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107. Of Revelations And Broken Bones


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A few seconds later... - Back at the base... - Leonardo's Point Of View...

I struck the ground with a sickening crunch, not that anyone could hear it all things considered. I was blasted down into the ground by a fucking lightning strike.

Then again, to be perfectly honest, I'm not totally sure I heard it myself.


Because of the immense, incomprehensible anger that flowed through my veins right about now.

I felt myself burning on the inside.

My heart pumping in agony and insanity.

I watched, my body charred and skin deadened, as the esper quad flew downwards to boast their victory to my human allies.

My ears were still buzzing from the thunder, so I could not hear them.

But their victorious expressions, particularily that of Lucifer, made me howl in fury.

I was laying down inside of a newly forged pit, the ground around me still arcing, electrified.

Thunder-blasted air filled my incinerated nostrils and I felt my heart explode into action.

Beating and beating and beating so quickly that the world nearly stopped moving.

My anger was driving me mad as eternity seemed to switch with seconds or even moments. I felt myself taking in a long, everlasting breath.

And then... everything burst into flames.

My eyes reopened fully as I used every ounce of psionic energy, qi and mana I had on me to drag out as much life energy as I possibly could in one instant. The sheer enormity of this power, combined with my currently charred self, transformed me from the inside out.

Healed too quickly to remove the scarring of electric burns and my skin bursting open from the sheer power coursing through my veins. My eyes blazed in an inferno of white and red as I pulled out even more power from the portal within my heart. This time, I called forth my hellfire.

Searing flames burst out of the openings on my skin, enveloping my entire body in an endless inferno as my rage consumed me. Yet, as these seemingly eternal moments passed, I felt myself being elevated to realms of power I did not dream even existed. Eventually, I rose to the middle of the pillar of fire and white, floating just a few meters above charred ground.

Already, the enemy's smirking frames twisted, their eyes widening in surprise, shock and utter fear.

It won't do them any good either way.

The summoned energy not only revitalized me, but empowered me. Made me even more powerful than ever before, no matter for how briefly this power would last."W-what the h-?!" Zeus, the giant of a man who sent me flying into the ground, made an uncharacteristic sound as I Ether-Walked over to him, my infernal eyes offering him but a moment for realization as I grabbed him by the mouth and slammed him into the steel bridge.

The others were beginning to move just as I felt his skull cracking beneath my skin, yet I did not stop. No, I warped myself below him and grabbed hold of his leg, slamming him into the ground seven times in quick succession.

I felt the meat on his right leg give out on the seventh attempt, making me tear off his foot in the process. Laughing to myself as the others finally managed to turn around in disbelief, I warped once more, this time to his front and drew back a punch.

Then I struck Zeus straight into his jaw, shattering his entire being and the steel bridge in the aftershock."Boom." My whisper thundered outwards as time finally seemed to resume regular speed.

Immediatelly, Kali and Lucifer were upon me."YOU FUC-UGH?!" Lucifers charge left him open and blind, as it did before. With a decisive kick to his abdomen, I shattered his spine and Ether-Walked behind him. A final smirk was the last thing he saw before I tore out his blackened wings, popping them out as easily as that of a butterfly.

Kali stopped mid-flight, finding herself unable to move from sheer horror and terror, emotions which as a chaosborne I am sure she isn't very used to. Ether-Walking in front of her, I merely flicked my sister on the forehead, placing a gravitational anomaly in front of my finger which would prevent the blow from happening straight away."Boop."

She blinked in confusion as she was unable to feel anything."Hu-" Then the flesh upon her body was blown away, leaving only a floating skeleton behind. I made sure not to destroy her heart as an angry Chaos isn't something I want to deal with right now, but this should take a while to regenerate from."TIME REVERSAL!"

A voice echoed from behind me and I felt reality shifting in front of my very eyes, twisting and turning as psionic energies forced it to move in accordance to whatever will commanded it. Soon, everything I had done was... well, undone.

The trio I just killed stood with their victorious faces still etched into their frames, but they were quickly changing into more appropriate forms."Wh-.. did we just..." Lucifer began, his right hand on his abdomen, his eyes rapidly looking over his wings.

".... all die?" Kali finished for him, her hands trailing across her naked body, quivering, seeking for anything out of place.

Zeus seemed to be utterly terrified, remaining silent."UGH-BLEACH!" Revelation vomited blood, causing her allies to turn to look at the ever-glowing woman."REVELATION! A-are you alright?!"

"B-brining back the three of you at once has drained my psionics too much too quickly... but I'll be fine. Listen, you must focus and attack all at once. This foe.. I do not know what God he is, but he can easily wipe us out if we don't work together!" She explained it to them, causing Zeus and Kali to nod. Yet Lucifer's expression turned into one of seemingly horrid realization."Y-you... tell us, what kind of god has the power to do this?! Which one are you?!"

I shrugged at the man and, while laughing on the inside, replied."I am who I am. Whatever names you wish to give me won't change that... neither will it change the outcome of this fight."

Lucifer grinned in both satisfaction and horror at the same time while the others appeared confused."I knew it. Only that thing could have such power!"

"What? Lucifer, do you know which god he is?" Kali asked, her skinless expression twisted in complete confusion.

Lucifer did not answer her.

Suddenly, one of the humans watching us from below fell to his knees and began praying rapidly."Oh my lord... is it.... really, truly you?!"

Zeus and Kali quirked an eyebrow at the kneeling man, while Revelation threw a look at Lucifer."You arent saying that... he is..?"

Luce then grinned and brought out his emo-sword once more, readying himself for a fight, it seemed."Its him. He's the fucking God of the Bible!"

I laughed at him, at them. Poor little Lucifer has singlehandedly granted me control over the entirety of Europa!... that is, if you guys actually recorded that.

We record all events through your eyes, sir.

What you experience, we record.

Good, because I'll want this to be sent to the entirety of the internet. I just hope that my supposed father wont mind me borrowing his title. Anyways...

Without wasting another moment, I charged back into the fray and kicked Zeus into his massive, musclebound chest. This sent the man flying into the waters around the bridge."T-thunder grant me the power to walk on water!" He exclaimed quickly, making me quirk an eyebrow as lightning struck the water and electricity began dancing across the surface.

Seems like his thunder does have the properties of its natural counterpart. His power also seems to be limited by the fact that it requires a verbal command... hmm, lets test this.

The man slides on top of the water before raising his hands into the sky."THUNDER HEAL AND SHIELD ME FROM THIS MONSTER!" Hey, that last part was a compliment.

Charging forward however, only bought me another thunder strike to the face. Thankfully, I was ready for it this time and promptly deflected it sideways, striking and incinerating some of the water... the way that this separated the water and caused it to refill the spot that the thunder hit it made me remember something from the bible as I stopped my attack.

If his power requires verbal command, then all I had to do was make it impossible for him to talk."Hah! I stopped his assault, now would be a good time to strike, my friends!"

"You don't have to tell us twice!" Lucifer and Kali screamed in unison as ones darkened blade was stabbed through my right shoulder and the others scythe sideways into my abdomen, yet a quickly put gravitational anomaly made them unable to pull those same weapons out of my glowing, energized flesh."W-what the fuck?!"

"I cant pull my scythe out of him!" That did not stop them from trying to however, as I gathered psionic power at the tip of my right middle finger, only to flick it in the direction of Zeus. This sent a massive gravitational wave blasting downwards, Zeus himself being protected by his annoying thunder, but splitting the water he now stood upon into two separate directions."W-WHAT T-UGGHH?!" He began to choke as I called the gravity wave back onto him, pulling the water alongside it and collapsing everything around the man.

I rose my arms as the other two tried in vain to stop whatever I was doing, punching, kicking and screaming into my ears all the while as their friends body was slowly crushed by the bubble of compressing water, his own thunder making him fly around the giant bubble as it had no way to discern which surface was the correct one to stand upon.

Sadly, this also caused the man to intake generous amounts of water with every rush through the bubble. The round thing compressed and collapsed upon itself, the enourmous pressure eventually making the giant man into bloody paste."N-NO! TIME REVERS-" Revelation teleported to the right of the bubble and directly into my trap as I immidiatelly let the mass of meat and compressed water free of my power, making it explode into her face and stunning her for a brief second.

More than enough time for me to warp in front of her and rip out her arm before she even had the chance to scream. Lucifer then suddenly appeared in front of me, using much the same Ether-Walk I did a second ago. Wordlessly, he channeled a bunch of psionic power into his right hand, forming a blackened ball of darkness which he then proceeded to slam into my abdomen... Kali's scythe was still embedded into it, by the way.

As I was sent flying away, I noticed that the scythe was conneted to the womans lantern by a long iron chain. Not thinking much about it, I tugged on it and forced the woman to fly towards me and straight into my fist.

Grasping her head and then throwing her upwards, I kicked her body away with five separate anomalies stuck to her face, each of which will explode just as the kinetic energy around her dissipates, thus making her fly even further away."TIME REVERSAL!"

Or so I thought, as Revelation appeared behind me and cast her bloody overpowered psionics onto a batch of air and caused the blasted woman I just sent flying right back to where she was. I'm getting pretty pissed off right here."As the crimson emperor in Euphoria, you dyed a continent red and bent the will of everyone and everything around you to your own selfish desires... I wonder, as the avatar of God in the real world, how will your savage path differ."

"It wont. You brought me into this fight. Now, you will either bow to my will, or you will die. Simple as that." My reply sent Lucifer into a spree of coughs."I thought you were supposed to be the good guy..."

Revelation then cast another of her stupid abilities onto the water, resurrecting Zeus right before he was totally crushed yet also unconscious."And where exactly is it said that I am supposed to be the good guy?" I quirked an eyebrow at Luce, deciding that it would be best to just let them go.

Perhaps they'll come back stronger and I can enjoy myself breaking them once again?

"The god of the bible is not a good guy, friend Lucifer. Any non-zealot person can clearly see it once they read that accursed holy book... God slaughters thousands, if not billions of people just to have his way and even sends you to Hell if you dont worship him." I grinned savagely at them as Zeus seemed to wake up from his unconscious state.

"But you arent God... you cant be!" Kali suddenly blurted out, her entire body still shaking from pain."Oh? And when did I ever say that I was? That was just little Luce's assumption, as surely only God could be stronger than him, right?"

I laughed at them once again as I slowly made the life energy retreat back into my heart, deciding that I've wasted enough of it for one day, yet also leaving enough power to crush them should the need for it become apparent."You... you don't believe us enough of a threat to kill us... you don't even care..." Revelation spoke, her still broken body shaking, her torn out arm hanging from her armpit.

Her way of speaking is.."How odd. You almost remind me of someone, Revelation." She suddenly straightened her posture and nodded towards me. Then, her body glowed brighter than ever before suddenly, the light dispersed, revealing a very, very familiar face."Maria?"

She grit her teeth at me, her eyes full of spite."How fitting that that is the name you remember me by, considering who we thought you were just now."

"You know this guy, Revelation?" Lucifer asked with a raised eyebrow, his posture still on edge."Yes, I do. Quite intimately, in fact."

I scratched the bottom of my throat, an old scar suddenly aching as I felt my former rage twisting into lust."Hmmm... so, you've decided to be the hero that fights against my tyranny once again. Let us hope that it does not end the same way as it did within the confines of Euphoria for you, darling."

She swallowed down her hate and, saying nothing but spitting in my general direction, she warped herself and her friends onto their airship before they blasted away at full speed."Heh, maybe this won't be as boring as I originally thought it would."

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