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Anyways, here comes the next chapter of EUPHORIA! I sincerely hope that you enjoy, let us begin!

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A few moments later... - Berlin Battlefield - Leonardo's Point Of View...

The gigantic burst of energy finally settled down and I found myself standing in the middle of a shattered road, the massive black-iron box that was the Inhuman undercity now standing eerily still next to me.

"ARGH!" Suddenly pain erupted all over my body, with bone-cracking sounds filling my ears and fresh blood bursting out of pretty much every single muscle. The flesh on my arms tore itself open so deep that I could see my own bones, as well as pitch black clouds of panicking nanites attempting to adapt to the sudden danger.

I fell to my left knee and somehow managed to stabilize myself on my right leg."W-what is-.. happening?!"

Yomi's voice echoed within my head."Remember how I once told you that the human body has a limit on the amount of energy that can pass through it at any given time before it bursts open? You were, at least for a brief moment, carrying that much energy... this is the brutal result."

"BOSS! YO MAN, YOU ALRIGHT OVER THERE?!" I turned my head to my left to see a rather uncharacteristically worried Tyrone rushing over to me with Anna, Belle and unit 42 right behind him. There were some of the American and German soldiers standing around too but they were either too terrified to approach me or too uncertain of the situation in general.

"Master, the little bitch and her witch got awaay~." Anna cooed with a slightly annoyed tone. True to her word, the woman I was fighting was nowhere to be found."I'm fine, thanks for asking, URGH..." Clutching my stomach as my wounds slowly healed and the power of Life receded from within my body..

Master, the Golgi Complex of a great deal of your cells have been damaged by the excessive energy flow and your Mitochondria are basically fried.

We regret to inform you that the organ from which your brain creates Psionic energy has also stopped production at optimal capacity and now only retains 20% of its former power output.

The Adolf Collective would like to ask that you take it easy for a while!

"Cheh, guess I'm not invincible after all." And it took the power of an eldritch entity to bring me down, hah!"Anyways, I guess that's it for now. Lets head ho-"

A burst of energy erupted somewhere behind me and I turned around just in time to see a middle aged man in glowing, holy armor and gold-blue royal clothes with white hair and gold eyes much like mine, appearing behind me. The unknown man snorted arrogantly, taking one more look at me before saying."Excalibur Burst!"

A blink of tired eyes allowed me to notice the mans right hand sticking through my ruptured abdomen and into my guts, rising me into the air along with his own rising hand, allowing me to notice how he was over three meters tall. Even if what came next was meant to cause me pain, I felt nothing as my flesh exploded and holy fire flayed me alive. My eyes were quickly covered in crimson as the man threw me back onto the ground.

The screams of my allies died in their throats as each of them appeared too terrified to even consider moving a muscle, the human soldiers I saw before all laying on the ground, completely unconscious. Tyrone seemed to be breathing heavily and was on all fours, Anna actually pissed herself and Belle turned into a stone gargoyle, something that was probably a vampiric fear reflex.

"Pandora, commence scanning of the target." The mans monotone voice broke through the dread atmosphere as pale blue light covered me for a few moments before dispersing."Scan complete. Scanning inconclusive. Must return to base and analyze data." A machine-like voice, not unlike that of my daughter Aria, echoed through my ears.

The man snorted again and spat onto the ground next to me."Pathetic. I had expected more from one that refers to itself as a god."

To be perfectly fair, I've never once directly claimed to be God, my good sir. "And yet, you've done nothing to stop that ridiculous line of thought." Yomi's ever so sarcastic tone echoed inside of my mind, making me give out a poor, strained chuckle.

Before long, a similar burst of energy as before erupted from my front and a massive portal opened through which the man immediately went, disappearing as quickly as he came. The sound of cracking stone came next as Belle broke free of her gargoyle form and slapped Tyrone into focus before doing much the same to her sister.

"Well, well, well... That's a face I haven't seen in a long, long time." Yomi spoke in a slightly reverent tone before continuing on."It would seem that you've managed to capture the attention of Merlin's personal champion, Lord Arthur Pendragon himself."

The last thing I saw while conscious was my allies rushing towards me with horror upon their faces.

Don't mind me guys and girls! I'm just a line break...

Meanwhile... - Back In Rome - Reader's Point Of View...

A white truck could be seen traveling down a broken road littered with corpses and debris of fallen buildings. One would think that all this conflict would make people stop working but that didn't seem to be the case in the least. In fact, the ancient city of Rome was very much alive and in full panic mode.

People were running aimlessly, completely without thought, screaming in pain from wounds both fresh and festering. Children were crying, mothers were sitting on their knees in front of butchered loves ones and fathers covering their heads with either one or both hands.

Monsters-or rather, the recently discovered-to-be-real Inhumans were much the same, with flying vampires carrying their unconscious family members across the sky and werewolves leaping from building to building in an attempt to find someone lost. The espers set this once great city ablaze, costing the world billions of lives.

So maybe.. those who decided to continue doing their jobs weren't as crazy as they sounded. Mayhaps, they were just as lost as the others, just as horrified and terrified to have experienced so many traumatizing things one after another.

And so, a man named Tomislav Mesar, or just Tomy to friends who were still alive, drove his white truck, company-given, to a very selective destination. That destination was, as you may have already guessed, the Zatara Family mansion.

This job was on pause for the last three days, nobody having the willpower to deliver something, ANYTHING, to a mafia mansion. Yet the recent events caused Tomy to simply not care about his well-being anymore. And so, he took the shift. He parked in front of the mansion, taking care not to run over a small boy grasping the hand of his dead mother on the street.

A massive metallic wall, he wasn't sure what kind of metal at that as it was too silvery to be titanium and too strong to be steel if the countless laser scorch-marks were to go by, stood in front of him as he left the truck with the goods-to-be-delivered. What was he delivering, you may be asking?

Well... a sex doll. An Android, sex doll, to be exact. He wasn't sure what kind of person would order a sex doll like this at this moment, but hell, if Tomy had the money, he was sure he'd probably have considered it himself."Hello.." Tomy whispered out, yet his voice rang inside of his ears like drums. This has been going on ever since a few days ago, since the moment half the city's people's brains exploded.

Nobody is quite sure exactly what the hell happened that day, but Tomy remembers that he heard a scream, so loud that it tore his house apart and made his ears bleed as the sky turned red... too bad it didn't also close his eyes, made him unable to see his little sisters brains plastered upon the walls, too bad it didn't close his mouth, for he found her right eye inside, half-swallowed down by instinct. He gave the walls another spree of colors after that, mostly brown, as he kept all the yellow he had for the tiled floor of the kitchen.

Tomy shook his head. None of this mattered to him anymore. He was dead inside, just as all the best employees are.

And he would do his job as a professional would."Hello, is anyone there?" Tomy repeated, this time with a much louder voice and cheery tone. He sounded perfectly insane, if he could say so himself. He wouldn't say it though, it hurt his ears and he didn't like the pain.

The metal wall twisted and turned almost as if it was alive and a robotic voice echoed outward."Voice unrecognized, please state your name and intentions."

"Tomislav Mesar, here to deliver an android sex doll to... a miss Fujoshi666Goddess?" The metal wall suddenly became a screen and the robotic voice could be heard again."Affirmative. Please, stand by for pickup."

Tomy blinked and shrugged, doing as he was told.

Then the metal wall twisted itself again and a gate appeared, previously hidden behind a thin layer of, you guessed it, even more metal. Two strange guards wearing tight-looking tuxedos stood right at the gate and blocked the way inside. The one on the left handed him a credit omnicard which he didn't even bother checking to see if it was legit, just saw the number on the card which indicated its value. When he confirmed that it was the exact amount needed to be paid, he handed the sex doll to the duo and promptly fucked off.

And so ends the story of Tomy the apocalypse deliveryman, unwilling survivor and PTSD victim.

Don't mind me guys and girls! I'm just a line break...

Argh.. I originally intended to do a whole bunch more for this chapter but I just don't have the energy required for any more...

Ah well.

Hopefully, I regain my motivation sometime soon, but I won't be promising anything to anyone.

I hope you're all doing well, though!

Anyways, read and review! And Good Morning/Day/Night to you all! ADIOS FOR NOW!


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gaigous @gaigous ago

My god, you're still how was the brain drain?


"To be perfectly fair, I've never once directly claimed to be God, my good sir. "And yet, you've done nothing to stop that ridiculous line of thought." Yomi's ever so sarcastic tone echoed inside of my mind, making me give out a poor, strained chuckle."

Have you ever tried to convince the idiot masses not to label something prematurely? It's near f*cking impossible.

A fujoshi during a superpower bargain sale-type apocalypse? Kill it now, or our dreams of massive orgies with an endless supply of hot servile women will disappear forever.

Let the welcome back commence:

Spoiler: Spoiler


Prosopon @Prosopon ago

An Android, sex doll -- is the sex doll female or male in appearance? Because if it is female, then it should be A Gynoid.

He wouldn't say it tho -- though.

Thanks for the new chapter.

Seipherwood @Seipherwood ago

Not that fun anymore when Leo keeps getting his ass handed to him ... oh well ... lets hope he eventually tortures Arthur, but i dont see that happening this year


    Lord Joyde @Lord Joyde ago

    Not that fun anymore when all the opponents are trash.

    Not that fun anymore when he gets his arse kicked.

    Meh. You'll get what you want, but I do dislike this indecisiveness in my public.