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As the seal was destroyed a large explosion resounded throughout the entire space. The resulting energy threw the two men back against the wall and knocked them out. Though the larger man was a strong person, never before had his body been invaded by suh a monsterous power before. Right before he blanked out, he could only wonder what the boy whom he had spent so much time with had gotten himself into.

Those unbelievably powerful tendrils of darkness went right for him, was that not proof of him getting into some sort of troublesome situation?


It was a dark chamber. a vast space.

Inside the room was a boy of 15 or 16 years, though he could have passed for a bit older with his height.

He was surrounded by a golden aura, attacking several dark figures and tendrils that appeared out of the void-like space in great number.

They had nightmarish appearances, deformed and looking like they were created to instill both fear and torment at a single glance. Theses things were not what the boy expected, not at all. In the back of his mind he wondered why these things were here, questioned where the so-called Mage-Kings were.

But as he saw his sister, unconscious on the floor, surrounded by countless monsters. . .He lost all reason and succumbed to a deep rage the like of which he had never before experienced.

He had no weapon. But he didnt need one.

Holding out a hand his figure disappeared and the next instant he slammed a fist through the chest of a large, ghost-like thing that stood above his sister's body like death.

The next instant he sent a vicious kick to an armored half-man half-bat creature, its skin an obsidian black and harder than steel, that made it shatter to pieces.

There was a tall figure away from the rest, a figure that held a long spear covered in mysterious runes. It was nearly seven feet tall, lean and grey-skined with blood-red armor. Its arms were bandaged, a black piece of tattered cloth around its waist. In its chest was a large hole that let one see through it.

It had a pure white mask with black and red markings. . .Or, no, perhaps that mask was its face itself.

Regardless, it watched with hollow eyes-sockets as its "comrades" were slaughtered.

Lyle fought with a animalistic grace and savagery, tearing apart everything in his path as black ichor flowed from his opponents' wounds.

The oppressive auras radiating from them all was enough to nearly make the ground crack.

Behind the boy, in a still-unconscious state, was a young golden-haired girl who was resting peacefully.

She had glowing vein-like lines along her body but all considered she was fine.

Lyle's body which was bathed in a golden light had sufered numerous wounds due to his reckless attacks. But the wounds soon healed, emitting steam as they closed.

Finally, when most of the other things had been killed, the almost skeletal figure that held the mysterious spear moved its massive body.

Lyle, who had just taken off the serpentine head of what appeared to be a mish-mash of different magcal beasts, sensed for the first time a danger from his side.

He wanted to move out of the way, but behind him was his sister's sleeping form. . .He could dodge to save his own skin, or take the attack head-on to protect her.

He didnt even hesitate. The correct choice was obvious.

Turning around, he extended an arm to block the unknown attack.

There was a spray of blood and a sharp, piercing pain.

There, embedded in his palm, was the slender head of a spear. It glowed faintly with a reddish light, seeming to suck the life from his flesh. Behind it were several more such weapons wielded by several tall figures, maybe over a dozen, their masks chilling to the eyes.

At any other time, Lyle may have despaired. Seeing these things, he would lose all hope of survival.

But now?

The current him didn't know fear. Didn't know how to stop his burning rage other than to vent his anger upon all things in his wake. Right now, he only thought of protecting the girl behind him and killing anything he came across.

With a loud roar of pain, he pulled the spear out of his hand, tore it forcefully from the skeletal monster's grip, and charged into the group of spear-wielding attackers.

The ensuing battle, with each blow, caused a loud echo and rumble throughout the entire space.

Even still, the girl slept.


Looking down upon the bloody sight were three strange figures.

They didnt look right, looked almost. . .Ethereal.

There were two men and one woman.

The tallest man was fit and muscular with wild, fiery hair that ran just past his shoulders. This was not a simple red color, no, this was as if every strand of his hair contained fire withing that flickered every so often. It was a dark red flame, the color of fury, of hate. His eyes were the same, like rubies.

His face was oldish, with numerous small scars here and there. A great general past his prime but still as dangerous as ever. He gave off a heavy, oppressive feeling, everything about him seeming to give off a violent aura.

His clothing were a type of armour formed by small metal rings linked together in a pattern to form a mesh. On top of that mesh was also pieces of steel-like plates that bore strange symbols on them. . .seemingly made from blood.

The second man was a bit shorter, but he was long and lean in nature. His face held a certain beauty to it, like a statue crafted by a fine hand and rare skills. There was a cold pride about him that looked down upon all that he saw with disdain.

His fingers were long and slender, his demeanor regal in nature. He looked down, no one able to truly tell if he was pleased by what he saw or contemptuous of it.

His clothing were befitting of a noble. It was made up of a high-collared, deep golden trench coat that had silvery trimming. It was left unbuttoned from the waist down, a belt with a red buckle the only thing keeping the two pieces of clothing together. Underneath that was a shirt of pure white with an upturned collar while his pants looked made of fine leather. On his feet were black boots with red metal frames.

Then there were two swords strapped to his waist, one a dark purple-black and the other a blue-black. The entire set was seemingly chosen with care, selecting colors that complimented his unusual hair and eyes. And it was indeed his hair and eyes which struck out the most.

They were a deep violet, a color that somehow seemed to suit the man very well. His eyes were the same, but of a darker, more enchanting shade that made one stop and stare. In all he was considerably more handsome than the other man and seemed to take pride in his appearance.

But it was the woman that was the most eye-catching.

To begin, she wore vivid green clothing made of silk, a variation of the cheongsam* dresses that were popular in her homeland.

It was tight-fitting clothing, hugging the dangerous swell of her bountiful twin peaks and ample, heart-shaped bottom. There was a long slit that revealed her long, slender legs. The jade-colored clothing bore an image of a serpent made up of golden thread.

Its tail began by her legs and continued, coiling around her body upward until it showed the head of the serpent with it's open mouth by her left breast, near her heart, ready to take a bite. The entire thing was emitting a soft glow, like the clothing of the other two. Which was not surprising, given how these were merely spiritual bodies.

Other than that, her body itself was . . .destructive.

Her face could only be described as exquisite. Her arched eyebrows and sharp eyes revealed an endless charm to the extent that they would sway a person's heart with a mere glance. Her waist was slim, delicate, enticing you to put your arms around it. As her dress accentuated her beautiful form perfectly there would be none able to bear looking away from her.

Her lips a natural red like strawberries, looking incomparably soft and tender to the extent that they made one want to lean in and have a taste.

She had a magnetic presence, one that was hypnotic. Seductive. A temptress that ignited fires in men simply by being there.

Hers were the type of beauty that lingered in one's mind, making the rest of the world seem drab in comparison. This was an alluring woman who, without any action at all, held a dream-like grace and charming enchantment that would make all the men in the world go insane for. It wasnt an eaggereation to say she was a disaster-class beauty who was capable of bringing down nations.

And yet for all that her body appeared made for sin she had a certain purity that only added to her charms. A fairy descended from the heavens, untouchable and forever out of reach. Was there a hot-blooded male who would not wish to corrupt one such as her, to let her know the carnal pleasures between man and woman?

But the trait that caught the most attention was similar to the two men: Her hair and eyes.

They were a deep, dazzling shade of green like a sweet poison. It was an unusual color for people of their race, or at least the race they appeared to be, but it seemed suited perfectly to them. The tallest man's fiery color, the other man's violet and the woman's emerald. None of them were a mismatch.

At the current time the three hovered, looking down at the scene below. Their eyes cut through the lack of light and saw the fast exchange of blows with excruciating detail.

The biggest man was roaring with laughter.

"HAHAHA! Look at the boy, look how he rages! His attacks, so wild and free! His heart bathed in an all-consuming fire as he fights like a beast! Good, good, he and I are truly compatible! Go, boy, fight to your heart's content, kill all in your path!"

This was a rough, commanding voice at the back of the boy's mind.

The youth in question had a head full of brilliant maroon hair that was swept to the side and a pair of luminous golden eyes. He had a delicate, slightly angular face. It was an attractive face with his sharp eyebrows, high cheekbones and proud nose. The type of face that grew more pleasant to look at the more you watched.

He had a certain bearing about him, a confidence and strength that made his observers' eyes glitter. The woman of the small group of watchers studied him extra carefully.

He had a nice body, she surmised. A strong body.

His frame was tall, his muscles compact and deeply defined. He looked very fit, probably from a fair amount of training. He was, the woman thought, like a naked blade.

Sharp, honed, deadly.

And so he was. He had a look in his eyes, a certain readiness to do what was necessary. A perfect example of a superior male, the woman thought.

"Dont be so sure that he is completely under your influence, Nakir. See how he has placed himself between the girl and those things all throughout the battle? He instinctively protects her. Even now, under the threat of so many Death Lords, he still has not backed away an inch. Is this boy truly human? "

A soft, melodic voice spoke out.

It was obviously the woman.

She looked at the young man with burning eyes, a hint of some dark emotion welling inside.

They seemed almost. . .possessive.

" Being able to fight those things, I would believe it if you said he wasnt. His body, it holds many secrets. Even the three of Us could only bring out around sixty percent of his maximum potential. Even then, it was mainly his body's physical strength that was drawn out."

" Ha, a good specimen indeed! This one, could the heavens themselves thought to deliver him to Our doorstep? Bah, who cares! This boy, I want him!" Nakir proclaimed, his wild smile growing wider. Normally calm, when in a battlefield his more reckless side pops out.

" So strong, and yet still not everything he had. If the boy matures more, what would he become? Would he follow in Our footsteps? I sense strong mana leaking out of him, untapped. If he chooses to be a mage, could he not reach "their" heights?" Etain murmured.

" Nonsense. This boy, his potential is great but unfortunately for him it is a bit too high. He wouldnt reach this level of power again in his lifetime, perhaps. Even if he does, he wouldnt advance further. Those monsters that once stood at the peak of power, they didnt reach that level without offering something in return. This boy, in this current age, wouldnt have that opportunity. He should simply become part of Us." Azamat asserted.

Etain said nothing, but silently agreed.

This level of power, he wouldnt reach it without going through cruel and unnusual training.

The max potential that she felt inside him was great but his body was too high-spec.

Because of this, the requirements to achieve this kind of power were too demanding and if he tries to go through with the kind of training that his body needs . . .Well, he could break.

Such a waste of a fine body, was it not? If he cant unlock its full power, why should they not choose to do so themselves?

But. . .Which one of them would he succumb to in the end? Who would win the right to have him for themselves?

Azamat noticed her expression. "Etain. Dont be getting any ideas. This boy belongs to all of Us now."

His voice, coldly arrogant, warned.

Etain tore her gaze from the boy's body.

". . .For now. . ." She smiled sharply.


They watched the boy for who knew how long.

He was . . .Magnificent.

There were things in the dark room that were monsterous and powerful, the masterpieces of the mage kings.

And now they all lay in a bloody heap, their bodies not even recognizable. The once great spears, forged from the blood and bone of the most evil and cruel of creatures, each one bearing a might that was comparable to an entire legion, now all rest in pieces along the floor.

The tall figures, created from the dark emotions of the dead and forged into a being that knew only pain and suffering, whose strength was vast and unfathomable to lesser creatures, were little but blood and bone.

The cause of all this, his body steaming as the countless wounds of his body slowly healed, kneeled on one leg with only a single spear to support him.

His hair glowed faintly in the dark, his eyes loosing the red glint as that golden aura of his began to slowly die out. His eyes were rapidly becoming more lucid, more aware.

All three pairs of eyes flashed.

This boy. . .was indeed a rare find.

Now the only thing left to do was wait for him to bring them out of this dreadful place.


As Lyle slowly looked around he discovered the bodies of numerous creatures that were torn apart in a bloody mess.

There were several tall figures around him, shards of some sort of metal too. He got chills from looking at the whole scene, averting his gaze.The scent of blood and death assaulted his senses. He felt like gagging. He nearly retched but held it in.

Suppressing his disgust, he wondered what had happened. He vaguely recalled the events, but it they were like distant, half-forgotten memories that became increasingly hard to focus on. It felt like he was dreaming. And yet, that rage, that hate, he remembered that in great detail. Why had he lost his control?

Those voices in his mind, urging him on, compelling him to kill. . .What were they?

But he didnt dwell on this. He had made his choice. Whatever consequences that entailed could be dealt with later.

No, he was more concerned over exactly what these creatures were. Obviously they couldnt be the well-known "mage kings". These things were too numerous, and the Mage-Kings numbered only five. Those three tendrils that entered his body. . .were they a few of the Mage-Kings? That would be the logical conclusion, he supposed.

And yet, he didnt feel that was right. The Mage-Kings were supposedly sealed here. Those things, for an instant, left the seal. Now, that may be because Lyle invited them into his body willingly , but still . . .

He didnt feel that they were what they appeared.

And these creatures, why were they here? Even if those three things now resting inside him were Mage-kings, there would still be two more.

Where were those other two?

They couldnt have escaped. The seal was fast enough at regenerating that they shouldnt be able to get out. Even if they did, most seals like this would forcefully pull them back unless it was properly let down.

Something felt. . .wrong.

Did his father know of this? No, he couldnt, right? He seemed to truly believe that the Mage-Kings were here. So, where were they then?

Or maybe. . .they were somewhere else? Could that be it? Could they be hidden even from the head of the Greyborne family? If so, why? For what reason?

If those things inside of him were not three of the five Mage-Kings, what were they? Father said something about. . .sin personified.

"Sin" was a type of curse magic used by devils. The Sin Series, the curse magic that was taboo in the mage world. Things like Lust, Greed, Gluttony, Envy, Jealousy, Wrath, Pride, perhaps a few other Lesser Sins. . .These were what made up the Sin Series. Or so he had read. With little formal training in magic he hadnt much to go on in this regard.

But sin itself. . .could they truly become physical or semi-physical beings and objects? Could concepts become more. . .alive?

Spirits, those things that Elemental Knights make contracts with, were probably similar.

So were those things actually Sin given form? If so, what sins were they? What had he agreed to?

He shook his head.

Whatever. No use thinking about it now.

His thoughts turned to his sister. He lifted his head and peered at her from across the room. Somehow, even through the dark, his eyes could clearly see her figure.

How strange.

But as he saw her current state, his heart grew cold with rage once more.

That father of theirs. . .Even though Lyle understood he meant no harm, even though he knew that his father truly believed she would have been fine. . .He still threw her in a dangerous place where losing her life was a possibility.

Could Lyle forgive that?


Would he?


Iris was his sister, the one closest to him. Even his own mother wasnt as close to him as Iris was. Sure, she was a bit over-zealous sometimes but she was still the person who he cared for most in this world.

Lyle had always spoiled her, had always indulged her. Though he had started to cut back on that recently, the two of them were still very close and to think their own father endangered her like that. . .

He clenched his teeth in anger.

In a rather dark mood now, he slowly stood up. His muscles protested, but he pushed on. Pulling his sore, beaten body across the floor he made his way to Iris' side.

His left hand held a long gash, he didnt know from what or when it happened. It was fairly deep, but he could still use it.

He slid his arms under the girl's lithe frame and held her. After giving her a glance to see if she bore any injuries he lifted her body and walked to the exit.

He maneuvered through the corpses, not bothering to glance at them. But what he saw in his periphery already made him shiver slightly. Had he faced such strong looking things in this amount of numbers under his normal state, well, he wouldnt have held much hope of coming out alive. As for those tall, masked things behind him. . .He didnt even want to think about what those were.

As he carried his sister out, he thought of one thing: The power he received was nearly gone now, he reckoned that it would disappear completely in another ten or so minutes.

That was more than enough time for what he wanted to do. . .


AN: yeah, i wasnt sure i should use this word. The word is chinese or something, and i was hesitant to use it since it is a type of dress mainly worn in that specific region. Seems kinda out of place.[/i]


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