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Anyways, here comes the next chapter of EUPHORIA! I sincerely hope that you enjoy, let us begin!

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The following morning... - The New Mansion - Leonardo's Point Of View...




My restful slumber had been abruptly shattered by Aria's exclamations as I rose from my bed, Yuko still covered by the sheets."Aria? Something wrong?"



I ..

I UH..


I am a robot.

A robot who has seen... Chaos.

Who has witnessed God.

I am a creature of reason and logic, or so I would like to believe. Yet, today I've managed to meet not one, but two Implausible Beings.

"Leo? Whats she on about?" Yomi's somewhat startled and confused tone weaved itself into my mind as I sighed."She was called into a certain place I've started to call The Red World... its a different plane of existence, one which Chaos often summons me to in order to converse or interact directly with me. This time, Aria was dragged into that reality as well. Also God was there."

"Your AI was inside of The Red World? Congrats, guess that means she really is a sentient being." Yuko woke up and sighed before rubbing her eyes tiredly."Good morning. You want some coffee?"

A nod was my answer."I'd like that, thanks."

Hey thanks, auntie!

Also good news dad! Looks like my introduction to The Red World re-opened the portal through your heart. I have full acess to that place now!

... Nice Cathedral by the way.

I blinked."Wait, you can go in and out of my soul as you please?" Yomi's slack jawed expression suddenly formed itself into my mind."Whaaat? Cathedral?! And does this mean I'm the only one still left out..."

"Yeah it does, but hey stay with me and Chaos is bound to pull you into its troubles someday." Was my rather exhausted reply."I don't feel like doing shit today for some reason."

"You're not the only one..." Yuko moaned as she sipped her coffee, giant shadows under her eyes. I could only imagine that my eyes looked no different."I guess our transformations take a whole load out of us."

"Power like that should always come with a price, Leo. You were on the level of a low ranked Devil yesterday." Low ranked devil?"Do you mean a devil on earth like you or a devil from Hell?"

"Theoretically, those are the same thing. You see, I think I've already said this before but, whenever a body takes in a certain level of energy of any kind, it begins to transform as the body uses that energy to advance or evolve into the next stage of its existence... your transformation seems to be an emulation of this stage." I blinked in confusion at Yomi's explanation.

"You mean like a demon turns into an arch demon and an angel into an arch angel?" Was my inquisitive reply as I absentmindedly ordered food to be delivered."Exactly! The same thing happened to me once I reached my ninth tail. However, thing is, humans do not possess this transformation. Although there have been those humans who have reached the required level of energy before, all it did was tear their bodies apart instead."

Those people only had normal human bodies though... dad does not.

In fact, his body is already being transformed, right?

"Yes, but the transformation into an arch, so to speak, has been very well documented. As literal thousands of creatures have accomplished it before, so if Leo ever displayed any of the characteristics, I would know." Yomi replied somewhat sagely.

A flash of imagery forged itself into my mind, the memory of me healing Tyrone with my own flesh and giving my blood to the flaggelant. If I am correct, then my blood is the retrovirus designed to rewrite human DNA in such a way that it would allow people to successfully transform.

But why wasn't this available to us before.

Was it simply not ready? Or perhaps there was no need for it...

Wait.. Yomi has already been transformed by my blood so did she lose her ascension?

"Aria, please check if your mothers DNA holds any interesting data. For instance, is there anything to indicate that it was completely different from how it is now? As in before being infused by my blood." I asked my daughter as Yomi blinked in confusion."Why does that matter? Of course its different!"

"Well yes, but if Aria can accurately check the difference between your old self and your ascended body, maybe we can pinpoint the genes which appear during ascension?" Yomi remained utterly confused, however Aria seemed to share my interest.


Well, for that experiment to even be made... I'd need mothers original DNA... or atleast something similar to it. Like her brothers DNA, for instance.

"I'll see to it that you get your hands on it then, darling." Was my rather toneless reply as I promptly dropped right back into the bed.

Yuko then seemingly remembered something important as she turned to look at me."By the way, back when we fought, I realized you weren't using any ability names."

"Ability names? You mean like ... naming whatever combat move I make and then yelling it out during a fight?" I replied with a quirked eyebrow as she laughed and waved her hand in negative."Well you don't have to yell them out, but its important to name your signiature moves. Not just for the drama but because its easier to remember them that way. Not to mention that some moves just deserve to be named properly!"

I see....

No I don't, but I guess naming some things could be cool. Like that blast of concentrated plasma I used on Ashura."I'll think about it, I guess."

"So you really don't have a name for that cool move where you dragged some kind of hellfire out of your heart? Aww, thats a shame." Dragged hellfire out of my heart?

Oh that.

I guess that has a name.

But Hellfire Overdrive... thats a bit too cheesy even for me to yell out loud.

Don't mind me guys and girls! I'm just a line break...

The following evening... - Audrey's Bedroom - Audrey's Point Of View...

"What do you think, Arsene? Are these books any good?" I pointed at the currently open tomes with some interest as my shadowy teacher leaned over to inspect.

He hummed in thought."Well, they aren't the best books around... but until your body is more used to your shadow form and the influence of the Void, they will have to do."

A nod was his answer as I continued to read the dark tome before the door to my room was flung open and Arsene vanished without a trace.

A newly-found-to-be-a vampire mafioso walked over to me and handed me a letter. I knew this man as Ned... a silent old guy without a single emotion ever present upon his face.

And now that I can sense emotions, I know that he has none hidden either."Miss, one of your lady friends has sent you an invitation to a selective, private gathering... while I would not say anything before this, as my status as a vampire has been exposed, I have no reason to keep this from you so... that letter... there is darkness around every word. It is clearly a play made for your assassination."

One look at the invitation cleary revealed the sender. She was one of my supposed rivals, or that is what she thinks of herself, at least.

In reality, she is nothing more than the daughter of a rich man who is one of dads lieutenants. For what reason would she wish to kill me now?


I turned around to look at the shadows in my room and then at the darkness sourrounding the letter. It was very much simillar to my own... meaning, she is most likely one of the Candidates Of The Afterdark.

How amusing."Ned, please gather up some Inhuman boys and girls willing to follow me. Theodora, the girl who sent this letter, is an absolute bafoon who will most likely not protect herself with anything but humans. This will be her downfall."

He blinked in surprise."You intend to... feed your Inhuman servants?" He asked with a kind of thirst you could never find in a human man. I merely quirked an eyebrow at him."Is that a problem?"

He shook his head in negative and started showing emotion. Joy, to be precise."Not at all, milady. I am simply delightfully surprised by your... altruistic design. What kind of human would feed other humans to monsters? In any case, you shall have more than enough boys and girls who would be willing to follow you to this.. magnificent feast."

"Feed other humans to monsters? Ned, you guys arent monsters at all. Every Inhuman I've seen so far, barring perhaps yourself and old man Helix, are just people trying to survive. Be careful who you pick... we move tomorrow morning." A nod and a look of confusion was my answer as the vampire walked out of my room.

I sighed and turned back to my tome before closing it."Not gonna study anymore, milady?" Arsene quirked an eyebrow at me as I chuckled at him."All this studying and talking has made me work up quite the appetite. Time to go eat."

Taking out my cellphone and transforming into my shadow form, I clicked a particular number."Joyce? I need a family. Two children, both parents if possible."

Around Midnight - Mafia Warehouse - Audrey's Point Of View...

"Shall I wait for you outside, miss?" The same ancient vampire who used to drive Leo around town while he was still in Italy asked me with his typical toothy grin, a man whom Helix was more than happy to introduce me to.

I still don't know his name, but his mobile app has proven rather useful recently."You might as well, I guess. This shouldn't take too long. Now then, for your payment." I extended my left hand sideways as one of my favoured henchmen approached."Truly, this is a new age for vampire taxists!"

The ancient driver exclaimed happily as he dug his fangs into my hand, drinking his pay right out of my body."Your order is ready, miss. Two children, one parent... the father resisted ... to the end." The man named Butcher Joyce spoke with a grin on his face.

A former serial killer found and hired into the family by my own hand. He tried to kill me once on a contract. I managed to persuade him otherwise. A twelve year old girl staring death right in the face seemed to be enough to convince the man and I made sure he does not regret his decision ever since.

Seems like the man was also a wolf, though. I nodded towards him, satisfied as the old bafoon finally let go of my hand, darkness weaving my wound shut in milliseconds."Good. Anyone else here?"

"Just a scrub, rookie guy. He'll keep the door closed." Joyce pointed behind him towards a mafioso with a blue tie, a new recruit indeed.

Recruits wear blue ties.

Regulars wear green ties.

And veterans wear red ties in our mafia."Lets get to it then." I spoke as the wolf nodded and guided me inside of the warehouse.

The butchered corpse of the father laid motionless on the floor as the trio of people was huddled together in the corner, their hands and feet bound by rope.

"Now then... let us begin with the daughter first." A hand of darkness reached outwards from my own and grabbed the little girl, causing her mother to squeal as she witnessed her child instantly squashed to death. The little girl died mostly painlessly, her soul leaving her body only to be caught mid-air by my other hand.

I let the crushed body drop onto the floor with a loud thunk. The mother threw her body over her baby son as if it would do him any good.

Ignoring the poor fool, I inhaled the little girls soul."NYAAAHN!" The rush, the sheer feeling of power coursing through my very veins!

I could feel my power growing with each passing second. Although... the little girls soul was nowhere near fully satisfying.

Then I walked over to the butchered corpse of the father and ate his soul. His soul was... nearly tasteless.

This proves my assumption. Souls taste better if their carriers are tortured prior to death.

I extended my hand towards the baby and pulled it towards myself."NOO!"

The mother bit through the cloth over her mouth and screamed as the baby started to cry. I laughed and drew shadows closer towards the baby boy, slowly strangling him, then letting him breathe, then strangling him again.

This continued for some time before I was interrupted by sounds coming from the outside."WHATS GOING ON IN THERE?"

"Uhh, sorry officers you can't go in there right now..." The stupid rookie said with a fearful tone as I sighed.

And promptly let the baby drop onto the floor with a resounding thunk."NOOOOOOOOOO! W-w-wha-A-A-A!?"

I ignored the mother and walked outside."A-ah, miss! These cops h-"

There were three cops waiting outside, all sourrounding their car as I promptly took the rookies pistol into my hands.

Three separate gunshots resounded within the area as the cops dropped dead onto the cold concrete one by one. I then consumed their souls..

Tasteless, just like the fathers... although his was probably tasteless since he was dead for a longer time.

Souls are a food which must be eaten as soon as its made, I suppose.

Handing his pistol back to the rookie, I noted from his yellow eyes that he was a vampire."Y'know, a human mafioso would know what to do there. Furthermore, he would not hesitate to shoot. So why did you not shoot, boyo?"

"I-I-I... T-t-the s-sounds... I didn't sign up for this!" He screeched out in panic as he pointed the pistol at me, only to find werewolf claws sticking out of his stomach."U-ugh... w-w-wha..."

Butcher Joyce offered me an apologetic look."Forgive me, mistress. Guess I'll need to be more careful when recruiting next time... what shall we do with the corpses of the cops?" He asked me as the vampire turned to ash. I humphed."Take their bodies and feed them to Leo's pet tiger... Or treat some of our guys, I don't really care. Just get rid of the evidence."

A nod was my answer as I returned to the warehouse, the mother frantically trying to console her bleeding, crying baby."N-no! G-g-go away, y-y-you m-monster!" She screamed at me as I chuckled.

"Flattery will get you nowhere, darling." Was my cold reply as I rose the baby boy high into the air."N-No! WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO HIM!?"

I did not answer her, offering only a sickening smile which I could see reflected in her terrified eyes.

Moments afterwards, I splattered the boys head onto the cold hard floor of the warehouse.

The woman broke from the sight. She did not have anything more to say as her mind and soul shattered within the same instant as her baby boy was planted onto the ground.

I smiled and devoured his soul.

Then I walked over to the woman and cupped her cheeks with my hands."Thank you."

I said, much to her stupefaction."Thank you for being a part of this wonderful experiment, madame." And with that, I tore through her abdoment with a claw of pure darkness, relishing the ecstacy as her soul flowed into me with each passing moment.

I came intimately close to her, feeling every breath, licking every hot tear that flowed from her cheek.

And then... she died.

Death is truly, a most beautiful thing, don't you think?

At that same time... - Outside The Warehouse - Nobody's Point Of View...

"Seems like you've struck gold haven't you, Arsene?" The ancient vampire taxist spoke with a rather amused tone as the equally ancient shadow responed with a spree of horrid chuckles."Indeed, old friend... indeed I have."

He extended his hands towards the warehouse."She will lead our kind to glory, of this I am sure." And then the old shadow turned back towards his antideluvian companion."That said... I am not the only one who has struck gold, am I? What, with the blood of not one but two... you shall soon reach a level of power to rival even Cain himself, shall you not?"

The vampire taxist grinned savagely and nodded."Indeed... a war is coming, my old friend. And I believe that this time... we may not only be allies, but on the winning side from the very beginning."

Arsene scoffed, acting as if he was insulted."Hah, I was not on the losing side during the last war either!" Then his dark eyes softened as he extended a clawed limb towards the antediluvian."Then again... I may be looking forward to this... alliance, old friend."

A grin formed on both their faces as they shook hands, causing the very air to scream in horror as the night became twice as black as it was moments before.


Ruin has come to this world.

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