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Amazingly sane and twisted

The story from the very beginning has been one of the best and most twisted I’ve ever read and while being very..... it... the story still sticks to a plot and finally just to piss u off cause I know u read these ur gramM3r sux

Not too sure how I'm supposed to react to that grammar thing considering that you gave me 5 stars to everything else but~ eh, fuck you too! Very Happy

This is written on since Royalroad is experiencing some sort of memory issue~.

Anyways, here comes the next chapter of EUPHORIA! I sincerely hope that you enjoy, let us begin!

Don't mind me guys and girls! I'm just a line break...

A few minutes beforehand... - Zatara Family Mansion (Central Hallway) - Aria's Point Of View...

Aaah, man it feels so damn long since the last time I got any screentime~.

Uooh, I can feel the fourth wall breaking. It feels sooo homey~.

"Anyways, whats with all the noises?" I suddenly spoke while riding on my supposed uncle's back. It was a broad, wide back. Strong, filled with muscle and strength.


It was quite a manly back. The kind that makes you feel safe and protected.


But I guess such can be expected of a genetically modified, steroid-fed white tiger. Virith, huh?

A name which signifies freedom and independence, yet given to a cat in a cage. Well, hes mostly free. Much more so than any other tiger I know off.

The tiger in question offered a low roar in reply, seemingly not-so-pleased at being made into my improvised mount after he chased me around the entire building."Uncle, lets go into the mess hall. Something seems to be going on in there."

Despite his seeming unwillingness to let me ride on his back, uncle decided to follow my instructions nonetheless. For an animal, he appeared to possess far greater intelligence than should be possible for any tiger, even a modified one.

But, being fathers pet for so long... I can only imagine the amount of passively radiated Chaos Energy that he's consumed over the years. It would not be surprising if Virith was on the verge of actual sapience. Wonder what would happen if father infused him with some of his power?

A nice, muscled tiger-man~! Ahh, a fujoshi can dream~."-o what have you been doing recently, kiddo?" Grandpa's voice echoed throughout the central hall, managing to be heard despite everyone's sudden panic.

People were running around without any seeming coherence and I found the reason for their insanity rather quickly as uncle Virith wiped a piece of splattered meat off of his clawed right foot. A maid was apparently introduced to the mansions wall and people were running to gather cleaning equipment, both for the splattered maid as well as the lurched lunches of those who could not contain their horror.

A-ah, if my calculations are correct, then that means she is probably back home. Just as that thought finished processing, a familiar female voice echoed from across the room."Oh, you know father, the usual. Traveling around, having fun and killing lots of people. The only difference is that I'm doing it via magic instead of physical tools this time around."

Grandpa nodded in understanding towards auntie Audrey, his frame appearing extremely wizened for a normal human."Hm, with two of my kids becoming superhuman.. maybe I should seek out my own great power?"

Audrey, to her credit, only laughed at this."I think you are more powerful than you realize, father. But if it power you seek.. well, I'm sure that the Void would welcome a man such as you any day."

Suddenly, a black thing forced itself unto reality, a massive four-armed shadow materializing from absolutely nothing and extended a hand towards grandpa Victor, who didn't even flinch."Mister Zatara! I do believe that it was high time we met. My name is Arsene, a Councillor of the Democratic Union of Hastre and your daughters current teacher."

"Ooh, teacher you say? Somehow, I get the feeling that you aren't teaching her dark magics or whatever." His reply seemed to astound the shadow who nodded in turn."Yes, indeed! Your daughter was chosen to become a candidate to take upon the role of our human councilor, as he had an unfortunate encounter with several galactic heroes who did not appreciate his dread work."

"Galactic heroes, eh? Well, I sure hope she does well. A role like that sounds perfect for my daughter to claim." Arsene nodded in appreciation of the human in front of him."Indeed. Already, she has ended the lives of two other candidates, though the shadows who are their caretakers have fled before their charges were murdered..."

"No seat of true power should be easily claimed, Mr Arsene. A strong throne is one where the iron has been drenched in blood." And then grandpa turned towards me and Virith."That said, I think its time that I introduced you to someone, Audrey. Especially since her father isn't around."

Taking this as his cue, uncle Virith approached the trio on grandpa's side, allowing the aged man to stoke his pale fur as I peeked out of it."H-hello, auntie."

Audrey did a double take on this as she seemed to evaluate my physical form. A piece of metal with an organic core, pulsing eternally with eldritch power."Well hello there, little one. Just who might you be?"

"I am, or was, a biochip inside of fathers-ah, Leonardo's head. I gained sapience though, so now I'm here." Audrey offered me a knowing look."Sapience is not the only thing you've gained. Do not think that I cannot feel the infernal powers coursing within you. Though, I suppose that was the only way a being such as you could ever get its hands on a proper soul."

I waved my body up and down, a motion to indicate nodding."Chaos has been very helpful for my development." A statement, seeming simple and plain, but we both knew that it was a threat.

Audrey merely humphed and nodded."Good. If you want to be accepted as part of the family, then you must know how to show some spine." Then she turned back towards grandpa Victor."Speaking of family, how is Michael? I have not seen him in a long, long time."

Victor seemed to deflate for a moment."Aaah, Michael... did ya know that he finally got the balls to confess his real preferences to me?"

Now this made auntie wide eyed."You mean, he finally told you he was gay?"

Victor laughed in a rather strained way."Yeah. Told me. That's a thing. Remember how Leonardo dragged several different species of people back home when he returned from Japan? Well one of 'em was a fox-man of some kind. Too beautiful to be male, that sorta guy. He and Michael went on a date the second they got the time, making out in front of me and giving me the middle finger before running out to town. They came back at night, entered Michael's room and locked the door."

"Ouff, that's rough." Victor wholeheartedly agreed with auntie Audrey's reply.

Suddenly, a man came rushing into the mess hall."Package for ... a Fujoshi666Goddess?.. has arrived."

"A-ah! That's mine!" This caused people to give me incredulous, flabbergasted stares as I charged towards the tall blue-white box. The energy around me surged into existence once again, causing my body to fly as magnetic sparks coursed around the items I passed by, frying a few bits of skin on the way."A-arugh!" The unfortunate guards bit their tongues from the sudden pain, yet nobody even bothered to say anything.

Such is the life of a mafioso. Torment equals pay, after all.

My energies tore the cardboard box apart with ease, revealing a rather stunning android model. A female body which stood at one point five meters, had long gold and crimson hair, breast size C maximum and a shapely round butt. It was also totally naked. Ah, the body's not even mine yet and its already exposed.

Honestly, it looked kinda like a vocaloid idol. Which suited me quite perfectly!

Without bothering to explain or even say anything at all, I forced the mouth of the android body open and entered inside. The body flashed with crimson energy as it was forcefully awakened."H-hell-o I -am- ERROR- Opheli-EREJDFM- My name..."

Her eyes slowly opened, revealing the same mix of gold and red that permeated my new hair."... Is Aria!"

Much to the pleasure of my audience, I stretched and tested out my new body, having wiped its programming clean and taken over completely. There was not a single trace left of the industrial program sent with the body~."Ahh, should I make these bigger?" A look at my breasts made me feel that they were inadequate, so I enlarged them, adding plenty of mass. Guess they were around D size now?

Not quite the double, but good enough for me!"Huh .." Grandpa offered me an interested look, much to the dismay of the vampire girl who was currently caressing his shoulder, begging for attention.

Electricity sparked freely from my new body, striking out and hitting several people within the room. Maids, butlers and guards alike suddenly found themselves totally naked as I absorbed the inorganic material required to forge my new outfit.

A completely golden, skintight suit, combined with crimson heels and a virgin-killer dress on top which was colored a royal blue. My multicolored hair extended so it reached my feet before it bounced into the air, seemingly defying gravity as it began to float and flow through the aforementioned gas.

My hands were further covered in finger less gloves, the right one black and the left one white. My nails each was of a different coloration, with equally multicolored Chaos Energy rupturing all around them.

I was ready for the world now!

... but the world is definitely not ready, for me~.

"Yeas~! Rejoice world, your machine goddess, has arrived!" Auntie Audrey nodded in approval of my form."So you're gonna be an idol, then?"

"Yep! I'll make the world submit before my voice~!" Grandpa Victor grinned at me."Nice. I was looking for a way to get into the music industry but none of my descendants had any such desires. Well, not any direct ones, anyways. Got any ideas for your first stage, Aria?"

A grin of my own was his reply."How about right here in Rome? With so many bad things happening, people will be looking for a song to take their worries away! And I can certainly take all of their worries away~." Chills ran up and down my audiences collective spines as a cloud of nano machines manifested next to me, their blackened forms contradicting my own rainbow lights. Both of my family members-ah, all three of my family members offered me a knowing, sadistic look.

Audrey eventually approached me and extended a hand of recognition."Got to admit, I was uncertain about you a few minutes ago... but you've clearly got Zatara blood in your veins."

A blood thirsty smile etched itself upon my bio-metallic face. It was time to get out and commit all sorts of sweet, delightful sins~!

Don't mind me guys and girls! I'm just a line break...

That's it for this chapter of Euphoria!

Hope you've enjoyed it.

Gotta go back to work now, will fix mistakes later when I get home.

Love y'all!

Anyways, read and review! And Good Morning/Day/Night to you all! ADIOS FOR NOW!


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Yyyeeeaaahh waking up at 4 am actually has a plus side

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"A female body which stood at one point five meters, had long gold and crimson hair, breast size C maximum and a shapely round butt."

Boo! Make them at least a D cup.

"Ahh, should I make these bigger?" A look at my breasts made me feel that they were inadequate, so I enlarged them, adding plenty of mass. Guess they were around D size now?"

Hell, the f*ck yeah!!

Gold catsuit, crimson heels, royal blue virgin-killer dress, black and white fingerless gloves, different colored nails with glowy FX, and multicolored hair...

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