Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

What would you do if one day you wake after having a strange dream and in front of your eyes a screen like that of a game appears in your face? Travel with our protagonist to discover what he will do: Will he be changed or just reveal his true self? Will he be a hero or a villain? Will he become a god or a devil?

English isn't my main language so please help me when you find gramatic erros

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Table of Contents
44 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
How it all started ago
The Consequences ago
The First day ago
Testing your new powers ago
Leveling Up ago
Taking care of you future children ago
Trying World-Building and being a Vigilante ago
Having a talk with your sister ago
Cultivating ago
Explanations ago
Zero ago
Leveling up again ago
Seeing my world ago
The First System ago
Problems and Doubts ago
The World After The System ago
Pieces are falling into place ago
Recreating yourself ago
Leveling up and doing the impossible ago
Dealing with the new system ago
Creating Bloodlines ago
Dealing with house size problems and incoming trouble ahead ago
Solving problems ago
Improving your own power ago
How the world changed ago
Dealing with Fate, secrets and trouble postponed ago
Calming your girls ago
Getting stronger ago
High School Is Back ago
Problems at the bus ago
At school ago
A strange problem ago
Teaching Adrian ago
Necromantic Powers ago
After the Kingdon of the Dead ago
Fears and Secrets ago
Becoming a father ago
Adrian's situation ago
The names of the children and a lesson ago
Building a place for your children and teaching them something important ago
The problems are back and efforces that were paid ago
Some bonding time ago
A new system and a deep talk with the World's Will ago
The problems of the skill are finally revealed ago

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