At the school's corridor

Gabriel was walking to his first class when he saw someone showing their power over fire when a basket ball went in the person direction and Gabriel without thinking cast a spell.

- Null Barrier - Then the area was enveloped in a bubble of a grayish energy that made the fire go out and the ball stop in mid air then everyone looked at the source of the barrier and saw Gabriel standing there like it was nothing, then he uncasted his spell while walking away.

- I need to ask him to teach me - Said the boy who was following him since he left the bus, his name was Adrian a member of the Occult Club that where some of those who had access to the most crazy classess since they always searched for the mysteries of their city and one of the things that they were searching for was someone who could help them to better understand the powers that they gained, because since most of them took classes that can be considered suspicious and ominous they couldn't ask other people for help in testing their classess powers. But little did Adrian know that Gabriel had already found him and was guiding him to a part of school that was more secluded after noticing that Adrian was following him decided to scare the boy a little.

Gabriel took the boy to a room where he made sure there was no one and then disapeared.

- Wait, where did he go???? - Adrian asked aloud but immediately realized his mistake.

- I am behind you little lamb - Gabriel said appearing behind the boy and grabing his dick and whispering with a seductive voice that made the boy blush a lot and started to feel horny because Gabriel was using his power of Lust on the boy, then the boy almost instantly took of his clothes and jumped at Gabriel and had some "bonding time" with him.

Some time later at Gabriel's first class

- He - Gabriel laughed a little - He forgot to ask anything about magic like he wanted - Gabriel said remembering the state he left Adrian after their "bonding time", the boy put his clothes and hurriedly left blushing a lot and limping like there was no tomorrow since Gabriel changed his own body to make himself bigger and isolated the room from the rest of the school he had his time taking Adrian's virginity at the most pleasurable ways possible. Adrian felt so ashamed, so pained and with so much pleasure that he forgot to ask for Gabriel to be his tutor.

- Hey man what are you laughing of? - Asked his friend Henry.

- Oh... just something that happened while I was coming here - Gabriel said without much thinking.

- Is it perphaps that moment when you showed off nullifying someone's power and stopping a basket ball that was coming straigth at this person face? - Henry asked trying to acquire information since this whole Gabriel hadn't given any sign of life.

- No, it was another thing and that spell is really simple so that wasn't really something to be proud of, maybe if it was more things and more powers - Gabriel said while thinking of what he should do about Adrian because since he took the boy's virginity and even made him limb, at least temporarily, he should take responsability, but the question was how he sould do that, should he teach the boy? Should he took him as his "girl"? The boy already had a feminine body and it seemed that he truly liked their "bonding time" but would he prefer to be Gabriel's girl instead of being teached like he wanted? Or should Gabriel do another thing that was completely different? - It is just a thing that I can't decide easily but the options can be a little funny or more serious so I don't know what I should do - Gabriel said without saying what truly was and even further attempts at extracting information from Gabriel proved useless to Henry so he just focused on the lesson that they were having, it was talking about how an AI could be created combining normal techniques like machine learning and new technologies created by tech related class - Wow, it is incredible how humanity adapted so quickly to the changes brought by the system - Gabriel said feeling amazed by how adaptative humanity was.

- Well, the system always find a class that fits best for each person, so it is like there is a guide to everything we do,so in this way if we couldn't adapt fast we would be a shame to our ancestors - Henry said.

- Huuuummm - Gabriel murmured thinking of ways he could change the system make it become more powerful and make everyone more poweful.

At a men's bathroom in a locked booth

- What happened??? - Adrian thoght while dealing with the pain he was feeling and the pleasure that he was still feeling - Did he do something with me? - He wondered - But I couldn't feel any kind of energy moving, nor he leaving some kind of mark in me or anything like what he used on those two girls. But more important than that, why it was so good?!?!?!?! - Adrian was passing by a crisis, he always liked girls he even had crush at a member of the Occult Club and he never felt anything for other guys, he just had a feminine body so why he felt so much pleasure from this is what he is asking to himself right now. He already tried more feminine clothes but never in public places and only to see what he looked like so it was not like he ever tried to act like a girl - Sigh, what I need to do now is to find a way for other people not see me limbing and decide if I will try to talk to him again - He thought but when his thoughts went over Gabriel he blushed and he felt a throbbing pain coming from his butt but at the same time a mind blowing pleasure washing over him - I should go see him again - He said without noticing where his mind was taking him to.


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