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Lyle walked to his room in a hurry.

He opened the large wooden doors, revealing the opulence within.

His bed, a large thing with silken sheets. His tall windows allowing the dying light of the sun. His bookshelf filled with numerous texts worn from use but even still kept in good condition by care. His assortment of swords, knives and other such things kept well-oiled and stacked neatly on racks near the corner of the room.

Everything was as it should be.

He walked by the large mirror near the window and began to undressed, reaching toward the stand for his robe so that he may take a refreshing shower and calm himself from the day's events.

He glanced at the mirror by chance and stopped, staring.

What he saw shocked him.

There, winding around his left arm, was a serpentine figure. A snake.

It was a brilliant green, intricately made up of many sharp curves and shapes. The tail ended with it coiled near his shoulder while it's head lay by his wrist. He touched the tattoo-like figure tentatively.

It felt like real skin, simply cooler to the touch. He scratched it with a finger, but as expected it seemed like an actual part of him. The head had one opened eye, golden, staring at him mysteriously. Suddenly it blinked, causing him to nearly jump back in startlement. Lyle felt his heartbeat quicken instantly as he held his arm away from himself.

He shivered, hoping his mind had played tricks on him...but he didn't quite believe that. What in the name of all that was holy... This thing, how did it...?

He shook his head, confused.

But that wasn't all.

Now that he had torn his eyes away from his arm he spotted another design which lay on his torso.

Calmer now, he examined the thing with an analytical eye.

It was obviously a rose. Unlike the other it looked like a real, albeit a bit stylized, flower. The thing's stem was a deep, dark purple. But the stem's end morphed and grew into many long, soft lines that stretched from one side of his collarbone to the other, perfectly symmetrical.

The petals were a startlingly blue and violet color that rested just below the hollow of his throat.

Again he felt the strange new markings. What was surprising is that when his hands roamed the flower itself it felt like real petals this time. Soft, velvety, a bit warm and almost pulsating with a strainge rhythm.

It looked oddy...hypnotic. Mesmerising. Like you could stare at the petals for eternity, lost in its beauty. As he continued looking, he smelt a peculiar scent. Something that was sweet one moment and spicy the next, a rich and heady fragrance that was, if truth be told, quite intoxicating.

It unnerved him. He quickly wrenched his eyes off the strange flower and the mysterious scent faded away,

He thought back to the three tendrils that had entered him, the voices.

This could only be their influence.

Ths tendrils were outlined with different colors. One a jade green, one a mix of blue and violet, the last one a deep red.

But there were only two designs here.

There were three tendrils, so shouldn't there be there designs too?

He searched his body carefully.

He didn't find anything new on his arms or legs. Then what about...?

Going along with his hunch, Lyle turned his back towards the mirror and craned his neck to see if there was anything there. His eyes slightly widened in response to what he saw.

There was indeed another design there. It was bigger than the others, taking up a great part of his back. It was comprised of numerous shapes, lines, patterns and other things that when combined together gave the impression of a large dragon head.

It was an angry red, like blood, looking extremely firece and domineering. It's long horns seemed greatly familiar. He was sure he saw those horns before...when? It felt like he saw it pretty recently, but...

He sighed, not able to recall anything.

Lyle once again peered at the dragon head. looked almost...alive. It eyes were the most disturbing of all. They were not colored in red, and they did not show his skin either. No, they were a void-black. Like black holes. They stared back at him as if it knew everything about him, as if it hated him with a passion that was unequal and without end. They were the gaze of something containing limitless wrath.

But what was more terrifying than even that was what lay in the depths of that vast void.

In its eyes were flames, orange-red. Flickering malevolently, candles in a large empty room of darkness. But for all that, it seemed almost beautiful in its ferocity. Free, unrestrained.

Lyle was deep in thought, his entire attention focused on the tattoos, when uddenly he heard his door opening. He turned, stiffening, his body going taut and ready to fight at a moment's notice.

But he calmed instantly.

The doors opened to reveal a pretty brown-haired girl with soft blue eyes.

Seeing her, he no longer tensed and instead let out a small smile. She was carrying some clothes with her, looking with surprise as she saw Lyle's half-naked appearance.

"Ah!" She cried out, her cheeks reddening . " Y-young master, I-I'm sorry, I didn't know you were getting undress--"

" This one will do well in restoring some of my energy. Go ahead, boy, take her.

And then, before he had even registered his own movement, he was already upon her.


Melanie had earlier caught sight of Lyle as he carried his sister to her room. She was very worried as it looked like he had been in a fight, looking tired and in the need of care.

She hesitantly knocked on the girl's door, wanting to help him by offering a massage as she usually did when A'daire's training regimen was done. Though she only ever did his shoulders he said that it helped a lot and so she had dilligently performed the task whenver she felt he was truly worn out.

Still, she often marveled at how much he had grown since she first came to this place. He had become much taller than her, even though she was older by at least a year or two, maybe more. Not just that, but compared to before his muscles were even more defined than before and were pretty solid. She could only imagine the power that lay in them.

However because of his unbelievable growth she did feel a bit embarrassed when perfoming the action. Young master Lyle was a very attractive youth, it had to be said. She wasnt able to deny the effect he sometimes had when he chose to tease her a bit.

It brought her endless troubles...

But that was a minor problem, one she didnt even care too much about. To her, young master Lyle was someone that she owed everything to. She and her mother would have been in a never ending cycle of misery if young master Lyle had not come into their lives. Her mother now had a good position and a decent paying job thanks to him, no longer having to take on the several laborous jobs she had to in the past to help repay the debts that her late husband had left them with.

A bit of harmless teasing was nothing.

She thought that she was lucky to serve him. He was strong, smart, reliable, and noble in a different sense from those who merely held the title. Although he wasnt the heroic type, he had a goodness, in him that attracted others. Or rather, it was a certain charisma he had, a certain magnetic pull....

Knowing all that he had done in the past few years she was proud to serve a person like him. Heck, he was even fairly popular with the bratty noble children of his own generation. He was an admirable person, to be sure.

Bringing her mind back to the present , when no one answered she peeked inside the unlocked door and stared at the sight of him and Iris nearly cuddling as they slept on the large, soft bed.

Even if she logically knew that they were siblings, the two didnt look alike at all. And so, to her, their sleeping figures made her blush fiercely and think that she had seen something she shouldn't have.

She closed the door quietly as she left, very embarrassed.

Some time later, as the sun was beginning to die down, Melanie had finished taking care of her chores. Then she realized she had forgotten to bring in young master Lyle's clothing this morning. But before she did that, she decided to go towards the kitchen area. It had been a while now and she expected young master Lyle to wake soon.

Recently it was like she had a sixth sense for these types of things in regards to the young master.

He would probably be hungry so she had first made some snacks, then thought that he would enjoy some relaxing tea. Judging from his appearance from before, she firmly believed that to be the case.

She then ran outside, saying hello to the gardeners that kept the various plantlife intact as she went to unpin the fine pieces of clothing.

Politely refusing the aid of the other servents, she hurried to his room.

She pushed the door open and went inside unceremoniously.

Then she noticed the tall figure inside, standing by the mirror. She stopped and stared at the person, noticing the deep maroon hair and enchanting golden eyes. Her gaze slowly went from his face to a bit downward, realizing that the person wore nothing above the waist. Which in turn displayed his finely toned physique for all to enjoy.

She froze, knowing she must look like a scared animal. Then, even worse, she cried out "Ah!" in surprise, feeling her cheeks heating up.

No, even much worse than that, she began to stutter incessantly like an idiot. " Y-young master, I-I'm sorry, I didnt know you were getting undress--"

But then she saw for a split second a certain design on his torso, a design of a lovely blue and purple rose that seemed to pulsate wildly. In the instant another thing happened that caught her off-guard, completely blowing away any thoughts that she currently had.

With inhuman speed he appeared before her, using his left hand to raise her face up to his. He placed his lips on hers while his other hand went to her back, expertly undoing the strings and causing her dress to become loose. Needless to say the heap of clothes had long since fallen on the ground.

A spicy scent assaulted her senses as she tasted his tongue on her's.

Surprised, she made an involuntary action and tried to push him away. But the move was utterly useless as he didn't budge even an inch.

Having been subjected to the sudden invasion of her mouth, Melanie's brain seemed to suddely become oxygen deficient...Unfortunately this made her unable to have any clear thoughts.

The kiss was fierce, and her mouth was completely his to do with as he pleased. It was like he was pouring fire into her, making her entire body feel boiling hot, even tingly.

Faced with such a new and strange feeling, all her bones seemed to turn into jelly. It made her shudder and go limp, her body supported only by young master Lyle's strong arms.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity, he deigned to release the tongue that he had until then held prisoner.

"...Young master, please wait... I ...I'm not ready. S-something like this is..." Her voice was a breathless whisper as she spoke with shyness, at a loss as to how she should handle this situation.

But he didn't answer her or the time to come up with one of her own, merely using his mouth to create a trail of heat along her neck while slowly moving down.

She found that she couldn't think properly at all. Right now he was like a sweet poison, making her utterly incapable of thought, not giving her any time to collect herself at all.

With a hand, he took her now loose dress and made it fall off her in one smooth motion. As before, he kissed her neck and caused her body to once again experience that boiling feeling. And once again she went all but brain dead.

He kicked the door closed and picked her up, bringing her to the large bed, almost throwing her on it. His golden eyes stared at her with fire in their depths, eating her up with their piercing gaze. She blushed even harder, not used to such a lustful look. They pinned her there, immobilized her, made her heartbeat quicken to staggering degrees with their intensity.

Then he once again planted his lips on hers. But he didn't force his way in as he did before. No, almost against her will she found herself opening up for him as if in invitation.

She felt dirty as she did it.

In her whole life she had not even one person with whom she had been intimate with, not even having held the hand of a man before now. Yet now...

He didn't need any further encouragement.

With his right hand grabbed at her breast and pinched her now-erect nipple, sending a wave of electricity through her. She let out a small moan, helpless against such a powerful feeling.

She scrambled to piece together some sort of defense, tried again to stop his unexpected advances. But everything, from the time she walked in up to now, had happened so fast that she didn't even fully understand how things progressed so far. It was hazy, unclear. He made it so. The more he took control the less resistance she put forth.

Her breathing was already rough and she felt sweat rise up. Melanie became lost in the plethora of sensations he was causing her. But in the back of her mind, she wondered. Wondered why he suddenly became so bold, wondering also if this was alright. But these were distant thoughts.

Melanie's head swam, her body completely at his mercy. She couldn't tell whether she really hated that or not...

Every moment of experiencing this new, mysterious sense of pleasure that he brought her made Melanie fall deeper and deeper. This was okay, right? To just lose herself completely in this sensation...

But it wasn't to be. After several seconds of servicing her, he abruptly parted their lips and looked down at Melanie's currently lewd, unkempt visage almost in confusion. Then his entire body stiffened and he stared at her in both shock and horror.

Looking sickened and angry, he quickly pulled his body off hers, grabbing a shirt of his from the clothes on the floor.

Before she knew what was going on, Melanie realized she could no longer feel his body heat enveloping her. Couldn't feel his weight or his wicked tongue that had, until that moment, been doing all kinds of shameless, sinful things to her.

When her mind regained it's wits, she found herself alone.


AN: Okay so i found some images of what I pictured the tattoos on Lyle to be like. I took the time to do this because i wanted to give you guys a better idea of what i imagined them to look like.

This first one is of the one located on Lyle's back. Imagine this, but red.

Okay, this one is for a woman but its fine.

This link will bring you to a website with these different serpent tattoes. Scroll down to the 5th image. It should say "tribal tattoo for the forearm" somewhere by it. But remember that the one in my story is of a jade green color, coiling down along Lyle's arm with its head resting by his wrist.

So, what do you guys think of them? I think they look pretty cool. I spent like two hours looking for ones that i thought matched the images in my head.

PS: would you care for more visuals on things like these? I probably wont do it too often, but I could take some time to do it occassionally. Im not sure if i should do this though, especially if i choose to give you guys an image of how i picture the characters. Mainly because i know some people prefer to leave it up to their imagination as they know they may end up disappointed otherwise.


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