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The light of life at the end of the world is fading yet again.  And so a new saint is born, a young baker's daughter with not a single skill to her name to aid her in fighting the darkness is chosen for this great honor.

And though darkness always rises, so do the heroes of light. For the heroes that aided the saints of ages past are once more reborn, to carry the burden alongside the young baker's daughter, and renew light.

And so their endless march begins anew. 

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Wlnd Rose

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Let's get the negatives out of the way. For me I find the descriptions a bit basic, and the setting (as in the environment) to be a bit lacking when it comes to me understanding where the characters are. These issues can easily be fixed.

However, it is a solid start. The characterization is amazing, and the hook to the conflict and possible events to be both interesting and engaging. I am not a fan of time travel, but from the looks of things, this story seems promising.