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Several hours later... - Newly Established Base - Leonardo's Point Of View...

"... appears to have entered some kind of restorative deep-sleep." A rather old voice echoed in my ears with a learned tone as my eyes slowly opened, my strenght having been restored completely during my meditation."W-what the f-" I tried to say as I rose from my sitting posistion, only to find myself in constraints.

"Ah, the subject has awakened. Please, deliver the shocks, Matthew." An alarm went off in my head as a much younger man came into view, a finger on his right hand appearing to move in slow motion towards a rather large red button of some kind. Within the span of a single second, I tore off the mass of cables sticking to my head and ripped apart my iron constraints.

The sheer shock caused the man called Matthew to react violently by slamming the button as hard as he could, delivering several electric shocks into my body, thankfully not directly as I had already removed the cables prior."AAURGHG! WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?!" My scream of outrage shook the very room I was in, the gravitational effect quickly revealing that I was still within the confines of the bunker beneath the Annihilan.

Master! Our human allies had received reinforcements led by a scientist named Dr. Lorien. He has had Unit 42 blasted with EMP and thus disabled.

We tried to stop him but 42 was our only weapon available so when they took him out, there was nothing we could do to prevent him trying to experiement on you.

"ROGERS!" I yelled out, fury and anger clear in my tone as the scientist raised a hand, causing several of the nearby soldiers, none of which I recognized raise their weapons towards me. Huh, must be the higher ups that Rogers mentioned."Mhmm, so sad that the subject is awake. His comatose state would provide us with a myriad of potential research. Too bad, his corpse will have to do. Men, fire." Lorien spoke with arrogance in his tone, almost as if he was adressing an animal.

Not quite liking what I was hearing, I promptly manifested a bunch of Sanguinite energy and blasted it towards the men. Their ensuing screams were only slightly more terrifying than the immense cancerous pustules that grew out of their eyesockets, only to explode and cover the room in blood.

Continuing on, I impaled the poor sod known as Matthew through the stomach and threw his ashen corpse into the doctor, causing the old man to lose his balance and fall."A-Aaaaah!?" He yelled out in panic and horror, his learned self apparently not truly recognizing the truth of the situation quite yet.

Within an instant, I was upon him. My right hand grasping his throat and rising his body sky high... but a familair laser pointer stopped me from ripping the bafoon apart."Put. The man. Down." Commander Rogers voice echoed from behind me as I snorted in defiance."Rogers. What the shit is going on?"

"The name is Dr. Lorien. He's one of my higher ups... he brought a bunch of elites with him and wouldn't listen to me when I said not to disturb you but I can't allow you to kill him either way. The guys far too important." The commander explained with a calm tone but I could hear his beating heart echoing into my ears.

His fear was delicious, yet I did not want to neccessarily make the situation any worse."Fine. I'll let him live... but not without a price. I'll give him something to remember me by."

"So long as he lives, I dont care." The scientist fought for air and I let him down for a moment."C-ca-CAPTAIN! WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?! KILL THIS ANIMAL!"

I crouched next to the old scientist and smiled wickedly, fondly remembering my little experiement with the esper."Hey Adolf, what was that you said about controlling the Sanguinite?"

We asked if you could control it via psionics as you do with the pure Life Energy.

This sentence confused the shit out of the scientist, only made worse by what I was about to say."Ah, I see. Well lets give it a go, then."

Channeling a little bit of QI around my heart and creating a bit of Sanguinite, I promptly coat it with psionics and voila, it works much the same way as it does with Life Energy. Then, I offer the fallen old fool a smile."Tell me, do you use this very often?"

My finger pointed towards his crotch, making the man instictively pull his legs back in its defense."No? Well good. Because guess what: You've got testicular cancer."

Before the old dude could scream, I sent the energy through his knee and into his crotch, making it bulge out in every bad way possible, stopping myself just before making said crotch violently explode.

The old man passed out from the experience."Well, hes gonna rememeber that for a long time, kid." Commander Rogers let out a snort and a laugh."Yeah, he i-"

"SIR! ENEMIES INBOUND! MULTIPLE HIGH-LEVEL ESP LEVELS DETECTED!" A soldier ran into the room and reported with a salute, interrupting me in the process. Once he was done shouting, he finally took notice of the situation, grimaced and then adopted a much happier look, much to my confusion."Ah, guess I am now owed over five hundred bucks!"


He bet on me killing them, didn't he?

Good man.

Anyways, both me and the commander dutifully followed the man outside.

The remarkable ashen dark that was the outside right now was even blacker than I remember, no thanks to the ever-so-generous amount of destruction around, but due to the massive, elongated air-ship flying above us and causing all sorts of miniature whirlwinds. This must be how the espers got to Europe so quickly...

America must be hiding quite the bit of war tech, eh?

"Foolish sheep! Hear us and OBEY! Bring your esper ally forth. We wish to speak to the fool." A voice thundered from above as I turned my head towards the Commander and the rest of the soldiers."Welp, wish me luck, boys and girls."

They saluted me as I rose into the air via gravity and was about to charge my way up there but stopped as a thought crossed my mind."Oh.. and, if it isn't too much trouble, could someone try to restart my robot ninja?"

"Robot ninja?" One of the soldiers asked while looking somewhat stupefied before noticing the slumped bot in question and nodding. Huh, brown hair, around one seventy, lithe build, gotta rememeber to thank this guy when I come back.

Anyways, I offer the dude a thumbs up and fly off.

Upon the Esper ship...

As I landed upon the airship, several figures stood silently upon the edges of its deployment area. They were waiting for me, it seems.

The first person that I took note of was a guy my age, with totally black hair, a black shirt, black pants and black shoes. Pretty sure his socks were black too.

Oh and he had black, angel-like wings on his back. There was a lot of black eyeliner on his face, even where its not supposed to be. Black lipstick too.. ew, emo. I'm gonna take a wild guess and say that this is the guy who named himself Lucifer.

A woman stood next to him... no, she wasn't standing, she was floating. Also, I couldn't tell anything more about her, as her entire being was glowing a pale white light, almost as if it was all some kind of reflective surface. She kind of reminded me of the starry lights coming from the Life Engine, to be honest. This.. I wasn't really sure how to feel about.

Next to her stood a giant man in a romanesque outfit. As in, the ancient-greek semi-bathrobe, semi-council.. robe, kinda thing. His hair though, fabulous was the only word I had for it as his golden locks flew in the air magnificently and almost magically. Oh and the dude was also very, very macho. Like those overtuned body builders type macho. And he was around three meters tall.

I looked away from the mortal embodiment of the Greek Pantheon and found the next person to be remarkably... wierd.

It was a woman, yet once again I found myself completely unable to describe her. Thankfully, this was for a more natural reason, should we say. The woman was completely covered from head to toe, a grey hood over her head and a steel mask on her face, not that different to how my Gourment Mask looks... No, thats actually a bloody good imitation of said mask. How.. odd. She also had fingerless grey gloves which seemed to have crims-.. no, those... wait.

Fingerless gloves? What. Her.. her fingers were completely red. No..


"Ah, to think that you'd actually come up here... bloody fool." Totally-not-Lucifer said in a condescending tone as he turned towards his light-entrenched female companion."Revelation, can you tell us what god he is? We should at least know which one of our siblings was idiotic enough to side with the sheep."

The woman shook her head in negative, murmuring something to herself."No. You will need to keep him still for a while for me to do that."

He nodded and immidiatelly charged towards me, his black wings giving a mighty flap and causing him to appear in front of my face nearly instantly as he gave out a massive sigh."So sad. To think that you were quite strong too... such a waste. Oh well, we cannot allow ourselves to be merciful, not even to idiots like you. Regardless, we shall remember you for your vain, yet worthy effort, brother."

His right hand grasped my throat seemingly before I could react as the bafoon closed his eyes, firmly believing that hes got me."I wonder about that, brother."

His eyes reopened in a very dramatic fashion."W-AUURGH!" His screech caused my ears to early rupture as he leaped away, tearing my Caedes out of his abdomen as he did, landing in the same spot he was before and kneeling down, a hand clutching his burned-open stomach."Argh! You little shit, how dare you harm my great, GODLY SELF?! Death, this looks like a job for you, KILL HIM!"

Oh great, I made Lucifer fuck off and now I got to fight against death.

Quite unsurprisingly, the apparently skinless girl immidiatelly charged towards me much as he did before. Not letting myself be outdone twice in a row, I promptly gather as much psionic power into my right fist as I could and send a punch right towards her head."Wh-"

She tries to say something, but her head explodes upon impact with my fist."Cheh, if you guys want to do anything to me, you mi-" Much as Lucifer had done beforehand, I began to monologue, very nearly causing my right arm to be cut off as a strange ethereal scythe and lantern suddenly manifested into reality, being swung vertically by the still-standing corpse of the woman I just killed.

Or, thought I killed, anyways. As I leaped backwards on instinct, I felt my own eyes widen in surprise as the womans head... regrew. Regeneration to match my own? How strange... Yet, I still do not feel any form of Chaos energy coming from this woman.

The spectral lantern floating beneath her left hand and a massive two-handed scythe in her right, she truly deserved the name death. It did not help that my super-sight managed to witness the incredible amount of souls contained within that crimson, bleeding lantern of hers. Okay, shes definitelly Chaos... but WHY CANT I FEEL ANYTHING?!"That ... surprised me. You won't get to do that again."

Her emotionless tone reminded me of how I used to be. It held no rage, no pity, no mercy... nothing. It.. was honestly like I was looking at a female version of my past self.

Her body erupted into action, leaping forward with her scythe held in two hands and wielded above her head."CAEDES!" I summoned my blood-starved blade and parried her scythe to the right side, causing her to slip and allowing me to separate her abdomen and upper body."AIRYAAAAAH!" She screamed out in pain... and ecstacy, as her upper body fell to the floor.

Reacting immidiatelly, I used Ether-Walk in mid air to appear above her falling upper body and stab her through the vertebrae, causing her to be unable to move. Next, by ripping out some metal from a nearby helicopter on standby, I forcefully welded her limbs and neck to the pavement.

Taking a breather from taking such a quick action opened me up to a surprise attack as I was kicked from behind, the force of this high-heeled kick sending me flying away several meters. The lower body of the woman then fell down and reconnected to her flesh as she tore apart the frail weldings that kept her in place.

She ripped Caedes out of her, causing the infernal sword to fly back into my hands."You fight well. Too well. Almost as if you know how to fight against those like me... but that is not possible!"

Her power suddenly flared, familiar crimson energies erupting forwards and making her allies shield their eyes from the hellish heat erupting from her body... Her clothing then melted off, revealing a fully naked female body. Why body? Well.. she does not have any skin whatsoever.

Other than her eyelids, for some reason. Everything else is exposed."Did you really have to reveal that... ugly form, Kali?" Lucifer spoke with utter scorn as she scoffed."You are lucky that I do not consider you an enemy, your highness."

He harrumphed and looked away. Wow, what a fucking arsehole. It makes me want to choke him to death... no, wait, he might like that, honestly."Prepare yourself!" The skinless woman, now known as Kali, exclaimed and readied herself, posistioning her scythe sideways and tightening her grasp on it.

Making sure that I wont be able to counter her again. Smart girl...

To my surprise, the scythe attack never came. Instead she pushed her left hand forward, causing her spiked lantern to slam directly into my chest."GUH-!" My ensuing grunt was more out of surprise than anything else, yet it was a successful blow nonetheless and it made my respect for the woman rise tenfold.

Next thing I knew was the flat end of her scythe being pummeled into my forehead as her relentless assault continued, sending me flying backwards once more.

Creating a gravitational anomaly behind myself, I promptly use it as an invisible platform to leap right back into her, slamming my body right into hers, both shocking and destabilizing her for the moment. Her skinless flesh did not exactly feel all that great to the touch, so I wasted no more time and leaped to my feet, rising the right one in the process and then slamming it downwards with the intent on crushing the only plausible weakness that I figured Chaos-empowered beings might have.

But... a rather incredible burst of pain tore through me right at the moment that my foot was about to reach her chest as the voiceless, toneless voice of Chaos itself ripped my mind apart.


"You had zero problems with her hurting me, mother." Murmuring out in my not-quite-silent-fury, I promptly proceeded to slam my foot down anyways, slowly crushing my supposed sisters back. To her credit, she appeared largely unbothered by it."Mother? I am no-... you.. you aren't reffering to me, are you?!"

Kali nearly screeched at the revelation, before a really fucking bright light enveloped her and she was teleported away from my crushing foot. Aww and here I wanted Chaos to see what happens when you piss me off a bit too much. I still haven't forgotten how you made me try to RAPE MY OWN FUCKING SISTER! THE REAL ONE.


"Got nothing to say to that, do you? You fucking sexist bitch." My seemingly insane mutterings were quite rudely interrupted as Lucifer rejoined the fray."Hah! So maybe you aren't as shit as you look. Too bad it wont do you any good!" In his hands appeared a blade seemingly made out of utter darkness and shadow and hatred, apparently fully capable of striking against Caedes with equal strength to the timeless blade.

Guess this guy isn't all talk either, not that it will save him from me."Mate, you are the last fucker on this earth that has the right to tell me anything about my outfit." I kicked him into the air and we thus began a very anime-like swordfight in the sky.

That didn't stop me from hearing the girls talking below."Are you alright, Kali?"

"I'm fine. Thank you, Relevation... his strength is unexpected." The skinless girl replied as the bright one nodded."I foresaw that if I did not pull you out... you would have died there, Kali."

She held a hand to her heart."Yeah.. it looks like he knows about my one weakness." I fucking knew it. If you want to kill a Chaosborne, you've got to destroy their hearts!


Chaos' enraged voice carved a bloody path through my brain, yet I managed to ignore it once again. Guess being separated from mother dearest allowed me to finally gain some degree of resistance to her shenanigans."Indeed. He was strong in Euphoria... looks like the Crimson Emperor is even stronger in the real world."

"Hold up, what did you just say?!" I exclaimed and looked away from my current fight for the briefest moment. My mistake.."YOU ARE WIDE OPEN, FOOL!" Lucifers blackened blade of emo-plot-magic proceeded to be stabbed right into my abdomen."Argh, fuck!" Gritting my teeth in pain, I grabbed the sword of darkness with my left hand and put my right hand around his head."H-hey, what the fuck are y-"

And then immidiatelly sent a massive, gravity and QI empowered headbutt straight into his forehead. This cracked his skull in the process, visibly deforming it from the outside as his black angel wings dispersed, making me realize that they werent made out of flesh but were actually condensed psionic energy.

Emo, psionic energy, to be sure.

But hey, thats still a nice trick.

However, the blow was a bit too strong as it gave me a headache as well. His emo sword of total op-ness dispersed too, allowing my body to begin regenerating as Lucifers own body fell back onto the air ship, only to be caught by the greek god guy."Hooh, it would appear that your skull has been deformed, friend Lucifer!" He exclaimed somewhat cheerily.

Too cheerily.

Insanely cheerily.

"Let my thunder fix that!" A blink, no make that several as the man placed his massive hand over Lucifers deformed skull and blasted it with lightning... only for the electricity to disperse and reveal a fully healed Lucifer, though still unconsciouss."What. How the fuck does that work?!"

The giant of a man then turned towards me and proceeded to fly over to where I was standing.. floating... what the fuck ever. He did not appear to have any ill intent.. yet."Hello, traitor-brother! I am named Atahanasios, but you may call me Zeus, for my thunder can do anything! Even this." He extended both hands to their respective sides.

... Nothing is happening."Do what?"

Then he pointed upwards, causing me to look up just in time to hear him say."That."

And to see a massive blast of lightning fall down from the suddenly raging skies and dunk right into my gods fucking dammed face."THAT DOES NOT MAKE ANY FUCKING SENSE, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-"

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      Lord Joyde @Lord Joyde ago

      Not his full power though, lol.

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