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Around that same time... - Rome - Audrey's Point Of View...

"So what did happen in Millicia's mansion, milady?" My antediluvian driver asked of me with a toothy grin on his pale face. He appeared to be a rather aged, German man. His pale, almost deathly skin was a stark contrast to the charred brown of his short, yet very well kept, hair."That is not something anyone should or will ever know."

"Ah, is that so? I suppose that is why the entire mansion has been turned into a crater of smoke and living shadow." He commented with another wry expression. The man seemed to be wearing a tuxedo that was as old as he was, as impossible as that is, and yet it never seemed to loose any of its color or even get a stray thread. It was most likely a rather magical piece of clothing."Such is the fate of anyone I want to kill."

"Anyone you want to kill, eh? You should be careful with that desire, young lady. Feeding it will only prolong the list until eventually you either die or walk away from your prey." His shoulders slumped the tiniest bit and the older man was no longer grinning widely."And we both know that I'll enjoy the folly of my youth for as long as I can, Mr Esarhaddon."

He let out a massive sigh."I suppose so."

I was currently in my human form; still standing at my rather anger-inducing one-point-six meters of height, with hair as black as midnight and eyes blazing with gold and pink energies, a miniature vortex of power dancing around my eyes.

It can get rather... mesmerizing. A smile etches itself upon my fair skinned face as I watched the darkness swirling in my hands, the level of control that I had gained during my fight against Millicia was rather astounding, so much so that I could draw upon the shadows without even bothering to transform.

Granted, my power while transformed and while merely human are as God is to man. Hmm... God, eh? Wonder what would happen if I stepped into a church while fully powered up?

Would I be struck by a bolt of lightning? Maybe I would be burned in holy fire?

... something tells me no.

A brief flash of light forms before my eyes and I am suddenly standing on the inside of an unknown abbey. There appears to be a Jerusalem Cross etched into the stone, completely filled with burning, crimson blood. The altar is covered in red and white cloth and upon it lays a blood-stained stake, no... a crude iron nail.

The pews seemed to be perfectly made, their wood and metal appearing timeless to the eye as they each floated in mid-air. The great amount of golden chalices and candlestick alike defied gravity and other laws of physics in equal measure.

This place... almost seemed like some strange manifestation of my brothers soul.

Suddenly, a strange portal composed of white-hot flames erupted from directly above the crimson altar and ethereal, white threads poured through it. They were... too beautiful to describe in mere words, like no fabric that could ever exist on the mortal plane.

The threads came closer and closer, so close that I could feel their touch on my skin. It was... wonderful. More euphoric than any soul I could have ever or will ever consume.

And then.

Another blink.

A flash of light, so brief and calm.

And my head was rolling on the floor... No, the part of my face which held my eyes was flying in mid-air and I was offered the sight of my own mutilated body exploding into a thousand, thousand pieces.

A blink, once more.

And I was back inside of the car.

I tried to speak, yet found that I could not utter a word.

No... it was as if the ability to create any form of sound had been suddenly and forcibly taken away from me.

And then, a massive surge of darkness erupted all around me, my ageless driver seeming either unconcerned or.. no, he wasn't experiencing this.

This was something that mere mortal minds could never comprehend. I could feel something reaching from deep within my chest and then the same ephemeral threads erupted outwards, seeping out from my heart.

The wound looked grotesque, yet there was no pain. No torment. No suffering at all.

The threads beat back the rising darkness with ease, coiling around me untill I was wreathed in light. When the shadows on the outside ceased to linger, the cocoon dispersed and the threads wove themselves back into my body.

And then."BUHAAH!" I found myself back in the real world, totally short of breath.

I fell onto the cold metal floor of my limo with a startled frame, causing my driver to nearly topple the car as my sudden horror freaked him out."M-milady! A-are you a-alright?"

"I... I'm not sure..." I shook my head, still reeling from the terrifying warmth and pleasure provided by the ephemeral threads."D-.. should we stop for a bit of air, milady?"

"T-that.. would be a good idea." I walked out of the car as quickly as I could and summoned the darkness to my hands. To my surprise, the shadows seemed to be even more willing to coalescence into my palms."How... odd?"

"Had your first contact with the Ol' White, eh?" A familiar voice echoed from behind me as I turned around to find my ever-so-loyal-but-nowhere-to-be-found shadowy caretaker Arsene."Old... white?"

"The Endless Light, The Viper Of Eden, The Old White... and... well, God." My vampiric driver suddenly decided that the sun no longer bothered him and walked outside in a rather casual manner."God, huh?"

"One of the original shadows, The Old White is a child of the Void itself. One of the very first existences in the whole of creation. And its creator, if you'd like to believe its deluded worshipers." Arsene continued on before kneeling down to face me."So tell us, young lady. What did you see-no, perhaps experience would be a more appropriate term here?"

I hugged myself."I.. I was... touched."

"Touched?" Esarhaddon asked with an amused tone and wry smirk on his lips."Yes, touched. And that touch felt.. amazing." I replied truthfully, yet the fear in my voice was as clear as day, no matter how much I tried to hide it.

The two male beings next to me each quirked an eyebrow in interest and Arsene urged me to continue with a low push."But then... I was... skewered, torn apart in an instant. My own eyes bearing witness to my flying body parts."

"Ahh. So its like that. Hmm, perhaps we should lay low for a while, milady." Arsene instantly replied, his tone booking no arguments as the four-armed abomination of pure darkness seemed to ponder in thought.

I shook my head."A-anyways, lets go home... I want to sleep, soon." Without another word spoken, I went back into the limo.

A sharp pain caused me to look downwards, to my chest and I saw one of the ephemeral threads protruding from my chest before weaving itself back inside. It almost looked like... a viper, slithering back into its den.




And terrifying.

What.. What does it, what does God want from me, with me?!



... What would Leo do in this situation?

Lets see; I was thinking about going to church and then proceeded to get skewered like a piece of meat in a mincer.

Logically, one would think that this is a threat, stay the hell away from my church!; or something along those lines.

But Leo... he would take this as an...


I swallowed down hard and nodded to myself.

Fine then, God.

I'll go to your Church as soon as I'm able.

"Huh?" Something bright was caught in the corner of my eye and I turned to see another thread, protruding from my shoulder this time and ... pointed directly at me.

It appeared to be...




... I honestly could not tell.

After a while, it seemed satisfied and then, without warning, penetrated my skull.

Another vision, of the same church as before, formed within my mind. But this time, the approaching threads did not butcher me alive. The giant wooden door behind me opened to reveal a world stuck in time and space. The thread coalescent around my right arm and seemed to lead me outside.

I walked with it, it was just a few mere steps, really, yet they felt like a euphoric eternity. We turned around, or rather I was turned around by the threads, and it was then I took notice of where we were."W-what... this is just... the park outside of the mansion?!"

A look around confirmed my assessment and I turned back around to spot a tiny, seemingly invisible abbey hidden away in the corner. No.. It wasn't invisible.

Just that only those its creator wanted were given the right to see it."You... want me to come here?" I asked while looking at the slithering threads of white.

They twisted and turned and I felt my head bursting with pain before the thread recoiled away from me. Huh?... did it, try to talk to me?

And I wasn't... good enough to hear it.

That makes me feel kinda angry.

So, to put this situation through my brothers insanity... Hmm...

"I should find this abbey and go inside of it, once I gather a little more power?" The threads shook and this time, I recognized the motions as a negative. Then it turned towards what was an open electrical cord and made it disperse unto nothingness."Not... not more power? But, something else?"

The threads then motioned towards my head."... willpower?"

"MILADY! MILADY! ARE YOU ALRIGHT?!" A scream suddenly brought me back into reality as several maids seemed to be shaking the life out of me."Argh, fuck off!" I waved my hand at the unfortunate maid who was in front of me, causing a mass of darkness to send her flying into a wall, splattering her against it like an insect.

I cracked my knuckles and looked around to find myself already inside of the Mansion. In the main lobby, that is, with a small legion of people all around me. It was then that father walked into the room, a blushing vampire girl quickly following behind him. Huh, fathers been having lots of fun with the Inhuman women, hasn't he?

Granted, he's probably fucked them all while they were pretending to be human before and now its just slightly kinkier sex."Ah! I see my daughters back." He took one look at the splattered carcass on the wall next to him and laughed."Damn, I just hired that one too."

"Hi, dad. I see you're having fun." I hailed him, ignoring the horrified masses all around me."Yo!" Father replied in an equally ignorant manner.


It feels good to be home.

Don't mind me guys and girls! I'm just a line break...

That's gonna be it for this chapter, sorry.

I've written a lemon today so eh, my fingers hurt a bit but I'm happy that this was finally updated!

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THE LINE BREAKS ARE BACK! THANKS GOD! (or Chaos, or whatever)


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      Man, even forgotten conqueror added today! IT'S AMAZING! If only soulshard: willbender would come back...


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      I think I can see why you are here.


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      :) It is a very special day.

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Line break damn it I caught up

gaigous @gaigous ago

"Huh, fathers been having lots of fun with the Inhuman women, hasn't he?

Granted, he's probably fucked them all while they were pretending to be human before and now its just slightly kinkier sex."Ah! I see my daughters back." He took one look at the splattered carcass on the wall next to him and laughed."Damn, I just hired that one too."

The father and Tyrone are the only ones with their priorities straight.

Also, what a waste of a perfectly good maid...