Iris was dreaming.

She didnt know exactly what happened before she slept, she only remembered that she, her brother and her father were inside a large white room.

After that she remembered being held and feeling warm, safe.

Then she dreamt. A dream that won't remain in her memory when she wakes. A dream that was best left forgotten.

In this dream, there was a woman. A woman with bright yellow hair much like her own. Even her eyes held a green color, like Iris'.

But in her eyes there were flecks of orange.

And she didn't look like Iris. No, she may have had similar coloring but her face was even more well-formed, flawless. Delicate, even refined.

She hovered in front of Iris wearing a pure white dress that could not hide her mature figure, a mysterious smile on her face.

" Girl, what do you desire the most in this world?" But then, without even giving the girl time to respond, she spoke once more. "Ah, I see. But eventually he will move on. You know that, don't you? He will leave you for another, someday. And your time together will end. You know this, don't you? And you hate it, because he's yours. No one else can have him, isn't that so? But girl, your love is not ready."

Iris didn't speak, couldn't speak. She was a mere passenger here, unable to do anything except see and hear.

She went on. " And by the time it is he will have already started a new family, one that doesn't include you. Perhaps with that Alderton girl, perhaps with that pretty maid who faithfully serves him. Or maybe some other person he has yet to meet. Is this not something that has always weighed on your heart? That he will leave you, abandone you, while some other woman gets to keep him all to herself?"

"But worry not, my dear, because I can make him ours." She looked at Iris, a light coming into her eyes. It was filled with a certain knowledge of things to come. She leaned down, gently touching the little girl's face. "Let me make things easy for you, my sweet girl. Give me your body and mind. Let me have it all. And then I promise you..."

"...I'll make him stay by our side....forever.... "


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