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" Are you alright, my lady?"

A black-clothed man questioned to the blond-haired beauty.

He had a compact frame, his light brown hair flowing long past his shoulders and tied into a neat ponytail by a long golden ribbon. His left eye bore a cloth-like eyepatch that covered nearly half of his attractive face. On it was a certain design reminiscent of a bow.

If one had to say, his features were almost feminine, possessing a noticible refinement and elegance much like her son's. With his straight posture, gentlemanly manners, black suit and tie that was of a more modern cut, one had to admit that he did indeed cast quite a dashing figure.

It wouldn't be surprising if he caught the fancy of quite a number of women.

Strapped to his side was a sword in a silvery sheath, radiating an aura of bloodlust.

This young man was a more serious sort than Lyle and his ice blue eye held a calm confidence filled with power.

He was currently looking at the woman with slight worry

She had a sickened expression as she got stood up.

She had come to the Alderton estate not long ago and had asked for a meeting with the lady of the house. Having used her power to search through the woman's memory she found nothing.

She had went to do the same with the daughter, Sofia, but found little except her guilt over her rash handling of the situation between herself and the woman's son Lyle.

Then she moved onto the butler, one who had worked under the Aldertons for some years now.

Despite his rank somehow he was an oddly trusted man and the information she was looking for was nearly all there.

She stood above his crumpled body, feeling disgusted.

"How sickening." She muttered.

"My lady?" The black clothed man asked again.

"I'm fine, Gideon." She turned away from the unconscious bodies.

They would wake soon, no harm done to them. Though they wouldn't remember the last few minutes.

Her body shuddered slightly in revulsion."They wanted to breed him like some prize dog. They wanted to lock him in chains and force him to..." She couldn't finish.

Gideon prodded. "Who, my lady?"

Though he had an inkling, he wasn't sure.

"My son" She ground out. "Lyle." It was then that the man's eyes went flat, signaling danger. There was a distinct tensing of his muscles as he heard.

" These beasts. They wanted to use him to create an entire generation of young prodigies. With my son's exceptional bloodline and his talents, there were some declining families that thought to..." The mere thought infuriated here.

She didn't know exactly what they had in mind to capture him, the butler didn't have that information. But it was clear that there were desperate Noble families that wanted her son. Banning together in an attempt to save themselves.

They all were families with special bloodlines that held powers unique to them. They had gained power and prestige because of that.

The importance of the bloodline was something normal people couldn't understand. To lose the abilities granted by their bloodline due to it being diluted was something that most couldn't bear to let happen. They would do most anything to prevent it, for if it did happen one could expect a quick fall from grace. This was why many such families married their young to cousins or similar relatives, to keep the line as pure as possible for as long as possible.

The Greyborne family had never had that problem, and her own Bathory clan had a bloodline that integrated well with that of others without loosing the abilities unique to their lineage. It was why Lyle had so much potential sleeping within him. The Greyborne's blood was especially powerful, more than most, and was exceptionally pure. While the Bathory clan blended seamlessly with other bloodlines, not losing an ounce of their purity while adding to the power of other bloodlines. Making something new, unique.

Although, that said, within the Bathory clan there were still some abilities--traits--that rarely appeared. Such as her son's golden eyes, for example. But other than that there were no innate powers specific to her clan that were lost. Merely those that remained dormant until unlocked through training.

And those...those vile people, their declining bloodline made them think to kidnap her son and...

Thinking about what those people intended to do made Alyssa want to lash out and hit something.

Of course, it would work. With her son as a catalyst, the previously thin purity of a bloodline could be reignited. Not just that, but made better.

(Author note: You may be questioning, "but if his bloodline is used to reignite another bloodline that is currently diluted, wouldnt people know something's up when the next generations show different abilities from what their original bloodline say they should actually have?" Meaning that the next gen would not have the same abilities that their bloodline dictates, but instead have abilities that are different. Well i will explain this later in the story.)

She forcibly reigned in her emotions, letting out a deep, slow breath.

Then she found a pen and paper, quickly writing down several names. She snapped at the man. " Send some people after these degenerates. These are the main offenders, and I want them to rot in a place that'll make them beg for death." Her voice was flat, colder than ice and infinitely harder.

Those people vastly underestimated the Greyborne family' influence and power. Understandable, since they were a secretive lot, the Greybornes. So they, those dogs, thought that they could band together and catch them unawares? How foolish.

Indeed. Foolish and arrogant to the extreme.

She wanted them to understand just how small and insignificant they were.

The young man, Gideon, made a small bow. "Yes, my lady."

She smiled fondly, a very slight curling of her lips that was almost not even there.

This young man was little over eighteen yet he carried out his duties to perfection.

Alec had chosen his successor well.

"My lady..." Gideon hesitated. "About Lyle, is he...?"

Alyssa looked at him strangely.

Seeing this, he broke off, not continuing.

However his hand unconsciously went to his beloved sword.

This person, he was hard to read. She didn't know his thoughts but understood from the dark mood he seemed to suddenly wear that he had some inner turmoil.

In the end he said nothing more, merely shaking his head as a certain conviction came into his uncovered eye.

" I will oversee this matter personally. If any others are involved I will be sure to extract the needed information. Rest assured, my lady, that everything will be done with the utmost care and secrecy." His voice held an almost dark undertone.

She was satisfied. Naturally it would cause unnecessary attention if not done with a delicate touch.

She once again praised Alec, that old spider, for his excellent judgement.

Having no more to add he then vanished in the blink of an eye, gone to carry out her orders.

Alyssa looked at the bodies once more.

A coldness ran through her, unbidden. She hated it, this feeling. When was the last time it came to her? She couldn't remember. But this foreboding, this dark, cold nausea at the pit of her stomach, it never brought anything good.

She once again calmed herself before quietly walking out of the room, stepping past the various dazed figures whose widened, dilated eyes seemed to not notice her passing.


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