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Lyle laid his sister's small body gently on the floor.

He smiled wryly at her.

This girl, so strong-willed yet delicate at the same time.

He remembered that in their younger days Lyle had to take great pains to not hurt her. Every day he had to restrain himself, to ensure she wouldnt get injured as they played together. That was because he, due to his innate abilities, was always much stronger and faster than any normal boy. By the time he was ten, he could crush large, hard rocks if he set his mind to it. And recently it seemed his body was once again getting stronger with each passing day.

But Iris?

She didnt have those abilities. For all her intelligence, it could even be said she was a bit below average physically speaking.

So he would always have to watch himself, to control his actions around her. He never hit her, even almost afraid to touch her at times. As young as they were, Lyle was always aware that he was dangerous to her and was very careful as a result of that.

This was a big part of why he was so devoted to training his body until he had full control of his strength, because if he accidentally harmed her... he wouldn't ever be able to forgive himself.

This sister of his, though, had never been afraid of such things to begin with. She never had any guard against him because of what he might do if he got angry and lost his cool, she merely had a complete, whole-hearted faith in him. He wanted to never betray that trust. It was the only real thing that was truly sacred to him.

She was, to him, an irreplaceable existence. He couldn't imagine a world without her in it. No, rather, he could. But it wouldn't be a world he wanted to live in...

It was a fact that she could be a truly bothersome person at times. She constantly followed him, interfered with his personal life and would hover by his side at all times of the day had she been allowed. But for all that he never spoke out against such things, not really. He couldn't honestly say her presence was unwelcome.

Indeed, she was a pain to deal with. An undeniably troublesome girl.

He loved her even still. More than words can say, maybe even more than he should.

But despite the suffering she brought him on a daily basis, she was the only one he could never really get mad at.

This cute, adorable, loving sister of his was a person that had an immovable place in his heart. No one else could compare to her in that regard.

This girl was, indeed, more precious to him than anyone. Her warm smile, her brightly-lit eyes, her soft golden hair, everything about her was as familiar to him as his own face, an intergral part of himself.

The way she demanded his attention, that overbearing affection of hers...

This young girl was his most important person. Lyle didn't care what strange rumours circulated here and there, he wasn't ashamed of loving his sister. He didn't say it often, but these feelings, he wouldn't be afraid to speak them allowed no matter what others might say about it.

Ando think that she almost died... to think that it was their own father who nearly caused it...

It made his heart turn cold in rage.

This was not the boiling, red-hot anger from moments ago. That time it had felt almost...foreign.

No, this was something dark and heavy in his heart. A chilling emotion that made him blind with its intensity yet at the same time cleared his mind as if to help him in whatever course of action he chose in order to vent this darkness within him.

And it was this emotion that brought him to his current postion.

It was this that made him break the seal once more, walk back into the carnage behind it, grab the last, undestroyed spear he had earlier used for support...and place it's blade near his unconscious father's neck...


The three watched the boy hold a weapon to his father's throat with amused expressions.

"Is he under your influence, Nakir?" Etain asked.

The older man laughed. " Heh, no. This is mostly him. He has vestiges of my influence in him but that merely weakens his inhibition. No, he wants to do this."

"Interesting. He seems angry. Different from before. There is something dark in him, and not because of us. He has a taint all his own, this one. A kind that makes him dangerous." Azamat commented.

Etain nodded. " A bit, yes. He would kill his father for putting his sister in danger. He knows his priorities well, of nothing else. He's entered a state of mind that few achieve. To act with such merciless towards one's own father speaks of a harsh and decisive nature. Unforgiving and cold. I like it."

They watched as the boy came to a decision and raised his weapon to finish the man's life--

But just as the blade was about to pierce the man, a large hand stopped his arm.

"You don't want to do this, kid." The man spoke low, looking into the boy's eyes.

"Don't tell me what I want to do." The youth replied evenly." She nearly died. It's his duty as a father to protect her, to keep her safe. She's his daughter, his little girl." His law clenched. And finally he hissed, " My sister!"

The spark of anger deindled, replaced by an eerie calm. "He had one job, and he failed miserably" Every word, every syllable, was full of chilling contempt.

The three watched on, speaking casually amongst themselves. "That large man, he is already up? We attacked him, and he even passed out due to the explosion of the seal breaking. The boy broke the seal no less than three times. Going in, coming out, then lastly once again to grab the spear and come out before it regenerated. Those explosions, should that man not be unconscious for at least another hour or so?" Etain raised a brow.

"Usually it would be much longer, yes. But I sense this one is strong. Well, decent at least. The other man should wake up soon too. I can tell he has old injuries, but his body is still durable. Ah, look, they're fighting." Azamat's disinterested voice observed.

Indeed, the two had already begun a fight. It was a fight using pure martial skill.

And It was quite even.

The boy was tired and his power was leaving him. He had a few minutes at most before he collapsed.

He was not as overbearingly strong as he was earlier.

" Haha, a good show! That man is a warrior through and through! Those two, from their movements they should be master and student. How fun." Nakir grinned as soon as the fight began, watching with approval. The two did have quite some skill.

" What an truly odd child. He doesn't regret his choice but he also seems relieved at being stopped. " Etain calmy analyzed the youth and found him interesting.

He knew that he would have done it if he wasn't stopped. The girl was nearly killed, afterr all. Yet fhe intent to kill your own father would change anyone.

The boy was stopped, but the fact that he meant to do it will linger in his heart.

Now no matter what happens from now on he can never truly consider himself the same son, the same person, he was before he let the attack fall.

For all that, he does not regret his choice but rather that he made it in the first place. It was a disappointment in one's self.

Even the fight he is having with that man now is little more than a venting of anger, of the darkness that lies in his heart.

The man and the father, from now on the relationship the boy has with them will be much more complicated and tense.

"It seems that they're here at last." Azamat broke her thoughts.

Etain and Nakir spread out their senses. Nakir cursed. " Bah, useless bastards. It took them this long to make it here?Too slow. Hmph, under my command such a thing wouldnt happen. " He grumbled.

" I sense Immundus' energy signature within their ranks. But how? He and the Mage Kings should be sealed at that place." Etain had a ponderous look, considering.

Azamat waved her off. " Immundus was always the most mysterious of the five. He was probably never sealed to begin with, perhaps merely hiding until he found the other Kings. The wily bastard, if any were capable of escaping that event, it would be him. Also, this boy, in his memory I see that this world has been reported to become increasingly chaotic. Relations between this continent and another is being threatened. Immundus' work, most likely. I bet he laid low, wormed his way into a position of power and went looking for his comrades. He must have been exceedingly patient to not simply rage across the world. Though he probably knew better than to charge out recklessly."

" That would appear to be the case. He was always such a person. Those other Kings, though. . .It would be troublesome if they were truly released. But I dont think they have been found. He must believe this is their resting place, not ours. " She paused. " Wait, now that I concentrate, does his energy pattern not seem a bit different? Almost...youthful." She frowned.

Nakir grunted. " Who knows, maybe he had a kid again. Offspring usually carry similar energy readings as their parents. It'd be just like him to send another in his place. Does it matter? They are not here for us."

"I wouldnt be too sure of that. The Kings have always coveted our power. They probably wish to use us when we are divided. Our other halves are lost to us, meaning even Immundus could capture us in our weakened state. Other than us three there is only Livia here. The others, who knows where they are or what they're doing? "

Azamat shrugged. " So perhaps they have come for us. No matter. It's too late. The four of us have all found a host. Us three, Livia as well."

" True, but if they die then we may really end up caught. He must have prepared something to deal with us. We are yet too weak to take on an army right now. Should we stop the two?"

" No need, they have already stopped themselves. Look." Nakir, sounding disappointed, stretched out a hand.

There was some strained talking from the boy and the man. Finally, a silence. After some few minutes the boy took hold of his sibling and once again stood in front of the man. Carrying the father, he searched for a certain object.

"Heh, they're leaving." Nakir said.

"Which means when the people outside search here, it will be empty. Amusing. All the work to get inside this trapped city will be for naught. I would love to see Immundus' face when he learns of it." Etain's lips curved into a small smile, as if ridiculing those outside.

"Before we are taken away from here at last, I trust you all understand the unspoken arrangement in full." Azamat looked at the other two sharply.

" Fear not, we know." Etain assured.

Trouble will follow this boy wherever he goes Goddess. We needn't worry. Our "curse" will ensure his cooperation whether he wants it or not. Even the Goddess Aine won't be able to help him."

Etain glanced up unconsciously. "Funny you shouldention her. This boy, given his talents, obviously has her favor."

"Yes. And I wonder how she'd look upon realizing he's fallen into our hands." He seemed to take joy in the thought, his eyes bearing a malevolent light.

Nakir snorted. " Well, that bitch's blessings always came with a price in the first place. Perhaps we do the boy a good service. For a short time he will be free of her so-called favor before he falls to one of us."

"You two will behave then?" Azamat's words were distinctly pointed.


"Yes, yes, fine."

They spoke in unison.

" Good. It looks like they found what they're looking for. I suspect things from here on will become quite. . . entertaining."

As they all came to an agreement, the man found what he was looking for. With a tense silence between them, the man and boy carried the father-daughter pair.

Then, with a bright flash of light, they disappeared.

And with them, some of the most powerful, destructive beings in creation.


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