I Guess I'll Give This Other World a Try

I Guess I'll Give This Other World a Try

by James Garfield

The Fenwick Kingdom is thrown into chaos when its capital city is suddenly besieged by a divine beast.  Now, the beast is gone and the King wants to know why.  On a completely unrelated note, a new arrival to the city registers with the Adventurer’s Guild and showcases rare summoning magic.  Where did he come from and what’s with the bear cubs?

[participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge]

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James Garfield

James Garfield

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Table of Contents
59 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue ago
Chapter 1: Welcome to Bretten ago
Chapter 2: Herbs or Weeds? ago
Chapter 3: A Good Old-Fashioned Inn ago
Chapter 4: The Birth of Bearclaw ago
Chapter 5: Popularity ago
Chapter 6: Cave Goblins ago
Chapter 7: A Royal Invitation ago
Chapter 8: Bears ago
Chapter 9: The Royal Treatment ago
Chapter 10: Rescue ago
Chapter 11: A New Arrival ago
Chapter 12: Finally! Take to the Skies! ago
Chapter 13: The Empire ago
Chapter 14: Living Artifact ago
Chapter 15: Reversal ago
Chapter 16: A Bit of Blood ago
Chapter 17: The Count and the Duke ago
Chapter 18: The Truth Behind Garfield's Magic ago
Chapter 19: The Polonio Manor ago
Chapter 20: Invasion from the South ago
Chapter 21: Garfield, Breaker of Armies ago
Chapter 22: Intentions ago
Chapter 23: Vampires ago
Chapter 24: Tour of the South ago
Chapter 25: Accepting a Request ago
Chapter 26: Bandits ago
Chapter 27: Pandora ago
Chapter 28: Battle ago
Epilogue ago
Afterword ago
Volume 2 - Prologue ago
Vol 2 - Chapter 1: The Duke's Heresy ago
Vol 2 - Chapter 2: A Diamond Mission ago
Vol 2 - Chapter 3: The Elvish Forest ago
Vol 2 - Chapter 4: The Orcs Attack ago
Vol 2 - Chapter 5: A World Without Garfield ago
Vol 2 - Chapter 6: Training a Vampire ago
Vol 2 - Chapter 7: Nation of the Dwarves ago
Vol 2 - Chapter 8: Raid on the Shadow State ago
Vol 2 - Chapter 9: Triumphant Return? ago
Vol 2 - Chapter 10: Godless Intruders ago
Vol 2 - Chapter 11: Preparations ago
Vol 2 - Chapter 12: The Match ago
Vol 2 - Chapter 13: Pirates ago
Vol 2 - Chapter 14: The Principality Legati ago
Vol 2 - Chapter 15: Kingdom of the Heavenly Queen ago
Vol 2 - Chapter 16: The Tribal Lands ago
Vol 2 - Chapter 17: Garfield's Weakness? ago
Vol 2 - Chapter 18: Advice from a Goddess ago
Vol 2 - Chapter 19: Solana's Mission ago
Vol 2 - Chapter 20: Dragons ago
Vol 2 - Chapter 21: Thoron ago
Vol 2 - Chapter 22: The Race ago
Vol 2 - Chapter 23: A Divine Meeting ago
Vol 2 - Chapter 24: Visitors from the North ago
Vol 2 - Chapter 25: Necromancy ago
Vol 2 - Chapter 26: Garfield's Mana ago
Vol 2 - Chapter 27: The Pillow is the Trigger ago

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Pretty good actually.

It's no masterpiece of literature; the prose won't blow your mind and the action isn't orgasmically destructive. The writing is largely unadorned and simple.

That works to this thing's charm, however; it's a relatively simple OP MC comedy story. It's not laugh-out-loud funny, but it is quietly amusing and written competently enough that it's enjoyable.

In short, it reads a lot like a really hot quality snack; a pack of Doritos or some bourbon biscuits.

I do wish we had more details and that the main character had a shade more personality to him; he's pretty basic at the time of writing, but asides from that, there's not much to complain about. His summons are pretty interesting and varied and it's kinda nice to see what he'll pull out of his pocket next.

If you're looking to pass the time with something relatively mindless and simply amusing, I'd say this is a good shout. No idea if the author has grand ambitions or anything, but so far nothing of that like has been hinted at.


~ Owlbie

Youngish Oldster

The author has a lot of fun reinventing the overpowered MC in this tale.  The style & approach are pretty unique and fresh.

Expect lots of dialog-driven shenanigans.  The MC Garfield is newly-arrived in the story world, and immediately takes unique approaches to challenges he faces.  He often wanders into apparent danger while acting and talking like a clueless idiot, but once he learns what he needs to know, he turns the tables on his antagonists in sly and devastatingly effective ways.

Garfield comes across as an old-school mashup of Clouseau, Poirot, and Columbo thrown into a world of magic as an OP summoner.  He's clearly in it for the fun & mind games, but also gets a lot of enjoyment out of helping others & building teams and alliances in his new world.  And oh yeah- spending quality time in his magical bed.

Almost everything in the tale is described through dialog, which often involves characters who can't make heads or tails of Garfield's hijinks. Be on your toes & ready to fill in the gaps as a reader, and your reward will be lots of chuckles & belly laughs.  There are also many fun 'Wait. Did that just happen?' moments.

Definitely not a cookie-cutter fantasy tale.  If you like your Martinis, champagne, and humor extra dry, you'll love this story.


Interesting idea with poor execution

Reviewed at: Chapter 10: Rescue

Admittedly, I've only read the first few chapters. Maybe if the author keeps writing the story will improve, but as it stands as of this date 10-07-2022, the story has no direction and gets increasingly uninteresting. The MC is extremely powerful, only slightly more redeemable than a thug, and incredibly thoughtless. Some readers may enjoy a story like this, but in my opinion it is a continuously frustrating and increasingly uninteresting read. Don't waste your time.

Fai Bani

Story needs a Prolouge but otherwise an Okay read

Reviewed at: Chapter 14: Living Artifact

this Story is for sure not for everyone becase you need to just acept things that are statet in the Story with no Explaination . it Feels like a Prolouge chapter would do wonders for the Story.

If you want God-like MC you cant just step on that that story is for you.

also there are some Silly things here and there ,but i would not say that is a bad thing.

Right now the Story gets Tracktion and the plot thickens to get interesting .

i like it becase i enjoy this type of story.