Advent of Eternity [A Tactician LitRPG]

Advent of Eternity [A Tactician LitRPG]

by Actus

The gods have overstepped their bounds.

After thousands of years of rule, they have forgotten their place in protecting mortals and now see them as petty amusement. Smashed into shards of what they once were, the gods abuse their powers to do as they please. Most men fear the gods or plot against them in the shadows, hoping that the tides of fate will change.

Knell Twist is not most men. His Path grants him access to powerful time magic, and he bears the stolen eyes of the Goddess of Death herself. Raised by a brilliant tactician and with access to the same System that the gods themselves used to grow in strength, Knell plans to kill each and every last god. But before he can do that, he's going to need to find a crew.

A few things to note:

While Knell possesses Time Magic, there will be no time travel, so don't worry if that concerned you. 

Schedule - I will be dumping chapters for a while. That means short, 1k word chapters. I will then expand their length to 2k words once we've hit around 150 pages. 

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A Tactically Thought-Out LitRPG

Reviewed at: Chapter 13: Conviction

Full disclosure: Actus approached me to do some alpha reading (not beta reading cuz I ain't no beta bitch /jokes obv) for his novel before he even published it. I also don't actually know what chapter the RoyalRoad release is at so I'll try to keep this review as spoiler free as possible.

Anyway, onto the review:

Once again, Actus has written another fantastic story with a uniquely specialized protagonist. This time, it is about a tactician with a system. If you want a protagonist that just punches stuff, stabs things, or shoots monsters, you won't get it here. But if you want a protagonist that actually uses his brain, Knell Twist is the protagonist for you.

Obviously, since Knell Twist is a tactician, he isn't a solo murderhobo. There are incredibly compelling side characters IMO, in the sense that they aren't bland or one-dimensional. They each feel alive... which is expected from Actus' previous works. 

The style is quite good as well. The prose exudes the same feeling that the themes in the story tries to explore, which is always good. 

Grammar is good. When I read it, it probably had more errors than the version on RoyalRoad right now, but other than the minor typos, I didn't see any problems. (Also, even if the writing was riddled with typos, that wouldn't mean it has bad grammar. That means it has bad orthography.)

The story is still pretty young. I can see it going in a lot of directions, especially in regards to the gods. Nothing to write home about, but nothing stood out to me as particularly bad. No plot holes or contrived plotpoints. 

Overall, I'd say it's a 5/5 throuhgout the board for me.


Actus tends to write good books and the premise for this one seems to be relatively intriguing but there's only 2 chapters and a prologue at this point. We don't really have enough information on the MC yet to form an opinion but Actus's writing style is good and though grammar mistakes occasionally happen, they're quick to fix them.

In short, reserving judgement but hopeful.


This story has started off great, and I hope it stays that way.

The characters are fun, the author makes a very alive world with very few words, the story is quite fast paced and full of twists and turns ... and come on. Who doesn't like a smart guy making good predictions ?

A good binge read.


Yo Ho Ho... All thats missing is the Peg Leg

Reviewed at: Chapter 20: A shame

That's Cap' to you landlubbers!

The words flow fast and fun. Author has written a zippy tale with lots of potential backstory elements, like gods and their offspring with a mash up of system and magic in there too.

For pop culture references, id say if you mashed up Pirates of the Carribean with Clash of the Titans with a dash of magic and litrpg you'd get this story.

It thrives on its characters and its dialogue. It doesn't make much waste of words describing much else. 

Because of this the chapters read quick and snappy. It nor the MC waste time for little else.

Mechanical is flawless as with most Author's stories. The story has laid its bare bones out but has kept to its chest on how it intends to follow its state decree of action.

How the story is told is very watch and see, with a very Sherlock flare of intelligence and dissociation with whats happening, though the wit is not a acerbic.

You could easily binge the first 20 chapters in an hour or so. Read it and find out if this romp is for you ;)

One wonders why there isn't currently a hilarous mascot to champion this rag tag bunch of rapscallions, but i'm sure that will come with time.


It is one of the great stories I have read on Royal road. It is a must read.

I didn't realise when chapters got over to read. I was genuinely sad that I would have to wait for the next chapters.

The grammar is good.

The plot is great.

The protagonist is perfect. He is ruthless, cunning, calculative, street smart, creative, logical, patient, planner, badass, you name it.

He has all the qualities you like and want in a protagonist. Moreover, he is kind of underdog compared to his enemies so you have no choice but to root for him.

I thought I was under a curse for finding stories about naive, idiot protagonists who are only kept alive for even a single chapter due to a plot armor.

This story changed that.

This story has everything to reach to the top ones on the site.

Mc is stillborn but gets a life. It is shown that his parents are powerful, could be even royals.

Something tragic happens in the next 19 years. He now hates the gods and try to recruit a crew crazy and talented enough for his goal


I usually don't give 5 stars in every category but you deserve them.