Dungeon Tour Guide: A Dungeon Core LitRPG

Dungeon Tour Guide: A Dungeon Core LitRPG

by Slifer274

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Lucas used to delve dungeons. Now, he has to run one.

After Lucas dies during a freak explosion, divine intervention sees him brought back to life with the power to control a new dungeon.

There’s just a couple of issues: his old body is bound to his dungeon, and the craziness of what he thought was his final act is only getting weirder. When he sees newbie adventures entering his dungeon, though, he decides to help them survive and complete their quests. 

After all, adventuring is a process, and someone needs to guide the rookies.

★★★★★ Tour guide was super friendly and helped us clear the dungeon!

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Dungeon Tour Guide is a non-traditional Dungeon Core novel.

What to expect:

- Collaboration with adventurers

- A main character who wants to help people thrive

- Powerful skills and spells for the MC’s dungeon and human halves

- Dungeon building and eventual community building

- A Dungeon Core MC with a human body

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Table of Contents
127 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Second Chances ago
Chapter 2: The First Tour I ago
Chapter 3: The First Tour II ago
Chapter 4: The First Tour III ago
Chapter 5: Cleanup ago
Chapter 6: Cleanup II ago
Chapter 7: Friends ago
Chapter 8: Dungeon Experimentation ago
Chapter 9: The Second Tour I ago
Chapter 10: The Second Tour II ago
Chapter 11: The Second Tour III ago
Chapter 12: The Second Tour IV ago
Chapter 13: Negotiation ago
Chapter 14: The Third Tour I ago
Chapter 15: The Third Tour II ago
Chapter 16: The Third Tour III ago
Chapter 17: The Third Tour IV ago
Chapter 18: The Third Tour V ago
Chapter 19: Aftermath ago
Chapter 20: Next Steps ago
Chapter 21: Dungeon Building ago
Chapter 22: Corporate Espionage ago
Chapter 23: Business Deal ago
Chapter 24: The Fourth Tour I ago
Chapter 25A: The Fourth Tour II - ARI (1/2) ago
Chapter 25B - The Fourth Tour II - ARI (2/2) ago
Chapter 26A: Ruminations (1/2) ago
Chapter 26B: Ruminations (2/2) ago
Chapter 27A: Dungeon Defense (1/2) ago
Chapter 27B: Dungeon Defense (2/2) ago
Chapter 28A: Drawing Conclusions (1/2) ago
Chapter 28B: Drawing Conclusions (2/2) ago
Chapter 29: Level Up ago
Chapter 30: Threat Assessment ago
Chapter 31: The Fifth Tour I ago
Chapter 32: The Fifth Tour II ago
Chapter 33: The Fifth Tour III ago
Chapter 34A: The Fifth Tour IV (1/2) ago
Chapter 34B: The Fifth Tour IV (2/2) ago
Chapter 35: The Deal ago
Chapter 36: Expansion ago
Chapter 37: Attempted Tour ago
Chapter 38: Post Mortem ago
Chapter 39: [Combine] ago
Chapter 40: Security! ago
Chapter 41: Assassination Attempt ago
Chapter 42: Home Turf ago
Chapter 43: Morality, Practicality, Finality ago
Chapter 44: Interrogation ago
Chapter 45: Analysis ago
Chapter 46: Combinations ago
Chapter 47A: Interlude - Minus One (1/2) ago
Chapter 47B: Interlude - Minus One (2/2) ago
Chapter 48: Warnings ago
Chapter 49: Training Tours I ago
Chapter 50: Training Tours II ago
Chapter 51: Training Tours III ago
Chapter 52A: Training Tours III (1/2) ago
Chapter 52B: Training Tours III (2/2) ago
Chapter 53: Training Tours IV ago
Chapter 54: Training Tours V - Montage ago
Chapter 55: Invasion ago
Chapter 56: Dungeon Defense ago
Chapter 57: A Cornered Rat ago
Chapter 58: The Anger of a Gentle Man ago
Chapter 59: A Well-Deserved Break [END OF BOOK 1] ago
Chapter 60: Onward ago
Chapter 61: New Arrivals ago
Chapter 62: New Arrivals II ago
Chapter 63: Items ago
Chapter 64: QA Testing ago
Chapter 65: Spell-Item Combos ago
Chapter 66: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work ago
Chapter 67: 2nd Floor Attempt ago
Chapter 68: A Makeshift Team ago
Chapter 69: Pre-Match Preparations ago
Chapter 70: Battle of the Bards ago
Chapter 71: Employees ago
Chapter 72: New Tools ago
Chapter 73: Absorption ago
Chapter 74: More Level = More Good, Hopefully ago
Chapter 75: Multithreading ago
Chapter 76: Let Them Fight ago
Chapter 77: Anderson's First Tour ago
Chapter 78: A Surprise ago
Chapter 79: Oops ago
Chapter 80: Production ago
Chapter 81: Interlude (Minus One) - Into the Unknown ago
Chapter 82: Interlude (Minus One) - Class Up ago
Chapter 83: Downtime ago
Chapter 84: Reunion ago
Chapter 85: Catching Up ago
Chapter 86: Interlude (Minus One) - Extent of Power ago
Chapter 87: Incompetence ago
Chapter 88: Interlude (Minus One) - Staying Alive ago
Winter Holiday (Christmas Special) ago
Chapter 89: 50 Miles Away ago
Chapter 90: Plotting ago
Chapter 91: Soft Power ago
Chapter 92: Treason ago
Chapter 93: Plan of Action ago
Chapter 94: The Tour Group is (not) Always Right ago
Chapter 95: The Adventurers Do Their Leeroy Jenkins Impression ago
Chapter 96: Winning Allies ago
Chapter 97: Dungeon Break ago
Chapter 98: Lisa ago
Chapter 99: Moving Pieces ago
Chapter 100: Interlude (???) - She Who Watches the World ago
Chapter 101: Advancing the Plan ago
Chapter 102: Research ago
Chapter 103: New Information ago
Chapter 104: Teleportation ago
Chapter 105: Interlude (Starfall) - Returning ago
Chapter 106: More Parties ago
Chapter 107: Employment / Interlude (Pallbearers) - Underground ago
Chapter 108: Interlude (Pallbearers) - Trapped ago
Chapter 109: Catching Up ago
Chapter 110: Return ago
Chapter 111: More Options ago
Chapter 112: Training Tours (Redux) ago
Chapter 113: Training Tours (Redux) II ago
NOT A CHAPTER - Levels + Lucas' Stat Sheet ago
Chapter 114: Once More Unto The Breach ago
Chapter 115: Mass Teleportation ago
Chapter 116: Behemoth ago
Chapter 117: Establishing a Border ago
Chapter 118: Swordfighters ago

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Unravels if you think about it.

Reviewed at: Chapter 65: Spell-Item Combos

I really liked the concept, but there are several points that quickly unravel if you think about them. 


The first party, first exploration they were acting as kids who did not know anything about the world, or adventuring. Dreaming about glories and farytails. Who somehow stole something from a extremely dangerous people 

Nothing wrong with that. But when they came back the second time around, you revealed their backstory. 

They are suddenly geniuses that were trained since they were young, and are incredible prodigies from some of the most prestigious sources available. They suddenly have amazing equipment that they conveniently didn't bring out on their first adventure. And acted like they had a 10year long training montage in the background within a couple of days. 

Basically, the first encounter of the party is incongruous with the rest of the story. 



Secondly the tension and action of the Omen vs the king. 

I'm not going to write up everything I think about that, but the easy fix is that you add a backstory with the kingdom. They had/have a war/beast tide or another catastrophic incident where the kingdom + the royal family got gravely hurt. 

Example - crown prince died in battle, and the queen gets assassinated +/famine. So, he can't afford to send the army or people against omen while he deals with other issues + grief. 

Because at this point the king seems extremely incompetent, and you have written him in a hole where he must die, either by his own subjects, a disease, curse, or assassins.  

Since no regent in history who lets another power blatantly run rampant in his country like that without a massive power difference has ever held their throne. 



Thirdly Iris. You have described her as competent, smart, and powerful. But when you describe someone like that, but everything we are shown is the opposite it breaks immersion.  

It is like calling your character a handsome, charming genius. But all scenes are him acting like a fool while girls reject him and laughing at his stupidity. It doesn't connect. 

Example – She is one of the richest and most influential people in the kingdom. But she can't contact the king, has barely any forces available. Has to store her most priced artifacts in a newly discovered dungeon. And can't even defend her backyard where she and her family live. 

She is a tactician but reveals the enemies attack plan on a public information channel, and then everyone is shocked that the Omen don’t execute the plan accordingly with the revealed public information. “Ops, we didn’t think the enemy would react and change plans when we announced to the world what they wanted to do, my bad”  

Like, her class should be merchants, with the innate ability of a calculator. And he enterprise has just started, and not matured. That the interface is a completely new innovation, and she is taking the world and kingdom like a storm, but still doesn't have her feet under her. It would be a lot more believable. 


Like, how the hell did those kids find out Iris plan to track Omen and a powerful artifact without her noticing jack shit. That they went out for an adventure against people who send level 10-15 like they are cannon fodders without any equipment, they succeed in all of that, but randomly stumble upon a new dungeon. Yet losing vs a level 1 snake... It does not make sense.  


This story has potential, but the amount of plot holes introduced from the very beginning makes every subsequent chapter bumpier and harder to relate. 


Last bit, I feel like he is at the level of supermans disguise. It's like everyone knows the truth, but they are too polite to say it to his face at this point. 


The premise is nice (though I cringe every single time the MC refers to himself as a Tour Guide). 

The LitRPG elements though are extremely weak.  They feel like an afterthought really.  Like the author was checking off an item on a list, but didn't really care much about it.  I have not seen a status screen in at least 30 chapters.  MC also just leveled but you get next to no info about it.  Just something that happened.  An afterthought.


Well Written and Thought out just a bit bland.

Reviewed at: Chapter 32: The Fifth Tour II

So overall the story is good. I think most people will enjoy it without issues, however for me I am just really annoyed about how pointless it feels. The MC is human turned dungeon, who doesn't want to kill anyone but actually wants to help them. Great love the premise. The problem is how he does it. He training wheels so hard for them. He makes a fun and interesting dungeon, that is already super weak and would require massive failues all around to die in, yet he spoils every possible fun revelation or suspense that they may face.

Obstacle course? Shows them the path. Traps? Shows them what they do, and that they exist. Took Damage you weren't ready for? Healed, sometimes without saying anything so no lesson is learned. I honestly beleive that if the main characters of this story (which the MC isn't one ironcially) weren't so broken and overpowered, training exclusivly in his dungeon would lead them to dying in any other situation. He is a helicopter parent who accomdates to every little thing to prevent them from having to overcome anything. 

Honestly It isn't that bad to read, but it does lead me to wondering the purpose of it all. Every chapter spent with him upgrading his dungeon, or touring people through it feel's pointless because it will go exactly as you expect because the MC doesn't want it to do anything else. 

Finally the thing that I think is actually a flaw in the story rather than just a personal dislike, is the system. It seems convuluted, inflated and whimsical. Nothing seems to matter or is set in stone, as every assumption you have about it is broken by one of the main dungeon divers. You are limited in spells based on level? Nope all the divers know a new spell every room. Weaker spells shouldn't harm things stronger than you? Nope because of reasons. It seems that the only person bound by the rules of the system is the MC, but even that doesn't feel true but rather that he is uncreative. 

For instance he creates the lesser hydra using purely a sanke summon spell. Yet he struggles to comprehend that he could do the same for other things rather than let the sytem give him spells. Its very wishy washy on when he can do something out of the ordinary and when he can't. 


In addition to this, is the levels. They seem pulled out of thin air. Guild lady is level 10 and is the strongest person in the region for the guild. Then a few chapters later we see a group of level 20's. Well we are told that levels are expoential so a level 20 should be strong enough to kill a full party of level 10's. Yet what we are shown of the level 20's doesn't seem that way. Further more it is heavily implied that their are people in the world who have reached level 1000. If a level 20 can punch a crater into bed rock, a level 1000 would then be able to destroy the world by sneezing. So all this is to say, how is a level 10 the highest leveled person in the guild in one of the richest regions of this country? It doesn't makes sense, and I feel this will come to a head when we start to see actual engagements with the Kingsguard and Omen, where the Omen will be casually level 200 and everything before this point was pointless. Because if the Omen isn't that abusrdly high level, why would anyone fear him?



after chapter 38, i lost motivation to further read it. The Story feels like a lukewarm adventure story to me. i dont feel any tension in the dungeon Dive, because the power that helps the Heroes triumph and the Evil that wants to stop them ARE THE SAME PERSON. our Dungeon Guide/Keeper basically helps others defeating himself for experience and profit. He already stated that he doesnt want anyone to die in the Dungeon he himself created and controls, so we already know nothing bad is going to happen from the start but he also mothers the people who test themselves on him so severely, that even those small excursion dont feels a tad frightening. the first people he let into the Dungeon, he healed a dozen times from every little scrape and poison they got, and then lets them continue the dungeon even after they almost died without him.

sure there COULD be a fun story to be had if he has a big dungeon and people are stuck in the layers and dont progress and he needs to intervene to save them or guides them on single topics they didnt know about, maybe like the other Dungeon Stories where you show cool new monsters, traps and the layout you change, but he is a tiny 5 Room dungeon people clear as a matter of fact. clearing the dungeon is Expected and not the Super GAU it really should be for him. he should not forget that he is not only the guide but the Heart of the Dungeon too and if he guides all those people to the end, only the Authors will prevents people from going inside his Heart Room and messing with him. he himself is only a Healer and pretty weak in Combat.

if the Author wanted to focus mostly on the guide part of the Story, i think he should have been a guide in someone elses Dungeon, that would have prevented a lot of these problems from cropping up.


I think the overall story so far was great and it's exploration into a limited world fun.

But why does he have to be a inconsistent? I felt like there is a character shift that forces there to be drama. So far he's killed anything that endangered him specifically, and tried to help those that enter his dungeon grow. The latest chapter has him wanting to spare a bad guy, not for information that he would hold but because he's a "otherworld" soft hearted guy. What? He killed things already human/monster why would it change when he's barely got stronger, 3 levels wasn't really counting. It's like purposefully putting himself in the crossfire rife for conflict. It's ok, but I'm left wondering why the kings guard who lost a war has so many people to spare. Maybe after losing such a big hitter you send a squad of weaker people to investigate. I get that they wouldn't understand how the dungeon can tell that thier kings guard but that's for them to figure out as the story goes on.



Dungeon Tour Guide has been a breath of fresh air, a palate cleanser between a lot of heavier, slower stories.  It moves quickly, the combat is evocative and interesting without feeling like a grind -- particularly impressive given that it is quite combat-heavy -- and the MC's behavior is pretty much heartwarming.

The author has done an impressive job creating a character that is thoroughly kind without being irrationally sweet, and simultaneously experienced and new to his life in a way that feels genuine.  It helps that the MC's feelings towards other characters mirrored my own in several instances, to the point that I found myself thinking if I has been transplanted into that same situation, I hoped I could play it as well as he did.



A great Dungeon story with a fun twist

Reviewed at: Chapter 41: Assassination Attempt

I always have a disclaimer in my reviews that I am not a serious literay critic.  I enjoy fast paced "candy bar" stories not big plodding "thanksgiving dinner" literature.  I only mention it so you can decide how much wait to give my revew.

Dungeon Tour Guide is great because it feel like D&D, without hitting you over the head with how D&D it is. 
It is a Dungeon story, but is about more than just the dungeon.
It is well written enough to avoid pulling you out of the story.
It is also unique enough to avoid being, "just another dungeon story on Royal Road"

So far the pacign has been great with a natural eb and flow from action to leveling up.  There is enough going on with the "long story" to fill in hints and create a large arc, but enough cool snap shot story to keep things interesating and moving.

Another review mentioned that the story is bland and while I see their point, I disagree to some level.  There are several moments that are riviting and very exciting and times where I just have no idea how our tour guide will manage.

The best compliment I can give is that I am very excited with each chapter release and read is ASAP.


Quite a while ago, I read the first chapter of this story, and was instantly enamored. As a self-proclaimed enjoyer of dungeon core stories, it hit all the marks for me, and I was excited for more. Sadly, I mainly read on Royal Road, and this was only being posted on a subreddit, so I lost track of the story. Imagine my delight when I stumbled upon this gem once again, on the rising star list.

After a quick binge of chapters, I'm here to report that this story delivers on it's premise exceedingly well. While the dungeon guide is friendly, it doesn't stubbornly pursue pacificity to a fault. The LitRPG aspects are used to add to the world, and are unobtrusive. I'm loving the dynamic between the characters, and the narrative is top-tier. I highly reccomend this story! 


Great start so far. The intro assumes that you know enough about the standard fantasy isekai litrpg setting, but that's completely fair. Can't shake a stick without hitting another litrpg fantasy in RR. Loving the main character so far. Lucas just has that vibe to him. A real helper turned healer turned dungeon guide. Goos fun.


The sentient dungeon type of novel is very popular and getting one that is original written in proper English is quite nice.

I however didn't get "sucked in" by the story that i found a bit cliché. Don't misunderstand, the concept is good and the execution is without grammatical fault but it's still there that I'm loosing faith.

An example of what i say by cliché is the "mysterious" enemy capable of doing stuff to delvers on "trigger" (really tried not to spoil here).

Same with the first delvers he has. They are not super original, 1 talented, 1 hard working, 1 op base skill (same here i really tried not to spoil).

These have nothing wrong but feel repetitive even though it's my first read...

That being said you should still try to give it a go. It's a nice premise and if it's part of your first 10-20 novel you will likely love it.