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Chapter 34

Aeva Unn stared at the man in front of him in shock. His pupils fiercely staring at Renya as a surge of bloodlust erupted from his body.

“You fool! You dare strike with just this small group? Have you bastards gone senile over the millenniums?”

“Hmph, still the old bastard that you are. Do you think we are like you? Remaining the same as the world passes by?”

Renya could not help but mock. After all he felt that his mental age is still in its 40s! Despite his character being millenniums old already, as far as he knows, he still feels as if it had only been a decade or two since he started playing this game.

“You…. You have reached divinity?! Impossible!!! We’ve sealed the realm of divinity from you mortals!”

“Did you hit your head? Or have you been asleep for too long and became ignorant of the world? We’ve destroyed that seal of yours long ago. What surprises me is how you’re still alive.”

“No! Impossible! No other god would dare release that seal!”

“Not impossible, there was one willing enough.”

Immediately, his eyes became blood shot as he began to remember about a peculiar goddess.

“That….. That bitch!!!! AGGGHHHH!!!!”

His scream echoed out in the enormous room as he held is head in rage.

“Seal of Divinity? Is he talking about that seal father?”

Charlotte asked, being one of the more knowledgeable sentinels, she’s read many record of the so called Seal of Divinity.

“Yes, the one we managed to break after the combined effort of everyone.”

Renya could not help but sigh in reminiscence. During that year, the next and final tier of each profession had been revealed. Each class had tier system that added a suffix or prefix to class name to determine the current capabilities of each player. Starting from [Apprentice], here would be where the player begins his class, after training for a sufficient period, the suffix [Apprentice] would be removed and only the name of the class would be displayed.

After the player became more and more experienced, they would then be given an [Elite] prefix to their class to signify their prowess. Once the player became even more experienced and have finished a special class specific quest, they would then be given the [Supreme] suffix.

These suffixed did not just signify one’s ability, they also give a significant increase in terms of power, but also in skill proficiency. The higher the tier of the class, the more powerful the skills they use are. Even a simple low grade skill could be equivalent to a High grade skill if used by a high enough leveled player.

However, after the [Supreme] suffix came the [God] tier, something player coveted dearly as they begged the creators to give a hint on how to obtain it. Sadly, the never budged as the players later realized that it was a part of the story line of [Alt Online].

“That seal was the one thing that kept us from reaching the realm of Divinity. We managed to break it thanks to the help of the Goddess of wisdom, Leonora. She aided us in the hopes that we could stop these Evil Gods from wreaking havoc across the lands.”

“Seal… of Divinity… Are you… a God?”

Hearing their conversation, Nabila could not help but utter such words. After all, being told that the rather whimsical Renya was actually a God would make anyone question the individual’s sanity. However, after seeing his might she chose to believe such a conclusion.

Hearing her question, he could not help but wryly smile. But as he opened his mouth to answer, he got cut off by the immense surge of evil aura released from Aeva Unn.

“Since you have broken the seal… Then my brother’s works have been for naught….You shall pay for what you’ve done… ”

He muttered as he fiercely glared at Renya, looking as if he wanted to eat him whole. His body began emitting a divine radiance that enveloped the surroundings in an evil light.

“I’d be doing myself a demerit if I let you stay alive. Laura, Lilith, we’ll engage him head on. Brutus, protect the the four and the remaining sentinels, provide support. Also, little white, take care of Nabila.”

With a calm and steady voice, he announced his plan of attack. With a nod from their heads the sentinels together with Renya began their attack.

Lilith disappeared from sight as Brutus took a defensive stance, raising his shield. Laura and Renya rushed at the menacing Aeva Unna while Charlotte and Prynn began chanting powerful magic. As for Nabila, she hid behind the two mages as she watched in great amazement.

But before Renya could begin his attack, he felt a surge of energy flow throughout his body.

“[God Slayer] is taking into effect. That’s good.”

Pulling out [Devourer], he grinned a bit as his strength increased by a significant amount. Fortunately, Aeva Unn was too lost in thought to notice.

In a flash, two figures released powerful blows that shook the entire room as it crashed onto Aeva Unn. He who was in a daze immediately had a grave look as he was knocked a step back.

Considering the fact that he was 40 meters tall, his step made the room tremble at his size. He became furious.

“How dare you mortal scum!”

“I’ve already transcended, to call me mortal scum is akin to calling yourself one.”

“This aura!!! A damned God Slayer?!”

“Hey, it was you who I got this from in the first place, how could you forget? Or can gods truly become senile?”

Renya rebutted, causing him to become even more fervent. His enormous scythe turned into flashes of blue light as he swung it at unbelievable speeds.

(He’s entering his enraged state already. Looks like I can’t judge things based off what I know from the game.)

As his attacks went their way, the two began avoiding each by hair’s breadth, causing him to focus on the two entirely. But the moment he got careless, a golden flash appeared at his back that immediately dived straight onto it.


Aeva Unn exclaimed as he felt a searing pain on his back. Lilith’s figure leapt away from his back as he sent an attack towards the figure. Fortunately, Lilith was extremely nimble as she immediately blended into the shadows, disappearing from sight.

Seeing that he can’t locate the pest responsible for his suffering, he searched frantically around the the room before landing his sights onto four people. Brutus, who saw his gaze, had his body grow larger and larger, looking as if a miniature dragon wearing armor.

As his body enlarged his weapons did so as well, he prepared for his attack. Aeva Unn didn’t head for them immediately as he had to deal with Renya and the other two, not only that, but he felt that half-hearted attacks will not do much against the man guarding the other three.

“[Elemental Fury]!”

“[Heaven’s Smite]!”

But before he could respond, two powerful magic struck him, causing him extreme pain. Charlotte and Prynn had finished their chants, releasing a breathtaking explosion of magic to occur around his body.

Renya and Laura did not remain idle, the did not plan to let him catch his breath as the two began increasing the pressure they gave to Aeva Unn as their attacks became more and more vicious.

Aeva Unn wasn’t gaining the upper hand as he got pushed into a corner. One should know, Aeva Unn was only a boss at level 160. The difference in level can be seen as Aeva Unn is slowly reduced into a sorry state with the combined effort of the three.

However, all of a sudden a great burst in power forced Renya and the others to retreat temporarily.

“To think that I… Aeva Unn… was reduced into such a state because of you damn mortals… No… Inferior Gods!!!”

“Wouldn’t that make you less than dregs? No- scratch that, less that divine dregs? I often forget that you’re divinity too.”

“Father, I don’t think you should enrage him any further.”

Charlotte chided in.

“Indeed M’lord, it’s rather… unbecoming….”

Lilith replied as he gave a rather awkward smile.

“Yes… A warrior should respect one’s opponent.”

Brutus joined in.

“Well… I’ve got a bit of a grudge with this guy he he.”

Renya awkwardly scratched his head. He was the first boss he’s ever suffered great losses to kill after all.

“It was due to him that I had to halt building process of the City for a long time.”

“Ah! It’s him?!”

Charlotte smacked her lips and exclaimed.

“Yes, it’s him.”

Hearing his confirmation, Charlotte could not help but scowl. Being one of his first sentinels, she could probably remember such a time. The same goes for Laura, being the first sentinel he’s created, she knows the City’s history the most.


Brutus, Prynn and Lilith both let out a sound of confusion.

“M’lord once suffered great loss after a fight with him, even if he did emerge victorious the gains did not outweigh the cost.”

Laura sighed as her brows creased. The rest could not help but have their eyes widen.

“Youuuu!!!! You dare neglect my existence and start this pointless banter?!”

Aeva Unn exclaimed in anger as the light around him exploded, causing the whole room to quake, revealing a gaping hole on the roof.

“Let’s deal with the old man first, then we’ll discuss things.”

With that, the others nodded in agreement.

“This is will not be the last you see of me….”

Aeva Unn screamed as his body morphed into an enormous and evil crow with a wing span that’s as wide as 300 meters. It had seven eyes a set of crown like horns protruded out of its head. The enormous crow flew out of the gap and into the sky as it released a screech that could shatter souls.

“He’s entered his final form! He’s gonna take the battle outside, follow him!”

Activating flight, the sentinels followed after as Nabilla rode Little White out of the dungeon.

“Take Nabilla to safety! It’s too dangerous for the both of you!”

Renya shouted as he instructed Little White to fly out of harms reach with Nabila on his back.

“Let’s end this as quickly as we can!”

With his command, the guardians followed suit. They began using powerful skills to combat the enormous crow. Renya put on a different set of armor this time, a completely black set that made one felt as if they were staring at the void itself. It had a fierce design, enough to intimidate anyone with just looks alone. But not only that, the design was similar to [Serpent’s End] as it had a tail like appendage that was even longer that the previous.

The armor did not just stop at appearance as its aura gave one a sense of emptiness in the heart as fearful aura crept their skin. It was akin to staring at a supreme being that was from the depths of the void.

“[Nidhogg]! Father finally revealed his trump card!”

Brutus exclaimed in surprised before getting reprimanded by Renya, the group then began their assault. Lightning and gales occurred as the battle between the two forces intensified. The earth shook as each clash caused an incredible amount of force was released.

Although Aeva Unn is a God tier boss, he’s still lacking when compared to Renya’s group. After all, trying to beat a level 160 boss with a group full of level 200 elites is equivalent to a person opening nuts using sledgehammers.

Soon, the enormous crow is beginning to lose its strength as its aura grew weaker and weaker.

“Alright, just a bit more!”

Renya shouted as the group’s morale grew into greater heights.

However, a minor disturbance occurred as in the distance, a large group of soldiers are uniformly heading towards their direction as they escorted a ship like vessel. Fortunately the sandstorm obstructed their view for the mean time.

“This! Increase the frequency of attacks! A group of humans is heading our way! We really need to end it now if we don’t want them to die!”

As he shouted, the group placed their utmost effort to put an end to Aeva Unn.

“Arrrrrghhhh!!!! Mortal! You have angered me for the last time!”

With a shout, a magic circle tens of times wider than the one the Guardian formed appeared. The sandstorm dispersed under its might, showing a sky covered by the blue and ominous magic circle.

As it did, the soldiers who saw the scene in the sky had their mouths agape as they witnessed the might of the magic circle, some had even directly collapsed on the ground out of fear.


A religious soldier muttered as he saw the scene of Renya’s group flying in the air as they fought Aeva Unn. Some of the soldiers could not help but panic at the sight.

Renya decided to go all out as [Devourer] shone a dark yet divine radiance extending to a length of 25-30 meters long. The divine energy felt devoid of matter, as if it would consume anything whole. Shocked by its increase in power, he inspected the blade.

[Name: Devourer

Grade: Divine (incomplete)

Description: A blade forged by one of the best Smith Gods, able to sever and devour all things with its flames, the devourer is the first to have reached the special grade of [Divine], despite the fact that it is still incomplete.]

For the first time since coming to this world, he had inspected his sword and was shocked to see a grade outside of [Ancient]. After all, one would get tired of looking at the same thing countless of times and he’s already inspected his weapon countless times in the past.


He could not help but exclaim in his heart, he felt as if this opened a new door of possibilities for his class as a blacksmith.

Although he was greatly surprised, he quickly suppressed his feeling of joy as he focused in his current fight. Despite everyone else’s attempt at attacking Aeva Unn, none of their attacks could stop his casting despite how deep the wounds they cause.

“Come forth O’ burning flames from the depths of the empty void, heed my call as your God and bend to my will, [Devouring Flame]!”

Immediately, the sword’s radiance transformed into a black flame, the kind one could not help but feel the chill of its emptiness. The soldiers who saw this appear felt coldness from the depths of their hearts.

“Such… such a fearsome flame!”

They could not help but exclaim to themselves. After all, they were a few kilometers away from them yet they still felt its effects as clear as day.

The sentinels also noticed this change as they gave way for Renya to use the skill and as they did, Renya sped forward at Aeva Unn like flash of black lightning. His divinity leaked out as it amplified the aura that had been emanating from his armor, causing the soldiers to forcibly kneel in reverence.

But disregarding the fact, Renya’s attack finally flew out, causing an enormous blade of black flame to launch out, seemingly devouring all in its path before finally reaching Aeva Unn.

Having felt the dreadful attack head his way, he could not help but stop his chant for the fear of his life which caused the enormous magic circle to fade and disappear. Sadly, it was for naught as the blade had already reached him, cutting him in half.

The moment the blade of flames passed through his enormous body, it ignited him whole, causing a great amount of pain to course through his body. The pain was akin to having your insides burnt by a searing rod except a thousand times more painful.


His pitiful cries made one’s heart tremble in fear, the attack was just too dreadful! Even the sentinels could not help but shudder a little, let alone the soldiers a few kilometer away.

As the flames burned his body, its enormous size kept dwindling down into smaller and smaller pieces before eventually, nothing but a head sized bright orb remained.

Renya flew towards the orb before fetching it with his hand.

“A magic core huh.”

Renya could not help but size the crystal up, although he had seen the exact same crystal countless times before, he was still amazed to see it appear again in this world.

However, as he was immersed in observing the crystal, a noise sounded out from his head.

[You have gained the Divinity of The Calamity of Time, Aeva Unn, granting your Divinity an increase in strength.]


He could not help but be agape at the sudden notification.

“Father, are you okay?”

Charlotte who had long flew by his side, together with the others, asked.

“Yes, I just received some interesting information.”

“Yes M’lord?”

Laura could not help but ask.

“My Divinity’s strength increased after defeating that guy.”

Hearing his words, the rest could not help but be dumbfounded. After all, the term Divinity is something that had been rather familiar to them, each having possessed one form of Divinity.

As to what Divinity is, it is a status one is given after having reached level 200 as well as having a class that had reached the [God] tier. Although they have received this status, everyone just assumed that it was a status that did just confirmed that they have, indeed, reached the peak of the game. Apart from a great status boost, it also allowed one to use [God] grade skills with ease though other than that, nothing much.

It did not even have an explanation as to why it was there and it was only now that Renya had seen some change to this status of his.

[Divinity: 12.5%]

After seeing the percentage as well as the lack of description, he became even more dumbfounded.

“”Your divinity?””

His words made Prynn and Charlotte furrow their brows. As for Laura and Brutus, since they didn’t know much about Divinity other than it means a person had reached a godhood of sorts. Hearing it got stronger, they automatically assumed that it just meant that Renya got stronger in general.

“As expected of M’lord.”

Laura could not help but praise.

“Indeed! An occasion worth celebrating!”

Brutus chided in.

As for Prynn, Charlotte and Lilith, they began pondering the meaning of what Divinity is in the first place. Although one could assume that it meant godhood like what Brutus and Laura assumed, they could not help but think that it signified something else.

As they started exchanging thoughts, a white silhouette flashed as Nabila sat behind Little White’s enlarged figure.


Chuckling lightly, Renya picked her up as he carried her himself.

“You’ll see even more amazing things from here on out.”

Caressing her head, he continued.

“About your home, I’ll send people to investigate the ruins more to find a clue about them and now that-“

“No… This much…. Fine already…”

As those words left her mouth, she gave a sweet smile as she glanced at everyone, causing everyone to smile back.

Although their meeting had been short, it had been the warmest moment she’d spent her entire life.

“Then let’s head back for now.”

Renya proposed, but before they could teleport out, he realized the group of soldiers who had long prostrated themselves. He pondered for a little before making a decision.

“Hmmm… The rest of you head back, I’ll talk to them.”

A note from Casul_Reader

How was it? Im still working on the dialogue, but hopefully its a lot better than before! More exposition to explain more things and Divinity?! Hoho, this will be smth that'll play a big role later on Wink

Next arc will be a bit more focused on Renya's city, then after that will be focused on the romance hoho, so look forward to it! (though idk how long it'd take to get there xD)

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