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The Following Morning - An Inn - The Port Town Of Darrownik - Selindra's Point Of View...

Welcome Back, Destined One.

"Mmmmnnn..." A sensual voice moaned beside me as I logged into EUPHORIA for the umpteenth time this week. I had most certainly not expected that I would be spending so much time inside of a game that my wannabe-boyfriend basically forced upon me.

Cracking my neck and stretching as I get off the bed and dress myself, I turn my head around toward Sylmae and smile as I approach her. With a gentle touch, I rouse her from sleep, for opening the windows and letting sunlight shine down upon her may be a very bad idea considering her usual approach to drinking blood.

My blood, that is."Heeey... wake up, love. We've got a big day ahead of us."

"Mmmm..*carefree yawn*, the day.. can wait, come here Sel, lets cuddle some more..." Giggling at my lovers antics, I promptly walk over to the window and tap on the curtains, causing her to shiver as she notices my sadistic smirk."A-ah, I mean, I'm up and awake! Yes, I'm awake!"

She all but screams out in panic as I point to the clock behind her."Sorry bae, but we need to get moving. It's nearly noon and I don't think the good captain is gonna wait for us to get there."

With a sigh of understanding, she nods."Yes, you do make a good point, I suppose... but that would have been avoided if we went with my idea of simply seducing the captain."

"Which would have resulted on us probably deciding to sleep on that disgusting, filth-riddled boat instead of buying ourselves a room inside of this Inn... and I do not want to touch a single plank of that ship before they clean it." I muttered out in semi-horror.

You see, the two of us have arrived in this port town just yesterday after a good couple days of rather-unsafe travel by foot, not to mention at night, only to find that the only captain willing to sail us over to Karal has a ship full of filth and cockroaches and flies and UGH what not."... I take it back, your idea was better."

Sylmae shivers uncomfortably before tasting her lips, feeling dryness. For a moment, she lands her eyes onto my neck before quickly pulling them away, ashamed of something I told her to simply get used to weeks ago. I mean, its not like her drinking from my neck hurts!

... Quite the contrary, actually. But, don't tell her that."Umm... Love?"

"Yes Syl, what is it?" I answered with an amused smirk.

She swallows hard as she turns to look at me, face already crimson in embarrassment."C-c-c-c-could I-I-I..?"

Grinning at her, I promptly decide to sit in her lap and place my hands around her head."Could you what, darling? I won't know what you want unless you tell me..."

I quietly whispered to her ear and rejoiced as I felt her shiver."I-I-I..." She attempts to say, but her hungering body forces her to lock her eyes onto my neck.

All of her movement ends and suddenly, without any form of warning, she bites deep into my flesh."Nyhaaaaaaaaahn!" A loud moan of my own thunders inside of our room and I don't even bother to stop the following ones, as the entire Inn already knows us to be lovers.

There is not real need to hide it, no matter how many fucking bigots surround us, players and npc's alike."Mhm! Mnnm!"

The sheer euphoria of having your blood drank is enough to bring me to my knees as I feel myself utterly relaxing, like every bone in my body suddenly snapped into place, like every muscle unwound itself, like every nerve was suddenly unclogged, like thunder danced across my skin... And just as it hit its epoch, she stopped.

And pulled her fangs away."W-w-why.. why do you always have to do this?!"

I blinked at Sylmae's rather distraught and... oh, shes actually crying."Syl? What's wrong? This happens every two days or so, why do you hate it so much?"

She gulps down what little of my blood is left in her mouth before replying."I.. I don't want this... let me drink of your essence instead of your blood... I... I can't stand seeing myself lose control and then.. hurt you like this.." She mutters out with a saddened whimper as she stares at the wound on my neck.

I promptly sigh and place a hand onto said wound."Shadow Mend."

And with that, the *wound* disappears. Hell, it didn't even pop a blue screen. That is how much the wound was worth, absolutely nothing.

And yet, shes making such a ruckus of it... Shes so damn adorable sometimes, I swear!"Sly, love, drinking my blood like this does not hurt me. In fact, it feels great. I'd love it if we could do this every single day and not every two days, waiting until you starve to the point where you can't control yourself and I basically have to force a depressive vampire queen to drink my blood!"

I promptly exclaim as I remove myself from her and crack my neck again as I grab my and her clothes. I turn around to see her still looking downwards, still ashamed, still despaired for no reason whatsoever.

With a sigh, I throw her clothes into her hands before cupping her cheeks."H-Humnyaah!?" She yelps in surprise as I kiss her deeply, my tongue dancing around hers in a very delicious french kiss.

Leaving a trail of saliva as we separate, heated breaths pushing outwards, I beam her a smile, my hands still holding her blushing cheeks."Love, I am not as weak or as precious as you think. A little bit of blood isn't going to do anything to me, but its going to do a whole loot of good for the both of us. Just by bleeding a little, I can ensure that you are happy and healthy, not to mention capable of casting those illusions of yours which helps avoid unnecessary trouble, but also cheer myself up by making you happy. How do you not see the benefits of this? I mean, what would happen if we had to catch some random individual every time you go hungry? Trouble, that's what."

Turning around as I start to clothe myself, I catch her muttering something very quietly."What? Can you say that a tad bit louder, love?"

"What exactly do I do for you, in turn?" She says while looking at me with sudden, steadfast determination clear upon her frame."Huh?" Is my rather logical, if simplistic, reply.

She shakes her head in disbelief, placing a tired hand onto her forehead before replying."Selindra, in the few weeks we've been together, you've done so very much for me! You've gotten us a map, you've made us a viable plan of travel, you've calculated our traveling expenses, you've.. you've basically done everything there was to do these last few weeks while I did nothing at all!"

I shrug somewhat uncharacteristically."Eh, don't blame yourself... I kinda.. just am that way in general."

She blinked before deadpanning me."Oh really, then what exactly am I supposed to do? Stand around looking pretty for the rest of my life?!"

I shrugged again."Well, if-" I tried to say but she interjected."NO! I AM NOT SOME USELESS HOUSEWIFE AND YOU ARE NOT THE SUPPOSEDLY PERFECT PRINCE CHARMING HUSBAND WHO CAN AND IS WILLI-mmmph!" I promptly mimic her and interject... well, I did it with a kiss and not with words but eh, you get the point.

Separating from her lips as I hug her close, I say."Syl... you may not believe me when I say this but... but you are the greatest thing that's happened to me in a long time."

Sitting down onto the bed and motioning for her to sit next to me, I let out a sigh."Truth is, things aren't going how I want them to back in my world... I'm struggling with a lot of problems and... knowing that, after all the bullshit I go through in my daily life, I can just transfer myself and spend a couple hours with here with you as my other body sleeps is... amazing. You might think that you aren't doing anything for me, Sylmae... but in reality, you are the only reason why I can wake up with a smile on my face, why I can stand up day after day and tell the world.. my world, to go fuck itself to hell."

I turn around to face her as I hold her hands into mine, her stupefied frame shaking as she replies."S-S-Selindra... I-I... I had no idea... I'm sorry.."

Shaking my head in negative, I say."No, don't go feeling guilty on me again. Unlike me, you can't connect into my world and find our what the situation is like, you couldn't have known about my troubles unless I told you..."

"But why didn't you tell me until now?" She asks somewhat saddened.

"I didn't know how.. I mean, even now, I still don't know how to properly explain whats going on, on the other side to you. All you know is that there's trouble." I say whilst my mind tries its best to find the words... alas, college debt and bad parents aren't exactly something easily placed into a medieval world.

"But you could've still told me something! I could have at least tried to comfort you somehow!" She exclaims, not as loudly as the shouting a couple minutes ago but loud enough for it to resonate in my ears."You are, Sly.. you are."

With a sigh, I continue."Just by being here, with me, you give me the strength to live." And with that proclamation made, we both get clothed and leave the Inn, leaving more than one stupefied bigot staring at us as we hold hands and walk towards the harbor without a single care in the world.

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