At the school pool

- So, what do you want me to teach you? - Gabriel asked while doing te exercises that the teacher told them to do but at the same time paying close atention to everyone here.

- My class is a bit special, it seem to be a mix of class - Adrian started explaining his class details since he already started to accept that there was no use trying to hide this kind of information since he was already his "girl" and wanted to learn thing from him - It is called Black Arts Researcher Mage, I tried researching things on my own but even if I can use energies and some spells that fall in the black arts categorie I am having difficult learning other spells that are more difficult and since classes that deal with black arts and things like these are eyed with supicion so me and other members of the Occult Club, that I am part of, are having a hard time being able to advance, so when I saw you using that spell on those two girls I wanted to ask for you to be my tutor in the arcane arts - He said hopeful feeling like he could finally become stronger.

- Huuuuummm, ok come with me when school is over today and I will teach you - Gabriel said after thinking.

- Thank you, thank you, thank you - Adrian said hugging Gabriel, buut then he blushed when Gabriel squeezed his but.

- We can do that again if you like but not now - Gabriel said while looking at the other people in the class that were looking at the effeminate guy who was hugging another one and after understanding the situation they where in, releasing Gabriel and blushing even more.

Some time later at an abandoned building

- So first, tell me what energies you have the easiest time dealing with - Gabriel asked in a serious tone that surprised Adrian.

- It is Dark, Curse, Poison and Death Energies - Adrian said understanding that while Gabriel was teaching him he wouldn't be teased so he should utilize his time the best possible way.

- Huuuuummm, this way you can make a good Necromancer and a good Black Mage, did you already tried to combine the energies or spells that you can use? - Gabriel asked since he felt that peering so deeply into Adrian's mind would be invasive.

- I already tried to combine both of them but they sometimes explode so I don't tried to much - Adrian said.

- Sometimes when we combine spells we also need to adjust the energy ratio of the spell for they to not disequilibrate so when you fuse spells you also need to control the energy of both spells - Gabriel explained - Hey how good is your ability sense energy and what spells do you now? - He asked already with an idea in his mind.

- I am very good at senseing energy and I know some spell like Blindness, Confusion, Poisoning and it's variations, Curse of Mana Drain, Curse of Health Drain, Curse of Stamina Drain, Necrotic Touch, besides other spells of the same kind - Adrian said.

- Ok so I will show you how to combine the Drain Spells sense the energy closely - Gabriel said and then he started to cast the spells - The best way to fuse spells is to know their personalities and how they interact with other spells and other energies - Gabriel explained while preparing the fused spell - Drain Spells usually have an aggressive nature that tries to Drain everything that the spell is suposed to drain so when you fuse Drain Spells the most important thing to be ware against is to efficiently combine their drain properties, like this - Gabriel said and mixed the spells in front of Adrians eyes and he knew Adrian understood when both of his systems reacted.

You have successfully teached someone a difficult technique in your first try!!!!!!

You have acquired the tittle of Best Teacher!!!!!!!!!!


You have successfully teached someone a difficult technique in your first try!!!!!!

You have acquired the tittle of Best Teacher!!!!!!!!


And Adrian's system also reacted.


You have successfully learned a difficult technique from someone who has a vast knowledge!!!!!!

You have acquired the title Lucky Student!!!!!!!!


- Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!! - Adrian said hugging and kissing Gabriel and witout even noticing alredy preparing to give all of himself to fully please Gabriel in a rough "bonding time" where he wouldn't even be able to rise again without help,


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