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When Lyle awoke he found himself laying by Iris' side.

She slept in the crook of his arm, her left hand resting gently in his chest while her small golden head nestled on his shoulder, snuggling just a tiny bit into his neck.

Her breathing was deep and even, sleeping soundly.

Her small and soft frame was a stark contrast to his own hard and larger one. This type of thing, had she not been his sister and instead a pretty young woman, would have made for a pleasing experience.

He shifted slowly, trying not to wake her.


But as soon as he moved she let out a quiet moan and began to open her eyes.

She peered up at him, her large emerald eyes slowly taking in the current situation.

The two of them didn't move, merely staring at one another.

Then she let out a smile.

"Waking up to big brother holding me in his arms, this is how every day should be started~" She sighed in contentment.

He gave a faint smile and lightly knocked her on the head.

"Dont expect this to happen again any time soon. Consider it a special service."

His words were playful, but he couldn't help giving her a small squeeze.

Although the majority was a vague blur he distinctly remembered the dream about her falling, of him failing to hold on to her.

Just now, for a fraction of a second, he wanted to never let her go.

In that moment, the mere thought of it was almost too much to bear.

There was this sudden fierce desire that began to sprout to life inside him, but he didn't know what it was that he wanted or how he would satisfy this desire even if he did know.

She felt the tightening of his arms, saw how her brother's luminous eyes sparked like golden flames.

Nn, this was how it should always be, the girl thought to herself.

With sudden courage she snuggled up closer to him, grinning happily.

Lyle sighed.

This girl...she never missed an opportunity, did she?

Idly patting her on the head,he asked, "Iris...what's the last thing you remember?"

She looked up at his face, concentrating.

" I remember...You, me and father somewhere both black and white. A vast room. Then A'daire, that annoying guy, and then..." She paused, frowning.

"And then...?" Lyle prodded gently.

"I can't seem to recall, actually. All I remember is calling for you, and then there was a bright golden light...after that..." She pouted, not able to remember.

Lyle stopped her. "Well, don't worry about it. Nothing important happened." He assured.

She nodded obediently. She wouldn't doubt her brother's words.

*So she really doesn't remember anything...that's for the best,* he thought to himself.

She didn't need to remember such things.

It was best if it just lay forgotten in the back of her mind.

But thinking about it again made his teeth clench.

That man, their father...Lyle knew why he did that.

But Iris need not have been involved. If he had known...he wouldn't let her anywhere near that vile place.

He thought backcto his previous actions.

He had resolved to kill his own father at that time. He would have succeeded if A'daire wasn't there.

Lyle understood that he lost something then.

The very fact that he intended to kill his own flesh and changed him. Though the moment passed, though Lyle no longer wished to kill him, he still felt a small kernal of hate in his heart for the man. His actions harmed Iris. Lyle couldnt forgive that.

He knew that one moment probably was an important juncture in his life. The second he decided to bring the spear down was the second that the course of his life took a different direction from the one he had been leading. But he fel no regret for attacking. No, Lyle only felt saddened that he chose to attack at all.

It meant that no matter what he did from now on, he couldnt truly go back to his old life, couldnt be as comfortable around his father as he had before.

When he was a bit younger than he was now, he had always felt slightly left out due to his own appearance. It wasnt at a deep level, he didnt hate himself. He didnt lack confidence. But he didnt look like his father, mother or even resemble his own sister that much. He didnt look like he belonged in their family.

And he felt a bit bitter about that. Only a bit. But still, he didnt like the fact. Not being able to have something so basic in common with your own family, how could someone not worry about something about that, especially when you are still young?

Though he had since grown to not worry about such things so much, he still sometimes thought of it.

It may not be a suitable comparison, but the feeling he had of being the odd one out applied to this situation. He made his choice, and now he feared there would always be a thin wall between him and the rest of his family that was much worse that what he had felt when he was younger.

As Lyle lay there in a increasingly sour mood, Iris was the exact opposite.

Rather, it could even be said that she had rarely been so pleased and content as she was right now.

Being held so strongly by her big brother, hehe, such a thing was a rare treat these days~!

She could feel his heart beat, feel his warmth. . .Ah, how long had it been since she felt so relaxed?

For some time those pesky nobles had sent many young ladies to big brother in hopes one caught his eye. It died down by now, but then there was that damn, infernal Cecelia woman who came by nearly everyday! And not only that , even Melanie now seemed to spend more time with big brother than Iris did. Iris didnt entirely mind that Melanie, given her weak personality, but she still didnt like it!

She was beginning to feel a deep sense of injustice at it all.

But of course se knew the place she held in her brother's heart. Hmph, those upstarts, trying to take her place. Arrogant, much too arrogant!

This big brother of hers belonged to no one but herself.

Heh, see how tightly he holds this adorable sister of his, this is a luxury no one but she can enjoy!

Such were her thoughts.

Lyle, deciding something, suddenly let go of her before rising off the bed. "Iris, stay here. " He commanded. Then he went towards the door.

Iris was left alone on the large, soft bed, seeming like an abandoned puppy as she saw her brother leaving. As he walked, she called to him. "Eh? Ah, big brother, come back! I require at least several more hours of gentle love and affection, or else--!"

But he was already gone.

"Ah. . ." She sighed mournfully.


Some time earlier, the study.

Three people stood inside.

After a long explanation of current events there was a long silence. Then,


A loud shout like the mad roaring of a great dragoness echoed throughout the large mansion.


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