“Explode.” Allen Ming didn’t even have a time to clean the black miasma and sticky substance on him when the giant snake’s tail crashed at him. With the blue icy energy leaking from the tail, he knew if it touched him he would have a kiss of cold death.
“Darn it bastard. Where are others?” Why did it come for him, and did the two women he asked to keep the giant snake busy failed? Were they all right? His heart sunk down, and he could hear it pumping like a car’s piston, but he couldn’t delve into these thoughts right now.
Right now, he had to save himself from the rotten death coming for him. No, he wouldn’t let it ruin his second life.
Five Fire Runes appeared out of thin air and he exploded them in front of him without worrying about the impact on him. He hoped that the large ball of fire he created would stop the beast’s tail. Fire should stop ice, right?
It didn’t. It only paused the tale for a moment, and the blue light on it darkened a little. But that was it, and the tail continued coming at him, like a claw coming to slash through his heart.
If that tail touched him, he would be done for.
He wasn’t done yet. So, he could only try his other trump card.
Pure qi rushed out of his main dantian and shot toward his left hand. When it reached his wrist, he grabbed it with right hand and pointed forward. It was a last ditch effort, and he was hoping to produce the same effect he had accidentally had done with the spirit qi.
The blood vessels in his left hand almost ruptured when the torrent of pure qi traveled through it and burst out, forming an energy beam attack comprised hundreds of tiny beams. It was a marvelous scene. When he had last time accidentally used it, he had used spirit qi, and it didn’t shoot a beam like the one he did right now, but he understood why it worked like this. Last time he had a hose, and a small pond of water shooting out of it, and now he had a lake trying to shoot out of a water hose.
Pain tore through his left arm and almost sent him into an unconsciousness state, but he powered through with his will.
The energy beam hit the giant snake’s tail and tossed it away like the attacks he used to love in many amines. Wow! Only if he could shoot it a little further, he could get his own kame-hame-ha.
Well, he didn’t get a chance to see it to the full potential as he was thrust back into the tree trunk. A small torrent of wood splinters shot around as he got buried in the trunk. Whenever he read web novels or anime, he always wondered how a human body could leave an imprint of wood or stone without getting crushed. Well, he kind of understood it now. If one had a sturdy enough body, they could leave an imprint, and right now, he did the same.
It didn’t come without pain. He felt like crashing into a speeding truck. If he had a chance, he would never do this type of attack with a tree or anything at his back. It hurt like anything.
“How did you do it?” Fiona rushed to his side and gave him a hand to get out of the wood. Every inch of him pained, and if he didn’t have a metal like skin, he would be littered with wounds and injuries.
“Darn it. It hurts.” He cried in pain.
“What kind of martial skill was that? How could you send a layer eight beast staggering back?” she asked, looking at him as if looking at an anomaly.
He brushed his robe, sending the thin dust of wood out. “Did you say layer eight?”
She nodded, and reality sunk in his heart. All this time he thought it was a layer seven at max, but it seemed like he was going to fight with a layer eight.
A thin smile played on his lips. He just sent a layer eight beast staggering back with his layer five cultivation. Although he wished he hadn’t done that, but it felt awesome.
“Just a small attack.” Ming stared at his charred and bloody left palm. “I can’t use it again.” The whole palm was like someone pushed it on a hot pan in the kitchen. One of an assistant chef accidentally leaned on a hot pan and got a second-degree burns. It was a mess. Although he didn’t look like one, he could sense his blood vessels were in tatters, and he needed to heal them fast.
Pulling a Qi Blood Replenishing Fruit out from his ring, he bit into it and ate it as fast as humanly possible.
“Too bad. We could use it again.”
Ming rubbed the tip of his nose. No way he would use it again. It almost ruined his left hand, and he bet it would do it again until he find a better way to shoot it from his palm.
“Have you broken through? How far your Qi Guidance Threads will go now? Can you even with it with your injured arm?”
“I can.” His right arm was in a pristine condition so he could do it.
“How far can you reach?”
“Six feet.”
Grandmother stepped close, shaking her head, despair flashing through her eyes. “It’s of no use. We need at least ten feet for you to survive.”
“We can definitely use it,” Ming answered confidently and looked at fatty Chen standing in a corner. “Brother Chen, are you ready for some action?”
“Are you going to put your life in danger by trusting him?” Grandmother asked, looking worried.
“Of course. He is my friend, and I trust him,” Ming answered calmly.
“Boss.” Fatty Chen teared up as he sent his whip wrapping around Ming’s waist. “I won’t let you die.”
Ming patted his shoulder. “Don’t worry. I trust you. Just use whatever you got when you pull me back.”
“Let’s use the combo attack back to back and use the daggers wrapped with Fire Runes.” Grandmother signaled Fiona.
“Combo attack?”
Fiona smiled, a beautiful one that put fatty Chen in a daze. “You will see.”


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