Nowhere Island University

Nowhere Island University

by T4nky

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Nathan Jacobs was just another kid from suburban US. No super powers, no special skills, and, more importantly, no direction. With his senior year of high school coming to an end, Nate is approached by representatives of the international law agency, UNIX. They want him, as well as a team of two other teenagers to infiltrate a college in the mid Pacific called Nowhere Island University.

However, Nowhere Island University is not a normal school. Nate, due to enrolling in the Academy of Military Science as part of his mission, is thrust into the brutal Hell Semester, a special course for the people who want to be mercenaries. There, he meets mob hitmen, former child soldiers, mysterious martial artists, cat girls working for secret societies, and many more strange people.

Meanwhile, events outside NIU are transpiring, threatening to destroy the world, or maybe just kill a huge amount of people. Can Nathan stop it? Or will he die in Hell Semester?

Updates every Wednesday.

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President of Nowhere Island University

Word Count (14)
Top List #500
5th Anniversary
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1.1: Welcome to NIU (Glad You Aren’t Here) ago
1.2 In Which You Get an Explanation ago
1.3 Preparing for Fight NIght ago
1.4: And Now I Bite The Dust ago
1.5 Try A Little Scariness ago
1.6 Saturday ago
1.7 Load Up On Guns ago
1.8: Bring Your Friends ago
1.9: Until the Seven are Supreme ago
1.10: Salim the Russian Piñata ago
1.11 Nathan Jacobs and the Chamber of Horrors ago
1.12: Who Let the Dogs Out? ago
1.13: Stop Snowing ago
1.14: Snow and Cold ago
1.15: They Shot Their Own Eyes Out, Honest! ago
1.16: A Mad Rush ago
1.17: General Winter ago
1.18: Good Morning ago
1.19: Life Goes On ago
2.1: Hell Semester is so Two Weeks Ago ago
2.2: Firefight ago
2.3: Conversations Kill ago
2.4: Walking In Maynard ago
2.5: “At some point, maybe…” ago
2.6: Tainted Trust ago
2.7: School Store ago
2.8: Back to the School Where It Began ago
2.9: The Southern Man ago
2.10: Party at the Nerdy Colony ago
2.11: When You Grow Up ago
2.12: It’s Cold Outside ago
2.13: Talk About It, Talk About It, Talk About It ago
2.14: Rest Up ago
2.15: Bumps in the Night ago
2.16: Poetic Justice ago
2.17: Creepy Brick Buildings ago
2.18: Have a Nice Day ago
2.19: I Did Nazi That Coming ago
2.20: Counter-Attack ago
2.21: Project Skywalker ago
2.22: Another Impossible Mission ago
3.1: The Prophecy ago
3.2: Preplanning ago
3.3: We Steal a Boat ago
3.4: Insertion ago
3.5: Shadows in the Town ago
3.6 Outbreak ago
3.7: Into the Unknown ago
3.8: Better Than Any Seen Do It ago
3.9: Shipping Off to Yonan ago
3.10: Can’t Find a Better Leader ago
3.11: Set It Off ago
3.12: Outshined ago
3.13: We Ran Away ago
3.14 Story of Our Guide ago
3.15: Come the Break of Dawn ago
3.16: Enter Player Four ago
3.17: Dance Around the Goddess ago
3.18: The Safest Bet ago
3.19: Get Out ago
3.20: Knock on Wood ago
3.21: In Which We Fight the Law ago
3.22: Help is on the Way ago
3.23: Did it Matter? ago
3.24: The End (Of the arc, not the serial) ago
4.1: Lost in Suburbia ago
4.2: Back to School ago
4.3: Touchdown ago
4.4: Show Me ago
4.5: Get a Job ago
4.6 Back in the NIU Groove ago
4.7 A Good Swim ago
4.8 Future So Bright ago
4.9: One More Shot ago
4.10: Nari’s Got a Gun ago
4.11 Curiouser and Curiouser ago
4.12: What’s in the Box? ago
4.13: The Final Prophecy ago
5.15: Shot Through the Heart ago
5.16: Tonight’s All Right for Fighting ago
4.17: Fix Yo Hustle ago
4.18: Take the Psycho Bowling ago
4.19: Brace Yourself ago
4.20: A New Chapter ago
4.21: United Fist ago
4.22: Coming Together ago
4.23 The Architect Revealed ago
4.25 Bad News ago
4.26: The Shape of Things to Come ago
5.1: Factory ago
5.2: Shipping off to Nippon ago
5.3: Their House ago
5.4: The Silent Mountain ago
5.5: Shadows ago
5.6: Nightmares ago
5.7: Trip Around It ago
5.8 A Modest Proposal ago
5.9: We Have Words ago
5.10: Let’s Jam ago
Track 11: Breaking New Gate ago
5.12 I Shot the Sheriff ago
5.13: Too Late to Say Sorry ago
5.14: Leave Your Lights On ago
5.15: Cabin Fever ago
5.16: Have Some Tea ago
5.17: Pachinko Violence ago
5.18 Somebody's Watching Me ago
Track 19: We’ve Got a Fast Car ago
5.20: We Have Big Gun ago
5.21: Life in the Fast Lane ago
5.22: Zero to One Hundred ago
5.24: Deet Barz ago
5.25: Lying on the Floor ago
5.26 Giving Up ago
5.27: Tragic Monsters ago
5.28 Anime Beauty/Anime Psycho ago
5.28: King of Wishful Thinking ago
6.1: When the World Comes Down ago
6.2: That You Hold Over Me ago
6.3: The Coup ago
6.4: You Got Me Up in a Cage ago
6.5: Kidney Stones and Confessions ago
6.6: In the Middle of the Night ago
6.7: They Have Marched 1,000 Miles ago
6.8: FBI Surprise ago
6.9: Losing Her Conviction ago
Track 10: In the Den ago
6.11 War Picts ago
6.12 Boom, Clap ago
6.13: Boom to the Head ago
6.14: Whispers ago
6.16: Calm Before the Storm ago
6.16: The Person on the News ago
6.17: Badlands ago
6.18: 21st Century Warfare ago
6.19: Brighter Nights ago
6.20: Gods of Hellfire ago
6.21: Too Many of my Friends are Criminals ago
6.22: Slippery People ago
6.23: Is it Just Me? ago
6.4: Old Friends ago
6.25: The Takeover ago
6.27: Twilight’s Last Gleaming ago
Health Issues ago
6.28: Massachusetts Is Beautiful This Time of Year ago
6.29: The Lights Go Out ago
6.30: End of the End ago
6.31: In the town known as Worcester, MA ago
Track 31: Last of the BLUFOR ago
6.33 This is the End ago
7.1 Welcome to the Occupation ago
7.2: End Run ago
7.3: Meet the Police ago
7.4 Somebody's Watching Me ago
7.5: Bourbon, Scotch, Beer ago
7.6: People to be put against the wall ago
7.7: Once a Cop ago

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Glorious School Action Thriller

I started reading this story, and then I just couldn’t stop. It’s about a young a man who doesn’t know what to do  with his life who is suddenly offered a exciting opportunity. Little does he know how much danger he’s putting himself in, or how much his world is about change. Cue the conspiracies, murder, college radio, and invading clone armies. 


The story is the strong point here, and obviously contains a lot of research into things like guns and other weapons. It starts off great and just slowly builds up until its even better. My only complaint would be that perhaps things accelerate a little too quickly in the latest chapters, where the main character goes all Rambo. 


It has very good grammar with only a few typos, that allows you to immerse yourself fully in the story. 


There are a lot of great characters in this story that get really fleshed out. Unfortunately, there are also a few side characters that were obviously added to the story for one single purpose and stay flat. The main character and most the cast are fun to read about though .  


I can’t recommend this fiction enough. If you like thrillers, action, guns, school life, and mad science this is a story you have to read. 


Comic Book Esque Spy Thriller

Nowhere Island University is a spy thriller set in a world with a similar feel to that of Watchmen, but from the perspective of a civilian who got in over his head.  The world itself feels very realistic, based off of our modern world but with super villains, mass scientists, and super powers, it feels like a world straight out of a comic book.  The reason I mention Watchmen specifically is that it has a very similar dark feeling to it.  This is a story that focuses on the moral dilemma of soldiers, as well as some very dark actions the characters are forced to perform.  One of the things that makes this stand out though is the fact that these situations feel perfectly natural and not something shoehorned in to make the story more mature or gritty.  The main character is a normal civilian, something that serves to highlight the moral ambiguity of the characters.  


Another great aspect of this story is the diversity of the characters.  Each character feels unique, with their own story motives and goals.  This isn't simply a world of one side versus the other, but instead one where everyone has their own interests, one where people may fight for the same cause, but for different reasons.  The one complaint I have about the characters is that occasionally they feel like they each fall into their own stereotype, even if that stereotype is different in this world than in ours.  It would be nice to see characters that don't quite fit the mold that the mc has placed them in.  This could be anything from a strange bit of their personality, a hint that their beliefs have, if not acceptable, at least understandable reasons for them, or perhaps a show that they may have the wrong reasons, but they act towards an appreciable goal.  This is simply not possible for every character as the mc is limited in his knowledge, but it would be nice to see slightly more often, particularly in the main story instead of in side chapters.  This is because it would be compelling to see the mc be forced to confront the humanity present in even his worst enemies.  


The style isn't particularly remarkable, or at least it isn't particularly noticeable.  There are a couple of times that the author relies on similar reactions from the protagonist multiple times, not particularly with how he notes how often he nearly dies in combat and only survives due to luck.  There are no major problems here, and this story is head and shoulders above some that I have read in this regard, but one's style can always use more polish


As far as grammar goes, there are very few errors, the largest being an occasional forgotten or repeated word.  Although this is very infrequent (I can only remember maybe half a dozen instances of this) it is immersion breaking and should definitely be remedied.  


Overall I found this story to be highly enjoyable and although I found some minor issues, they don't detract from the story.  This is definitely a story worth reading.  


I Like It - Nowhere Island University

May or may not include spoilers cuz I binge read EVERYTHING up to book 3 Track 17 (3/23/16) from T4nky’s wordpress within 3-4 days.

My summary: 

Meet Nathan Jacobs, your regular graduating high schooler without a clear direction in life. College is meant to change that view and when Nathan is offered the deal of a lifetime to be paid to go to college, who wouldn’t take the deal? Getting paid and having a full ride scholarship is great and all, but there’s just a minor detail. A little insignificant thing Nathan’s recruiters failed to tell him. Nowhere Island University has a 50% drop rate in its first semester alone. Now, I’m not talking about dropping out of college, I’m talking about dropping off the face of the earth. Once you’re gone, nobody will find so much as a hair. NIU is that sort of place. Are you ready for your first semester? Nathan surely wasn’t.

@T4nky, your fiction blurb is a bit lengthy. The first time I saw NIU, I honestly just looked at your title, skimmed the blurb, and said to myself, I’m reading this shit… are we allowed to cuss in reviews? I can’t remember. Oh well. Too late now. I’m just glad I did decide to read your story.


Overall: 4.5/5

You know what, I’m just going to put this out there, this is a brief review. I read what I enjoy and enjoy what I read. T4nky asked if I could drop a review so here it is. Read as many reviews as you’d like, but don’t let them sway your opinion all the time, just give a story a once over and try it out. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

(Oh, and nothing I review will have a full 5/5 rating unless my values and views suddenly change. There’s always room for improvement.)


Style: 4.5/5

Writing style? Personal style? Meh, it reads easy and that’s all that matters. I like it and it doesn’t get in the way of the content or presentation.


Story: 4/5

There are a few parts that could use some development, but that’s just my personal tastes. I’d like to see more of the world and characters fleshed out. The pacing is a bit fast for me sometimes. Don’t get me wrong as it covers everything well, but I’d just like some more in depth building. By all means, the plot is coherent, no glaring plot holes, and even if there’s any plot holes, it doesn’t effect the story. (at least for me. Don’t forget I binge read this.)


Grammar: 4.5/5

I see nothing wrong here. You’d have to be specifically looking for errors to let anything bother you. Any mistakes and typos you may see are easily passed over by the casual reader. Critical readers would still have a decently hard time finding errors so have a nice little game of “find the error” all you Grammar Nazis.


Character: 4/5

There’s character development and developments with the various characters. If you don’t like seeing people die, let me remind you that this isn’t a story for you. People die, a lot. I’d like to see what makes your characters tick in more detail but it’s still enjoyable as it is now. (Just give me more side chapters, T4nky.)

Anyways, let’s take a look at Nathan Jacobs.

[spoiler]Nathan starts off as your run of the mill, naive high school senior. He’s new to the world of back doors, shady deals, and crime, much less the outside world. He’s lived his entire life in his hometown actually.

Once he’s dropped off in NIU, he faces violence, crime, and death. He himself must come to terms with killing and his first kill defines his start as a badass soldier of bad-ass-dom. Que the internal conflict between morals and logic. It’s not painful to read, though, and is quite telling on Nathan’s personality and character. His actions and environment do leave an impression on him so don’t worry about a character that stagnates.[/spoiler]


A few minor notes for potential readers. This story has frequent violence and death of both anon and named characters. Minor or not, you know their names so they may strike a chord with you. Also, that bit about supers in this story is there, but just think of it as a blend of a fantasy and action story.

All in all, I’d say give it a shot and read a chapter or two. There’s plenty of content over on T4nky’s wordpress if you can’t wait for him to post a chapter a day to RRL until he’s all caught up.


Only the first book was worth reading

If you're expecting this to be a fast-paced action adventure, you're in for a big disappointment when you get to the second book. This is a slice-of-life story of a lackluster guy's military missions, that are spread over several chapters.

Most of what's happening is expressed through first person POV, that means world building through an excessive amount of dialogues. containing huge amount of conjectures, which isn't really entertaining and only serves to drag the story. A lot of the context in the conversations are happening in the mind of the author, so expect not to "get" some or most of it.

I'd rate the first book 5 stars, but the second book disgusted me with its alien nazis and korean clones. I gave up on the story as I couldn't figure out where it was heading anyway. I just stopped caring at that point, knowing that the dialogues and miniscule narrations of the most insignificant action will turn out to be pointless and irrelevant. The characters introduced in the first book have interesting backgrounds that aren't explored in favor of alien nazis. I had expected the writer to use those character backgrounds to weave a creative fabric of events that leads to a dramatic conclusion.


just found it and love it

found the story 2 hour ago due to reddit

and damn im happy i found it

i already read a story last week that i find is 10/10 one of the best stories rr ever had( savage divinity)

and today i found this amazing story that also could be called that

i read 6 chapters and im loving it

savage divinity entertained me through 60 chapters

and nowhere island university just pulled me in deeply

they are 2 completely different stories but both have genres that i love

seriously out of nowhere come 2 stories that have amazing characters that are likeable

the plots are damn good(not sure where niu will go but holy shit its been good so far)

if the incoming chapters are half as good as the previous ones then i would 100% buy the completed work


This is very well written it's funny and the characters are life like and believable. I have also read your WordPress and like the direction your story is going in. Overall 5 stars


The level of this story?
It´s godly, best seller level kind of story...
Everything is perfect except a couple of typos but otherwise, I can´t find anything else to criticize   


love it so far, keep going

A wonderfully descriptive story. i like the plot so far so keep going. it should definitely have more views.


Unique and other than some plot points/events feeling a bit unclear or rushed, and some very minor spacing issues in early chapters; it is very well written and I've enjoyed it so far (as of chapter 12).


Picking up the first volume in print is a great way to support the serial, but if you grab this without knowing about the serial, you're probably not going to have as good of a time.

The basic pitch for NIU is that it's a gritty hunger-games style high school in a world that mirrors our own--apart from all the James-Bond-level mad science, black ops, and superhero programs going on in the background. If you've read Wildbow's "Worm", expect a much less gonzo version of that kind of setting.

Like Worm, NIU is pretty dark, and like Worm, it struggles a little to get its feet under itself at first. This is again why I'm recommending checking out the serial before making any decisions about the book. In the serial, you can skip ahead and get instant confirmation that the writing matures--and it does. The author's writing strengthens over time, but this also means the first book is going to be rough compared to the others.

One thing the writer nails, even early on, is bringing in a wide cast of characters, making them each memorable, and then letting them live or die by their own decisions. The line between villain and ally is also pretty fluid, which for me was a big part of the appeal of the book.

The story moves at a good clip, even if book 1 feels a little unfocused in places, so Glad You're Not Here is definitely not going to bore you. You'll have to work a little hard to suspend your disbelief in a few places, but early chapters of Worm have the same problem. They're signs of a writer getting accustomed to the craft.

Ultimately, you'll probably have formed an idea of whether you're going to like this by the time you've skimmed a few chapters of the later books, but if you do like it, come back to this page when you can. Support the writer and buy the book.