early map/book cover (not a chapter)


A note from rallo

early map of the general area we find ourselves in:

https://imgur.com/V8YwOUD (open the image in new tab to view it in detail)

cover of the book given to Rallo from his grandmother:



Thanks for all of the support so far!!

Characters (so far):


Rallo - main character,
Zoe - cousin,
Ash - twin cousin, artist
Bell - twin cousin, artist
Kai- Oldest cousin
Luca - cousin
Rav - grandmother, head elder - x
Alo - mom, healer, head healer - x
Rel - dad, hunt, head hunter - x
Luke - uncle, head workman - x


villagers :

Dek - villager, warrior, son of the head warrior
Dak - villager, warrior, head warrior


Fallen Noble House of Axecreek :

Leon - former noble - x
Joann- Leon's wife -x
Paul - captian - x


Citizens :

Sasha - mage -
Karl - chef,
Sam - smith
Ellie - general?
Authur - general?
Max - general?
Eva - general?


Departments :

Industrial Department-
Farmers Association - n/a
Miner's Guild - n/a

Construction Department-
Head of Engineering - Sam
Chief of Construction - Luca

Homemaking Department-
Head Chef - Karl
Head Housekeeper - n/a

"Inventions" :

beehive oven
bessemmer converter
Watt steam engine
milling machine

currency :

1 platinum coin = 1 platinum coin
1 platinum coin = 10 gold
1 gold coin = 100 silver
1 silver coin = 1000 copper

a few factoids :

the Mother - what people call the planet.
Bow river - 1000 feet to the east of the village, plenty of fish, flows to the south, 50 feet wide, and 3 to 40 feet deep
Spear Mountains - 2000 feet to the west of the village
The Accord - secret organization formed long ago to hunt/control mages, still hunts mages but also influences politics through infiltration
Captial of the Confedracy - Goldleaf, destroyed by conflict, destabilized the Confederacy as a whole (not shown in map above)
Confederacy has a zone layout - central, north, east, south,west (town of berkton is a western zone border town)


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