Ascendant: a Progression Fantasy

Ascendant: a Progression Fantasy

by EmergencyComplaints

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Once the most powerful ascendant in the world, Niramyn was celebrating his latest victory when his supposedly vanquished rival blindsided him with an impossible working of magic. Trapped in the form of a child and bereft of his magic and his memories, he finds himself without place or purpose. With only fragments of his forgotten past to guide him, he sets out to learn new magic and discover the truth about himself.

As Nym travels, he learns the differences between mortal magic and his own. He makes new allies and enemies, while old allies think he’s dead, and his old rival is intent on finishing the job. Will Nym be able to regain his power and take back his place as an immortal ascendant, or will his new life take a different path?

Current release schedule is M-F, with bonus chapters occasionally.

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A fun and interesting read

Reviewed at: Chapter 25

I have been enjoying this one for a while. It is a neat take on how magic works and progresses with some interesting trope subversion on the "gifted Child" archetype. I think it has good characters and is well-written and is worth following up on. I recommend it to everyone to give it a chance and see if it catches your interest the same way it caught mine. 


This story is kind of weird. It's enjoyable, but probably won't be what you expect. It's like the author enjoys setting up isekai tropes just to side-step them. They make repeated "promises" to the audience, but then take the story in a completely different direction. 

Maybe this will be frustrating to some readers, but it's written well enough. The story still manages to move forward... just... in the strangest zigzaggy way. It manages to be a unique twist on the 'god gets reincarnated' genre without straying *too* far from the classic formula.


Enjoyable story with a few major hiccups.

Reviewed at: Chapter 56

Overall I think this is a well written novel with some major hiccups. The story arcs are enjoyable, characters are written fairly well and grammar is good. The way the overarching story is told however causes some issues, which make parts of the story less enjoyable to read.

Lets start with the story, style and structure
The story seems to be divided into mini-arcs, where after each arc the protagonist moves on to a new area. A fairly standard structure for a story that generally works pretty well. The mini arcs are overall written well, and when they get going, they can really suck you in, so you just want to keep reading. 
So standing on their own, I think the mini-arcs work well and are fun to read.

I'd say the only weak part is that it gives (side-)characters little screen time, which makes it so character overall have fairly little depth. 

Then there is the overarching storyline, which starts in the prologue. The story  basically starts with telling us the protagonist is a super duper powerful guy, that basically got cursed into being a 10y old.

Sounds cool, but this is one of the things which make parts of this story hard to enjoy. Because we as the reader know for a fact that he used to be a super mage that is cursed. The protagonist himself however doesn't know any of this. So a lot of the overarching story will be the protagonist discovering his past and finding out what this means. But since we as the reader already know some important things about his past, it takes away a lot of the fun and mystery. Why not leave this in the dark and keep this as a plot point the reader and the protagonist can explore together? That would have aligned expectations and would have added some mystery to the story.

Moreover, this knowledge disparity between reader and protagonist also creates different expectations. Because in the mind of the protagonist—and how the author (presumably) wants to write him—he's a 10 year old. In my mind he's however a cursed super mage.
So how exactly is he supposed to act? He hasn't had the life of a 10 year old and doesn't have the experience of a 10 year old, so why should he act like a 10 year old? He does however function and has a lot of basic knowledge. So what does and what doesn’t he know?

So him acting like a 10 year old becomes really hard to swallow at times. Especially when he keeps making mistake after mistake and poor discussion after poor discussion. The "he's a 10y old" excuse just doesn't cut it for me. And even if it did, I honestly just don't want to read a novel about the musings of a 10y old.

But maybe that just makes me the wrong demographic for this novel?

Let's move on to the world itself; The way the world interacts with the characters is overall done well. The world is realistic and has some interesting lore. There are points in which it seems to border on a grim—dark world, where the protagonist has to beg and gets taken advantage of—over and over again. At points it can get a bit grindy and frustrating, though overall it's nothing too bad. I feel that a lot of it is also caused by the protagonist and how he interacts with the world; though more about that later.

There is more to say about this, but I'm not here to write a novel about a novel.


I've only just now caught u to the most recent chapter, but I haven't caught any major mistakes. At most there is a comma missing here and a sentence that is somewhat clumsily worded there. I'd say that overall grammar is excellent.


This is a hard one for me. Let's start with side-characters:
I think that overall side-characters are written well. Most characters are believable, seem to have their own personality, their own goals and dialogue is written well. Due to how the story is structured, as I have already mentioned before, characters however get little screen time, so there isn't all to much depths to them. 
There are also occasions in which characters seem to be in places that don't really make sense, and/or act in manners which seem forced to further some plot point. Overall nothing too bad, but it's still there. 

I'd say that it's done well for what it is, though I'd personally prefer a bit more depth.

Then we have the main characters. Again a hard one. I think that if you were to take him for a (talented) 10 year old and accept him as just that, he'd be written very well. Due to the story I however find that hard to accept.
What I as a reader can expect from the protagonist is honestly just confusing, so I just don't know what to think about him. There are points I enjoy the characters, and also plenty of points which he annoys me. Especially when he make mistake after mistake, he gets annoying. Or when he ends up thrown out of the city or living as a beggar for the nth time, when he could have just taken a bit more time to think things over in a safer place, things become grindy and annoying. Maybe acceptable for a 10 y old? But imo not very enjoyable to read. The main character also doesn't seem to really learn from his mistakes, because he makes similar mistakes multiple times.

Then we have his skill/magic progression. I'm personally not a big fan of how this is done. Because how he advances in skill, is by getting into a life and death situation, in which time freezes and he remembers something from his past. Then all the sudden he has advanced to the next magic milestone. He doesn't really have to study or learn, he just gets it from a singlet memory. I find this way of gaining new skills very unsatisfying. Him refining these skills by reading a book here and training a bit there doesn't really help when all major milestones so far have simply come from a memory.

Overall I'd say the protagonist is so-so.


If you're reading this and are thus intersted in stories like these, it's probably worth giving this novel a go. I think the only reason you might not want to even give this novel a try, is if you really hate child protagonists. Because no, he's not growing up any time soon.


Not caught up yet, but the story so far is engaging.

I have a great appreciate for how the main character reacts emotionally and impulsively to outside stimulus.  Some of the event sequences seem .. a little too neat?

Regardless.  Well written.  Clean language.  Good world building.  'Show, don't tell' applied successfully.

Hiep Nguyen

The magic system system is very satisfying, the story pace is slow, but at a comfortable range. Not much information on the world building yet. It's more focus on the magic system and how it works.

The MC is not overpowered, he has to work for everything that he attains. I'm not sure how I feel about the MC's bad luck. It does make the story more interesting, but I hope gets a break soon. Poor guy!


The story we need but don't deserve

Reviewed at: Chapter 79

My go to process to decide if a novel is worth to try out usually consist into reading the most voted review, fortunatly for this one I didn't or I would have missed one of the best novels currently on RR.

I have read a lot and at this point of my life, I'm very demanding when approaching new readings so trust me when I say that this novel is a must. I have skimmed through some of the bad reviews and my understanding is that people want simple things, give them a fiesta of the most common cliches and they'll pay you whatver you want to read a couple of more chapters on Patreon. Give them a story with a linear and correct flow, and they'll call it boring and not enjoyable.

I only have two critiques to give to the author: 1) delete the prologue, I didn't read it and the story works the same. At this point it's just free spoilers that we don't need 2) it makes sense that the MC is a lot more mature and smart compared to your avarage 10 years old, the plot justifies it perfectly. What doesn't make sense tho is that the people who interact with the MC don't seem to notice the thing at all. Yes, some have made comments about him being too smart for his own good, but the lack of initial surprise during their first interactions is a problem. Some different reactions here and there would should have been present


I've read a number of "reincarnation" stories where old monsters have to start from scratch in a new body. This is not that although is has a few similarities. The MC does start out as an old monster but from that point the story is fresh, which I appreciate. The pace is fast enough to be interesting while stretched enough to lead into a multi book series. I've just finished bingeing 51 chapters and am enjoying everything except a few instances of crippling fear.


This is an interesting story. I was initially put off by the prologue, not because of the content, but because it's actually just a chapter 1 that immediately continued without pause in the actual labeled chapter 1, and I've seen a few people skip it and then be confused about why things are going the way they are. So don't skip it.

The story is pretty fun. The characterization is pretty good, although the main antagonists are a little cliche in their behavior, but it doesn't really impact my enjoyment.

I think the author is having trouble balancing having a "child" main character that acts too much like an adult with being able to push the plot forward, so at times there are some weird decisions and abrupt transitions, but I forgive this for the sake of all the other good things in the story.

Overall I would definitely recommend it.


Grammar is good, haven't noticed any errors of such magnitude that they would've broken my immersion. Structure and pacing is excellent, I'm never feeling bored or like I would like to see more of something, and I always knwo where we are and what our goal is. So full points for the technical stuff; it isn't a masterpiece but goes beyond what is required for a good story, which alone is worth celebrating.

Magic system is great. Clearly defined limits with enough depth that it feels like a complete system and the MCs exploration of it is pleasant to follow. Nicely tied to the worldbuilding feels like a part of the world. Generally the world building is quite nice.

MC is a lot of fun. He isn't a "rational" protagonist that thinks with cold logic and genre savvyness, but he makes some very smart choices amidst the usual heroics. I quite like his willingness to gtfo when things get a bit hot.


Speedrunning the 12th-Circle

Reviewed at: Chapter 48

I see some people comparing this to "The Last Orellen" and I disagree. This story is closer to "Speedrunning the Multiverse" since the MC started out as an all-powerful character and now has to 'cultivate' and recover memories to become powerful again. Disclaimer: this is not a cultivation story, it's a magical world. 

The MC for Ascendent is naive and innocent and so far has been a very light-hearted story featuring a poor boy quickly progressing through magic while unknowingly being hunted by his similarly all-powerful rival.

PS coroners pronouncing dead prematurely, check TLO main page for an update