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It felt like the world had come crashing down.

Where once there was a bright light and feeling of contentment, now there was only a sense of sadness and loss.

And empty void that stretched on endlessly. 

But that was fine. 

Iris liked it.

The coldness left her numb, making the pain go away. She couldn't see nor hear, there was only a blessed silence, a comforting darkness that she clung to and didn't want to let go of.

Yes...silence...a place where those words couldn't reach her, couldn't hurt her...

...Iris never wanted to leave...

It was here that she could dream about days long past. It was here that she could remember the times where things were simpler.

Times where it was just her, her parents... and her brother.

The days where he paid attention to only her, the days where there was no one else to take him away. Where he belonged to her and no one else.

This was a place where she could re-live that time endlessly. Where her happiest memories could be replayed forever...

Iris could remember the first time she had snuck into his bed, when she was only six or maybe even younger.

She could recall the way he smiled and let her hold onto his arm. The warmth that she felt at that time still lingered in her mind even now, as did the feeling of rightness that came with just being there by his side.

He loved her, then. She was the most important person to him, in those days.

But now...that was changing...

Iris was losing him...

She thought she had more time. She knew it was going to happen eventually. She knew that, someday, he'd start his own family. That maybe...he'd love someone more than her...

But she didn't care. She only wanted him to remain her's just a little longer...just for a few more years...just...

...Always? I can make that happen, you know.

"Go away..."

I can keep him with Us.

"Shut up..."

Poor girl... So pitiful... Does it hurt, knowing that your time is running out? You were so happy, weren't you, when that girl broke them apart?

"Lies! I...I just..."

Thought you would be able to keep him for a little while longer? Yes. I know. I also know how pleased you were at that time. How happy, how excited, that he was hurt. 

"No...I wasn't...I'd never be happy about that! I'm...!"

Greedy. Hateful. Selfish.

"You're wrong!" She screamed.

....I wonder, did you think you could keep that promise? don't have it in you. It'd be hell, wouldn't it, seeing him always dote on another woman, seeing his wife and children receive the love that should be given to you instead. To watch them take for granted what you would prize above all else. I wonder how much it really hurt, hearing him twist your pure feelings into something sick and unhealthy? Hearing him say such cruel things, no wonder you take solace in this place...

"Shut up!" Iris snarled. " Shut up, shut up, shut up,shut up, shut up! I hate you! This is your fault! You're the ones who caused all this! If it weren't for you and those...those things...If only you people didn't exist, then--!"

Livia laughed, light and mocking. 

Please. You can blame us all you want, Little One...but it won't change the fact that it's your own fault he was sullied by that bitch. That he now reeks of another woman's touch. Had you been faster, had you looked for him soon, it wouldn't have occcured. Aren't you angry, resentful? Knowing that he was soiled, yet not doing a single thing about it? Not being able to do anything? Letting that slut free after what she did, letting her plan on how to take him away from Us?

Iris paled.

"You're lying. Nothing happened. Nothing. Big brother--"

Has already been defiled once. By that whore, and soon by that filthy mutt he once took pity on. A bitch who doesn't know her own place. And maybe that two-faced slut will eventually take a piece of him as well. But do you even care? Do you think you can do anything by yourself? No. The only thing you can do on your own is watch by the sidelines as he gets dirtied more  and more by their disgusting hands. Because you know... know that by yourself, you're nothing... 

"...Nothing...?" Iris repeated numbly. "No, that's not true. None of it. I don't want that. Big brother, he's..."

Ours... Yes. He belongs to Us. Only Us. Although he's not Ours entirely yet, with my help I can make it so. I can make those past times come again. I can make him love Us more, I can make him look at Us and no one else. Isn't that what you desire most?  

"But big brother, he said..."

What, are you fine with this then? Are you really satisfied with seeing him love others more than you? Only ever being the "Good Auntie", is that something that you can be content with? Don't you want...more?  Don't you want to continue being spoiled by him, just as you were in the past, without the interference of other people? 

"I do, I do, but...!  But I can't." Iris cried, voice colored with unspeakable pain. "I promised him I'd be a good girl...I promised that I'd--!"

Livia smiled down at the girl kindly, sympathetically, like a mother would to her child.

I understand, Little One. You don't want to break your promises to him, do you? You don't want him to be disappointed in you, right?  But I can promise you something too. I can promise that, so long as you accept me, We'll never have to worry about him leaving Us ever again. I can make him stay with Us, right by Our side, always.

Come on now, She cooed. Take my hand... Take it, and let me merge Us together... Take it, and I'll give you the power to keep him chained to Us...forever...


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