The Royal System: Ruler of the Poorest Kingdom (A 4x-Styled LitRPG)

The Royal System: Ruler of the Poorest Kingdom (A 4x-Styled LitRPG)

by NiallStephens

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

Transmigration isn’t always fun and games.

For bored office worker Oliver Marsden, being summoned to a land of fantasy is a dream come true. He can go on adventures, fight monsters, and become the greatest hero his new world has ever seen.

Unfortunately, the System has other ideas.

One cheap RTS knock-off later, he’s burdened with the crown of the continent’s poorest kingdom! Armed with kooky subordinates, strange Skills, and a stat sheet ripped from the wrong kind of game, Oliver must face war, poverty, treachery and corruption in his attempts to rebuild his new nation.

He'll have to learn to reconcile grand ideals with a harsh reality, and stare down the true cost of progress. 

But can he become the King this country needs?

What to expect:

 - A snarky, genre-savvy protagonist with a strategic mind

 - A System that fuses RPG and RTS mechanics, complete with stats and blue boxes

 - An expansive cast of varied and dynamic characters

 - Tactical combat

 - Focus on character interaction and the human element of kingdom building, mixed with action and in-depth worldbuilding

What not to expect:

- A harem. Yes, there are female characters. Yes, they are friendly with the protagonist. No, that does not make them a harem, no matter what certain reviews would have you believe.

 - Any kind of murderhoboing

 - An OP protagonist who is an instant expert and doesn't make mistakes.

Updates: 5/week, chapter length 1500–1900 words

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Warning: Unreliable narrator ahead.

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It's okay story if you're looking for generic "I isekaid in different world and become king" anime with all goods and bads from that: funny cliché moments, classic "got three girls by chapter two" trope, random big brain strategist fall in his arms after "inspirational" speech – if you read few novels in this style, you read them all.

So, if you're looking for teenage popcorn – it's for you. If you're looking for realistic kingdom building with the System – it's not.


The main character is not a fan of suffering and is reasonable enough at delegating though he has flaws which are rooted in his good qualities and there is learning to be done.

The system he has explains once hes already figured it out which avoids bloat and the standard system investigation. 



I really like Kingdom Building stories. This one is funny, charming, promising, so no way I wouldn't read it. It is funny, because the main character, called Sire wanted to be a hero and defeat the demon lord. But instead he is a King in a magical land accompanied by a woman knight whose sole job is to judge, and she judges Kings and behead them if they don't do the job. So yeah, good luck escaping that. Nonetheless, Sire and his entourage are a charming cast of characters we are only starting to get to know. They can develop in a lot of directions. The lore is slowly introduced and it promises a lot.

As long as this story doesn't lose its humor, I think it is going to do well.


I wouldn't mind meatier chapters but writing is not easy. Maintaining quality alongside quantity is even harder. I just hope that as things progresses, Sire will understand his abilities, and projects will kick into high gear for his kingdom, letting us see the effects and reception among the populace too.


Better keep it up or I'll arbiter this story too. Jokes aside, good luck, I hope you enjoy writing this story, author, and keep going!


It's not the worst I've seen, but not the greatest either.

This story has been a decent take on kingdom building but suffers from a few flaws:

The main annoyance I faced while reading this, is the faint undercurrent of weaboo sexism that runs through it. The way women are portrayed and interacted with just feels juvenile and inappropriate. At one point a make character was described as having shoulders "wider than a good woman's hips", which is more cringy than I can take.

Aside from that, the main character has too many instances of plot convenience where things just simply go his way without any actual effort or difficult decisions being made.


Very interesting. The intention behind the story are great. The characters are fleshing very well. The system is pretty good. No Over Powered instant answers. I like the fact that the Main Character is not some super smart know it all.

The biggest problem I see is that the Main character knows he doesn't know anything and he has so far done nothing to fix that.

I can't wait to read more. 


Not going to lie, I've been lowkey craving a plot premise like this. 5 stars for encouragement and to let you know imma be eyeing this. Swear to god if you end up throwing a harem in this imma scream though, though that's more of a suggestion then anything. I'll still read it but look at all the females in it with scorn.


This is the sort of novel that is easily binged, and just as easily forgotten. Its not bad, but its not truly satisfying either. As it grows in length I think this novel will make a nice light read as you wait for something "better" to release. As such I'll probably come back to this novel when it is substantially longer. I don't; however,  want to follow the serial and read it as it updates since despite the quick pace neither the individual chapters nor the overarching story "satisfied" me so far.


Reviewing at Chapter 3:

Great writing and pacing so far. Being a huge fan of RTS games, I can't wait to see how the RTS elements are implemented. Niall has set the stage for some really interesting mechanics!

The characters are looking promising with great praise going to the protagonist. Someone seeking deliverance and finding only another set of difficulties at hand. And I very much love that he makes his gripes known to the reader. Looking forward to the rest of this story and how he grows along the way!


If I was isekai'd into this world with an RTS styled system, Hana would have my head almost immediately. But unlike me our hero Oliver is an RTS savant. But a begrudging one. He has always dreamed of escaping to another world to be a hero, fighting in the thick of things, risking his life and getting all the glory. Instead, he is given responsibilities, way more than he ever had at home--he finds a whole kingdom in desperate need of a king. 

These early chapters are filled with Oliver wrestling with himself, trying to escape his new role while pretty quickly becoming invested in the people and their troubles, despite all his misgivings of being a king. 

This internal battle is extremely compelling and alongside the characters and slowly learning more about the world and the RTS system, the story has captured me completely. 

Style: The prose is fantastic, it puts you totally into Oliver's thoughts and his sense of humor is really just second to none. There are also some incredible descriptions and analogies that the author weaves in and sprinkles so casually into the narrative. Such as this line: "I added enough gravel to my tone to pave a driveway" Like, dude, how awesome is that?? 

Story: Most my thoughts were covered in the opening, it is an expertly put together plot, where all aspects of the story are weaved together into an addicting whole. 

Grammar: I'm not the best at spotting grammar issues, but I know enough to know that this story has been cleaned up to a pristine condition. I did not see a single mistake. 

Character: The characters are FANTASTIC. Oliver of course is the stand out star, his voice and humor is what ties everything together. But the others are equally as great. They all seem to have a lot more going on than what they show on the surface. There is a big world history that Oliver doesn't have knowledge of and also his friends own personal history. But it seems to me that those two points won't be mutually exclusive... I can not wait to see more of the characters and learn who they are and what they were up to before meeting our hero. 

The Royal System is a joy to read. With humor, great characters, and a LitRPG system that is very different than the norm, the author has crafted an addictive story that I think any reader of the genres will fall in love with. I know I did. 


MC is not evil, but hes very human and makes mistakes.

I rate stories based on subjective enjoyment, not objectiv quality.  Obectively, the initial pacing, character development, and dialogue are crude and unpolished.  ~2/10.

Subjectively, watching both the writing and characters grow - both in quality and maturity - from chapter to chapter is a breath of fresh air.  By chapter 20 the story became a ~4/10.

If the writer keeps this up, im expecting a 6 or 7/10 by chapter 30.  Theres a strong foundation here.  Credible threats, mc fails forward instead of being op or useless, and the System is treated like the crutch that it is.

Despite the weak start, i dont recommend a rewrite yet, if at all.  Maybe after another 100 or 200 chapters the author will be good enough at writing to do a rewrite without losing the charm that hooked me in the first place.