Biomancer: Songs of Sirens

by Monsoon117

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Horror Romance

The year 3187. Human society has moved past earth and into the stars, but they find their are greater evils than just the void of space. Pyrex, a soldier graduated the top of his class, escapes The Fog only to be ensnared by the clutches of a siren he names Allure. But is she a bastille stealing his soul, or is she nirvana cloaked in the lies of history?

Expect high octane action and pulp in this story. There is also sex in this story, though I try to keep it tasteful. Here is my other stories if you like this one! Monsters Dwell in Men  and it's sequal, Jehovah's Harmony

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you have talent for writing author!!

wtf dude!!! its like you were made to write. both of your stories are awesome, i cant wait for more! its been ages since i read stories so interesting, i mostly only feel shame after reading some stories in this site because i have to study to enter college,intead of reading, here in brazil, for my THIRD try.. lol.... BUT i only feel invigorated after reading your stories!!!!!!  let my studies go to hell! your story is more important thats for sure lol

KEED up the good work!!

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Rewiev to rate and say to author Good job and go on

Like i said in the title , good Story it's fresh even if i'm starting to wish that Gorge becomes MC sexond lover , i feel that in this Story the polygamy/harem wouldn't be bad

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A good review from a nasty person Haha

Let me begin my review by saying this. I am the least suited person for giving the first review for a novel. Reviews are a form of advertising, in fact, they are the main source of view for fictions that are atypical/new. So the first review should leave a good mark on the new reader. It should only give the positive. Unfortunately,  the only time where I do that is when I don’t even read the fic and just write a review to help authors out. I read yours, that’s your bad for being too awesome. 


Oh well, let’s start with the positive (I’m really noob with this…)


First of all, do you believe in stories that suck u in tgeir universe the moment you start reading. Stories that just slap the shit out of you amd kidnap you as to let you live in their own world. Well, this story is such a criminal. It basically kidnap you, take you away from your friends and family and suck u as a blackhole in its oen world. This story is worse than weed, take it with caution or you miggt become a siren addict.


For grammar part, it’s awesome. The author use a variety of words which keep things fresh and engaging. There are some issues I found, but that’s for later.


The characters are easily relatable,  no, what am I saying? By relatable I meant that they are extremely fleshed out and that you feel their pain, sorrow; happiness, joy. Yeah, emotions that we feel, and that the situations where they feel it are pretty similar to ones you would see in real life. Overall, the characters are 3 dimensional, and you feel attached to them even though you just met them. Masterful!!


Bad review.


Your freaking commas!! Do you remember scorchy chan’s review and when he talked about commas, well yeah, u need to use them. Commas are to be used instead of and, not with and, I saw that in chapter 2 or 3. Commas are to be used when you have multiple verbs that don’t have the same freaking subject!! Overall, your use of comma isn’t the most terrible, but with your style, DAMN every little mistake is flesshed out to the extreme. 


Your use of vocabulary. I say this while mostly thinking about a sentence where the mc just woke up, and you talked about his head and something about his skull. Let me say something. Skull is mostly used with the medical vocabulary, you don’t just randomly put wherever you want. It freaking breaks the flow and all the mood u set in. If you don’t want repetition,  then either use words of the same vocabulary,  or make it a freaking obvious metaphor.


That’s it. Once again, enjoy the full pack of 5 stars