Dungeon Tour Guide: A LitRPG Dungeon Core

Dungeon Tour Guide: A LitRPG Dungeon Core

by Slifer274

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

★★★★★ Tour guide was super friendly and helped us clear the dungeon!

After Lucas dies during a dungeon delve gone wrong, divine intervention sees him brought back to life with the power to control a dungeon.

There’s just a couple issues: he still has his human body, and he can’t leave.

When he sees newbie adventurers entering his dungeon, though, Lucas decides to help them survive and complete their quests.

After all, adventuring is a process, and someone needs to guide the rookies.

Dungeon Tour Guide is a non-traditional Dungeon Core novel.

What to expect:

- Collaboration with adventurers

- A main character who wants to help people thrive

- Powerful skills and spells for the MC’s dungeon and human halves

- Dungeon building and eventual community building

- A Dungeon Core MC with a human body

Transferring chapters over from Reddit. Once that's done, I'll post once or twice a week, probably.

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There is Epic Loot Here, Follow Me!

Reviewed at: Chapter 5: Cleanup

This story is still pretty new, but I feel it warrants a review because it is a rather fun twist on the typical reincarnated as a dungeon core story.

Firstly, the protagonist doesn't fully become a dungeon-- rather, he half-becomes a dungeon and retains a human form as well. Secondly, instead of becoming a murderhobo dungeon or a sanctuary dungeon, he becomes... well, as the title suggests, a guide to adventurers and other dungeon delvers because of his background as a healer before dying.

While I'm sure some of you are already taking this as a hard pass because you'd much rather a bloodthirsty dungeon that just continues upgrading itself, this doesn't mean Lucas neglects leveling or advancing as a dungeon. It's quite the opposite. He upgrades himself so he can help adventurers grow stronger. It is very much a win-win premise which I really like. Most dungeon novels treat adventurers or dungeon delvers as barely people, which doesn't really sit right with me. The fact that Lucas tries to uplift others and himself IMO gives a reason to this story being a reincarnation novel.

The characters so far seems fun. Their reaction to Lucas is a joy to read.

Grammar is good. Style is good too. Nothing else to say, really.

Overall I'd say the novel is a solid 5/5 for me. 



Quite a while ago, I read the first chapter of this story, and was instantly enamored. As a self-proclaimed enjoyer of dungeon core stories, it hit all the marks for me, and I was excited for more. Sadly, I mainly read on Royal Road, and this was only being posted on a subreddit, so I lost track of the story. Imagine my delight when I stumbled upon this gem once again, on the rising star list.

After a quick binge of chapters, I'm here to report that this story delivers on it's premise exceedingly well. While the dungeon guide is friendly, it doesn't stubbornly pursue pacificity to a fault. The LitRPG aspects are used to add to the world, and are unobtrusive. I'm loving the dynamic between the characters, and the narrative is top-tier. I highly reccomend this story! 


Great story, engaging cast, would recommend.

Reviewed at: Chapter 19: Aftermath

Very enjoyable characters, world, and plot - currently wrapping up the 'can a human/dungeon really get rated and officialize' arc, and I'm quite looking forward to how the story will go.

If you’ve read any of the author’s other works, you should be pleased by how their writing improves in this story. And the dungeon elements are a nice icing on top. Overall, the story doesn’t play around with getting to the meat/action, so we jump right into the breech chapter 1.


The characters are very well written (although I am hoping the MC will get to leave his dungeon at some point so we can explore more of the world) and the grammar is fabolous.

I consistently find myself expecting 'more' dungeon, and while the dungeon building side of it isn't yet accelerating, I can tell that the Author has a lot in play and is gearing up for a second floor/expansion.

For people that are quite used to the whole dungeon core genre, I think this may be a bit dull at the start - especially since there are only so many variations on how to start the progression climb. But for people new to it or looking for a MC/dungeon that has a bit more agency then normal - especially agency without a stereotypical 'dungeon fairy', this is a great choice.

5/5 would recommend.


5 stars, will visit again

Reviewed at: Chapter 19: Aftermath

I usually dislike the dungeon cores story a lot ( except the Divine Dungeon ). This one though, is one of the best i've read. The system here isn't the main focus, and it gives a lot more space to the characters to be shown.

The characters and the plot really are the strong points of this story. While there are a few moments were they are not life-like or the most natural possible , at no moment does it break the immersion nor do they ever feel artificial. Plus, what really sells the characters for me is the fact that there's a bit of mystery surrounding each and every single characters, which gives them a real depth and makes you ask yourself about them.

Grammar's perfectly adequate, style's great but not the main reason to read.

The plot has me absolutely hooked, and I am waiting excitedly for those next chapters.

Not much world building, but hey that's coherent with the fact that you follow someone that's stuck in a cave, plus, like said before, it really leaves a lot of space for the juicy plot and characters.

A blast to binge read, thanks for the crispy words Slifer.

Not much else to say but i have to reach that 200 words count so here are some words : 




Lobster ( I do love those )



Really fun story with likeable characters.

Reviewed at: Chapter 19: Aftermath

I really enjoy the premise. I haven't read any stories before focused on a dungeon (though i know others exist). The characters have depth and are interseting and fun. I'm excited to see how their relationships all evolve. That the MC is making friends but can't go out in the world to visit htme on his terms seems like it has a lot of really interesting implications to explore.

Even with our limited impressions of the 'bad guys' a lot of flavor and interesting details have been shown to us (not spoon fed either). I'm struggling to remember accurately but I don't think their was a single paragraph of straight up exposition about them, yet I still feel I have a good idea of who they are and how they relate to the local government/adventurer's guild (still much more I'm excited to learn though). Again that the MC is a dungeon and incapable of leaving his location is a very intersting situation for him to be in given that there are people who want to do him harm.

Really liking it and excited to see where it goes!

I do have one bit of constructive criticism and it is that the MC was a brand new adventurer but is giving out advice to other brand new adventurers. He was more advanced than the ones he is giving advice to but by no means a seasoned veteran. Not a big deal but it just struck me and I thought I should mention it.


Great start so far. The intro assumes that you know enough about the standard fantasy isekai litrpg setting, but that's completely fair. Can't shake a stick without hitting another litrpg fantasy in RR. Loving the main character so far. Lucas just has that vibe to him. A real helper turned healer turned dungeon guide. Goos fun.

Cpt Obvious

I've just caught up with the story at chapter 11 or 12, and finds it interesting so far. I've scored it a four as while it's been entertaining it haven't really taken off yet. At least that's the impression I got.

Anyway the dungeon in this story is running on a shoestring budget and is trying to creatively use the resources available to punch way above its weight class. Besides who has ever seen a dungeon whose most powerful ability is healing? 


We have seen friendly dungeon stories before, but have we ever seen a dungeon that actively helps the adventurers through its many rooms, even going so far as to heal them?

Lucas has become an unnamed, low level dungeon. One that hot headed newbies armed with a stick and rags believe they can conquer. As a healer before his reincarnation, Lucas decides to become a tour guide to his own dungeon and help the people overcome his challenges.

Looking forward to more updates :) 


Great! A dungeon resurrection that makes sense! There are so many stories where someone is reborn as a dungeon and just immediately have no problem killing people to grow, and just aay "welp they deserved to doe to grow unless plot says otherwise" which just feels lazy. This stoey has the main character go "eell i'm still ME and i wasn't a psychotic sociopath before, so why wouldn't o actively help? Sure the mc is op but who cares! It's fun to read.


Welcome, adventurers of all levels or none!

Reviewed at: Chapter 7: Friends

Lucas wanted to help people. That's why when he was isakaied away and had to choose a class, he became a healer. That lasted until he literally embraced the dungeon core, and wound up halfway turned into one- but his still-human half is restricted to the dungeon.

Being stuck in a stone pit all alone is boring, and Lucas is still the same person. Dungeon. Whatever.

What's the best way to solve both problems while ensuring adventurers don't automatically murderhobo his human half? A tour of a unique dungeon guaranteed to push your limits, and a helping hand if the dungeon pushes too hard!

Watching newbie adventurers mature and dealing with aboveground current affairs are fun twists on typical dungeon core stories. Definitely worth reading at least the first 6 chapters to get a feel for the story. By the time you're that far in, you'll almost certainly be hitting the Next Chapter button to read more.