The Consequences of Meeting a Dragon

The Consequences of Meeting a Dragon

by Rynn the Tired

Sixteen-year-old Thenio Iterune has a simple plan for his life: Work hard. Do well in school. Become a qualified wizard. Earn a good living. And maybe even make his parents proud of him someday.

Unfortunately, the plan isn't going too well....

Thenio's magic power is becoming increasingly difficult to control, which leads to a series of accidents that are about to cost him his hard-earned spot at the Kafron Royal Academy of Magic. And things don't get any better when he finally discovers the source of his problems: He has an extremely rare and unstable magic affinity. And it's going to do more than just get him expelled. It's probably going to get him killed.

Before he knows it, Thenio has gone from diligent student to disabled dropout. And forget about career plans...he'll be lucky if he even lives long enough to need a job in the first place.

Enter Iggy, a tiny black dragon who loves chasing birds and has a remarkable nose for magic. He takes an immediate liking to the scent of Thenio's unique magic and convinces his wizard partner, Ariom, to help find a way to stabilize it.

Are a genius enchanter and his slightly crazy dragon familiar enough to keep a chronically explosive boy alive? Maybe. But that's before demons get added into the mix....

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Rynn the Tired

Rynn the Tired

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Table of Contents
31 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 - Frivolous Things ago
Chapter 2 - The First Explosion ago
Chapter 3 - A Dragon and His Chicken ago
Chapter 4 - He's a Grandmaster, You Know? ago
Chapter 5 - Void Mages Are a Little Scary ago
Chapter 6 - Magic Affinities ago
Chapter 7 - Chaos ago
Chapter 8 - Where Have I Seen This Before...? ago
Chapter 9 - Unexpected ago
Chapter 10 - Magic Beast Magnet ago
Chapter 11 - Moving Day ago
Chapter 12 - He's Scary, But He Makes Good Puppets ago
Chapter 13 - Humerus ago
Chapter 14 - Magic Instabilities ago
Chapter 15 - A Visit To The Dragon's Playground ago
Chapter 16 - Sometimes You Just Need a Magic Creature to Cuddle ago
Chapter 17 - The Dragon Princess ago
Chapter 18 - Silent Eggs ago
Chapter 19 - The Assistant's First Job ago
Chapter 20 - The Order of the Ravener ago
Chapter 21 - Thaumaturgy ago
Chapter 22 - A Rather Unusual Woodcarver ago
Chapter 23 - Suspicions ago
Chapter 24 - Dragons in the Kitchen ago
Chapter 25 - Iggy's Secret ago
Chapter 26 - Lending a Hand ago
Chapter 27 - An Exchange With Sunfall ago
Chapter 28 - The Magic Beast Registrar ago
Chapter 29 - Books and Legends ago
Origin Story 1 - The Art of Bathing a Dragon ago
Chapter 30 - Random Acts of...Recklessness? ago

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J. D. Rhyder

As first impressions go, this story has already hit all the boxes! Humorous title, decent description, adorable cover art (that's honestly what grabbed me first). The first chapter is no slouch either, and I'm already interested in what comes next. So ya, I’m certainly on board for the ride. Good luck my friend!


Rynn the Tired has an excellent grasp of characterization. Not only is every named character unique and believable, but the atmosphere and attitudes of different venues are efficently conveyed. Like in Mother of Learning, there is a feeling that even background characters have their own motivations and could be explored in a deep way, but for the fact of narration focusing on Thenio. The magic doesn't feel mechanical at all, but already shows signs of being consistant.

This story has shown a lot of promise since chapter one, and at chapter 8 is still delivering. Given the quality of writing so far, I think I'll still be able to say that for many chapters to come.


The story is written in such a way that the main character shows exellent depth and you are quickly sucked in/or welcomed to the world of young Thenio.
Grammar and style are solid.

(word filler) always nice to find a well written story early on, Don't rush it and cheerio. (word filler)


Rynn has written a truly exceptional story. It's rich with magic, unique characters, super cute dragons, and beautiful world building. The strongest part of the story is its characterization and the world building is richer and deeper than most stories on RR. It has the comfort of slice of life stories, the intrigue of a progression fantasy and the world building of an epic. Just read the first chapter already!


I absolutely love this story. I can almost picture everything in my head while I read it. A wonderful movie to watch play out in my mind. I can almost feel the hurt, pain, joy and hopefulness of the characters. I happily await each chapter. Please keep them coming! 


Beautiful slice of life young adult story. This could have had an incredibly depressing story, but the cast are all such lovely people (and the writing excellent) that it transforms into a more melancholy feel.

With complex world building and an ongoing mystery surrounding the main character makes you desperate to read more.


This I think is one of the best stories I have read this year. And yes, it is a slice of life fantasy too!

 The world building is brilliant, the character development is realistic, well written and very relatable. The story itself is just lovely, I am just waiting for the reincarnation realisation arc to kick in.....

Thor Aegir

This novel is a really good surprise.

A young teenager with "magical health" issues meet a chicken obsessed dragon. Ensue life-changing revelations and the beginning of healing.

This novel is beautifully done. It is full of emotions, and every major characters have a well thought background story. The main plot seems to be well done, and with many sidetracks waved into the mainline. In addition, it is full of cute smile-inducing moments.

I really loved it, and I hope to see more of it.

Bravo author. I'm rarelly this enthoused. This is one of the best novel i've read on Royal Road.


Rynn has created a fantastic setting for this story, complete with wholly flushed out characters and an extraordinarily detailed world. There is a significant amount of unique worldbuilding and history, but what really sets this apart is the beautiful writing style. Before I had finished the first chapter I was hooked, and each chapter continued to deliver. 


Style: Each chapter is eloquent and new information is introduced gradually, with a natural intergration into the story. The "Multiple Lead Characters" aspect is handled really well so far, rather than using it as a writing crutch.

Story: The story is interesting so far, with believable goals and characterization to naturally drive the plot. My only critique is that the progression pace is a bit slow (though it is still very engaging as it has a strong slice-of-life feel to it), but that will become no problem with a few more chapters.

Grammar: Outstanding grammar. There was nothing that detracted from my immersion in the story.

Character: One of the story's strongest points, as Rynn is able to naturally depict the interpersonal relationships of characters and present them as three-dimensional people each with individual personalities and goals. 


I am eager to continue reading and can't wait to watch this story continue to grow, as it is has already become one of my favorites. Great work Rynn!

Braeden J. Elder

I'm going to read more and I am loving this stuff so far. On chapter 2. I have no problems with this. I only gave it a 4.5 because I haven't read enough. I can't wait to finish this and be mad it's over. Keep on doing what your doing.