At Gabriel's dimension

Gabriel was wondering what he could do to get stronger, after talking with Adrian about his class he got an idea that could work well. Adrian only had control over Dark, Curse, Poison and Death Energies but with only this he could make a good Necromancer, so what if Gabriel who had access to all kinds of energy tried to become a Necromancer? Stories, novels, books, mangas, or any kind of media like movies and series normaly didn't told all the power of a Necromancer, they only approach only some of the facets of a Necromancer's power so he would now show to the world the true powers of a Necromancer!!!!

First he would dominate the art of raising the dead, there were lots of way to raise the dead but to do that someone or something should die but since he didn't wanted to kill something he decided to go to someplace where there was death recently so he first went out of his dimension and then he used a power that could easily be classified as a Necromancer's power, he sensed the amount of death energy and the amount of recent "fresh" souls in the world the place. He found it was in a coutry that was dictatorship in the east and when the system arrived the people revolted wich made the country filled with the energy of death so he immediately teleported there using the Law of Space to bend space itself and make him appear there but while he did that he transformed into Morpheus and when he appeared in that country he released the the Law of Space and his senses to cover the whole country, he did this to sense each soul, what are their regrets, motivations, personalities and even their Karma. After checking this he decided what to do with the souls of the country, first he decided to demonstrate to the world another power of Necromancer to the world, the power over souls. Those who could be considered "Evil" he gathered then all in his palm while shaping them into a bracelet, in this bracelet he infused the Energy of Death to hold it together and with the Energy of Curse he made the souls chain themselfs in Malice and Evil that could extend to curse other beings and even take their souls and in the end he added the Energy of Darkness to make the energies of Death and Curse and add effects over the mind of other being, then he decided to add another thing as the last part and this was just that kind of thing that only he could do, in all of this he mixed an energy that he created himself, a destructive energy that had power over everything, even souls, Apocalyptic Fire, but he tought that it wasn't still at it's best form so at this energy he added a law that he created, the Law of Perishing.


You have successfully combined Apocalyptic Fire with the Law of Perishing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You have created a power that shouldn't be born!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

■■■■■(Incomplete) is reacting to the power you created!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The power you created was cataloged as Ragnarok(Incomplete)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then he fused this new power with the bracelet he was creating and then his systems reacted.


You have created an artifact!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The artifact you created is of a level so high that it is almost impossible to give a rank to it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is an artifact whose focus is in controling evil souls and punishing them, with it you will be able to make use of souls as weapons, shields and even as amunition to spells

You will also be able to give punishments to the souls in the most horrible ways

The artifact still can't have a name since it didn't fully achieved sentience nor sapiency, it will need more time evolve it's powers further



You have created an artifact that could easily pass as a divine treasure even if you yourself don't consider it complete

It is an artifact that has the potential to acquire a name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The system can't truly measure the power of this artifact

Sorry for the incovenience

You have levelled uo one hundred(100) times


Neither of Gabriel's system could truly identify the artfacts power nor it's true essence. It is an artifact that had started to develop a chaotic personality but that was based in everything that is good since this artefact was made using evil souls and made them suffer but because if this same reason it was classified as chaotic. Then with the help of the bracelet he selected the good souls and those who were injusticed and raised them again with copious amounts of Death Energy as lot's of things from zombies to vampires to lichs to even undead chimeras where every being that formed the chimera decided to transform in it from it's own will, there were even ghost type undead that couldn't obtain a physical body so they manifestated as ghosts. But all of them had one thing in common, their bodies were filled with the Energy of Death because this was the energy that make their bodies work, each function that their bodies made were simulated by the Energy of Death and in some cases other kinds of energy, for example the vampires also used Blood Energy in their bodies to make them work.

The undead appeared in the entire country and waited theirs orders, normally there can be some resistance from the undead since they were made awake from their final resting, but they felt when they where awakened, the man who awkened them was a good man that would let them realize their ambitions.

Sensing every undead wish Gabriel said in an ancient language that spoke directly to the soul and convey the meaning without any mistranslation - My dear people you who were suffering under a dictator now you are free but you must follow one rule: always bring justice, never bring injustice. If you ever broke this rule the consequences will come - He said in a cryptic voice and then teleported back to his house without making any sound what made the undead feeling a shiver down their spines, even if some of them didn't even had a body but they understood that they should never broke this rule. But they would never broke this rule since they knew what was to life in a place where injustice reigned above everything so they will be sure to never let another tyrant rise again in these lands.

At Gabriel's dimension, inside his room

After teleporting back Gabriel transformed back and read the systems prompts that was blinking the corner of his eye.

You have created a Kingdom of Death!!!!!!!!!

Now you are a Ruler of Earth!!!!!!


You have made an appearance as a Death Overlod to the world!!!!!!!

You have freed a coutry from tyranny!!!!!!!!

You have acquired the title Tyrant Slayer!!!!!!!!!


- This went better than I expected - Gabriel said looking at his new bracelet without realizing the global repercutions of what he had done.


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