A Song for the Live Ones

A Song for the Live Ones

by stellajo

Agnet Krause would rather hole up in her apartment and lick her wounds. But instead, she's on assignment, leading a team of burned-out or untrained or just downright strange operatives. And the mission?

"Investigate the Warden's complaint about monsters."

Monsters? Are they kidding or is this a clever ruse to make her look even more incompetent? But the situation at the Ridgeland Penal Farm is complicated. And it turns out that the "monsters" are just the beginning.

Dear Reader - The work presented here is a completed second draft of a novel, part of a sci/fi-fantasy fusion series exploring a multiverse of diverse characters trying to avoid The End. I'll post each chapter as soon as I've run it through my proofreading software. Any constructive opinions will be much appreciated. Be advised that the novel is not a r*mance, the cast is diverse, and the language is reasonably clean but not antiseptic. The "gore" doesn't get much worse than what you'll read in the prologue and isn't excessive in my view as there's no malice involved. Hope you enjoy.

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Rough intro, hidden gem, massive cliffhanger.

Reviewed at: Silence and Spinning

Reader beware.  The intro is a little rough around the edges, and being introduced to 5 main characters (or, people who all *think* like they are main characters) is a bit of frontload.

However, if you stick with them, the cast is loveably unique.  I don't think I've seen one author write this many POVs so colorfully distinct.  You can usually get a glimpse for an author's opinions and worldview through their characters, but in this case the author is nearly impenetrable.  This is the story of the characters, for the characters, by the characters, with the author being an unseen enigma.

I couldn't tell you which of the leads is my favourite, as they are all awesome.  They are all good people - or try to be.  They are also all distinctly flawed, traumatized, and are under the not unreasonable assumption that their comrades aren't capable of accepting eachother.  I eagerly await the upcoming trainwreck (and hopefully cartharsis).

This brings me to my last warning:  The story isn't done yet.  There are 5 loveable leads (each with half a dozen unresolved secrets and character arcs), at least 2 layers of supernatural mystery, at least 2 layers of corporate intrigue, which may or may not having anything to do with at least 3 religious factions, and I haven't even mentioned the murder yet.  TLDR: Cliffhangers abound.

This reminds me of the first book of Into The Mire, but more intense.