(PDV 3° person, Five Elements Academy)

Serena entered the training area followed by Maria. An enormous flat ground, with target practice, weights for exercises, etc.

Their class is together with them, around 150 students. The teacher that’s going to teach them today is a big and burly guy, around 1,90 with bald head and a big white smile. Beside him, is a familiar face for Serena, Vanilla, dressed in sport clothes.

The teacher then speaks in a loud voice:

(Don): “Hello, my students! My name is Don Vow, but you can call me just Don! I will be your combat training teacher and everything to you about the tournaments, ranks and classes! First, please take out your SGs!”

He said, to the students dressed in the school uniform for sports, the same that Vanilla is using. For both boys and girls, black shorts and white shirts. From her pocket, Serena took her SG, as the teacher asked.

(Don): “The first thing that I want to show you is ‘Class’. You guys are not only ranked in the ranks, but also in ‘Class’, a measurement of your power. The Class is classified from F to S, with F being the weakest and the S being the strongest.

Of course, the class can be climbed if you train a lot. The best example is one of students from the last year, he was a E class and now he’s a B class, and still growing. Of course, effort and sacrifice are needed to get strong.

Your SG will make the calculate your stats and magic in real time and it will measure your strength. The average strength will be your class. And, now, let’s calculate your class! Look at your SG and say: Start Class measurement!”

Serena looks at her SG and says as the teacher instructed, like all students around her:

(Serena): “Start Class measurement.”

Her SG glows a little and then a new interface shows up. A hexagonal figure shows up, with six stats on each point. Strength, agility, dexterity, mana manipulation, mana capacity and affinity. Her strength and agility were pretty low, her dexterity and mana manipulation were a bit above average and her mana capacity and affinity were quite good. Her Class is D.

(Don): “Now, if you got a low class don’t worry. It’s normal, you guys probably didn’t do much exercises, and never used magic before coming here. So, with a bit of polishing you guys will climb up pretty quickly in the Classes.

Anyway, today we have a volunteer for training supervision, Vanilla James, a student of the second year and your senpai. She will be helping you guys together with me, giving some pointers in combat, and, even if you guys want, in sparring. If you got the balls for that, I mean! Hahahahahaha!”

He says. Maria and Serena just sigh, and Serena asks Maria:

(Serena): “Maria, what’s your Class? Mine’s D.”

(Maria): “Me too. I barely have any strength and mana capacity, but I have a lot of agility, dexterity and control.”

They both smiled to each other. It seems that the system was fair, and you didn’t depend only in mana to measure your class.

(Don): “Anyway, you guys today will form your Combat Groups. Vanilla-kun, can you explain this part?”

He says, asking to vanilla who’s with her arms crossed. Over the white shirt, she’s using the school’s sport coat, black with white stripes going from the shoulders to the hands. Her hair also is tied in a ponytail. She nods to Don and says:

(Vanilla): “Alright, newbies! For now on you guys will form a group of at least three people with a limit of seven! These people will be your buddies for the rest of your time here on the academy, so the first year will be experimental! You can change groups, but I don’t recommend that!

You also have to get along well, because rivalry between team members is the dumbest shit ever! If you have any doubts, just come to me and I will help you to get teammates! Also, look for someone that will cover your weaknesses! Look for someone that the reverse of your attributes alright?!”

She says in a loud voice. Serena and Maria look at each other and smile. Of course, these two will be together, but now they need to find someone to fill up their team. And this problem doesn’t seem to a real one, as a lot of people immediately surround them, asking to be teammates.

Of course, it’s all of because that Serena is the crown princess. Serena gets troubled while Maria pushes the boys trying to approach too much. Maria, even not having a lot of physical strength, is an accomplished martial artist and is black belt in aikido, judo and karate.

Seeing the ruckus, Vanilla immediately screams angrily:

(Vanilla): “Stop crowding the girl, you weebs! Go find someone else!”

She says, pushing the people away. After she manages to make the idiots full of interest go away, she sighs and starts talking with Serena:

(Vanilla): “You have it hard, Serena-chan.”

(Maria): “Thank you, Vanilla-senpai! These guys, seriously!”

She says angrily. Vanilla just smiles wryly to Maria

(Vanilla): “Anyway, can you girls show me your stats? You show these on your SGs.”

After looking and nodding, she discreetly pointed to a par of guys behind her:

(Vanilla): “I would recommend forming par with those guys over there, they seem to be quite strong. I’m going to fetch them real quick.”

She says, pointing at two guys. One of them is a tall, androgynous boy, with brown hair that goes straight to his back. He’s a bit thin, but fit around 1,80. His bright brown-green eyes are extremely attractive. His thin lips are stuck in a seductive smile in his pale face, and he gives a warm and sociable feeling.

And the boy by his side is the opposite. Muscular and lean with arms that are a bit thick, he’s tall, around 1,80. Black hair that goes straight just below his neck. Blue eyes, bright and clear, but cold and hard, like ice. Pale skin with handsome features, that are extremely familiar for Serena.

Serena does notice that people are avoiding the two who are talking to each other. Serena can’t hear what they are saying, but the taller one seems to be apologizing, while the black hair is dismissing his apology as Vanilla approaches and talks to them. after they show her their SGs, she drags them to Serena.

(Vanilla): “Serena-chan! I found you two more teammates!”

She says as she drags the two by their hands. The taller one seems surprised while the black hair one seems to be a bit annoyed, with a frown that seems to make him even more handsome.

(Vanilla): “You both aren’t the frontline type, right? These two are complete frontline!”

She says.

(Black Hair): “Could you at least ask for our permission before dragging us, Senpai?”

He asks, a bit annoyed. Vanilla just turns to them and says a teehee while putting her tongue out. tall One just sighs, and say in a surprising feminine voice:

(Taller Guy): “Well, my friend, let’s just try, right? Everyone has been already avoiding us after all…”

The other boy sighs, and says:

(Umbra): “Alright, whatever. My name is Umbra Vane. I’m a frontline swordsman.”

(Serena): “Ah! You’re Luminus brother!”

(Vanilla): “You really are! I knew that you were familiar!”

Both girls say, while Maria just stare at him, thinking:

(Maria): “He’s way more handsome than his brother!”

She says. Actually, Umbra is just as handsome as Luminus. However, his serious expression is much more fitting for the kind of face that the brothers have. His eyes are also not warm as the older one, his eyes were way colder and serious.

Vanilla held his hand and shook it, saying:

(Vanilla): “Nice to meet you! I’m Vanilla James, your brother’s lieutenant and friend!”

Umbra just smiled, dashingly handsome, and said:

(Umbra): “You already know who I am, but let me introduce myself again. My name is Umbra Vane, as you know, Luminus younger brother. I’m a frontline swordsman. That guy there is Arius Logos, my friend.”

(Arius): “Hello girls, my name is Arius Logos, and I’m Umbra’s friend. Please, call me Ari. I’m not an exceptional swordsman, but I did some swordsmanship classes. I’m planning to use a shield and be a Guardian in the future. It’s a pleasure to meet you both, girls.”

Serena and Maria hurriedly bowed politely and said:

(Serena): “My name is Serena Pendragon, first Crown Princess of England. Although I’m just a beginner, I learned some magic back home. I plan to become a healer in the near future, it’s a pleasure to meet you all.”

(Maria): “My name is Maria Silver, Serena-sama’s maid. I plan to become an archer in the near future, and of course, a magic archer. It’s a pleasure to meet you both.”

She says. They smiled to each other, and then Umbra said:

(Umbra): “Well then, if you girls don’t mind, we could form a te- “

(guy): “Wait a bit there, you freak!”


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