Regarding The Life of A Certain Fallen Noble

by Luc666-_-

Original HIATUS Adventure Fantasy Harem
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content


...Every paths leads to the same destination...

Five Saints, five Kings, seven Sins. One entire plane in agony.

..Chaos must reign...

In days long past, several Mage Kings cut a path of destruction everywhere they went. Cruel experimentation, the creation of monstrous creatures, the tearing apart of families and mass genocide...There were few crimes the mad Mage Kings didn't commit. 

As the Five Saints were summoned in desperation by the races of the world, everything was already at it's darkest hour. 

When the fighting was over, when the Mage Kings were gone and the Five Saints had returned to their planet of origin, a World  Council was erected to keep the the delicate balance from falling apart.

Many eras pass.

Lyle Greyborne. Current heir to the powerful Greyborne family, the only son of Adarian and Alyssa Greyborne. 

With the maroon hair of his Greyborne ancestory and the exceedingly rare golden eyes of his mother's Bathory clan, Lyle's talents can only be described as terrifying. These, along with his personal status, make him desired by many. 

After a young Lyle begins a relationship with one Sophia Alderton, two years pass by. Then a lack of trust coupled with a certain misunderstanding leave the two estranged and left on a sour note. But Lyle even still retains his friendship with Cecelia, Sophia's sister. 

With Cecelia, his loving sister Iris and Melanie--A young woman who recieved his aid some time ago--Lyle is content to pass the days in peace and idleness. Well, when he's not completing harsh missions from his combat instructor, that is.

But this peace is ruined when Lyle's father tells of a mysterious group hell-bent on causing war between the human and demon continents. 

Later, when his father involves him and his sister in an incident resulting in Iris being put in mortal danger, Lyle makes a decision which could very well cost him not his life... but instead his soul.

His status, his loved ones, his dignity as a human being... All these may soon be lost.

His life isn't his own. Not anymore. He can only brace himself for the things to come and hope he makes it out with his sanity intact. 



Author Note: Another thing, the cover photo is not mine. Obviously. It's  just a picture I found one day at DeviantArt and thought that the two shown in the picture looked like how I imagined Lyle and another character to be. Simply put, it was convenient in various way and I also loved the art.

From my understanding is is from a collaboration between artists Chocobikies and Pinlin. Here is a link to where I found the original

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Review as of Interlude 2 

As highlighted by this review's title, the story tries too hard to be interesting and engaging. While some mystique may be a hook for readers, suddenly mentioning names and places without any context only serve to confuse readers. It is a really lazy way of foreshadowing that may instead cause readers to turn away from the story.

The story is also somewhat slow-paced in some areas; it took 10+ chapters to go through everything that was summarized in the synopsis. 28 chapters in and the MC has not yet "fallen". Any foreshadowing or mysterious subplots just don't seem very appealing if readers already know what will eventually happen, especially if those events haven't happened yet.

Grammar is not perfect, with odd expressions and grammatical errors occuring quite frequently, but the story is still readable.

The redeeming point of this story are its characters. While I do not see much character development taking place, I did manage to get a feel for the main characters: their personalities, their goals, their worries. That said, these are mostly just mentioned, and the characters in general are still somewhat lacking depth. This is especially so for the side characters.

I'm looking forward to see these characters mature as the story progresses.


Certainly a Good one,But draining

The story and background  is certainly good. It has a fantasy feel to it. The gods , different races , plots are finely shown.

The characters were very interesting in beginning as they have more depth in them.

But the interaction and drama is very tiring and draining.

First we get over-clingy little sister iris whose monologue was pretty funny of how she thought of other girls.But as it gets repeated it is very annoying.

His friend cecelia whom you can't decide to like or not. She's smart, devious, and strong.But what she does to her own sister is not enviable even if it meant good for both of them.

And at last about MC - I did like him in the start he is cool, strong and all.But later when it is said it is said that all is a facade to maintain his invunerable perfect figure. Enthusiasm goes down.He is obviously struggling and he gets no help neither from his family nor from his sister or his friends.They just expect things from him. But sometimes you can't relate to MC like i get his over protectiveness to his sister.but i certainly won't kill my own father for it. 

As i said drama is draining especially his bitch of a sister. Maybe it is dark fantasy but it is tiring to read some shit happening to him and he can't do anything about it. He is a noble not a fucking pleb. He can get help if he wants to. But no i have to carry this burden myself. such Masochistic tendencies are foolish. It may change at one point but shitty romance drama drags on so  much .it becomes irritating. Gla dif author deals with soem action and focus on story.


Ch 23 after repost?

It not bad I dont know I like certain aspects of the story but it did not grab me so maybe I'll try again later who knows

By all means it's not terrible it just I have tried to read this twice(months ago and now) and I just couldn't get into it

Try it to see if you will like it 

AzraLu - Tobi

loses their vibrant after a while (and the DRAMA)

First of all

Basic grammar very average, nothing special.

Style is normal and actual very readable not like some novel


Character - MC at the start of the series is very interesting, average? yeah but the experience and the actual noble pride he has is real -

Iris/Sister - at the start is interesting and basic after chapter 10 my interest in her character actually grew but then she went and become a pest, absolute waste of paragraph and some chapter is dedicated to her solely? WHY? i don't understand the interest in her, the MC is not in love with her and that's been astablished but she went and became a pest and disturb and be *mad* at other people for getting close to her brother (blood brother)

The harems - Cecelia is basic, a good character but very greedy - Sophia is a bitch - Melenia is a good heroine for this novel, very kind and respectful, a good pair for the MC adventurous self but the author went and fuck with it...damn it - etc is average and there's this Sera character that is a waste of 10+ chapters

Basically first 20 chapters is interesting - Loses color over the 20-current chapters.

Character is interesting don't get me wrong, but the relation and interaction between the MC and his sister completely ruins the novel for me and the fact that the MC went from semi-intelligent to absolute bastard and a bitch playboy (well for specific reason but fuck him)

Zombie Unicorne

It's a very enjoyable read, if you are patient enough for the slow buildup, what you get is a truly unforgettable experience. What started out small becomes something unbelievably grand, and that slow buildup helps allot in hyping future events up. I don't want to give away much but trust me, you won't regret it.

Not to mention the complex toxic drama, going around. 

The main characters are my favorite, they just embody selfishness to the extreme. Even the main protagonist embody that notion. He may seems noble and pure but that is the result of his selfish desire for himself, as he has compromised his ideals before so he can't really be seen as truly paragon.

Speaking MC, he's my favorite part of this series. He isn't a dumb, dence dickhead like most harem MC, thank god! He can't see the subtle things but when comfronted by someone with face to face regarding "feelings". He doesn't blush or hide or remain ignorant, he confronts the issue head on. That's what I loke the most. He's unflinching in his ideals when  it suits him but embraces hypocrisy when it's needed. A complex character nontheless.

It's a great story with great potential, just be patient you will be rewarded for it.


Great story, characters and its a lot of fun :)

Great story and good charecters. I think it has a good story progression which is,so far, slow but not boring.

Its descriptive and you get a feel for the charecters.


Thanks for the good tıme I had while reading it.