Blood Impulse [Sci-fi Space Opera Action]

Blood Impulse [Sci-fi Space Opera Action]

by SRCraven

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Humanity has an inherent tendency toward self-destruction. 
    Drowning in hate and hedonism, the worlds of humanity have not seen a true peace since the end of the Hydrian War. It has been decades since humanity saw any true technological advancement. Ruled by a decaying republic, for most of humanity, absolute loyalty and real morality no longer exist. This is the declining state of the Ariean Solar Year 4249.

    Sickened by the state of the worlds, Charleston Reeter knows he and the rest of humanity were meant for something better. With the aid of a powerful AI harboring her own intentions, Reeter's New Era Movement will accept only perfection. People believe he will lead them to a future that is nothing less than heaven.

    Admiral Gives has seen hell. To him, it's any day he's forced to work with reporters or politicians. There is nothing worse for one of the most hated members of the human race. It is not his business if the worlds of humanity want to tear themselves apart, provided they leave his ship alone. But humanity came to hate him for a reason: given the chance to save the worlds, Admiral Gives refused.

    The rest of the human race never forgave him for it. It rendered him and his haunted battleship the embodiment of every evil Reeter has set out to exterminate. 

    Welcome to the dark side of human nature.

    Welcome aboard the Battleship Singularity.


Guts, gore and cursing galore, Blood Impulse explores a galaxy where morality has disappeared.  Inspired by Battlestar Galactica, Firefly and Star Trek, if you miss the glory days of TV space opera, this all-original work is for you. 

Step aboard if you dare!

Updates weekdays. Chapters usually stay within 2,000 to 4,000 words.

Note: This story is also posted on Wattpad. Blood Impulse - Wattpad Link

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