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P.S - the part with Chaos/God and the metaphisical experiences are very good and extremly well written.

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A few moments later... - Berlin Theater - Leonardo's Point Of View...

"Ghnnn.." My sudden groan seemed to startle my would-be human guardians as I woke from a supposed coma."HOLY SHIT! HES UP! HES UP! Someone call the commander!" An excited soldier burst into action as I rose from whatever stone bench they put me on.

Good God my back hurts from sleeping on it though... maybe my little outing with the devil himself lasted far longer than I realized?

It would certainly not surprise me at this point."WAIT WHAT?! YOUR OUTING WITH WHO?!" A familiar yet for some reason totally-silent up till now voice thundered inside of my head.

"Oh. Oh yeah, you exist, don't you? Hi Yomi, haven't heard from you in a while." My reply sent her into a momentary snort."Sorry, I've been... watching. You seem to have become insanely more powerful than you were a day or two ago."

I leaped to my feet and did a few stretches as I waited for the soldiers to arrive."About that.. turns out our dear daughter was taking up like more than half of my brainpower. Everything you've seen so far, I've managed to accomplish as a basically retarded version of myself."

"Seriously?.. how did.. I mean, I get that shes an AI but how in the world did she manage to drag so much power out of you? What was she even doing with it?" A soft sigh escaped me."Haven't really had the chance to ask her yet, but if I had to guess she was probably downloading the entire internet through my brain. Either that or watching porn on like fifteen thousand different platforms."

"Probably the latter, all things considered." Yomi's anime-like sweat drop could be seen dropping from her withered forehe-..

Wait, what.

I blinked.

I shook my head.

I cleared my eyes.

Yomi's voice entered my ears as her cracked, dry and blackened lips opened to reveal an equally rotting mouth."What?!"

Clearing my throat, I opened my mouth to reply but found no real answer for a good minute. I just stared directly at her."Leo? Whats wrong? You are scaring me." Tilting my head sideways, I finally managed to say something."Y-yes, w-well, perhaps when a terrifying floating corpse, with amazing bone structure mind you, starts telling you that you are scaring her, maybe its time to go visit the doctor."

She tilted her head in utter confusion much like what I did a moment ago, but then she understood the deeper meaning of my joke."You can see me." She replied, her statement sending waves upon waves of reality crashing against my entire being.

"The corpse version of you, yes darling. I can finally see you." Yomi seemed to completely ignore my comment and turn around, her floating form finally landing onto the floor."I-.. I can feel the floor."

A much deeper sigh escaped me this time."Let me guess; Aria isn't here any more so our mixing mana has finally started to do what its naturally meant to do."

She nodded and moved her rotting ghost-self towards a nearby table lamp."Making our connection stronger and finally allowing me to influence the real world without the use of magic, yes."

Then she made the table lamp crash to the floor and in that very same moment, the good commander Rogers walked inside of my little room. He was momentarily startled by the crashed lamp, turned to look at me with a quirked eyebrow and then shrugged."Dunno what the poor thing did to you but I'm not even gonna ask. Anyways, mate you've been out for two whole days now."

I stared at the fallen lamp for the briefest moment and sighed again."Sorry commander, that was.. I.. never mind, I'll just fix the lamp. You said I was out for two days?"

He quirked yet another eyebrow towards me, appearing even more confused than before as he watched the lamp levitate back towards where it was before its fall and then get reassembled on the molecular level."H-how.. how did you just do that?"

"Eh?" Was my amazing response to the commanders query. He swallowed down hard."Look, we've been doing some calculations and reviewing the data we managed to get from your fight with the espers. There are several things not even our best scientists can explain but what we can all agree on is that you have some kind of power over gravity, correct?"

Perhaps it was my astonishment at their achievment. Perhaps it was my newfound respect for the American army.

Either way, I decided to finally be honest with them about my powers."Yeah, I can indeed control gravity to some degree... although, its not so much as c-..."

I stopped dead in my tracks."Mate? You alright?"

Ignoring the man, I promptly made the lamp fall and crash onto the stone floor once again, causing the commander to take a step back in uncertainty, his human heart beating faster and faster."... not so much about controlling gravity, but manipulating whats already there."

Commander Rogers tilted his head sideways in confusion, yet somehow managed to remain focused despite the creepy situation. He took a remote from his pocket and pressed a button, causing the cameras around us to whirl towards me. Smart man.

His question does rise some interest: How exactly did I just reform that lamp?

It crashed and split into a billion different pieces so how did I reform it back exactly how it was beforehand?

I.. reforged it at the *molecular level*.

What exactly does that even mean?

Mimicking my previous actions, I focused onto the lamp and felt myself closing my eyes as I began to imagine a bunch of bright orbs all floating in a seemingly infinite dark.


Or molecules?


I've been doing this subconsciously all this time?

Either way, I channelled my psionic energy into the lamp and watched in curiosity as pinkish bubbles entered my molecular imagination, weaving themselves around the molecules and bringing them closer together, mending connections that had been severed when the lamp fell down.

This wasn't done by using gravity to force the molecules together. That would require much more energy than what I was using at the time.

No, this is something simpler. Something softer.

Something much more terrifying.

I was commanding, coaxing the very molecules to move and act in accordance to my will, orders which were delivered via psionic energy. If I can command molecules...

No wait, this is something even bigger.

The way I use chaos energy, prima, sangiuinte... I coat each of them with my psi and make them move, do things in accordance to whatever order I sent along with the psi. This is how I do basically everything from using gravity to summoning Hellfire. I-..

Sir... have you been using your powers wrong this entire time?

"It would appear so, Adolf. It would appear so." I reopened my eyes to find myself in the middle of an entirely new room. This one looked like a laboratory and I was sourrounded by a myriad of computer equipment yet it would seem my human allies have learned since last time and I wasn't hooked up to anything this time.

Ugh, my head hurts."What the hell man... you were a stage one?" Rogers ever-so-shocked tone thundered across my mind as I turned my head around."W-what.. s-stage one?"

He snorted and looked away for a brief moment."Figures you don't even know that. Haaa...." He let out a deep sigh."Look, in our fight against the espers, we learned that the enemy comes in five stages. Stage one: the espers power awakens, usually happens around ages two to fifteen. Stage two: the esper realizes the true nature of their abilites, usually around one year after stage one is realized."

I nodded towards the man."Y-yeah.. that sounds about right. Don't worry, I wont ask about the other three stages."

"Whats there to ask? You've already fought them." A blink."You mean, those five ... what stage were they at?"

Commander Rogers pulled up a clipboard and ripped out some papers."See for yourself." He handed them to me."Lucifer, estimated to be at stage four. Revelation, estimated to be at stage five. Zeus, estimated to be at stage four. Kali, estimated to be at stage three."

"They're the toughest bunch the espers have on their side and yet, you've managed to beat them all down while at stage one." Rogers scoffed, snorted and shrugged all at the same time."I don't know what just happened or what kind of realization you had but, I honestly don't wanna know how strong you are now."

"Why? I mean, I get that the stages probably mean level of power but... I don't feel .. any stronger." My honest reply caused the man to do a double take."You don't? Thats weird." He handed me another piece of paper, this one had a strange rise and fall graph on it, with the line suddenly bursting to the top from number four thousand to twelve thousand."What you're looking at is yourself. More specifically, your psionic aura. Y'see, every esper radiates a sort of aura, much like every person has their own electric field around them, yeah?"

Then he pointed towards the four thousand mark."This was the aura before you had your evolution just now. Four thousand, still the biggest we've ever seen apart from the President herself... now, you're at twelve thousand. How any brain, esper or otherwise, could radiate so much energy is beyond any of us."

"All I did.. we'll honestly, all you did was manage to point out something to me that I've been doing subconsciously all this time." Jeremiah did another double take and pointed towards myself."Me? I .. caused this? Caused you to evolve to stage two?"

I nodded towards him."Yeah man, you asked me how the hell I reforged that lamp. All this time I've been thinking that I make the molecules reconnect forcefully by gravity.. but that isn't the case at all."

"Oh? And what is?" I rose from the laboratory table that I was on just now and grasped at seemingly nothing but air. Moments later, a burst of energy briefly blinded the both of us and when our eyes readjusted, we could hear something heavy fall to the floor, a golden ingot laying on the ground where there was nothing before.

Commander Rogers took the shining ingot into his hand and turned to look at me with disbelief in his eyes."W-what the?"

"That was oxygen. I ... I commanded seventy-one protons to fuse with it." The commander turned away from me and then threw the ingot aside, seemingly managing to resist its spell of greed."You created gold from thin air. You can command molecules... no wait, that does not explain your power over gravity? How does that fit in all this?"

I sighed."Commander, my power isn't to command molecules or create gravitational anomalies."

I turned around towards a nearby wall and flicked it, causing the massive stone construct to evaporate in an instant as my psionic energy sourrounded it."I just gained the power to control physical reality itself."

Jeremiah scoffed."Once again, what did that wall even do to you? Anyways, I guess you really are God then, since that means you can bascially do literally anything."

"Which is why I'm not going to be using this power again for quite some time." My statement sent the people around me, both the commander and Yomi as well as the scientists and soliders hiding in the background into a massive riot of what the fuck."HUH?!"

"If I'm right... then this sudden evolution wasn't caused by the commander or my own actions but because of the life engine and how much of its power flowed through me during the fight against the espers. I wasn't meant to have this power yet..." Yomi swallowed down hard and nodded, but my human allies didn't have the ability to hear my thoughts, something which I was thankfull for."Anyways, I've got things to do commander, see you guys later."

I fly out of the bunker by using the exit I created and take out my phone."What are you going to do now?" Yomi's ghostly form seemed to be tethered to my body as it flew next to me."I sent Anna to the Inhuman undercity of Berlin and she hasn't replied to me yet. Gonna go see whatever happened to her and maybe finally add the Inhumans to my ranks... not that I have the humans just yet but who ever said they had to be number one, eh?"

Don't mind me guys and girls! I'm just a line break...

A few days ago... - Back With Audrey - Audrey's Point Of View...

"Alright, here I am." Having finally managed to find enough decent clothing to dress myself, I eventually ended up with a rather casual attire consisting of a long-sleeved shirt, a pair of jeans and running shoes. My underwear is the same as it was before for anyone interested.

The espers approached me once again."Cool style.. so uh, what happens now?"

I quirked an eyebrow at the girl who said that."You mean you arent going to question me?"

"Well since you threw that grenade at the mansion, you're probably on our side, right? There is one question we all want to ask though: Why did you even approach us? You seem to be well off enough on your own." This girl is remarkably intelligent, isn't she?

Quirking an eyebrow at her, I reply with a dark smile as I turned my head towards the mansion, already imagining all the horrors I'm going to commit on the people inside."There's a girl called Millicia inside of that mansion. Its her family's mansion. I want to kill her, slowly if possible."

They all seemed to nod in complete understanding."Aaah, another sheep that pissed off the wrong caged wolf. Yeah, we've all been there... still, even if we want to we cant really help you get revenge." The guy I spoke to before turned and pointed towards the mansions giant steel door."We can't break that thing down no matter what we throw at it and anyone we manage to send over the door gets sniped before anyone else can arrive to help."

"Allow me to try." Was my rather evil-sounding reply as I smirked towards them, causing the other guy in the group to shrug."Go ahead, not like we have anything better to do."

Ignoring their antics, I walked towards the giant steel door. A strange, if extremely effective, defensive system. The fighting seems to have quieted down since I went into the clothing store, not a single bullet danced across the air. Something told me that this was to change very soon.

Breathing in deeply as the mind-controlled soldiers around me moved aside, I grasped at the thin air in front of me and exhaled. The shadows around me gathered into my palm once again, collapsing into a singular orb of darkness much alike the two which formed during Withering Exaltation... but this was a different scenario, I told the void.

This wasn't an open feast, not the same glorious crescendo of carnage and drowned-out screams like before. No, this was the shattering of a blockade in order to expose the delicious prey hiding behind it.

The Void was confused at first, yet the second my thoughts turned towards a more food-oriented train it immidiatelly comprehended what I was asking it and then responded in kind. Soon, a mass of black energy surged from deep within me and gathered into my orb, bathing the entire area in unnatural light as the shadows were consumed to feed my spell.

As I continued channeling my spell, understanding weaved itself into my mind. There were differences between the shadows, not all of them were the same.

The shadows summoned from the void were infinite, but weak. Theirs was a role of quantity, not quality.

Shadows born of magic were stronger than those from the void, yet they were not truly real and lasted only for so long as one focused directly onto them. Thats not to say you cant use a hand or claw created from magic shadow to skewer someone, but that the same hand or claw will disperse the second you arent looking at it.

Psionically collected shadows were by far the strongest of the trio, perhaps because of the simple fact that they were real. They were thick with power, their constructs nigh unbreakable... yet alone they were unable to attack non-physical entities.

There was also a fourth kind of shadow.. one born when life was fed to the Void. These shadows were different from the rest and I honestly wouldn't call them shadows any more than primordial darkness. One could feel the evil reeling off of these shadows just by looking at them, with prolonged staring causing ones mouth of feel dry and eventually parched, lips cracking as the creeping dark slowly devours your life energy.

The espers behind me took several steps back as the fourth form of shadow began to collapse into the orb, their human soldiers screaming themselves free of mind-controll as I drained their life force straight out of their withering bodies. Parched, starved and exhausted... moving solely due to the mind-control, these men and women did not have much left in them, so I had to consume more than just those around me...

Ahh, it seems my newfound friends will have to do.

Their screams echoed throughout the suddenly extremely brightened streets, their lives consumed by the endless dark in order to fuel my power. Them, combined with all of their soldiers, amounted to around one hundred and twenty lives, all sacrificed to feed my spell. And feed it they did, as the orb finally manifested completely in my hand.

It swirled and twirled in my hand, a tiny compressed ball of screeching souls and tormented shadows. Thats right, even the shadows who were sapient around me were not spared. They were all forced together to create a horrid almagation of destruction.

"Horror Sphere."

Another whisper.

Another spell.

I let loose the monstrosity in my hand directed straight at the door.

For a brief moment, the world around me seemed to lose all of its color and sound, as nothing seemed to enter my senses. In fact, it almost felt like I was back inside of the Void... sourrounded by nothingness and nobody.

Floating in total emptyness... yet, this amazing feeling was not to last as the world returned to normal. The door was gone, utterly obliterated... alongside with the central part of the mansion. Wonder if Milicia survived?

Welp, only one way to find out!

Don't mind me guys and girls! I'm just a line break...

Thats it for this chapter!


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