The Dungeon to Rule Them All

The Dungeon to Rule Them All

by Everseas

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Felix is a man with zero killer instincts who has been taught all his life to only give and serve. But suddenly he is entrusted to run one of the vilest organisms in the universe whose main purpose is to create pain and misery while consuming anything that comes its way. Not something Felix can agree with, but… as he tries to change the way of the dungeon, it slowly starts to grind his belief system, and sooner or later, it will be difficult to say who is changing who. 

In this new world, he faces unfathomable realities and countless inscrutable possibilities. There are monsters to slay and monsters to train. Some to wage a war on and others to befriend. They take all shapes and forms, some even in the human one. And sometimes it makes it almost impossible to know a friend from a foe. But all of that matters very little - once he realizes he may be the biggest monster of them all.

This is a story about a man trying to get back home, back to his loved ones he was so violently and suddenly torn from. His goal appears closer with every day he can grow his power and further away with every mishap that befalls him.

This should be an unorthodox dungeon story with LitRPG, Isekai, and card-deck building elements.

Disclaimer:  English is not my first language, and the posting here presents only an early edition.  Hopefully, one day I'll get a professional to edit it, but this is it for now.  Please feel free to offer your edits, notes and opinions.  Thank you!

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Table of Contents
38 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 - Proposal I Can't Turn Down ago
Chapter 2 - Someone Must Have Messed Up ago
Chapter 3 - The Chisels That Chip at My Very Soul ago
Chapter 4 - The Message I Can't Read ago
Chapter 5 - If They Only Knew ago
Chapter 6 - The Wonder of Life Creation ago
Chapter 7 - Moving Around With Oollie ago
Chapter 8 - Facing the Fangs ago
Chapter 9 - In Which I Try to Be a Comedian ago
Chapter 10 - How to Make Energy ago
Chapter 11 - Meeting Tarra ago
Chapter 12- The Visit From the Old Allies ago
Chapter 13 - The Young Sword Master Is Very Angry ago
Chapter 14 - I Receive a Special Invitation ago
Chapter 15 - No Rest For Little Oollie ago
Chapter 16 - The First Trade I Make ago
Chapter 17 - I Might Have Gotten Myself In a Bigger Mass ago
Chapter 18 - Felix, The Life Giver ago
Chapter 19 - Oh Please, Not Them Again ago
Chapter 20 - Suddenly My Dungeon Is Filling Up ago
Chapter 21 - Feeding the Dungeon ago
Chapter 22 - Leveling Up Is Truly a Life Saver ago
Chapter 23- The Deal With the Smelly Bunch ago
Chapter 24 - Only the Lonely ago
Chapter 25 - A Big Bird With Even Bigger Attitude ago
Chapter 26 - Flying with LightsOut ago
Chapter 27 - Tarra Can Be a Claw Full ago
Chapter 28 - I Learn I Know Nothing ago
Chapter 29 - Forgetting About One Thing ago
Chapter 30 - Introducing Rocky ago
Chapter 31 - The Nevenees Story of the Dungeon's Constructor ago
Chapter 32 - Getting It Going ago
Chapter 33 - Tarra’s First Scroll, The Day in the Card Game of Souls ago
Chapter 34 -The Tarra's Fight of Confusion ago
Chapter 35 - Rocky, My True Furian ago
Chapter 36- Tarra's Fights Part 2 ago
Chapter 37 - Tarra's Deal ago
Chapter 38 - In the Jam Again ago

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A very different dungeon story so far

Reviewed at: Chapter 24 - Only the Lonely

This is certainly not your typical dungeon story.  It's not dark or overly bloody, and is more on a light side and entertaining.  Its MC is not a superhero but is someone who makes a lot of mistakes along the way.

Yet, the story is interesting to me and I find myuself reading it on and on even after I find so many things that bother me.  I think  if I never ever read a dungeon story before, I would love the genre since it makes you think of all these different possibilites and how it can go one way or another.  Maybe this unpredictability is what makes it so appealing to me.

 I hope the author does not drop the ball and continues writing it in the same style.


A conversational first-person narrative, with elements of dungeon core, deck-building card game, litRPG and system isekai. It gradually builds up a large, uncanny and exotic world around the main character, one which can keep readers curious and in suspense.

Style: This story has a first-person narration with a conversational tone. This does well to convey the narrator's sense of confusion and the experience of learning about his new life. The way that he interacts with the system and dungeon is portrayed well, due to a good sense of pacing. The narrator is quite open with his feelings, and through his narration the reader begins to see an interesting world unveiled.

Story: The MC's initial dream sets up an interesting story, driven by his uncertainty and quest for power. A series of mysterious events and characters create the sense of a vast world unknown to the narrator, a world which is continually explored and expanded upon. There is hence plenty of space for the story to expand into.

Grammar: The story's grammar and language are solid, and well-edited.

Character: The MC's desire for normalcy is an interesting trait in an exotic world like this story's. He reacts emotionally - and sometimes with humorous hysterics - to events as they unfold, with a mixture of frustration, consternation and curiosity. Most of the other characters so far are left appropriately mysterious. The tension between the MC's quest to restore a normal family life and his desire for power in his new life creates a sense of potential conflict and drama.

F.L. Riley

This isn't your normal dungeon core. It has no idea what it's doing, doesn't want to kill, and even goes so far as to try to save a person it killed in defense.

The core  has no idea what it should be doing, and has to spend money for even the smallest items. Money it seems to gain painfully slowly.

The denizens of the dungeon can be carded, allowing the core to add that card to its deck, the reason why has been hinted at, but we have yet to see what the dungeon can do with a fully fleshed deck.

Definitely worth the read!


Enjoyable genres combination

Reviewed at: Chapter 11 - Meeting Tarra

This is not just a LitRPG progression story or a dungeon story or a card-stacking one. It’s a combination of it all but done in its unique manner, the one I find very enjoyable to follow. Even after the first paragraph, I started to think this story can be something special and I still hold that opinion after ten chapters. 

The story starts very strong and fast, but then slows down just to speed back up later again. I like that, including other elements that are making the story very unpredictable -the thing I find very rare these days. 

The style of writing is nothing extraordinary, but it gets the story where it needs to go. I like the idea of conversation with the system and finding out everything as we go along rather than just everything being told on the first page. I like that even though it’s a dungeon tale, it does not have an overly dark and scary setting.

Grammar - This is far from the perfectly edited text, but the mistakes within did not prevent me from enjoying the story, so it is at an acceptable level

Characters - In early chapters, everything seems centered around mc. He is very intriguing and colorful, and we slowly get to know his background and character. There are two other characters inside the story with a lot of appeals, and it will be very interesting to see how they play out in the future. 

I think this story has great promise and I am giving it such a high mark because I am eagerly waiting for new chapters and want the author to know that there are people who appreciate his work and effort.



Space Pickle

The Dungeon to Rule Them All mixes most of my least favorite genres (LitRPG, Isekai, Dungeon and Card stuff) but manages to grind them up enough in the blender to make a pancake dough capable of satisfying my delicate purist stomach. 

So this story takes its foundation from the many genres that are in vogue and turns it into something original. The effort is notable, and the production solid. The task was indeed difficult. It is well written and thoughtful style. The information is well proportioned, with notably well brought dialogues, which however end up supplanting the narration. The task was delicate because of the use of the first person, which is here a beautiful example of perfection. With a little rereading, the chapters I read would be perfect. Nothing to worry about, because the whole thing is binge-readable without even raising an eyebrow. 

The story hooked me relatively well. The main reason being the main character who I found very sympathetic and relatable. I slipped into Felix's shoes very easily. At this point, I really don't know in which direction the plot can take off but this beginning is bright and open enough to foresee a limitless field of possibilities. Good luck to you, Felix.

If you're a fan of these genres, you'll have fun. If not, well, it's well done enough to enjoy it anyway.


Good characters held back by rough dialogue

Reviewed at: Chapter 6 - The Wonder of Life Creation

So first of all, Story is great! Though the concept isn't original, the way the dungeon works and how he gains his power is unique and refreshing. Though it may be vulnerable to turning into a slog filled with numbers that doesn't mean anything, so far that hasn't happened. 

Style is a bit clunky at times but doesn't detract much from the story. You should add more descriptions to the characters when they are talking. 

Character's are solid. Not the best, but they do their job. They have solid frameworks for personality but are held back by...

Grammar. The story does well at building the characters and their personality, but sometimes the grammar sounds like a machine talking. Which makes the reader think: Why are these characters saying things like these? An example would be Ternicus speaking like a whiny child instead of an annoyed, well-spoken noble that the story tried to paint him to be due to the author's lacking vocabulary. 

It is pretty obvious that English isn't the author's native language, so I won't judge the story too much in this aspect. 

All in all, decent story. Go give it a read if you like dungeon building LITRPGs


This is like the first dungeon story that grabbed me. I was not even interested in reading it after trying some other ones that just didn't do anything for me.  But then, afer the first paragraph, I thought this might be interesting, and now I'm glad I continued reading.

What sold me on it is this world that the author has created.  It's not his style of writing or his characters.  Sincerely, I think both could use some improvement although after 13 chapters, the MC is starting slowly to grow on me.  But what really got me hooked up is this whole universe with the soul management system.  I found that very interesting.

I also enjoyed how much more space the author has created for the future story to grow.  I think he can take it in five different directions and all of them would be very interesting to follow.  Maybe I'm writing this review as a way to tell him that as I sincerely hope he continues. 

The grammar is okay.  Sure it needs editing but so do most of the stories here, and I bet even the review I'm writing is not without mistakes.   But in the end, I do not have a proromblem with it as the mistakes did not take anythign away from the story.

There are only two problems that I see with this story.  First of all, it is somewhat on a slow side.  Compared to some other stories here, that can be a negative.  The other problem is, probably my personal one, is that there are not any other characters developed by the time I'm reading this.  I hope the author will bring other interesting people in so that this story can get another dimensions as well.

But, all in all, I love it!  And I hope I read more of it very soon.


I am not familiar with card-based dungeon LitRpgs but so far, the story has me thoroughly intrigued. The world building progresses at a satisfying pace that only makes the story more interesting the more you read. It really piques your interest early on, then hooks you with it's strange nuances. The story starts out pretty fast and slaps on the action right away. It uses the tropes of the LitRpg genre to the best effect of the story while maintaining its own unique identity. And man, the main character is relatable and humorous with a great witty inner monologue. If I had one note to give, it would be that the writing style could benefit from more variety and structure and maybe a quick once over for some typos. But overall, I am captivated by the plot and ready to dive into some more chapters!!


This story is quite interesting, even if it follows some of the same tropes of dungeon core fictions there's a unique twist on it that reminds me of "how I became the accidental warlord of arizona" but dungeon core centered but also has cards? I love trading card games and dungeon fictions so its all good for me. There are no gramatical issues and I'm looking forward to seeing more from this author. Worth a follow, and a favorite in my book! Keep going, I can't wait to see where this ends up.


From what I can see so far - this is a very solid start to what is (so far) a polished and standard LitRPG fantasy story. The card stacking element will be really interesting to stack in (pun intended), and I'm looking forward to what the author does with it. The presentation is pretty solid overall.