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Characters introduced thus far---

Adarian Lucius Greyborne: Current head of the Greyborn family, he wields much power and has a wide range of influence. He has several trusted allies that manage the "darker" side of the Greyborne family dealings which handles threats to the family. He used to have quite a bit of physical prowess, being an Elemental Knight of as of yet unknown ranking. Due to an injury, he is severely weakened. Although, it is not noticeable unless he enters combat. A man who loves his family, he understands the hardship of having responsibilty to the Greyborne family name, a burden that nearly cost the life of his only daughter, Iris. Adarian is guilt ridden because of it and understands that such a blunder may have also cost him the respect and love of his son, Lyle.

Alyssa Greyborne: Formerly Alyssa Bathory of the Bathory Clan. She holds a certain power that had made her important to the Clan in her younger days. Her time from before her marriage into the Greyborn family is still shrouded in mystery. Believing in the the phrase "Family above all", she will go to any lengths to ensure the safety of those she loves. With her time spent in the Bathory clan making the lines of right and wrong a tad obscure in her eyes, she is easily capable of doing things which would normally be looked upon with reproach.

Lyle Greyborne: Excelling in swordsmanship and various other forms of combat, he can wield nearly any weapon decently or at least to some degree. He prefers the sword, but is proficient in the spear as well.  He has heightened strength that has been a cause for concern during his childhood and is one of the reasons he chose to partake in A'daire's training. He feared harming his sister Iris with his great strength. With the traits of his ancestors being passed down to him, he somehow only very vaguely resembles his parents and sister. This,  although not a large part of his life, has taken root deep at the back of his mind and ocassionally makes him feel an outsider in his own family. Having a great sense of duty and awareness of his future responsibilities, he takes pride in his Noble status and disdains any Nobles who use their influence to commit wrongdoings. Not an overly righteous person, he will do what he can to save those he is able to. Even if it means endangering himself, as long as it is within his ability, he will act.

Iris Greyborne: Talented in several subjects, she is considered a young genius. For her age, she is more intelligent and self-aware than other children. She loves her bother dearly, almost to the point of abnormality, which has led to certain rumours among the nobility. She is resentful of any women approaching her brother, often ridiculing them in her mind as being "lower beings" not fit for his attention. She is not as strong or talented in combat as her brother, the traits of the Greyborn family not showing within her as of yet. She can even be considered below average in terms of physical fitness. Her main interest is drawing. She is a very strong-willed girls normally but becomes more shy around strangers and doesn't readily open herself to others.

Melanie: Having grown up a commoner, she and her mother have lived a hard life. With her d late father having left them with a large debt, her mother often worked many jobs in order to make ends meet. Melanie herself is experienced in many jobs, though to a lesser extent. She is also slightly clumsy at times. After a passing Lyle had witnessed her and her mother being harrassed by loan sharks, he paid their debts in their place and took them both in to work for his family. Melanie works directly under him, while her mother is stationed with Lyle's parents in the Greyborn ancestral home.  Being only two or three years older than Lyle, she has watched him mature into a young man over the course of her time by his side and feels deep respect and admiration for him. She loves sweet things and is rather adept at sewing.

Cecelia Alderton: The daughter of Marquis Alderton, she is a warrior through and through. Proficient in swordplay, she is somewhat lacking in terms of hand-to-hand combat. Her family is militaristic in nature and charged with overseeing the weak points of Drann kingdom due to their enhanced combat abilities, which are a direct result of their bloodline. Unlike her more delicate sister, Sophia, Cecelia is more confident and capable of handling herself. She is, however, more stiff and cold towards those she doesn't know too well. Not many are able to stand up to her sharp gaze once she gets riled up.  Because of the time spent traveling together, Cecelia and Lyle are rather close. Her favorite flowers are orchids.

Sophia Alderton: Sophia has always been favored by her father, given most anything she wanted. She is no fighter, a stark contrast to her more battle-ready sister. Sophia has a very weak mentality and is prone to jumping to conclusions when faced with situations she doesn't understand. After discovering that she held a liking to Lyle while attending his 13th birthday part, her father eagerly sent a marriage request to have the two engaged. Having later started a tentative relationship with the young master of the powerful Greyborne family, she soon grew a small inferiority complex that made her insecure during their time together as she feared herself unsuitable to a person of his position. Due to this, in her heart, she was always  Her talents are said to lie in the more arcane arts, like her mother who hails from a family similar to the Bathory clan, but she has had no formal training in magic. However, said talent in worrying to her family. In recent years, the abilities granted by the Alderton bloodline has fallen. Her apparent penchant for magic are signs that the usually dominant Alderton blood is weakening.






Elemental Knights: There are several different types of Knights, Elemental Knights being ones specializing in calling upon a spirit of nature that can aid them in battle. The type of spirit which can be used range from many different categories. The most popular type of spirits being those that encompass the four main elements found in nature. Namely the spirits of fire, water, earth and air. But spirits, also known as Elementals, of a more rare variety can be used as well, such as lightning spirits. Within Elemental Knights, there is a group that are treated as a seperate a seperate entity called Spirit Knights. These Spirit Knights are similar to an evolved form of Elemental Knights and can use multiple Elementals, or spirits, whereas Elemental Knights can only use one spirit. Note that Spirit Knights also have a limit on how long they can use those spirits. However, they are capable of using spirits of varying types. Let it also be known that Spirit Knights, in general, cannot simultaneously use more than one spirit at any given time. Yet they can, if they trained enough and were talented enough, make the time it takes to switch out one spirit for another so short that it appears as if they're using several spirits at once.

Mage Kings: In the distant past, Mage kings ruled the world. However, these days the term Mage King refers to the five strongest Mage kings of old that went mad and turned into devils. The five Mage Kings recorded in history books were the strongest mages of their time and controlled numerous territories before their fall from grace. As their powers were unmatched even before they became devils, after they went mad their abilities increased to truly frightening levels. They wrought havoc to the extent that they nearly conquered all the known lands in the world. Creating unknown amounts of twisted creatures, they assembled armies that swept through all obstacles. In a desperate attempt at survival, the various races resorted to summoning beings of another world to aid them.

Devils: There are two types of devils. The first, most common, are those mages who lose control of their abilities and go mad with power. These devils have all of their powers magnified by several times. The second type of devil are the residents of hell who

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