The spirit in me



Chapter 12. What do I want to believe in? (II)


That night -

A massive explosion occurred that was powerfully felt throughout the entire city.

The purple beam of light shot into the sky woke the townspeople from their sleep.

Natasha the mayor and Lin her daughter were awake in the living room after the explosion. Natasha drank coffee to try to wake up. She waited for updates regarding what happened at the factory and Lin waited with her. That's how they've always been. Together. As commonly for daughter-single mother relationship. A moment later, Natasha received a phone call.

"We canceled the meeting, I'm on my way. I sent you reinforcements in the meantime." Fit, the commander of the bodyguard's organization announced on the phone a moment after the mysterious explosion.

Two guards in the unit's black uniforms advanced towards Natasha's house. Their uniforms reveal their nicknames, Nick and Zick. As befits the nicknames invented by Fit. Everyone had a different code name according to the spirit of the unit, with the prohibition of revealing their full names to each other remaining the first and most basic rule of the unit.

"I don't know why but I feel a bad feeling..." Lin thought worriedly.

As he walked through the dark streets quickly, Ruan crept towards the mayor's house cautiously.

Suddenly, a knock on their door.

"It must be the reinforcements." Natasha said to Lin as she walked to the doorway.

All of a sudden, the door flew out of its place forcefully into the house and broke along with the mirror that was on the wall in front of it.

A sudden panic rushed in Natasha's heart and a fearful look rose on Lin's face.

"Anybody home?!" asked the voice angrily.

A young man entered the room.

Covered in blood with a wide smile to his face, the sight stopped the hearts of whomever he looked at it.

"Come here you little whore. It'll be short." Ruan exclaimed in breathless hatred as he looked at Natasha and stepped inside.

"Madam Mayor?" asked a man behind him suddenly.

Ruan opened his eyes in surprise. He turned around quickly. Behind him stood two people. When they saw his face, they immediately went into battle stance, pulling out their Energia weapons with tremendous speed.

One had three claw-like blades in his left hand, and the other has a six-foot-long Energia rod that he held in both hands.

Quickly, Nick swung the Energia rod aside.

His distance was far from Ruan's, but suddenly the pole extended over twelve foot.

The pole caught Ruan by surprise and lunged him sideways harshly into the kitchen cabinets that broke on impact.

"Ahhhh!" Ruan quickly stood up with a powerful purple Energia blast as he blasted the pans and pots that had fallen on him.

On the way, the blast broke the roof of the small house and knocks out the electricity in the entire building, which was now illuminated by the moonlight.

Leaping forward, he punched Nick who was standing in front of him.

"Nick!" Zick shouted, jumping at Ruan with his three Energia Blades from his left hand.

Ruan stopped the blades with his bare hand and a wicked smile.

"With his hand?! How?!" Zick wondered in shock.

"Lin! Hurry! Come on!" Natasha called as she pulled Lin by the hand into the hallway at the other end of the house.

"Wait! Mom!" Lin exclaimed in a huff as she pulled her hand back. "They need our help!" she called as she held her hand out to the side in a battle stance.

"It's not our job! Leave them behind! Quickly!" Natasha called hastily.

"Abandon them!? How can I do this to them when they risk their lives for us!?" Lin fretted in her mind. She lingered another moment as she stood her ground.

"Lin!" Natasha yelled at her again in an anxious panic as she pulled her forcefully closer to her.

When she suddenly understood.

"What am I doing?" Lin asked herself, "They're bodyguards. That's their job. They don't need my help. I'll just disturb them. They're skilled at dealing with cases like this. If they reacted like that it's because they know they'll win. They don't need my help. " she understood in a split second.

"My mom knew it before I did, that's why she ordered me to run away. She knows what she's doing. It's okay." she said to herself as she and Natasha made their way down the hall, when a loud tremor in the structure of the house drew her attention back again.

Nick's smashed head hanging on the wall was exposed to their eyes as the whole area was stained with blood.

Lin's eyes widened in frighten as Zick screamed in horror.

"Nick!!!" Zick screamed a moment after as his mind is full of hatred and anger.

"Hey! Come back here you bitch!" Ruan shouted furiously in Natasha's direction.

"Now!" Zick called out in his head as Ruan had his back to him. With a loud noise, he lunged at him with his body burning from the feeling of revenge. But with a tremendous speed, Ruan turned around and looked deeply into his eyes.

"So fast... I made a mistake." Thought Zick as his body slowly fell through the air towards Ruan. "But… It's too late. I have no way to escape." He accepted his fate as he saw Ruan preparing his powerful blow.

Suddenly, a powerful punch hit Ruan's face and blew his head to the side.

"Ahhhh!!!" Zick exclaimed loudly as Ruan was distracted.

The swung blades hit his face and sent his body crashing down onto the wooden floor who broke from the sheer force. But despite the impact, Ruan remained standing.

Realizing that he was still on his feet despite the clean blow, immediately Zick backed away fearfully. Ruan forcefully swung his hands to his sides with an annoyed shout.

Lin was too close when his hand hit her.

Blocking the blow with her arms, she flew several meters back to the floor, to her mother's side.

"Lin!!!" Natasha exclaimed worriedly. "I'm fine!" Lin announced quickly on the floor. She tried to get back on her feet when she felt her heart drop.

"What's going on here?!" she asked herself in shock as she unsuccessfully tried to get up off the floor.

"Lin! Come on!" Natasha called as she tried to pull her up.

"I... I can't! I can't do it!" Lin yelled at her mom worriedly as she looked back at her. Natasha's eyes widened in apprehension.

"Why… why?!" Lin panicked. "The blow wasn't strong! It wasn't strong! Why is my body reacting like this?! What's going on here!?" she wondered in confusion as she looked down at her numb legs.

Ruan looked at her lying on the floor as Natasha tried to pull her by her hand, enjoying the worried look in their eyes.

From the angle Lin was lying, she could see Zick swinging a silent, surprising blow behind Ruan.

Looking at Ruan, she recognized it in a split second.

"It's a deception!" she shouted with all her might.

Ruan's smile was revealed as Zick's gaze changed with concern.

"I know." Zick thought in resignation.

"I figured it might happen. It was expected. I'm not on his level...but, I did it anyway.

Because you saved me.

If you hadn't sent that punch, I would have been dead already from the previous blow.

Even if it's at the cost of my life.

Even if it's just to buy you a little more time.

I, Montar Carib, owe it to you.” He eulogized himself in his head.

Swinging a spinning kick, Ruan powerfully hurled him against the broken window of the house.

Dizzy, Montar grabbed his head.

Ruan, was already standing over him. He bent down and looked him deep in the eyes.

Montar shouted in panic and crawled back, trying to avoid Ruan.

Stuck to the wall, Ruan left him no room to move. Hopeless, he threw a punch.

Ruan stopped the punch with his palm. He looked at him with his frightened eyes.



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Bio: Energia is the source of power all humans being possessed throughout history. Although it's powerful benefits, technology has slowly begin to take over. Humanity reached a stable and comfortable life, more than ever. But recently, odd creatures has begin to arrive. Those doll looking creatures, seem harmless, but send a powerful message. Our battle wasn't over. They have been gone, for ages. For thousands of year. Humanity has forgot about them. But, for unknown reason, they are back. And with them, the cases of people going mad. Why are they back? What are they and what is the Energia? Find out in the upcoming and exciting series - The spirit in me.
The spirit in me series has been written carefully for years - More than 10 years in the making. It delivers many strong and powerful messages about our reality and existence. My professional dream and passion was always telling stories and helping others. I have been working silently for years, and finally the moment has come, that I can share my story, my world, with you. The chapter are not less than 3000 words, usually 3000-5000 but sometimes can go up to 9000 words per chapter. English isn't my native language, so I do my best to translate it as best as I can. Please, if there are any mistakes or mistranslation, please let me know so I can fix and improve.
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Before I go, if I can give you one promise - you are in for a long ride. This story has been planned for years. There is no comparison to my desire to do this. No matter what happened in my life, I pushed it to make it a reality. Long story short, before my dad passed away from cancer, I tried to tell him about it. He had heard about the story I had created for so long, but had never seen anything of it. I wanted it to be perfect, but I didn't have enough time to show it to him the way I really wanted. I tried to summarize my story, give him a short, powerful story, but his mind was too busy with the pain. He could not listen and was confused with what I told him. So I knew I had to sum it up in one line. One sentence, that holds my whole universe. what was that? Stay tuned and watch until the end - we don't like spoilers :)
Thank you all for reading, I appreciate every single one of you that read so far. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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