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Half an hour later... - Pittings - Rhean's Point Of View...

Within roughly half an hour, my entire raid-group has been properly positioned around the city.

The heroes were running errands in the streets.

The Preventive Group was chatting up the entrance guards.

The NPC army, which was positioned outside of the gates, waited patiently for the order to strike.

Me and my group were currently sitting on the fountain which seemed to be a way point, a center piece which those entering the city often used to direct themselves. It wasn't long before a carriage full of fresh slaves trotted through the town. The slaves all looked to be dressed in rugged, prisoner rags of varying conditions. Tiara, who had for some reason decided to come along with us as a part of the volunteer army, grimaced as she watched the soul-shriven slaves be carried away."Easy now, kitten. We need to see which way they're going before we strike. The general direction of the slave pits is a vital bit of information for our hero group."

She purred loudly as I gently stroked her back with affection, her inner beast seemingly aching to be unleashed with my voice being the only existing leash."I know, master... but that does not make reeling myself in any easie-MnnYAH?!" I seem to have touched a sensitive spot as much of my female guildies flinched and the male ones coughed from Tiara's erotic response.

One of the slave merchants approached me with a quirked eyebrow, having most likely heard the rather-loud moan."That's quite the cat you've got there... seem to remember it being sold off to another person though."

I blinked at him in amusement."And?"

He swallows down hard."W-w-well, I-I j-just w-w-wanted to know h-how y-you convinced said person to sell it to you! That's all..."

I beam him a bloodthirsty smile."I didn't."

His eyes open wide for a moment and then he closes them before extending a hand towards me, his confidence renewed."Is that so? Then perhaps you would be interested in a job as my bodyguard? Anyone who could have killed off so much security is undoubtedly strong, even for a Destined One."

"Killed off so much security? Oh, I didn't do that at all..." Another blink, the same fear he managed to momentary evaporate quickly returning to its original level of effect."T-then, wh-who d-did?!"

"Boss, we've managed to follow the slave transport to the entrance to the pits without being discovered." One of the heroes says in guild chat, eliciting a grand amount of bloodthirst to rise out of everyone around me."Well that, my friend. Is something you are about to find out for yourself!" I scream out as loudly as I can and fire a Napalm Flare into the skies.


You've started a raid on the slaver outpost of Pittings! (Raid Type - Purge)
During a purge, any and all actions are allowed as there is no real set course or consequence other than the desires of the raider.
As such, the resulting rewards will only be calculated after the raid ends or is defeated.

My right hand moved faster than any of the merchants guards as I grabbed him by the neck and turned towards my adorable kitten. With a singular look into her hungering eyes, I spoke with madness clear in my voice."Catch."

And I threw him across the field, the blood of his ruptured neck and the stench of his burning flesh, combined with the horror of an unleashed beast woman chasing the flying body caused the many people around the city to panic... and I smiled as I exclaimed with all the strength my lungs could muster."MEN, WOMEN, CHILDREN, DESTINED ONES NOT OF OUR GUILD! EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE IS FAIR GAME, MY FRIENDS! SLAUGHTER THEM ALL!"

"YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" Darkness rose all around us as the eagerly awaiting priestesses, and one priest, of Yyl chanted blackened words one after another, terrible beasts and unrelenting shadows leaping from the street corners and into the fray, butchering dozens by the seconds.

"OOORYAH!" Uber's immense hammer dropped down onto a player mercenary that tried to slice my neck."A hammer?" I asked the massive orc and he laughed."What, not even a thank you? Meh, knowing you, it probably wouldn't matter much even if he stabbed you... and yes, the hammer is here because my Emberite weapon evolved into it... guess my irl job as an architect isn't something I can escape so easily."

"At least now you can be all like UBER SMASH; as you promptly make paste out of somebody's head." He blinks twice before turning around to face a charging orc warrior, not a player of our guild but yet another idiot who happened to be in this place at the wrong time.

Uber then charged his hammer with essence before promptly swinging it in the general direction of the orcs head."UBER SMASH!" The poor guy raised his shield to defend himself, but there was very little he could do when the wooden buckler broke apart alongside his arm... resulting in an orcs head flying across the battlefield.

The massive man then stares into his right hand as he holds the hammer tighter."Okay, for some reason, that made me feel super happy inside! I'm gonna go SMASH some more idiots!" And with that, he was gone, hammer already being dunked onto some other poor sods face.

A squadron of NPC guards appeared in front of me, all holding their weapons high as the circle around me. Suddenly, the area around us grows pitch black."YES! MORE! FEED ME MORE, MY CHILDREN! LET ALL THOSE WHOM THE EMPEROR DISLIKES FEEL THE WRATH OF OUR HUNGER!"

An impossibly large, writhing mass of black tentacles accompanied by innumerable eyes and one, gaping maw suddenly replaced the evening sky, filling my enemies with utter terror as Yyl's aura swept all of us.

EVENT! - Moon Of Harvest
Each kill from any member of the guild "CIL CIL" has a chance to spawn a Tendril Of Yyl with 5000 hp and the Taunt ability.
All members of the guild "CIL CIL" receive a 20% bonus to all stats and have their casting/attacking speeds increased by the same amount! (Bloodlust buff)

"Beautiful... well then, lets us start the carnage, shall we?" The group manages to reinvigorate themselves to fight on as they hear my words echoing through this artificial eclipse. Taking Exhuril out of my inventory, I charge them head on, slamming an essence-fueled fist into the skull of the first guard, thus breaking it.

An arrow flies past me as I move my own head out of the way in time as I use Chaos Rush onto the archer who attacked me, tearing through his chest with a scythe and then throwing him at one of the melee fighters of the group. Using Exhuril as a Javelin, I fling the Dragon Glaive through the air and through my next target, an incredibly slow mage that didn't manage to cast a mana shield in the short time our battle began, which is around ten seconds so far.

Quickly running towards my weapon, a spearman walks in front of me and smirks as he positions his weapon just right so I impale myself upon it. Much to his dismay, I smile right back as the spear enters through my body, right above the heart.

CRITICAL HIT! (133 physical damage)

"HA-HA- HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" I begin laughing madly as the spearman shakes and lets go of the weapon currently impaled inside of me as the other three remaining members get distracted and stare onto me. Without warning and, as soon as my laughter stops, I fling a Napalm Flare onto the guards face, melting it and causing the man to give out half a scream before his flesh evaporates.

Another projectile flies in my direction, this time penetrating my right shoulder as I turn around to face a crossbow man and rip the bolt out of my shoulder before charging right at him and jamming it into his brain."AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-URGH!" He screams out in torment before I decapitate him and fling his head towards the two remaining members alive of this once, proud mercenary group.

"MANA SHIELD!" One of the members screams as the other one, a young human woman shakily holds her two daggers in her hands, her eyes watching my feet and barely even recognizing the head flying in her direction as it is repelled by the shield.

Smirking at them as I stare at the mage who cast the shield, on time unlike the last one, and then begin casting Pyrobomb as I prepare myself to Chaos Rush right into them."T-t-that sp-spell! N-No!"

His concentration fails him as he stares at the massive ball of fire forming above us, the area surrounding us quickly losing the oxygen capacity needed to breathe, as their entire world turns to a fetid gray and I charge forward, dropping the bomb right in front of the crying rouge girl and burning them both to a crisp.

The resulting blast sends me flying back across the street as I hit into the wall of a Tavern and find myself upside down, staring at a young couple of two dark priests, bathing in the blood of a dozen people they've slain inside of the Tavern... and also fucking like rabbits in heat. Stunned by my sudden interruption, I salute them both."Yo, you two having fun there?"

Their grotesque lust is instantly replaced by shame and embarrassment as they try to explain themselves, but I quickly shake my hand in negative and adopt a bright smile on my face."Na, nah, I'm not gonna do anything, you guys... but, you do realize that every tavern has a basement, right? You could've just gone there to assure some privacy at least." Is what I tell to the both of them as I point towards a gate beneath the stairs to the taverns upper floor.

The woman recovers quickly and turns to her partner with an annoyed look on her face."I TOLD YOU THAT WAS A BASEMENT!"

"But baby, I needed you so badly, I couldn't help myself!" He replied, woe drawn to his frame.

She blushed heavily in turn."Oh honey, I wanted you just as much!"

And that is my get the hell out of here sign, which I dutifully follow and force myself to fall down from the wall, with a large plank of wood being stuck inside of my abdomen. Shrugging, I pull it out without much effort and rush towards Exhuril to pick it up.

As I do so, a flash of silver dashes across my eye's view and I notice Yomi, in her fox form, tearing into the neck of a massive man in wild abandon, devouring his flesh by the kilograms."Having fun, sister?"

She recoils for the sudden question before transforming into her normal form and exclaiming."YES! I AM! I had no idea this world was so damn realistic!... even the taste is right, which is a little weird but hey, no need to ask questions you don't want the answers to, right?"

I laughed loudly at her proclamation and simply shrugged before storing Exhuril into my backpack and transforming into the Chaosborne Abomination. With a terrible howl, I manage to demoralize much of the remaining enemy forces as I turn towards the gates for it seemed like our preventive group were having a bit of trouble, albeit not with the slavers but the slaves themselves.

Rushing through several slavers on my way there and picking a female one out of the mass, I leap over to the gates and in between two arguing men. One being my general Charles and the other an old man with fox ears and a single tail."AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" The girls scream gathers their attention as I promptly snap her body in two inside of my mouth, blood and guts flying around and horrifying both the slaves and my soldiers as I transform back into a human form, ripping an intestine out of my mouth before throwing it aside and swallowing the rest of her to fill up my Napalm."What's going on here?"

"What kind of monster are you?!/We're trying to help the slaves but this old fool is resisting!" They spoke in unison and then turned towards one another with rage clear in their eyes, but before they could talk, I spoke."Enough!"

With a shudder, they turned to face me, their anger temporarily forgotten."In case you idiots don't realize it, we don't have the time to fuck around. Transport the slaves into Incerum quickly, we can free them from their bindings there!"

"That's not the problem!/I'm trying to, sire!" Again, they exclaim in unison as I slap my forehead in annoyance."Alright then, what the hell is going on. I do not have much time, so be quick about it!"

The old man then speaks."We may have been slaves for ages, but that does not mean we will let ourselves be taken by your kind! What use is it trading one slave lord for another?!"

"My... kind?" I ask him and he points towards the sky and to the battlefield... namely towards Yomi and Tiara, who were both tearing into the meat of my enemies with incredible delight."You may or may not be a slaver but you seem to turn us beastmen into the very monsters we try to suppress! I HAVE LIVED THROUGH THE TRANSFORMATION BEFORE, AND I SHALL NOT LET THE LIKES OF YOU TURN THE YOUNG INTO MONSTERS FOR YOUR AMUSE-ugh..." He spoke and then began yelling, loudly enough to annoy the shit out of me.

Which is why his decapitated head is now rolling on the stone floor, the resulting horror caused my about to be unlisted general to fall onto his ass." you j-just.. you just killed him! Like that! In cold blood?!" Actually Charles, my blood is basically lava.

The other slaves began shaking in terror as they huddled closer together, still bound in their cages as the soldiers promptly decided to just get on with it, leaving Charles in my care... and oh, so very much alone..."Charles, Charles, Charles... I've already told you.. if you can't get used to my actions.."

I knelt in front of him and held his chin with my right hand high."... Then I, Emperor Rhean Of Azarest, have no use for your fragile, moral-bound self." And with that, the residual chaos magic in my hand burst forth.

"GU-GUH-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!" My fingers held him in place as infernal flame tore away at his face, at his flesh, at his skin, at his skull, slowly cooking him alive as I watched with disinterest before dropping his head onto the ground and then slamming my boot down onto the generals head, resulting in an implosion of blood and brain matter all over my foot.

I couldn't help myself as another maddening laugh erupted from my frame, as the slaves watched on in horror, as my heroic soldiers did their best to ignore what was going on in order to save their own lives. Suddenly, I stopped laughing and turned towards my soldiers, my eye caught another person laughing.

A high elf standing at around two meters tall, bearing twin crimson rune blades his belt, being shirtless, and having long, blood-red hair, rushed forward from the crowd and knelt in front of me, uncaring of the fact that he had just lowered himself into a pile of brain matter."MY LORD! For too long have I been waiting for this moment, waiting for someone worthy of my power to be born!... or should I say reborn? Anyways, my name is Zail, a deserter Lieutenant Blood Knight of the Gradurian Khanate and a soldier offering to take the former generals position..."

He prostrated himself before me, his face revealing the reveling of the pure slaughter forming around him as he asked me this... and I found myself grinning."Well alright then, little Zail.. I am willing to accept your ambition and make you one of my Ascended.. but, in order to prove your loyalty to me..."

"Yes, my lord! ANYTHING! I SHALL DO ANYTHING YOU WISH OF ME!" His confidence shuts out the sounds of the battle for a moment as he loudly proclaims his intentions and I smile."Then drink my blood and accept the power that I offer."

With a slice of my wrist, the elf greedily takes my bleeding arm and drinks deeply of the burning blood flowing through my veins... and then, he screams. He screams and screams and burns and burns.. and then?

He falls down onto the ground, alive, but unconscious, with an aura of pride surrounding him. Without wasting a moment, I use a Napalm Flare to melt off the door of a nearby slave cage and pick two strong-looking bearmen before saying."Carry him to my city. If you fail to deliver him, I will find you... and I will end you in far worse ways than either of the two deaths you just witnessed."

They both nod furiously before rushing towards the elf and putting him onto a horse before mounting two more and tying said horse to the other two, quickly following behind the soldiers carrying the slaves away.

Nodding to myself as I watch them leave, I notice Yomi staring right at me with a smirk on her face."What?"

Is my simple question as she lets out a breath."You really are something else, y'know... if I didn't know it wasn't a reality, I'd almost believe that you are my actual brother."

"I could always make it a reality by changing your DNA through the cellular revitalization." I say with a dark chuckle as the skies clear and the darkness fades away... it seems that Yyl's hunger has been sated, for now.

She blinks in surprise at my answer and then nods slowly."Well, aside from the obvious kinky benefits of doing so... it might be necessary for me to fit in with the current times."

Shrugging at her as I look around myself to notice that the corpse-carriers are already dragging caravans formerly full of slaves inside, I open up guild chat."Looks like the show is over, guildies. Anything that didn't go according to plan?"

"Some of the slaves fought in order to protect their masters and had to be put do-... killed off in order to save the rest, otherwise everything went great on our end!" Frey spoke in a semi-saddened voice. Nice save there bro, wouldn't want anyone to know that you think of the beastmen as animals.

"We've taken a couple losses but thankfully most of them upped their RM's to 100% so they only had to pay a silver to resurrect... you really weren't joking about those damn bonuses, were you?" Justika, who was the voted leader of the preventive squadron, said with a relieved sigh.

"Well, I don't know about the rest but I've had my fill of souls! There were plenty of kids around jus the right ages for my darling to enjoy himself if you know what I mean. ;DDDD" Yvonne said with a sadistic tone as I promptly decided to quit guild chat and focus on the next stages of the plan.

Just need to get all these slaves/salvage to Incerum and also loot all the things.

Raid Complete... calculations in progress.
Calculations impossible. Too many differing accomplishments.
Dividing victory rewards and reasoning...
Priests of Yyl Faction The Unbound Faction (CHAOS) Heroes Faction
Children Sacrificed - 158/200
Children Slain - 42
Adults/Elderly Sacrificed - 233
Slavers fed to tentacles - 96
LIVES TAKEN - 1446/2000
Slaves saved - 279/300
Monsters slain - 11/11
Slaver Elite slain - 20/20
Rewards: 2500 infamy, 100 gold and Ability: Hungering Aura unlock.
+The Quest "Construction: The Black Cathedral" has been unlocked
Extra Rewards: The Unique Weapon "Yyl'shekar, The Writhing Limb" has been granted to the player Yvonne.
Rewards: Title "Carnage Marcher", 1337 gold and the next tier of chaos magic unlock.
+The Quests "Monsters? We call 'em meat." and "Construction: The Dreaming Garden" have become unlocked.
+All players of the faction, but not the raid group, who did not have the stat Insight, will have it unlocked. Those that do receive a bonus of +10.
+Chaos Infusion for players in the faction, but not the raid group.
Extra Rewards: Personal loot chance for the players Justika, Uber F. King, Corez, Karin Ryzsard Mayne, Andros and Rhean Ryzsard Mayne.
Karin Ryzsard Mayne - The Quest "Esteemed Elder" has been unlocked.
Justika - The Quest "On My Shoulders... Death" has been unlocked.
Uber F. King - The Quest "A New Way" has been unlocked.
Andros - The Quest "On The Path Once Walked By An Emperor"
Rhean Ryzsard Mayne - The Quests "More Targets", "Zrell's New Z's" and "Lord Of Incerum" have been unlocked.
Rewards: 1000 fame, 250 gold and light magic unlock.
+The Quests "Mother Moon's Call" and "By Mendrion's Will" have become unlocked.
Extra Rewards: Personal Loot chance for the players Frey, Eve and Atal'sha.

Don't mind me guys and girls! I'm just a line break...

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Tables came out just fine, via my phone's version of RR.  Thanks for the chapter, have been missing it!!

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OHHHHh!! i had forgotten about this!! gotta remember the sexy fox beauty being done in by the bad wolf! lol

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