
chapter eighty one - 3-in-1 ago
chapter eighty two - misdirection ago
What should I do? ago
chapter eighty three - apocalypse ago
chapter eighty four - flight interrupted ago
chapter eighty five - super fan ago
chapter eighty six - angels ago
*dogeza* I'm sorry ago
chapter eighty seven - real? ago
chapter eighty eight - offer you can't refuse ago
chapter eighty nine - it's a bird, it's a plane ago
chapter ninety - power ago
chapter ninety one - the conundrum ago
chapter ninety two - Barabiel ago
chapter ninety three - barry ago
chapter ninety four - the world changes ago
just for kicks, contest ago
chapter ninety five - ignore ago
chapter ninety six - Kim ago
chapter ninety seven - helicopter ride ago
chapter ninety eight - the hunger ago
chapter ninety nine - stalker ago
chapter one hundred - curiosity killed the cat ago
Sorry again... ago
Sorry again... ago
chapter one hundred and one - the mission ago
chapter one hundred and two - making a choice ago
chapter one hundred and three - smith again ago
Chapter one hundred and four - grief ago
All good! ago
Chapter One hundred and five - Dawn ago
Chapter one hundred and six - out of the frying pan... ago
Chapter one hundred and seven - birds and bunnies ago
Chapter one hundred and eight - Templar idiocy ago
Chapter one hundred and nine - getting serious ago
Chapter one hundred and ten - goth on a pink bike ago
Chapter one hundred and eleven - kicked out ago
Chapter one hundred and twelve - horse fetish ago
chapter one hundred and thirteen - banter ago
Chapter one hundred and fourteen - the crystal mansion ago
Chapter one hundred and fifteen - bloody hands ago
Chapter one hundred and sixteen - cousin ago
Chapter one hundred seventeen - makeover ago
Chapter one hundred eighteen - Double standards ago
Chapter one hundred nineteen - Help ago
Chapter one hundred and twenty - old friends ago
Chapter one hundred and twenty one - Smith's explanation ago

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The story is alright, but grew attached to old MC

If this story had multiple points of view through the whole story i'd be completely for this takeaway to explain events of this character. But if that had been done it would've been pointless to split this into multiple books. simply put the first book had far too much focus on John and to just backtrack and go "now here's sophia" it feels like some bully came up and threw my german chocolate cake and said "here try this chocolate chocolate cake, i know you loved that german chocolate but duuuuude, eat this stuff!" all the while i'm staring at the destroyed remains of my favorite cake and begrudgingly eat the chocolate chocolate cake while thinking of the day i can go get more german chocolate again.

Chocolate Chocolate is good (Book2) but once you grow attached to German Chocolate (book 1) its hard to swallow the Chocolate Chocolate cake


Very good prequel for backstory and getting a new perspective in the book!!!

Loved the original, loving this one just as much!! The concept of a prequel from another persons' point of view, I think, is a very good way to give more in depth backstory to the book and establish the world. The original MC from book 1 is supposed to be back in the third book, so I think this will be a very good way to build up background and stabilize the state of the world, as well as show how things were like in the same world for someone else!! Keep up the good work and ARIGATOU!!!!! :)


Its good but got to attached to 1st mc

When you got done with volume 1 and wrote that johns adventures would resume in volume 4 I got kinda annoyed I got attached to that character the story was going fine and all of a sudden God eyes asends to a different plane the end. I mean was it really necessary to end it that abruptly? and then you tell me I wont see john for 2 volumes? 


Well anyway this review is about volume 2 not volume 1. Most of the reason I don't like this story as much as volume 1 is because I honestly don't care about Sophia considering her church of dickheads tried to kill previous MC all volume 1 AND Sophia herself robbed us of a true ending to volume 1. Honestly the story of this volume is good I still like your writing style and everything it just feels like this should have been a side story and not an actual volume.


A very good and funny story, not the typical fantasy plot and nice pace, in my opinion better than the first volume regarding the writing style.

There is a lack of side characters tough (Kazimir and Sergei are a bit passive and their characters are not as defined).

Anyway, it made me laugh and I had a fun time reading *thumbs up*!


King Killer

Thank you for an awesome sequel to an awesome story

Love how you post these chapters so quickly makes me feel you’re  not a human.

you should probably add a link to the previous story

thanks and don’t stop




*Excited!!* lets start reading

OHHHH!!!!! I've been waiting!!!  you should atleast paste the url in the previous volume


Its a good think I thought to read the update page are I'd have missed this.I would also say you should add a link in the last book so people can find this one.


Voting 5 stars as of chapter 121

When this novel first started, I thought it would be a minor spin-off of the other story by this author (The Heretic -- see his signature block at the end of any given chapter for the link).  Yet, the more I read The Saint, the more I become interested in this story.

I decided to go back and read this from the beginning only to realize I hadn't voted yet!  Now at chapter 121, I can say that the story is certainly good enough to stand on its own.

It is an interesting take on what happens when our modern-day world becomes increasingly exposed to magic.  I definitely recommend it.


I do enjoy the storyline but I don't think a saint has a succubus friend army and lesbian sex every 4 chapters


If you enjoy a light hearted fun read then this is for you! I would and have recommended this to my family in real life.