Making Levels the Fly Way Book 1; A 3.5e d20 LitRPG Adventure

Making Levels the Fly Way Book 1; A 3.5e d20 LitRPG Adventure

by Tony

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore

New chapters released every Monday and Thursday at 5pm EST.  This book is a LitRPG and uses the 3.5 edition of the d20 system.  

Iacta alea est.  In the near future, humanity is sent to a world full of dungeons.  After many bungles, humanity’s progress stagnates.  Bruno Vaz, the toughest guy still alive (but far from the brightest), is given the opportunity to go back to the beginning and lead humanity towards success.  A huge task made even more difficult since Bruno has no tact, people skills, or desire to lead.

Bruno knows how to fight, he knows the system, he knows the proven builds, and he knows the pitfalls humanity fell into last go-round, but you can’t account for RNG.  The die is recast.  Sometimes people decide to go left instead of right.

Kim might only be twelve, but she's a survivor. First time through, Kim and her family made it to the relative safety of the city. This time around, however, the challenge is not going so well for her. She has to fight, scrape, and claw through monsters to stay alive and she's determined to do whatever it takes. Which brings her to Bruno. Although most people hate Bruno and think he is more villain than hero, Kim is willing to be taken under his wing and to learn to survive and thrive in this brutal new world.  And which of them is teaching the other the most?

The definition of min-maxing is changed with permadeath, dungeon rewards pushing smaller groups towards completionist clears, and traditional builds only working well in high-level raid environments.

Who or what sent them to this word and why?  How far can they get this time?

“Major Payne” meets “Reborn: Apocalypse” meets D&D.

No harem, no sex scenes, and no major cuss words.  It does have violence, crude references, some juvenile humor and views, and a decent amount of minor cuss words.  Around PG-13 level content.  

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Table of Contents
32 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
1.1 - Important note and prologue ago
1.2 - Kim Gum - Preparation ago
1.3 - Kim Gum - Character creation ago
1.4 - Kim Gum - Enter the dungeon ago
1.5 - Kim Gum - Well, that didn't go as planned ago
1.6 - Bruno Vaz - Second chance ago
1.7 - Kim Gum - I got to get out of this place ago
1.8 - Kim Gum - A shield unto them ago
1.9 - Kim Gum - No more ago
1.10 - Kim Gum - War ago
1.11 - Kim Gum - Retail therapy ago
1.12 - Kim Gum - When I stand before thee at the day's end ago
1.13 - Kim Gum - And the stillness the dancing ago
1.14 - Kim Gum - Votes ago
1.15 - Kim Gum - Writ in burnished rows of steel ago
1.16 - Bruno Vaz - In a mad world ago
1.17 - Kim Gum - Sleepyhead ago
1.18 - Kim Gum - What we want most and use worst ago
1.19 - Kim Gum - Boss mode ago
2.1 - Bruno Vaz - Info from the future ago
2.2 - Bruno Vaz - Info from the future II ago
2.3 - Bruno Vaz - Info from the future III ago
2.4 - Bruno Vaz - Kissing hands and shaking babies ago
2.5 - Bruno Vaz - Clean up ago
2.6 - Bruno Vaz - Killer Kim ago
2.7 - Bruno Vaz - Wood that needs igniting ago
2.8 - Kim Gum - Love and war ago
2.9 - Kim Gum - If your dreams don't scare you ago
2.10 - Kim Gum - Judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree ago
2.11 - Kim Gum - Training ago
2.12 - Kim Gum - Doing darkness things ago
2.13 - Kim Gum - Begins with folly, and ends with repentance. ago

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I love this story.  I'm more of a gamer and saw this from a post on a rpg game site.  I've never heard of rpglit.  So thanks just for introducing me.  I really like the 1st person perspective.  I don't really like the no capitalized letters, but I love the story and Kim.  She is quite the character.  I can't wait to see more of the other guy too. 


I cannot get enough of Kim! A true Gem of a story.

Reviewed at: 17 - Kim Gum - Sleepyhead

Updated review: 

My only complaint: The book still needs a bit of editing. I know I should have removed a star, but I know for a fact the Author is already on top of it. So I'm giving this story the score I Honestly feel it deserves. Sue me. (I work at a restaurant, jokes on both of us)

As the title states, I truly Love the main character of Making Levels the Fly way!

The first person perspective come across in a way that I feel like I'm thinking her thoughts. She's such a relatable character.

She is far from perfect, but she's doing the best she can. 

Her parents are gone, and she's stuck in a hostile environment with her special needs brother. (Who is pretty much dead weight) which is also very realistic. She basically has to be Mom now. And this isn't easy for Kim to accept. 

She's angry and resentful. She frequently lashes out, just like any child would. It's created one of the most believable characters out there. 

Bruno is a cool dude too, but Kim is the real MVP.

Now to the facts of life that most of us try to avoid when writing for some reason. 

PEOPLE SHIT.  Like pretty much every day. Yet when was the last time your favorite MC paused to drop a steaming pile? Yeah. Thought so. This author isn't afraid to show the more vulnerable, shameful parts of what a terrified child would experience when faced with near-certain death. No punches are pulled.  For an unrealistic Genre, it just seems so real to me.

And I haven't even mentioned the HIGHLY detailed System. Like HIGHLY detailed. There's no guess work involved. Everything is out in plain sight. From attacks, inventory, stats, kits, all of the System info has been painstakingly laid out.

I'm a new author myself, and I can honestly say that Tony's writing has influenced my own. 

When she told that murderous dog "I'm going to eat you. And then eat you more".



Tony, my dude, I truly wish you nothing but success!



Allan G

The novel is a bit rough at the start but once it gets going the story draws you in. 

Dialogue and fight scenes are well written and the author is unafraid to pull punches which is a good thing as too many writers shy away from realistic casualities. If humanity is getting beaten down people are going to die.

I enjoyed reading this novel and look foward to seeing it progress.  




I’ve read a lot of stories on RR, this one I like enough to sign in and review.  It might not be for everyone.  So far the story takes precedence to the rpg, and I’m thoroughly enjoying the story and characters.  It is a lot different from most of the stories I start reading on here.  Kim reminds me of a crazier version of Arya from Game of Thrones, and I like that Bruno is unapologetic with his opinions.  I hope it stays good and keeps delivering.  This should have more views.


Making Levels the Fly Way Book 1; A 3.5e d20 LitRP

Reviewed at: 16 - Bruno Vaz - In a mad world

So far, this is one of those stories that's get's more interesting as you continue reading. I'm hooked.  I find the Kim chapters to be fascinating with this character going through a rather strange conversion from a little girl to a stone cold killer with motherly instincts.  I hope Bruno is as entertaining. 

Oisin Muldowney

I really got interested in this story when it took a surprising direction early on. I like unpredictability in LitRPG, in the sense of not knowing who will live or die. It makes the need to progress more urgent and the dangers more intense. The first person is immersive and the game system is very robust with nothing OP because it is based on D&D / Pathfinder.


I was surprised by the beginning to be honest. A few characters that I thought would be major players are killed of, brutally, early on. This really set the tone for the rest of the story it has a anyone can die or be maimed kind of feel to it.

Style: It’s written in the third person from the prospective of the protagonist, mostly anyway there were a few chapters from another character’s point of view. The formatting is fine and the chapters are short, I had no problems reading it on a mobile device.

Story: It’s a litRPG based on the d20 system and the story revolves heavily around that rule set. Every chapter is filled with stats and numbers, I personally loved this being the nerd that I am however I can see how it could be off putting if you aren’t as in to tabletop games as me.

Grammar: I didn’t see any major issues with the grammar but I’m not the best at it anyway. So everyone gets a five star in this category from me.

Characters: The protagonist is an odd one she’s a child and the author does a good job showing this in the way she comes up with nicknames for the monsters she fights and the way she thinks and feels about most things. I found myself feeling a great deal of sympathy for her and in my opinion that means the author did a good job writing her. Now the other character we see the world from hasn’t had a lot of development so I’ll come back after we learn more about him and update this section.

So I can tell you that I will be reading more of this story and I can fully recommend it to anyone that is hesitant to read it. However I well say that the author makes full use of the content tags so don’t be supprised buy the gore and other content.