At Gabriel's school in corridor after the first class

- So what is your class - Asked Henry curios - It doesn't seem to be something related to our course since you used some kind of spell but the classes that the system give us can have lot's of functions - Henry said wondering what was Gabriel class.

- It is just a random class, you wouldn't even want to think about it if discover how high are the requirements just to unlock it so you can't even imagine the requeriments to level up - Gabriel said remembering that he got titles just to a lot of levels at the same time - What is your level? - Gabriel asked to see if his leveling speed was fast or slow.

- Three hundred and forty five(345) why how high is yours? - Henry asked thinking that if his level was this Gabriel's level should be much higher since when he paid of hermit he usually come back with a nes "skill" that could make everyone be wide eyed, but instead of a look of pity in Gabriel eyes what he saw was a look of resignation.

- Yep you would want my class... well at least each stat point give a tremendous boost to me and makes it easier to do things that make me gain experience for my class - Gabriel said feeling a little down but also a lot beter at the same time.

- Wait... what is your level? - Henry asked feeling that something was strange.

- One hundred and twenty(120) and this is because in the description of the class says that is a class difficult to level up - Gabriel said remembering the class description.

- Wow, what is your class???? - Henry asked feeling that there was something fishy about his friend's class that even in the description it says that is difficult to level up since every class is created to be unique to each user of the system so they could become stronger at the fatest possible way.

- He, try to discover what it is - Gabriel said in a more playful way just to thwart his friend's attemps at gathering information about him.

- Sigh, you can be quite a jerk sometimes - Henry said like it was nothing.

- Hehehe - Gabriel just laughed.

Some time later at a corner of the canteen

Gabriel sat alone since the girls were still at their lessons he was having a peaceful meal until a ceartain boy sat in the same side of the as him but when he sat he whined in a mix of pain and pleasure that made Gabriel a little aroused since the noise that the boy a little feminine and contained like he didn't wanted anyone to find that he made that noise but at the sime time wanted Gabriel to heard even if he hadn't noticed the last part - First let's forget what happened earlier - Adrian said trying not to think about the way he lost his virginity that he never wanted to lose - I want you to be my tutor and I can do anything to help with this - He said but then regreted it since if Gabriel already was with his eyes on him after what he said maybe Gabriel would take him as an apprentice just to do lewd thing with him, this thought made Adrian blush but also for some reason that he didn't understand made him excited. Seeing this Gabriel used the Boon of Knowledge to see what was happening with Adrian and what he saw made him awestruck.

You have discovered a Son of Lilith!!!!!

Lilith usually just have daughters but when she has a son he either is the epitome of manliness or so feminine that they could almost pass as a girl

Depending on what happens in their lives they can become either a man among men or become so feminine that they can even give birth themselfs independently of what kind of Son of Lilith they are

You have encountered a feminine Son of Lilith and awakened his sluty side, now everything that pass on his mind is you and every decision that he make will conduct directly to you even if he himself don't realize it or try to deny it

His body is currently undergoing a metamorphosis to acquire an uterus, when this metamorphosis is complete he will become pregnant with your children!!!!!!

- What?!?!?! - Gabriel asked aloud but then said it was nothing to do with Adrian request even if this made him a little depressed thinking that Gabriel was already trying to not teach him, and then he said to everyone that it was nothing and this made Adrian feel worse for some reason thinking that to Gabriel he is nothing - First: if Incubus are a race that was created based on the powers of another race who is Lilith if she is said to be the Mother of all Succubus? Second: is there a way to stop the metamorphosis or at least make that he doesn't get pregnant with my children? And why children and not child? - Gabriel asked the system.

Succubus are a race that Lilith created to try to have a similar position as yours as the Original of Emotions and Minds but she failed and the race became demons since they mostly used demonic energy

The Incubus seeing the Seccubus powers and having a better notion of how their powers worked when they had them they tried to replicate their power using methods similar to those used by Lilith when she created the Succubus

There is no way to stop this metamorphosis since is a thing that is in the Sons of Lilith existence and if you try to change the existence of this Son of Lilith during the metamorphosis can kill him in the worst case and cripple him in some kind of way in the best case unless the user revert the transformation but he would always be "tainted" as a defective Son of Lilith if he doesn't pass by this metamorphosis

There is no way to stop the birth of these children and there is no way to make the children that will be born not be yours

Every time a Son of Lilith get pregnant or impregnate someone it is always a lot of children

- Oh fuck - Gabriel said aloud without realizing, then he took Adrian's hand and took him to the same spot that he had his "bonding time" with Adrian. Whe they arrived there Adrian felt excited but then suddenly realized why, he wanted to do that with Gabriel again, this realization made him horrified since he never wanted to anything like this to happen but he also felt strangely hopeful that if Gabriel took him here he migh like Adrian and wouldn't mind teaching him. But then Gabriel took him to an even more secluded place inside this secluded place and sat on the ground with his hands in his head and said - Sorry.....

- Why? - Adrian asked a little afraid feeling the seriousness of the situation - If you are talking about what happened I told you to just forget it, I even liked - He said but when he finished saying the last part he blushed so hard that he almost seemed like a tomato since he didn't want to talk that because he himself wasn't sure about what he was feeling.

- It is worse than that - Gabriel said don't minding the mislip Adrian committed - I haven't realized something in you at the moment that puts us in an extremely awkward and strange situation - Gabriel said with a weak voice - You are a Son of Lilith, and this means that you could or become more manly on you could become more feminine depending on what life you lived and you could transforrm to better fit this life, but the moment I took your virginity I without even noticing sealed your fate - Gabriel said now looking directly at Adrian's eyes - Now you are transforming to become more feminine and this metamorphosis that is transforming you include an uterus that can get you pregnant and already with children in your uterus - After Gabriel said that Adrian mind just stopped remembering the classes he could took that were made available because of his Bloodline, classes like Succubus, Female male and even some that where a little tempting like Alpha Male. Now that all made sense but he couldn't just accept it so he tried asking his system and the system answered.


Currently you are undergoing a transformation that can change your entire bodie

Since this is a normal tranformation for your Bloodline the system hadn't seen the need to inform you about it

After this transformation your entire body will change to become more feminine and the sperm collected will make you pregnant with at least five(5) children


After seeing this he just colapsed in the ground and started to cry since he tought his life was ruined, seeing this Gabriel got up and took Adrian in his lap and sat in the ground again. He cleaned Adrain's face with one hand, approached Adrian head to his with the other and kissed him so lovingly that even made Adrian forget the situation he is in, that he would get pregnant with at least five(5) children, that he would never be able to confess to his crush, and that he would need to explain a lot to his family that always was strict and always was so hateful to those who didn't follow the rules taht the world should follow like what he was doing now and what he was becoming, and he even forgot that he wanted to be Gabriel's apprentice since he saw Gabriel doing crazy spells. There was just the two of them in the world and then things scalated and they had a "bonding time" again but this time was a lovingly one.

Some time later at a secluded corner of the school

Three girls and two boys were reuniting here.

- You really needed to do this? - Asked Alex feeling sorry for Adrian but finding it funny since it seemed that her new "sister" will be a boy, or in this case, ex boy.

- He was following me and he is so cute that I couldn't help but took a piece of him, but them this happened - Gabriel said trying to defend himself wich made Adrain blush a lot since he was called cute.

- He is really cute miser but you have us so why did went to search pleasure in another person???? - Alice asked feeling down because she was thinking that this meant that they weren't enough for their love.

- Well... Okay I know I you are like this but this could happen at any moment to Adrian so it is best if it happens with people who will care for him and he is my type of boy so I couldn't resist - Gabriel said while embracing Adrian from behind and eith one hand grabing his male tool while the other grabing the beginning of a breast and kissing his neck. This made the girls really horny and they understood why Gabriel couldn't resist Adrian since even them wanted to make him their girl and them only started to develop feeling for other girls when they met each other and in the circumstances that they were in, and in the blink of an eye the four of them were teasing Adrian in all kind of ways making him cum there an open space where anyone could walk into in a extreme short period of time. This made the girls even more ceartain that they would love to have a new sister that also have a male tool, but then the bell rang and they all separated with Adrian being fragilized since his next class was physical education(PE) but with Gabriel and it was swimming so Gabriel could do a lot of things with him and nobody would notice, this made him worried and excited at the same time making him feel like a slut that was discovering itself wich made him even more excited and horny but also made him feel a little bad.


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