Five Rings of Cultivation

Five Rings of Cultivation

by Konstantin Zaitsev

There is no pain. There is no death. There is only the path. There is only his will.

Just yesterday, Ian was a champion in fights without rules. His fighting spirit and the desire to win led him to the top of the fighting Olympus.

Having met death in battle, Ian made a deal with a mysterious entity wearing the mask of a demon, and found himself in a new body and a new world.

A world that lives by old traditions. A world in which the law is the will of ruthless clans. A world in which the balance is disturbed. A world hurling toward the abyss.

A world in which he has to overcome countless obstacles to become a champion again, walking the path of the Five Rings of Cultivation and changing his destiny.

The Raven will spread his wings again!

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Konstantin Zaitsev

Konstantin Zaitsev

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Just to begin it really is an absolute delight.

The story has a good start without any typical boring situations you would expect from a protagonist of an isekai

A cultivation novel with deep characters that have meaning emotions ambitions and background stories though all of it is just beginning to unravel .

Protagonist is a bit on ruthless side but not a stone cold psychopath .

Hoping For more !