Genius Bandit King



Chapter 18: The struggle between gangs


Hans and Daniel heard murmur of frustration from the gang. When they went to where the murmur was coming from, they found the bandits around the naked woman with her throat slit.


Alex and Frank had simultaneously slit her throat with daggers. One of the bandits said, "It would have been nice if we had kept her."


Alex said, "Are you stupid? A tiered sorceress would have killed one of you in the first chance and then run away. Besides, we caught her and there's something more important to us than fucking women." "What is it?" another thug asked.


Frank picked up his spear. The wooden shaft of the spear suddenly lengthened and shortened. He had gained the ability to manipulate wood and trees.


Alex swung his axe, his movements faster because he was using the wind in the same way that Dainel used his body to speed up with telekinesis.


Then, after a few more moves with his new strength and the increase in physical strength from the tier up, he swung his two axes towards each other, creating a wave of wind. The gust of wind cut a thick branch of a tree up ahead.


Daniel was delighted to see his men stepping up the tiers. His gang was getting stronger.


Other members of the gang understood why the two men who had captured the woman had killed her. To gain power.


But the disappointment of the other members of the gang turned to happiness after the show because they too could move up the tiers. They just had to fight and kill.


Arn looked at the dead woman's body. Then he started laughing. Everyone else watched the healer in silence.


The team returned to camp with great joy. The first thing Daniel did after he become tier two was to make sure that Danny was tiered up as well.


Daniel left Brad in charge of the gang. Then he took Arn with him and brought him to Seth. He handed Seth all the gold he had on him and said, "Go to town, buy as much iron as you can, then buy whatever alchemical materials and ingredients this guy wants, you can use all this money."


Arn whined "I won't find much of what I want in this small town, I need books and scrolls to increase my strength and learn new recipes." Daniel said "We need healing potions too, don't worry, you'll get more as you earn money and prove your usefulness to us.


Daniel gave Seth pieces of his broken sword and said, "You can melt it down and use it again." Seth said, "Sorry about your sword, boss, but I made a new axe head for your axe." Daniel smiled and attached the axe head to the handle of his old axe.


Daniel left the body to Danny. Danny picked up his weapons and put on his armor under his clothes. "Hans, we are going to the village," he said to Hans. Hans ran to Danny and said, "Okay, Daniel."


Danny said, "Call me Danny on the way to the village and in the village, I don't want people's unnecessary attention." Hans did not know what to say to this strange double name.


Danny threw a sack at Hans "Hide your shield in this. He said. Hans and Danny set off for the village with their not-so-hidden weapons. "What's the plan, Danny?" Hans asked Danny.


Danny said, "If I know the Baroness's soldiers, they will try to gather men from the villages. In the meantime, we will join to with them."


Hans asked, "Why?" Danny didn't know why either. Daniel said, "I want to gauge the strength of the enemy before risk my mans lives.


If possible, I want to make sure that the baroness's soldiers lose. If the baroness loses fifty of her men, she will become desperate.


Danny repeated exactly what Daniel had said. He continued to answer Hans with what Daniel had said.


Hans "You mentioned your enemies, why do you want to destroy the soldiers instead of destroying the other gangs with the soldiers?" Danny responded with Daniel's suggestion "The other gangs are in more sensitive areas and they have angered the government with their recent actions.


But their destruction makes us the next target. But if the baroness's soldiers disappear, the villagers will be desperate, they will have to pay taxes to the baroness and to pay the bandits protection money they cannot pay bouth in the same time.


After loseing soldiers not being able to collect taxes weakens the baroness's power even more. But getting protection money from the villagers also helps our gang.


Moreover, while defeating the soldiers, we will make sure that the other gangs bleed as much as possible, especially the tiered ones. But if the baroness's soldiers are defeated at the end of this, the next attacks will all be directed against the gangs that defeated her soldiers."


Hans smiled "So we'll pit them against each other, weakening each other, while we strengthen our gang." Danny thought Daniel would correct Hans by saying "my gang".


But Dainel didn't want him to say that. Danny wondered why, 'Hans is a partner in your gang, he talks as if he is a co-leader. Why don't you put him in his place?'


Daniel said, 'Let him talk like that, he's obviously a noble, it's important to have a noble by my side in the future.' Danny didn't quite understand. But he guessed that Daniel knew what he was doing.


When they arrived at the entrance to the village, there was no gate guard, no villagers milling around, just Hank arguing with a group of soldiers.


One of the soldiers was pulling Hank's collar. Danny said to Hans, "I don't want people to know that I've come to my senses, I want you to portray me as someone who's still unintelligent but who can cut someone down mercilessly on your orders, and if possible, create a situation where I kill this asshole who's been nipping at my uncle's heels.


Daniel asked, 'Danny boy, what is this ruthlessness? Danny replied with a huff.


Danny had to get up to the second tier as soon as possible and it was clear that this man was a tiered warrior, with his neat gamberson, quality helmet and chain mail under the gamberson that was visible at his throat he apeared like a sour tumb amongst the extremely poorly armed and armored soldiers.


Danny sprang up with a snarl. He grabbed the soldier holding his uncle's collar, lifted him into the air and threw him. The man landed with a good balance, despite the speed of the throw.


"How dare you, I am Sergeant Ted of the Baroness's retinue. Who are you and how dare you attack me." Hans grinned and said, "Mr. Commander, you have just offended my big friend's uncle, you have two options now, either apologize or, if you are confident in your strength, duel with him. Either way is fine with us."


"Show these silly peasants our strength Ted," said a raven black haired woman on a horse, dressed head to toe in fine chain mail and plate armor across her chest. Ted said, "As you commanded, my knight." Hans was seeing this woman for the first time, but he knew exactly who she was.


This woman was the knight Esther. Normally, the requirement for knighthood was third tier, but Ester was second tier. The reason she was promoted to knighthood even though she was of this tier was because of her backing.


All the villagers knew that the baroness hated Esther. The baroness was uncaring and incompetent, but not evil. According to her, the peasants should pay their taxes at the normal rate and the soldiers should collect them in a normal way, without bullying the peasants in any way.


However, Esther often had a habit of "putting the peasants in their place". On several occasions the Baroness tried to dismiss Esther or to banish her to another place.


But Esther was the niece of the Baroness's dead husband, and it was a big problem to expel a nobleman with rights to the land without the king's permission.


The last time war broke out, the baroness had wanted to get away with sending Esther into battle at the head of the troops, but the royal representatives had insisted that the other knight, a third-tier warrior and the more experienced of the two knights in the barony, should lead.


Sergeant Ted spat on the ground and said, "I'll kill you, peasant, I'm a second-tier warrior."


Daniel asked Danny, 'He's second tier, do you want to take this fight? Danny smiled, 'If I lose you can step in, but up to that point I want to fight, I want to test my skills and my strength.


Ted picked up his spear and shield. Danny picked up his giant axe and strapped two smaller axes to his waist.


Hank came up to Danny and whispered in his ear, "What do you think you're doing?" Danny grinned, "Don't worry, I know what I'm doing." Hank raised his voice this time and said "Danny this bandit killing trauma thing is driving you crazy, this guy is a second tier soldier, how can you stand up to him."


Ted grinned and said, "Hear that, silly giant," and Danny's giant axe burst into blue flames, his telekinetic and telepathic powers enhanced by Daniel's ascension to second tier.


However, Danny was unable to use them to their full capacity at the first tier.


Nevertheless, he launched a mind attack on Ted, and when Ted's perceptions were momentarily clouded, he lunged forward with all his physical and telekinetic power, crossing the seven-meter distance in a leap of incredible speed and bringing the axe down on his enemy with all his might.


As soon as the momentary haze was gone, Ted saw the big man in front of him, his giant flaming axe descending on him. All he could do was raise his shield.


He was thrown backwards at great speed with his shield broken.

Danny wasn't about to engage in a long distance duel with a man who knew how to use his spear. Danny threw down his giant axe and picked up two small hand axes in each hand. He would stay close to his opponent and slash. He flamed his two small axes.


He took advantage of the fact that his opponent still hadn't recovered and lunged at him. With the shaft of his spear Ted tried to defend himself and close the distance against Danny's relentless axe slashes.


Danny wondered what Ted's power was, but he didn't have to wait long. To open the distance Ted drove his spear into the ground and created a series of ice stalagmites, as soon as he opened the distance he covered the head of his spear with ice energy.


One after the other he lunged at Danny with the tip of his spear. Danny successfully threw himself backwards.

Ted grinned and asked, "Where are you running to, big boy?"


Danny growled. He turned back, Danny pretended to be angry and attacked, and ran at Ted like a mad bull on a rampage.


Just as he was running with great momentum, Ted grinned and slammed his spear into the ground, creating ice stalagmites.


Danny, as if enraged, threw two flaming axes. One axe went straight at Ted, the other dodged to the side. Ted blocked Danny's attack by raising the ice stalagmites. Grinning, he said, "What are you gonna do now, big..."


Danny grinned, directing the axe with all his energy, which Ted had missed. For the first time in battle he had used up all his energy. But the axe whirled back and struck Ted in the nape of the neck as he spoke.


The flaming axe pierced Ted's chain mail and cooked his spinal bulb.

Danny was suddenly filled with power. He was tier two.


Ester was in shock. She said to her men, "Kill the big goon." Hans intervened. "I thought you were noble, Lady Esther." Esther knew exactly what Hans meant.


Hans continued for the soldiers to hear. "My man Danny fought a mutually agreed duel to defend his uncle's honor. He won the duel fair and square. As you know, honor is what separates you nobles from us miserable peasants, and right now your honor is..."


"Enough, okay, you're right, stop," Esther said, not wanting to hear any more. The soldiers took a deep breath and returned to their places, reluctantly about to attack the big man.


Ester turned to Hank and said, "I knew you were lying, look at that big goon.


I thought you said there was no one with power left in your village. They had all gone to war.


But you had a man strong enough to defeat a second-tier warrior. This giant will join us, this brat will join us to keep this giant under control, and you will give us ten more people."


Hans interjected, "We'll go with you, the two of us, but you won't take any more and you won't want any more."


Hans continued "Hank had no idea Danny was gaining power. It's not like he lied to you. Also if we follow your logic, there will be no one left in the villages to work the fields."


Esther looked at her sergeant lying dead on the ground. It wasn't hard to imagine that the person who could defeat the second tier was also a second tier.


She did not want to lose the second tier fighter by further agitating the villagers.


They set off. One of the group approached Hans. Danny was walking next to Hans.


He pointed to the giant man and said, "You don't just need to know how to fight to move up the ranks, you need a variety of stuff depending on which god of power you believe in, how did your big friend manage to move up the ranks?"


Hans shrugged, "I don't know, all I know is that he is very strong."

Hans had other questions, Danny seemed to have two different strengths, the way he could manipulate that axe showed that. How could one person have two compeletely different types of strength?"


As they left his gang's territory, Danny started to look around carefully. It was their first time out of this area. In the villages they passed, Esther was tormenting the village headmen, demanding men. But each time she was told that they didn't have any fighters.


If it were up to Esther, she would have tried to make the villagers fight with their plows, but the baroness had forbidden her to do so.


At last they came to the village that had been attacked. Many houses had been burned. The faces of the people in the village showed great pain, but they were trying with all their might to rebuild the village.


The village headman looked at Esther with eyes that said, "Not you again.

Ignoring the angry looks of the villagers, Esther approached the headman "Tell me, headman, is there any new information about the bandits?"


The old headman said "As I told you at the time, we only know that they went in the north direction. How can we know what the bandits did after they left the village?"


Esther set off north with a nonchalant attitude. Unlike Daniel's region, there were few forested areas and a lot of flat arable land. However, there was a small patch of woodland in the area they were heading north.


As soon as Danny got to the second tier, he was able to use Daniel's second tier powers to their full capacity.


He couldn't communicate with his wogs, which were following them a kilometer or so behind, at first tier, but now he could easily send orders mentally, but more importantly, he could get a response.


He quickly ordered his wogs to enter the woods ahead and reconnoiter.


As they made their way through the woods without any ambush preparations, Hans came up to Danny he had gathered information from soldiers. "We don't need to do anything for the rout. There are only five first-tier warriors in the whole group. You took care of the only second-tier except Ester.


Most of the soldiers were chosen from among the most inexperienced. The experienced soldiers stayed to protect Danburg.

Danny saw some images as messages from his wogs. There was a scary looking man, tall and skinny like a skeleton in a dark purple robe with pale transparent white skin.


Behind him, desperate people in wooden cages. They were kidnapped peasants. The bandits had sold them to this man. The wogs were instinctively terrified of whoever this man was.


Danny realized that what the wogs were feeling was death. This man exuded the energy of death.


When the wogs left, they sent back some images. Snapshots, like pictures. Two thugs, one male and one female, arguing heatedly.


Around them were about thirty-five bandits, tired and many with minor wounds. Danny guessed that the seriously wounded had been left to die.


On their way back the Wogs spotted a scout who had spotted the group of soldiers and went to report back. 'Kill him,' Danny ordered.


The Wogs attacked the unfortunate scout from all four sides. They tore him to pieces.


Danny said to Hans next to him, "There has been a change of plan, there is a man behind the bandits, I don't know what he is. But he is very strong. The bandits are very weak.


We will destroy the bandits as fast as possible and with as few casualties as possible. We'll direct the rest of the troops against this mysterious man.


If he's too strong for us to deal with, we'll escape, if not, we'll kill him too."

"How do you know this, how can you have two different categories of power at the same time?"


It was not unheard of for those with wind power to have lightning power, or for those with heat power to have fire power. But it was strange to have two completely different kinds of powers.


Danny said, "I am mysterious Hans, but I am sincere in my promise to you, follow me and you will find the power you desire."


Hans was silent. He didn't show it to Danny, but with each new realization he feared him more and more. But if there was even a small chance of him regaining his former power and position, it could only be with Danny's help.


Daniel used his power without taking control of his body, focusing all his power and accessing Brad's mind "Brad, this is Daniel, if you can hear me, gather everyone and come to the area I say, ready to fight."


"How are you doing this?" Brad asked, surprised. "I'm using all my power right now, I can't talk, just do as I say." Daniel had used up all his special power energy before he took control of the body. Fortunately Danny's and Daniel's power pools were separate and Daniel had a couple of hours to recover some of his power.


Brad turned to the bandits who were eagerly practicing in the camp, "Guys, word from the boss, we're leaving." The bandits, eager for power and booty, cheered.


Tim and Frank looked at each other. Tim said, "No one came to the camp, how could the boss send word?" Frank said, "I know Brad, he wouldn't do anything against the boss, he knows something."


After two hours of marching they approached the bandit camp. Since the Wogs had taken out both camp scouts, the bandits remained unaware of anything until the soldiers entered the camp.


Suddenly shouts were heard in the clearing between the trees. The soldiers and the bandits immediately formed two lines facing each other.

"Lola, surrender!" said Esther arrogantly from her horse.


A beautiful woman with auburn hair walked forward, her face covered with a large scar that marred her beauty. Lola said, "Ester, do you realize that the Baroness sent you here to die? I think you should go back while you still have the chance."


At that moment a big bald man with a beard, who Danny guessed was Tomas, stepped forward. "Hey Ester, there are two gangs and two leaders here." He was angry that Ester ignored him and only spoke to Lola. "I don't know what your name is, mister, but even if there are two gangs, we all know who is the senior partner."


Tomas drew his sword "Fight me and we'll see who's big and who's small." At this moment Danny stepped forward quickly.


"It's your second-tier big dummy against my second-tier big dummy," Ester said. What do you say, Lola?"


Lola was no fool, she understood what Ester was trying to do, but there was also the reality of numbers, and if she fought, it was inevitable that she would lose, and even if she didn't, she would be unable to regain her strength for a very long time.


"Ester, are you willing to walk away if my precious partner beats your man." Ester thought she had seen Danny's power and guessed that even what she had seen would take care of Tomas.


"Of course, and if you lose, will you surrender calmly?" Tomas shouted "Of course". Lola slapped her hand on her forehead but there was nothing to do. Of course Lola was not going to surrender if Tomas lost.


Tomas stepped forward, sword and shield. A shirt of chainmail over leather armor and a helmet. Danny was not impressed. The man was big. Almost the same height as Danny, but he didn't have a good stance or a good grip on his sword.


Danny grinned as Tomas wrapped his sword in flame, Danny's blue flames were much hotter than ordinary flames.

He ignited the metal part of his giant axe. He strode forward with his chest exposed, a look of contempt, showing that he saw his opponent as nothing, as he had learned from Daniel.


The humiliation was too much for Tomas. Shouting, he charged. Danny took a deep breath and said in a whisper, "Too slow." He hit his opponent's shield with all his physical and telekinetic power.


He was much stronger now, both physically and telekinetically. The shield shattered into pieces. Tomas flew forward for five metes and then drifted back.


Danny sent a sense of fear through his mind, "Beg." Tomas was already in shock, but he couldn't stand the signal. He raised his hands and couldn't finish, "Please ba..."


Danny had no mercy for the bandit who had terrorized the villagers for twenty years. He hit Tomas so hard that the man was split in two from head to toe. He fell to the ground, split in two.


Danny felt the power welling up inside him, he was still a long way from the third tier, but it was still exhilarating to feel the power.


As Lola watched in horror, Danny held out his finger and said, "Fight."

Lola swallowed. She knew she was stronger than Tomas, but she was sure she didn't stand a chance against this monster, this beast.


Ester grinned "We discussed the terms." Lola swallowed and looked around, she was going to escape, she was going to save her life. "Attack," she said to her men.


The men nervously attacked. It wasn't long before they regretted their attack. Danny started mowing them down with all his speed and fury. Whoever this strange man was, he had to kill him. To do that he would need as many soldiers as possible.


Hans followed Danny and began slicing and dicing the bandits with great glee. Ester, on her horse, began to take down her enemies, of the tierless and the occasional first tier.


Danny had already mowed down eight of the handful of bandits with his giant axe. One of them was tier one, but even that he only knew because of the amount of power he had gained.


He kept an eye on Lola. He was not going to let that woman escape. As Lola tried to escape, he appeared in front of her. Lola looked at the giant man with her spear in her hand "What is your problem with me? I can give you a lot of money if you leave me alone. Or I can lie with you if you want."


Danny looked around and when he saw that there was no one to hear him, he said, "I want you to lie, but on the ground, lifeless."


When Lola realized there was no escape, she leaped at incredible speed. She was coming at Danny like an arrow, shooting electrons.


Danny disrupted the enemy's direction of flight with a huge telekinetic wave and then used his axe to make fire slash wave after slash wave. She met the fire waves with her shield.


Lola was surprised, "You're using two very different powers. It's amazing," she said. It was Danny's turn to attack. He pushed himself with all his physical and telekinetic strength. As Lola focused on the axe in his hand, he dropped it down and pulled out two small axes from behind his waist.


Lola's spear struck the handle of Danny's giant axe with the force of lightning. The axe flew backwards and in that moment Danny got too close to Lola to use her spear.


The axes began to land one after the other on Lola. By the time Danny was finished, Lola had taken fifteen axe blows. Lola fell to the ground bleeding, her body shattered.


Danny grinned.

In one battle Danny had killed two second-tier and many lower-tier enemies. He had gone most of the way to tier three in one battle. His eyes searched the battlefield for Hans, who was stained with the blood of his enemies and grinning. The remaining bandits threw down their weapons and surrendered.


Esther came to them smiling, wiping her sword on a dead man lying on the ground. "You did great, giant man," she said with a snicker. Danny just nodded, then pretended to notice something, gesturing to the area where the pale, dangerous man was. "Over there," he said.


Everyone suddenly became serious and followed Danny, who pointed with his finger and then started to walk quickly to where he was pointing.

They walked for fifteen minutes asking each other what was going on. Then they were horrified.


The villagers in the cages were screaming in frightened cries, begging, "Save us."


The frightened state of the villagers, mostly young women, galvanized the soldiers, mostly young men. They all wanted to rescue those women and become heroes.


As they hurried towards the captives, a tall, skinny man appeared in dark purple robes.


"You, whoever you are, will pay for what you have done," Esther said. "Uh-huh," the white-haired, clean-shaven man said contemptuously. Then he said, "You have met your end." Danny didn't feel the energy of death that the wogs felt, but somehow he was sure that this was not an act.


The old man picked up his plain black staff with a huge purple crystal on top. He waved it in the air and struck the handle on the ground. The soldiers watched in horror as the life energies of the young people in the cages were sucked out of their mouths and noses in a white light and collected in the staff.


The people whose life energy had been drained quickly aged, fell to the ground and died. The soldiers looked at each other in horror as Daniel took over the body. He had barely recovered some of his energy from the last time he had sent a message."

He telepathically emitted an encouraging energy to the soldiers around him.


Then he looked at the old wizard. He raised his giant axe. And he attacked. When Esther saw him attacking, she attacked thanks to his courage spell and the soldiers followed.


The sorcerer raised his wand and took to the air. He started to fly. Everyone ran after him. Some even tried to hit him by throwing stones and spears.


The sorcerer did not run far. He was in the same battlefield as before.

He struck his staff on the ground, and this time all the dead began to rise. They stood up with pale faces that physically resembled zombies, but they all picked up their weapons from the ground. Their posture showed that they had largely remembered how to fight.


About thirty zombies rushed forward. The soldiers had suffered some casualties. They numbered about forty-five.


As the fight began, Daniel charged at the zombies with a giant flaming axe. He made shure bodies were too mutilated or decapitated to be resurrected.


As Daniel killed the zombies with great joy, he realized that even those who had been killed before could give him more power when redie.


Daniel dismembered and burned the zombies to make sure they could not be resurrected. The zombies were killed quickly, thanks to their small numbers and Daniel and Hans's frantic attacks to gain power. But as the last zombies died, Daniel realized that the zombies were just a means of buying time.


"You prevented me from performing my ritual, my ritual with a hundred virgin woman, but you can only create a temporary disruption. The great lich Enkra will never be defeated.


Daniel thought to himself, 'So we're dealing with a Lich. The lich had drawn a shape on the ground. He focused all the power left in his staff on the shape. Then he collapsed and Daniel immediately said to Hans, "Something will summon it, don't go forward, from this point on we will wait for the soldiers to destroy themselves."


Enkra opened a portal and a warrior came out of it, his body looked like a living being, but his jet black eyes, with no white in them, said something different.


On the head of the two-meter giant warrior was a crown of iron. He was all muscle and no clothes except a loincloth made of hide.


"He looks strong but he is just one person, attack!" Esther shouted. The warrior swung his weapon and a wave of black and purple energy shot out. The wave drained the life energy from everyone it touched, knocking them to the ground.


Daniel knew what this was. This was the kind of energy the werewolf used. In short, this monster was not easily killed as long as there was someone around to feed it with life energy.


Esther raised her sword and attacked the creature with all her might on her horse. The creature grinned. Creature made a move with his giant sword.


Esther stopped it with her own sword, but the force was too much and she fell off her horse. The giant man had no intention of letting Esther pick herself up.


He raised his foot, he was going to crush Esther like a bug under his foot. But at that moment, Esther powered her dagger with all her energy and thrust it into the creature's foot. Seeing the creature fall, the soldiers attacked with great excitement.


The creature pulled the dagger out of its foot and stood up even though it was hit in many places, its skin looked like human skin, but it was very thick. Its blood flowed black.


As the creature stood up, it grabbed one of the soldiers by the calf. It started swinging at the man as if it were swinging a chained mace. The man's head collided with another man's head and shattered into pieces.


As the soldiers started to think about running away, Daniel called Danny and said, 'Use all your energy to encourage these idiots. Danny took over the body and telepathically encouraged the soldiers with all his remaining energy. The soldiers were suddenly emboldened and attacked with all their might.


At this point Daniel, who had regained control, said to Danny, 'I know, it sucks to use up all that energy.


As the soldiers were being torn apart, Daniel realized something, when he didn't use the black sword, the monster didn't heal. So it was the sword that was stealing its life energy. Daniel saw that most of the soldiers were dead and Esther was wounded. The creature's sword was nearby, the moment he picked it up, it was over. He rushed into the battlefield.

Hans saw Frank at that moment, Daniel was already on the battlefield, but Frank and Tim came quickly to Hans.


Frank asked, "The boss called us, what are his orders?" Hans had been with Daniel the whole way. But now was not the time to question him, "Hide in that nearby bush and wait for his orders." Then he followed Daniel into the battlefield to report reinforcements and help in the fight.


As Daniel approached the sword, the creature moved swiftly towards it, and Daniel threw his two flaming axes at it with all his might. The two axes gave off a strange odor and penetrated deep into the creature's torso. But this only slowed the creature down. Yet that is exactly what Daniel wanted. He grabbed the sword and the creature stopped in an instant.


The creature, which had never shown the slightest fear until the sword was gone, looked at Daniel with fear in its black eyes.


Daniel understood the cause of the fear. This sword was the way to permanently injure or kill the creature.

Daniel armed the sword with its blue flame and to his surprise it burst into black flames. He shot a wave of flame towards the creature. The creature groaned in pain. It was not badly hurt, but Daniel felt a great relief in his body.


He had already sustained no significant wounds in the battle, and he felt that even the minor bruises and muscle tears had been healed by the previous attack. With great glee he attacked the disarmed creature.


Even unarmed, the creature was stronger than Daniel, and with all his strength he was able to block the blows of the flaming sword with the metal bracelets on his wrists. But this strength could only go so far.


Daniel was too fast and armed, he would not let his opponent get close, one after the other, cutting deep wounds into his thick skin.


The sorcerer began to beg. "Warrior, stop, stop and I swear by the gods I will give you something very precious.

After ten minutes of a hit-and-run battle, the creature collapsed dead on the ground.


Daniel felt himself rising to the third tier and grinned. In those ten minutes only three of the soldiers were still standing, the rest were wounded. Even Hans was standing by the side, wounded.


None of them were as fast as Daniel. Likewise, Ester was wounded and could only watch the scene on the ground.


The Lich had used up all his energy. Daniel grinned and walked over to the Lich, who was barely standing, leaning on his staff. "You look too human for a Lich," he said.


"Please don't kill me," the Lich begged, "I have lost so much power this time, coming back without any power, it will take me a thousand years to return to earth. Please, all my efforts will be in vain.


Daniel "You are a harmful creature for all mankind, you betray me the first time you gain power, tell me why should I let you live?"


Enkra almost cried, his charismatic posture gone. "I can swear that I will never betray you, in the name of whatever god you want, and if ancient creatures like me break their oaths to the gods, they answer to that god. "Is that true, Alviribus," Daniel said very loudly. Enkra's eyes widened "You are no mere mortal, you are a champion of the gods."


Alviribus spoke in Daniel's head 'This is the first time someone I've reincarnated has waited this long to contact me. Strange, you are doing well, you will serve my purposes well. By the way, it is true if he said yes, take the oath in my name, any attempt at treachery and I will punish him severely.


Daniel "Then, Lich Enkra, swear in the name of the god Alviribus that you will always be loyal to me, that you will always put my interests first, that you will never betray me."


As the Lich swore word for word, Ester limped closer to Hans "O, wasn't he a fool, a good fighter but a fool." Hans laughed and said, "So he wasn't. Only this is bad news for you. "Esther looked in horror at Hans' evil grinning face." Daniel finished his oath and handed the Lich the sword, "Don't walk around like a skeleton, go kill these wounded survivors."


Daniel turned to Hans, "I summoned the others in case they were needed, but they weren't caught up with us in time, kill Ester and take her power." Esther looked at Daniel in horror, "What do you think you are doing, you traitor? You think they won't make you pay for this?"


Daniel grinned "They'll think either bandits or undead killed you. Frankly, I'm fine with either."


Hans said, "You told me to kill her before our guys came, but they're already here, boss, waiting for their orders in those bushes."


Daniel smiled, "You are very unlucky Ester, very unlucky." Daniel gave a whistle and gestured with his hand. The bandits came out of their hiding place and began to loot the dead men's belongings on the ground in joy.


Brad came over to Daniel without thinking about the looting. "I saw your work on Lola and Tomas, boss, I think you're already on the second tier."


Daniel smiled. Then he pointed to Esther and said, "Tie that bitch up and take her back to camp. Do whatever you want with her, never loosening her restraints, until she's fully recovered. Then she'll be fought by all the warriors who have already made it to the first tier so you can move up the tiers."


"Very good idea, boss," Brad said. Ester screamed as she was tied up. "I am a noble knight and I refuse to be a plaything for thugs." At this moment Alex shoved a dirty sock in her mouth. "Shut up and don't open your mouth until I put my cock in your mouth, bitch."


Then Frank came. He took the ring from Esther's finger. He almost pushed the gold ring with the ruby on it into Esther's eyes.


Then he said to the bound Esther, "Do you remember this ring, two years ago, you snatched this ring from a poor woman who was cleaning at the inn, do you remember?


This ring was the only thing my mother inherited after my father died, my mother took care of us with great difficulty after my father died. She cleaned at the inn and I worked as a shepherd to earn a living, to take care of my siblings.


But you took away my mother's only memory of my father. You stole my mother's ring at the inn, beat her and took it.


You told my mother," he hiccupped and swallowed, "that a peasant couldn't have a ring like that, that you must have stolen it."


Frank took a deep breath. "My mother never stole anything from anyone, but after I found out what you did, I, who was happily shepherding against all odds, couldn't take it anymore.


Because of you, I've become a bandit, and I'll make sure I avenge my mother's humiliation on you. I'll do my best to be the one who had the killing blow."


But Frank turned to Daniel "Boss, I need to get this ring to my mother, I can do it in a day if I keep on the road." Daniel smiled "Tim, Alex, go with Frank. Take provisions, take your share of the loot and have fun for a week."


Daniel turned to his men "Don't think that I am discriminating against you, remember that these friends of yours have made it to the first tier early and deserve to be rewarded. So remember that there will be rewards for your successes as well as penalties for your failures."


The bandits were in high spirits. They had won a lot of booty without any fighting. Suddenly all the bandits had quality gambersons and leather armor to wear, and they all wore quality helmets.


In order of power, especially those at the top had commandeered the better quality chain mail. However, as per Daniel's instructions, there was a one-fifth boss's share of the loot money, and the rest of the money was divided into one share for the untiered and two shares for the first tier.


Daniel calculated that a common bandit received four pieces of gold. He had 6 first rank and 16 unranked men. He himself received twenty-eight gold pieces.


Arn jumped for joy and came to Daniel, "Daniel, Daniel, you wouldn't believe what I found in that Lich's tent. Among the things he threw away like he didn't care, there are some very good healing potion recapies, and they can be made with more readily available ingredients.


I also found this." He showed Daniel a small vial of pale blue liquid. "This is a potion that numbs the body, it will prevent an accident while we work with Ester, but it won't prevent her from feeling everything she's going through and moaning in a way that will give us pleasure."


Daniel said, "Congratulations." Arn said "Boss I did a good job, give me the first turn with Ester." Daniel looked around "Our Arn wants first time, any objections?"


One of the thugs said "No problem for me boss, he cums early anyway." The other thugs started laughing.

"Not at all!" Arn snarled.


Daniel realized they were lying to make fun of him. He was sure that if someone like Arn had a problem with premature ejaculation, he could solve it with a simple potion.


The group split into two, Daniel and his team headed back to camp. The three friends joked with each other and headed for Frank's village.


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