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“The so called”

“Big Three"


“Those guys… I’d heard that there were lids like that, but…” started Jiro


“They really don’t look like it through… right? They’ve even got a real looker with them!” Kaminari finished.


From left to right, there was a bulky boy with short blond hair spiking up a bit, a girl with very long silver hair, and another boy slouched over not looking at anybody.


“Could you all give a brief self-introduction?”

“Let’s start with Amajiki.” said Aizawa


The dark haired boy looked up, giving the room an increadably intense glare, almost exuding a pressure like that of Hero Killer Stain when we caught him. It was enough to make everyone shiver.


“It’s no use, Mirio… Hadou… no matter how much I try to imagine them as potatoes… everything except their head stays human, so I can only see them as people. What should I do… the words won’t come out.”

“My mind’s gone blank… this sucks… I wanna go home…


Turn out he’s just very socially awkward, as he turns to face away from everyone, head against the blackboard.

The girl, Hadou, was a natural air head, going between students and quickly asking about anything that caught her attention without waiting for an answer.


“You three really lack rationality, huh…” commented Aizawa.


“Please, do not fret, Eraser Head!! For I'm the main act today anyway!!” answered Mirio energetically.

“The journey ahead iiiiiis!!?”



“’Rife with difficulties!’ is what your supposed to say!”

“Oookaaay! Everyone totally failed to get the point!”

“Well, your faces say that you have no idea what’s going on. The internships, which aren’t even mandatory are going to be explained by these seniors that suddenly showed up. It makes no sense, right?”

“You’ve acquired your provisional licenses as freshmen I see… hmm. This years freshmen are rather… enthusiastic, aren’t they!”

“So everyone here… let’s go and FIGHT, you verses me!!




“Having them experience our ‘experiences’ with their bodies is pretty rational, right!?”

“How’s that for ya, Eraser Head?”


“Do as you wish.”



We were back in gym Gamma, where we created our Ultimate Moves. It seemed as though Mirio wanted to take us all on at once, which is either arogant, or telling. You don’t come top of U.A. without being very powerful after all.

He’s obviously got a lot more skill and experience, and I’m not all master of split second prediction like Midoriya and Bakugo, so if I am to last any meaningful amount of time I’ll have to go full sneaky bastard on him.

We’ll probably all split close range and long range like you’d usually do, so we’ll start there. As I am technically long range, but can benefit from being closer to my target, no one should call me out on it, and if I act like a confident heavy hitter even better. But I will still stay back in case he has some super strength Quirk or similar, Kirishima and Midoriya can tank those for me.


“Mirio… you should stop this now… just giving a textbook ‘this is what it is, so It’ll be very valuable to you’ should be fine.” Amajiki said from a far wall.

“It’s not like each and everyone of them has that burning desire to rise up in the world. Don’t make it so they can’t get on their feet again”


“Ah listen, did ya know? A while ago there was this kid that got super discouraged, then they gave up on being a Hero, so they caused a bunch of problems! Did you know that!? It was really tough on Toogata! You’ve gotta think carefully or it’ll be super hard on you to. Like reeeaaally tough, you know!” explained Hadou


Tokoyami spoke up at this

“Wait a second… you gave us a handicap, but we’ve been practicing fighting against pros. We’ve also experienced fighting Villains! Is the real reason you’re that worried about us… because you just see us as small fries?”


“Mhm! You can come at me wherever, whenever!”

“So who’s up first?”


Midoriya rose to the challenge, heading to the front and powering up as everyone else got ready.

“Close-range unit, we’ll close in on him all at once!! Thanks ahead of time for your guidance!”


“Okay Senpai, let’s do this!!”


First, all of his clothes fell through his body, then Midoriya's kick.

So did everything else class 1-A could throw at him

He had disappeared the moment the smoke cleared, to suddenly appearing at the back of the group.


“Righto! Long-range attackers first!!”


It took but 6 seconds to completely wipe all of the long-range to the ground.

“Okay class, this is a great opportunity to get it beat into your bodies!” spoke Aizawa.

“That guy… as for as I know. Toogata Mirio… is the closest to being the No. 1 Hero!”

“And that’s including the Pros!”




“Nothin’ left but close quarter kids.”


“What the hell was that!? I don’t get it!! I mean, the phasing is strong enough… but he can warp too…? Doesn’t that make him like… INVINCIBLE?!”


“There must be some kind of trick to it, guys!” Midoriya shouted,

“And it doesn’t matter whether he’s warping through his Phasing ability or the other way around… as long as he’s in contact with his attacks, if we just focus on countering him, then there should be moments where we can land our own hits on him..!”

“If we don’t know what he’s doing, that just means we operate within what we do know, make a hypothesis… and search for a way to win!”


“Go ahead, search away!”


Already got it.

Midoriya managed to predict Mirio’s attack and react, but was taken down quickly afterwards as he worked his way though everyone, and with a bit of careful positioning and luck, I was the last standing.

Everything's ready.

As I was the last, there was no reason for him to drop back into the ground once I’ve been defeated.

So the moment he launched up out of the ground, I quickly fumbled around to face him, my best ‘oh shit oh shit oh shit’ face on, complete with fear filled eyes, and transitioning to what looks like the start of a powerful martial art attack, to hopefully convince him of being close range.

My ‘attempted attack’ was immediately stop by his fist knocking the wind out of my lungs and causing me to collapse on the ground.


The others had really sent rocks flying everywhere in there one and only desperate attack at the start of the session.

Why mention that?

Because although Mirio had hit me more than hard enough that I lost the concentration necessary to use my Quirk, as I hit the ground, and Mirio stood upright to finish the training…

One rock passed through his head.

One passed through his torso.

But the last hit his calf… with moderate strength, as I didn’t have the time to go anything other than around full power or not much.




“I took pains to come just shy of showing off the goods!! Sorry about that, ladies'!!”

“And, whelp, yes, guess that’s the just of it.”

“You think my Quirk’s strong?”


Everyone of course though that it was was too overpowered, but he started a long speech about how his Quirk wasn’t strong at all, but actually incredibly limiting, and it was all his skill.

First off, that’s kinda narcecistic.

Second, kinda bullshit.


“So, what you saying… is that its really strong.” I almost interrupted, calling Mirio out.


“Miwaku!!” everyone else shouted


“Oh!? Then what’s yours?”


“I pull small, light objects I have visualised and memorised to the center of my chest.”




“That’s all.”

“I’m a Hero that’s all but useless indoors or in maze like areas, if I hadn’t found a way to, under great strain, deal a moderate blow with my Quirk.”

“You’re incredibly skilled, I’ll give you that, but I don’t think it’s all that weak to become completely invulnerable. Had I not spoken out unnecessarily and ruined the everyone's mood like usual, everything would have been fine but hey, I just don’t know how to keep to myself.”


I’ll give it to Mirio though, he took it all in stride, barely faltering before continuing with a few pointer until they had to leave



The weekend quickly approached, with the first therapy sessions starting, and the start of everyone looking for Internships.

I had thought over who I could join, deciding to ask about interning under Gang Orca as a change of environment was probably good, and he has large team missions usually in very open areas, which would be a good match for practicing my Quirk on real missions.

I think Asui interned under him at the start of school, so I’ll probably ask her to get connected.


The therapy sessions was done by a professional whos Quirk could sense different emotions, aka one of the best U.A. could get their hands on. The sessions were short as U.A had a lot of students that take advantage of the free therapy.

He was very kind and patient while introduction were done and he slowly tried coaxing all my worries out. Any and all insecurities, worries and trauma were all listed and marked for us to work through over the rest of the sessions.

Everything from why I want to be a Hero, to all that impact me with restless nights like that place that I find myself in every time I close my eyes for any longer than a few minutes, what has impacted my mental health the most.

God, there was so much blood


Even the smaller thing were brought to light, such as my jokes and comments recently ending in making fun of myself rather than other people like they used to.

As the session ended, I was given a diagnosis along with some recommendations. When I actually left the room, Momo was apparently up next, something about getting hunted down by a horrific weapon covered Nomu shrugging off any damage.


Over all it was very informative, and by the start of the next week, Asui had hooked me up for a meeting with Gang Orca, which I was taking a day off of school to properly meet his schedule.

He was station quite a way out, so I’d be a trip by train everyday if he took me in.


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